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Can't believe I posted nary a word in October. In all of my 12 years of blogging, I'm not sure that's ever happened— aside from a month or two when I was in rehab twice. Still.

the state of kristi )
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There's nothing like receiving a review for a story written several years ago that can make me want to revisit a fandom. Interestingly, it's for a Wraeththu fic with nearly 100% OCs, one I was especially proud of that didn't have a huge readership, and a protagonist named Kelp. I made the conscious decision to have a Kelp in my Charliefic I'm writing now, so there's a Wraeththu and a wizarding Kelp now in my world. And neither of them are redheads, amazingly enough. :)

I really do intend to get back to my writing while on this trip, though it's definitely challenging in that there are 4 families in the beachhouse, including 2 4-year olds and a 7 month old. I'm not a child person, and so I do find myself feeling constantly on retreat or almost 'hiding' so that I can enjoy this time as I want to, which is a lot of quiet time, and reading/writing. The writing is definitely a solo activity, though reading I can do out in a general area with other people off talking and entertaining children and whatnot. But I'm realizing that I probably won't do this again. I love seeing the ocean, and I went jogging on the beach last night, and I enjoy some socializing, but I think had I really been putting all of this together about how many people and children were going to be around 24/7, I would have opted for a shorter trip and to spend a couple of days at home. But it will be okay. It's just not the super-relaxing, quiet, lots of sleep, lounging and no-expectations kind of thing that I'd somehow (and to my discredit, improbably) created in my own head.

Evan and I are now going to go on a walk together so I can enjoy his company while we're awake. Otherwise he's definitely doing a lot of family-conversation, older sibling enjoyment-with-obligation kind of thing that we're both hyper-aware of. Neither Evan nor I do well with constant socializing and that kind of obligatory/unable-to-easily-evade constant interaction and expectations, but I'm sure we can still enjoy ourselves. And Evan is his own person, and this is his vacation as much as anyone else's, so I'll focus on me, me, me. This is my blog, after all. ;)
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I just had a wonderful chat with [ profile] emansil_12 which got me into writing, researching and re-engaged mode with a variety of writing-centric elements in my life which have been rather on the back burner. This happens a lot, in that I talk with her and get excited about writing again. So thank you, [ profile] emansil_12! My aims along those lines for this week are to:
print up my 2 Wraeththu novellas, back to front on 3-hole punch paper and put them into a notebook for reading and editing.
While at the UPS store to do the above, print up my Númenorean fic I started a decade ago. Revisit it and consider working on it again.
Revisit the Secret of Kells unclaimed prompts from Yuletide, especially this one which I'd saved in my email: well, never mind. I've now spent a half hour trying to find the damn unclaimed prompts from "Secret of Kells" fandom from prior Yuletides and have gone all over the internet and resorted to emailing the Ao3 staff within the archive. Hopefully they'll guide me once and for all as to how to do that. Thankfully I'd saved this particular author's 'Dear Yuletide Author' letter in LJ so I have the prompt: "This is my vaguest request. I just love this goddamn movie, and I was so heartbroken that Aisling went silent for the last 30 minutes. I want to see her story, as an immortal sprite of Ireland: anywhere between the fall of Kells to modern Ireland. I want her to interact with people: Brendan's descendants? Everyday pubgoers? No traipsing about as a wolf, she needs to be herself, reacting to any of the emerald isle's various developments: IRA vs England? Ireland reinventing itself as a silicon superpower? I want a mythical being watching the everyday world develop and grow. I want to know what Aisling thinks of St. Patrick's Day in Galway last year, or her interactions with terrified Black and Tans in the early 20th century. You have free reign. Just make Aisling Aisling, and if possible involve Pangur Ban (or her descendants!) somehow." The thought of making this a crossover with Harry Potter (though in the middle ages or later) could be a whole lot of fun.

And now, to knit for a bit, then cleaning up because [ profile] evannichols and I are going to go for a walk with [personal profile] sanguinity and [personal profile] grrlpup at 11:00. :)
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Or: why I don't post much anymore.

My life is superb. The only drama I have (though at times it can be mighty and crosses over into my non-work life, of which I don't approve) is work-related. I have renewed and newly-meaningful relationships with some key people, including my sister, mother, and Eugene-friend-Jen. I still write letters and have phone calls maintaining other long-time friendships. I even see some people locally who are also friends— and colleagues! I'm financially in a far better place than I've been since 2005. I'm comfortable in my own skin, with a distinct lack of chemicals. My deep-seated anxieties about the irony of the universe lashing out at me personally in unique and traumatizing ways is near-banished. I'm exercising and even going to ballet once a week. Creatively, I knit more than anything else, but I've also revived work on my Wraeththu novel book contract and will be having a First Pass Major Re-Read/Edit with my editor at the end of July. I'm living and sharing every day with the life partner I didn't dare to dream actually existed. I'm 130 days into giving a full years' experiment of seeing what it's like to choose not to drink.

So I think I get a bit wary of sounding like I'm vomiting rainbows. Of course there's some shitty stuff. I've had several bouts of sinus/throat issues, which haven't been fun. While I thoroughly enjoy my particular role at work, I'm ambivalent about the ever-changing landscape outside of that realm. I'll need to do a major exorcism of preconceptions about headquarters in general before going there in June, though perhaps the very act of going will provide some clarity I haven't had before. My left pinky toe is apparently going to hurt for the rest of my life, and I've screwed up my right shoulder somehow, as well as done something to my upper left hip flexor… all of which makes the ballet more painful than necessary. I need to keep constant vigilance not to succumb to hedonic adaptation, and to be very, very aware of any inklings of creating drama simply because my life is so stable.

But in general, I'm fully engaged in my life and content in ways I've not been for a very long time. So that's why I don't post all that often. Still, here's an update! ♥
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Today I sang at the 'Swan Song' concert for the organist and choirmaster of 22 years at the church where I sing. She's retiring and her final Sunday is tomorrow morning. The concert went very well; we sang music from our England tour back in July. It wasn't standing room only, but there was quite a respectable crowd there.

I also received my author copy of Paragenesis yesterday from [ profile] wiebke. This is only the third time I've seen anything of mine in print, and this is the first fiction I've seen. And it's my name, my legal name, there on the page. Pretty cool! I think when autumn comes I'll be working with [ profile] wiebke again to see if there's still a future for Maelstrom and Mage.

And now I'm treating myself to watching some of season one of True Blood and knitting. My skirt is about 3/4 done; it's really coming along.

The other not so fun element to today was coming home to discover that Taffy, our dog, had both vomited and shat herself in her crate while my stepdad and I were out at the concert. So we worked as quite the efficient team to get her crate and her cleaned up, as well as the room itself. The poor thing! I don't know what happened, if she ate something funky, I just don't know. I took her out for a walk mid-day and she seemed fine. :(
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So the dear [ profile] heartofoshun stepped up to my request plate and requested this: Give me a Wraeththu ficlet! I'm thinking about Ashmael and Cal. It can be any kind of interaction that you choose. Doesn't have to a big aruna scene if something else strikes your fancy, of course, I wouldn't complain if you wrote one.

This does have aruna, though it's not super-explicit. Set a few days after Cal has come to Immanion and sent Thiede off into another astral plane. Thanks so much for the request!

Title: A First Time for Everything
Rating: General
Fandom: Wraeththu
Pairing: Ashmael/Cal
A/N: self-beta'ed. Short. 1355 words. Cross-posted to [ profile] raythoo

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I miss writing about the hermaphroditic beauties in the land of Wraeththu. I'll be thrilled when the compilation comes out, and I'm actually inclining towards writing another story set up in Freyhella, this time to do with a young Caeru and his band when they play in Freygard, and Tyr. For any of you on my flist who are familiar with my Wraeththu writing, are there any particular scenarios or time periods you'd like to offer as suggestions? Freygard has captured my imagination, but I'd be open to some other suggestions. Oh, and no, I don't really know how or where things stand with Maelstrom and Mage, for those of you who've been wondering about that.

Thanks in advance!
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First and foremost, a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY, [ profile] evannichols!!!! May you be celebrated in whatever manner you deem the most marvelous for you. :)

I finished the purple gloves for [ profile] dreambastion, pics found here and here. (yes, I was playing around with brushes in photoshop for the second one) They were mailed out yesterday! I've assembled the cardigan (without the sleeves yet) and nearly finished the button band. I also will be knitting another baby bib for one of my adopted brothers.

Thanks to [ profile] celandineb for the glitterati sunglasses! :D

Work on my original fic is going well, and for those who've provided feedback, it's much appreciated. This week I'm focusing on incorporating edits from [ profile] elfscribe5 and [ profile] emansil_08 (THANK YOU!!) for my Hector/Lord John fic, as well as doing a pretty major revision in tone and ambiance for my Wraeththu story to be in the fall compilation. Then it's back to original fic full on. And visiting [ profile] persephone100 again this weekend, right after her birthday!!! So a great week in store, as well as spending a couple of days doing video editing and also learning more Access stuff and meeting with the health center folks.

A merry Tuesday to you all!
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This is my first foray into paid knitting, a wonderful happenstance that occurred so that I'm knitting a pair of fingerless gloves for [ profile] dreambastion, a friend from Portland. So both for her and you all, here's one completed glove. The yarn is yummy, mostly cotton as she's allergic to wool. The cables really stand out in cotton.
two glove pics )

In other me news: more crazy dreams. Two nights in a row that featured snow; should look into that symbolism. My Lord John/Hector story is nearly complete, the one I'm writing for [ profile] lgbtfest. It'll be posted June 15th. And I heard back about my Wraeththu compilation story; it rightly needs more grit, and basically more substance. The sequel for it is much more stand alone, but I'm looking at this as a challenge to really improve it.

And you all?
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I don't usually post this much fic within a short time frame, but the Gimli stories are short and I actually began writing this particular Wraeththu story at the end of December. The characters, setting, and cultural elements to this story are actually taken from the story I submitted for the early-era Wraeththu compilation Storm is putting together (it was accepted, though it will need some expanding). The characters and setting became so real for me that I decided to write a sequel- there's enough information in this that it's stand-alone, but I'll look forward to the publication of said compilation, whenever that is, so people can read the genesis of this story. Cross-posted to [ profile] raythoo.

Title: Escape from the Flame of Separateness
Primary Characters: All OCs with the exception of a harling-aged Tyr
Rating: Well, it has aruna, and language.
Word Count: 6,040
Beta: [ profile] elfscribe5. Thank you so much for tidying up my prose and for your insights!!
Summary: Ottar's second year as a har of Freygard becomes nightmarish when his mentor is possessed by a nameless spirit and the aftermath of their subsequent aruna irrevocably changes his life.
Author's Notes: The title comes from a poem by Rumi.

Escape from the Flame of Separateness )
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Dear flist: I've finished a Wraeththu fic, set in early era Freygard. It's a sequel to one to appear in Storm's compilation, but it's a stand-alone with essentially all OCs. It does reference the first story, but I fill in the gaps so a reader gets the idea of what happened prior to this. Word count is 6090, so not all that long. Mostly plotty and character development. Does anyharone have some time to beta it before I post? I'd be grateful! Just let me know and I'll email it to you.
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I'm a bit late this year and realize this is mostly for my own record-keeping, but for those who might be curious or are here to read in particular fandoms, here is my 2009 summary of fics by fandom. Links are also included; most of them are to posts at my LJ, but there are a few that go elsewhere where you can leave a comment should you be so inclined. ;) The one totally new element was writing in another author's original fiction fandom, The Slave Breakers by [ profile] maculategiraffe. I ended up being quite captivated as you'll see from the no fewer than the eight stories and some drabbles I wrote in that fandom alone. I also wrote a few Tolkien slash stories (I've written nearly all genfics in my Tolkien writing prior to this year), but for the most part they didn't prove to be all that popular.

In addition to the stories listed below, the major story that I worked on, but which is still with Storm Constantine, is my Wraeththu novella "Maelstrom and Mage". I did a major revision on it in 2009, then received Storm's many helpful suggestions and comments and rewrote 7/10 of it. She's had it since the end of October but in publishing, nothing happens quickly. So one story which occupied much of my creative energies is not public yet. Hopefully it will be published by her company, Immanion Press, in this coming year. That's really my one major aspiration for 2010: to see that novella in print.

By fandom, in chronological order within each fandom, here's what I wrote in 2009 )

So there they all are! Not including M+M, I wrote and published around 145K words this past year. If I include the M+M rewrite and revision it's closer to 200K, which has been my norm over the past few years. That said, I will be stepping away from fanfiction, at least that's what I say now. There are some personal things I'll be working on, but doubtless I'll continue to write and post in at least a couple of fandoms from time to time.

To my readers, thank you for your comments and encouragement over the past year.
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So I stumbled across some Danila Polyakov pictures I'd not seen before and posted them over at [ profile] redheadedmales. There was one with him with two cigarettes that just screamed 'Calanthe' at me, so I made an icon, though I had to modify him so he was a blond, not a redhead:

Anyone can use it if they'd like, just credit me if you don't mind. ;)

A somewhat androgynous model, and a fascinating picture that makes me think a LOT of Wraeththu )

Happy Tuesday!
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I really don't mind these kinds of insights, but I really *do* mind when they occur at 2:30 a.m. when I'm unable to sleep. )

Now to finish my coffee. Boy do I wish I'd had more sleep. On the plus side, after my morning shift, our patron services team is being taken to lunch (or breakfast! It's served for most of the day!) at a Portland mainstay named Besaws. Thankfully we were given the menu a couple of days ago as I would be overwhelmed by having to choose a menu item on the spot. I'm still a little undecided.

And at each point, even when tossing and turning at crazy-thirty this morning, when I've been feeling cranky or whiney, I think about [ profile] simons_flower and the fact that I should consider it my privilege to be alive to do these things. I hope that this lack of complacency about each day that I do wake up stays with me for a long time.
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This is a short genfic, but I hope those of you on my flist here for my Wraeththu fic enjoy the character study in this.

Title: A Calanthe By Any Other Name (is still Cal)
Characters: Seel/Swift, Cal, Yazdyar (OC)
Rating: General (bit of swearing)
Word Count: 2,778
Summary: Cal may be an enigma, but he always arouses strong reactions in the hara closest to him. In seeking his rescued son, Swift finds new patience to deal with his chesnari's bitterness toward the har who has profoundly shaped them both.
A/N: Thanks to [ profile] jaiden_s for the fast beta! Written for [ profile] heartofoshun as a wee thank you for her copy edit and immensely helpful beta of Maelstrom and Mage. She asked for a story that dealt with how differently Swift and Seel perceive Cal and how very different their relations with him are. Set at the end of The Shades of Time and Memory at Imbrilim, after Swift and Seel have seen Cal and discovered that he rescued Aleeme and Azriel from Ponclast.

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So here's another Wraeththu short story, primarily PWP. [ profile] niennaainur requested Cobweb/Lianvis, a pairing I'd never before considered. I tried to make it as canonical as possible. I hope you enjoy!

Title: Desert's Fierce Kiss
Pairing: Cobweb/Lianvis
Rating: Adult
W/C: 2,745

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Earlier this weekend I was asking for drabble requests. Most of them became short vignettes, but a couple I knew would end up longer (and I still have two non-Wraeththu additions to come in near days). [ profile] two_point here requested Seel, 'it must be Seel.' My first thought was Seel/Ashmael, having written Interpret Me the Savage Whirr, but in re-reading it, realized I'd covered most bases there. Still, I wrote more Ashmael/Seel, bringing in Parallax, an OC from Maelstrom and Mage I grew quite fond of, as Ashmael and Vaysh did. I've interspersed 'one' and 'har' (as in someone vs. somehar) since in the original trilogy, Storm used 'one' all the time.

This story takes place in Wraiths. At the end of chapter 12 after Seel saw Pellaz in his re-generation tank, Thiede is very specific with Seel and after telling him he's going to move to Immanion within a month, says, "You will be pleased to know I've allocated a sedu to you. Your training in controlling it begins in two days' time. I'll send a teacher to Saltrock with the animal." Seel isn't particularly grateful.

Title: As Kinshar Met
Pairing/Trio: Ashmael/Seel/Parallax
Rating: Adult
W/C: 1911

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I just accidentally deleted all of my drabbles in the prior post in trying to fix a mistake in one of my posts. AUGH!!

Well, here are links to where they live in the other comms, I hope. Oh shit. I didn't have the Éowyn saved... I'm afraid it's gone now. No, wait: it's still in my notebook. Phew! So glad that I write longhand! ;) edit: [ profile] star54kar still had it, too!

Richard/Alec, Swordspoint

two Wraeththu vignettes, featuring Velaxis and then Vaysh

Éowyn genfic )
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Taken from a goodly number of folks on my flist:

The first ELEVEN people to comment in this post get to request a drabble of any pairing/character of their choosing from me in fandoms I'm familiar with. No need to repost at your own LJ; chances are you've already done it. Fandoms include: Tolkien, Harry Potter, Wraeththu, Swordspoint, The Persian Boy, and [ profile] maculategiraffe's Slave Breakers 'verse. It might take me a few days to do them all and if this proves popular, maybe I'll do a few more. I won't be a stickler for exactly 100 words. They might be a bit more, depending on how creative you get. I'm all about procrastinating from what I should be doing. :P

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