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Can't believe I posted nary a word in October. In all of my 12 years of blogging, I'm not sure that's ever happened— aside from a month or two when I was in rehab twice. Still.

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Yes, I'll be leaving the 'burg here in under 3 hours to head up to visit [ profile] persephone100, a long-anticipated and hoped for visit now made exceedingly doable thanks to being back in western Virginia. I don't have a laptop and I'm not packing up my stuff (except my flash drive) so I probably won't post except once or twice while with Seph. But we'll be having a fabulous time!!!

In work news, I had training Monday and Tuesday evening and last night was my first proper 3-hour shift calling folks and doing an opinion survey on how lending institutions act. It's not exactly brainy work, but it is very close by, it's something I'm good at and it's an income of a sort. That's all I'm looking for at this juncture. Enough to pay for visiting my therapist and some spending money— I did order yarn for two projects that should have arrived by my return. I totally shifted my queue of projects all around, so now here's what I'll be making:
this cardigan, though I got all inspired by another knitter who also made a camisole so it's a twinset. That's what I'm going to endeavor to do. Different colors; I'll post when I get the yarn. And then this fabulous cardigan out of some kick-ass gradual and subtle variegated yarn.

But now I've got to run! I'll be packing an umbrella, my notebooks, and diet coke. :D If only the crazy mega-blustery wind would ease up! Sheesh.
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I did go in Saturday morning to work at the Opera, but since the weather was so nice, I reached almost nobody in the 2 1/2 hours I was there. Oh well. Today alone, however, I've re-colored my hair, been drinking loads of water (as opposed to Diet Coke, for once), am giddy with anticipation of seeing [ profile] cim_halfling in a few hours, I do believe (!!!), and will very shortly have a Slave Breakers fic that I'd love to find a quick beta for. That seems to be one realm in which I can actually write in a more romantic mode, and it seems believable. Mac just created such endearing characters…

Wow. Hair's done, groceries were bought, a lovely rendition of Bairstow's "I Sat Down" was sung yesterday morning, fic's been written, and thanks to the Lord John books on tape, I'm about 2/3 the way done with the sleeves on my sweater. I like! Oh, need to take pictures of that project.

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Lastly, a funny from work on Friday. One of the guys in the box office who I'm pretty sure is family (an irreverent, big bearish type guy) saw my outfit and said, "You wear the best clothes! You have such color coordination!" I had on some floral pants and an interesting top, that particular combination one I'd not put together until Friday. Before I left their office, he said, "I have a new title for you! You're Our Lady of Color Combination." I laughed at that and replied, "I need a tiara with a title like that." So I'm now OLCC. ;)
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I have a dentist's appointment at 8:30 this morning. :sigh: My second ever beginnings of a cavity, so I'm going to get it sealed off. Not a morning person, but on the other hand, I did go to bed at a decent hour. And I might get some things done before work.

When [ profile] vulgarweed indicated she was participating in the [ profile] lgbtfest and chose Ents as her creature within Tolkien fandom, I was already intrigued. She put a shout out for a quick beta last week and I hastily (therefore oh-so-not-Entishly) volunteered. I've not read anything from an Ent's POV, and she does this with some beautiful imagery and it really sounds like an Ent. So hie thee here for "Lomendánar (Little Love for the Things of My Love)". Here's just two sentences that have haunted me for Tolkienesque loveliness and angst:
I know tales of the Sundering Seas, lady, and the ships that cross to never return to Middle-earth. But we are Middle-earth, and what ship can bear our kind? Even the Elves make ships of our broken bodies.

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Now I must get dressed and on the road for my appointment. This will be a looooooooong day. My supervisor returns from his 2 1/2 week trip to Argentina; in many ways I'm glad he'll be back, but I quite enjoyed having some actual responsibility. I'm glad I've been able to prove myself, and it'll be hard to be 'demoted' back to what I did before. Still, hopefully I was able to lay some groundwork should there be some changes in staff in the upcoming months.

More soon!
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Work is quite busy- I'm really enjoying doing what my supervisor does since he's overseas until the middle of next week. It feels great to have some responsibility again, and I even had one of the people in the development department call me to thank me for getting everything done promptly and correctly. The first time! Sales are a bit more challenging, as you might expect, but I ended my shift tonight with a very enthusiastic and happy person in Boise, Idaho, who was thrilled that I'd called her and could get her lined up with seats for two of our modern operas for next year. Yay.

In having a long and much appreciated conversation with [ profile] evannichols, I realized that not this weekend, but the following two are going to be really busy for me as well. The weekend of mother's day we open Rigoletto, and I'll be leaving early Saturday morning to drive up to Seattle/Bellevue for my grandmother's 90th birthday fête and not returning until Sunday evening. The next weekend is also Rigoletto, and I'll be working the Thursday and Saturday night performances. Still, busy and to do with work is definitely a plus. It's also rather a positive mind-blowing thing to realize that [ profile] snottygrrl will soon be living here.

I emailed Storm to let her know my status on M+M; I really have got to stay cracking on it. I have no idea how many other projects she has going or how many times it will go back and forth. This is all new!! And because I was so delighted that my Aragorn/Halbarad story made it through the HASA reviewing pool, I signed up for the next in the Slashy Santa group, this one Ardor in August. But I really do want to treat myself to some Gimli-centric shorter gen fics this summer.

My exercise ball is pretty great in regards to my back and my sitting aches. My upper back is sore, though. Seeing as how the massages at the East West College are only $25, though, I think I'll go every 3 weeks or so until I get some progress made on the knots. The students need the practice and I need my bad to be worked on some more! ;)

Back to your regularly scheduled mid-weeks...
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Some of you may not know that while I pretty much abhor TV, I do watch some things via youtube as guilty pleasures and/or my decompression. My recent ones, post-BSG, have been Canada's Project Runway (I love the American version too) and Australia's Make Me A Supermodel. Two nights ago I dreamed I was in Make Me A Supermodel. Last night, no joke, I was in the model side of the competition for Canada's Project Runway, not wanting the other contestants to know I was 20 years older than they were (I don't believe in the dream that I had any body other than my own, which is certainly not model material and does reflect my age), but then I was hanging out with Iman. We were buddies. Which is hilarious, because I don't particularly like her on the show, in fact.

Oh, my crazy subconscious. I laugh at you.

Been quiet of late as I'm writing a lot, working a few more hours at work for the next two weeks as I step into my supervisor's spot while he's in Argentina. My R/D is at my betas (already received one back! Thanks [ profile] wolfiekins!), I've started my weasley_fest one, made loads of editing progress on M+M over the weekend and am writing the last of one or two new scenes before tackling the epilogue, and have found myself writing another PWP vignette in [ profile] maculategiraffe's Slave Breaker universe.

Let the Muse Reign! Hope you're all having a good week; I think this one will really fly since I have so much going on. But I'm never too busy to at least read what you all are up to. I have seen all of the DW stuff, and I'm just going to stay here. I do have an insane journal account but don't bother with it. LJ is fine.
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I don't know how this has happened, but it's already Wednesday and thanks to the changes in my increased responsibilities at work and the fact that we're now in training, for the first time since I started working at the Opera here, I've been bringing work home in my psyche. This morning I found myself looking in the mirror and saying, "Shut up!" because I was making a to-do list of things to bring up with my supervisors when I get into work. But these hours here this morning before I go in, they're mine, my precious hours to type up fic and get a wee package sent off to a friend, check email, etc.

A couple of squee-worthy things for today and this week:
A lovely St. Patrick's day card from [ profile] eldritchobbit
A thoughtful postcard from [ profile] niennaainur (which is now on my cubicle wall at work!)
An invitation to join a Faramir-centric archive thanks to posting that one wee Faramir/Boromir story to the Of Elves and Men yahoo group. I do remain a bit baffled that that one is far more popular than the Aragorn/Halbarad, but it's also a lot shorter, less angsty, and F/B has a built-in following. Whatever. It's flattering!
I wrote my contribution for the [ profile] raythoo songfic challenge last night. It's on the short side, but given the content, you wouldn't want it to be any longer. It's really, really dark and I like the imagery in it. I do remain a bit confounded (in a good way) as to how fertile and cross-pollinating my enthusiasm for the new Battlestar Galactica has been with my other fandoms. I have no desire to write BSG fanfic, but the music from the series and some of the plots and themes are definitely seeping creatively into my other works.
Some new and/or re-discovered words! In doing canon research for the Wraeththu story as well as some other reading, I have new words to add to my vocabulary in addition to the ones I get every day via And the words are: pulchritudinous, lich, revenant, quodlibet, moue, peripatetic and pith. Words are great.

Back to it! Happy 'hump day' to one and all.
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I've become a fan of Valentine's Day as an opportunity to let my friends (and work colleagues) know how much I care about them and enjoy their company. In my work environments, I've tended to get the kids' valentine's and traditional candy and hand it out; this year was no exception. I had Harry Potter valentine's from last year and gave those to my coworkers at the Opera, who thought it was really endearing. Despite being nearly 40, I'm the youngest worker there in my department. :P

To you all, my deep-abiding affection, appreciation, and gratitude is with you all. Thank you, new friends and those who have known me for decades alike, for being here with me, and for being a friend of mine. EDIT: To [ profile] eldritchhobbit and [ profile] abigail89, a special shout-out of thanks for the beautiful Valentine's cards and their heart-warming sentiments. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

And while this will not be everyone's cup of tea (or coffee!), I did participate in a Tolkien slash fest for the holiday. My contribution has been posted here: Herald, Steer Not Your Heart by the Stars. It's Halbarad/Aragorn, as canonical as possible, high angst, adult. I won't feel badly if none of you are interested, but if you are, go forth and enjoy.

I'll be AFK for much of the rest of the weekend until Sunday evening as I have yoga/errands/opera tonight/singing in church choir for the first time in over a year tomorrow morning/phone calls/writing, but I hope that you all have a wonderful next day or so. I'm privileged to have you all in my life in various capacities. For those of you paired up or trio'ed up, enjoy time with the one(s) you love. I'm in a space where being solo is already at times more than I can handle, and that's where I need to be. For those others who are without a particular companion, I hope that you, too, are content in that space and if not, that whatever relationship you are hopeful for comes to pass.
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I'll not use my fun double dagger symbol, but:
~ I actually secured some donations tonight, so, yay! Not even for the possible commission for me (they weren't major gifts by any means), but I spoke with lovely people and it helps an art form I believe in, opera.
~ One of my colleagues said I was a ray of sunshine. And she was being serious.
~ I went to a health food-ish chain grocery store to look for a gluten-free pie crust (not exactly for me; I love wheat and pasta and all of that) and ran into the homeowner of the house where I live. It was fun to see him in a different context, and totally out of the blue.
~ I'm getting a massage tomorrow morning!!
~ My Ron/Remus story was posted today, here at the [ profile] remus_ron_slash fest. It's locked as it's NC-17, and is on the longer side for this fest (a bit over 10K), so if you'd care to read a recently-written HP story from me, there 'tis. It needs some love. Or maybe just a comment or two. ;)
~ I'm going to go to at least one yarn store tomorrow, and take [ profile] evannichols along with me.
~ I'm able to listen to EdgeRadio again! [ profile] wolfiekins's station rocks.
~ I'm making progress on my [ profile] yuletide fic. I'm not supposed to discuss any details about it publicly, but I think I'll feel quite accomplished and proud of it when finished.
~ I wrote [ profile] cim_halfling a letter this morning. :)
~ To work tonight I wore a cool vest designed by Jade Starmore that I knitted several years ago, and felt pretty stoked about the number of interesting garments and gifts I've knitted over the years. Mine was knitted in a purple heathered yarn, not the goldenrod this person did, but it shows the pattern really well.
~ I think I'll now go and sign up for [ profile] slashy_santa. Because I don't have enough on my plate. ;)
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Friday was a good day; I got up early to meet someone as I was giving away a portable closet thanks to Craigslist. The guy who came to get it was well-spoken and, well, chatty. He talked with me for thirty minutes, but as he said, he's even better than Willamette Week, one of the local papers. Originally from Ohio, he'd spent many years in L.A. and has been in Portland a little over a year; from the clues in the conversation, I think we were around the same age. I came back upstairs and did email and beta'ed before heading over to my friend Yvonne's house. Her partner Jill had surgery on Wednesday; I didn't think she'd be home until Saturday, but she was the one who greeted me a bit groggily at the door. I cleaned their house for them; it was something I'd wanted to do to give back to them, and neither of them are at full physical strength. I'd gone to get Yvonne's 13-year old son from school on Wednesday and spent the evening, and Yvonne herself ended up in the ER before coming home around 12:15 a.m. At any rate, I was glad to be able to give back a little bit. Jill had been given some flowers and the three cats had absolutely gone to town. They are such adorable but terrible beasties! There was baby's breath everywhere when I showed up.

Today was Renfaire. Very exciting! I had my directions and then… football travesty. What should have been an hour and 45 minute drive turned into three hours to get to the Faire. I went through Corvallis, where Oregon State University is. It was also game day, before a home football game. There was an accident, there were loads of people. I had two or three primal screams in my car, the likes of which I've not had since I was driving across the desert of Arizona and California. But I made it there, and was in costume and felt so very much at home; it really was a wonderful time. There weren't as many stages and events as I would have liked, but there were some fun vendors and *loads* of fun people-watching. I did get a pin for myself ("Kilt Inspector") and I bought another couple for two people: [ profile] wolfiekins and [ profile] elfscribe5, keep an eye on your mailboxes, as there are wee gifts coming your way. The sun was very intense, and there was precious little shade. I had on my SPF 55 sunscreen on my face, and given that I was in velvet, it was built-in sunblock. I got a couple of wonderful compliments on my dress, but nobody actually recognized it! Maybe it's been too long since The Two Towers came out. There were people dressed in Renaissance garb, faerie garb, pirates, knights, neo-Goths, normies, even a Roman or two. Very eclectic attire. And next weekend, in Portland proper is the 2008 Portland Pirate Festival. I think I'm going to see if I can cajole [ profile] evannichols into going to that with me, both for fun and also so I can wear my costume again. It's not pirate-ish necessarily, but these things tend to blend together. If you show up in any kind of costume, you get some kind of karmic points. I really, really loved walking around in my costume today and chatting with people. I felt so at home, even though I was in the middle of nowhere in Oregon. My drive home was gorgeous; I took the Kings Valley Highway up to Dallas, OR, and then over to I-5. Some beautiful country I got to drive on, though it's been so sunny for so long that there's a lot of dry grass around, which reminds me of Wenatchee.

Rather than go on and on anymore about my day, here are the pics I took. Enjoy!

Renfaire pictures )

I think I'm going to sleep in tomorrow!! I also watched "The Double Life of Veronique" Friday night and was just as moved by it as I remembered from the past. I have writings in both HP and Wraeththu to type in, but I'm a bit sun-drained. Today was also the first time, I realized, that I'd actually left the Portland environs since I moved here. Five hours on the road, in costume. It was such great fun, though. I already miss that kind of environment.

No news either from Reed or Pacifica. I don't know what's going on, work-wise. I was contacted by another staffing agency and I have an appointment with a very charismatic woman there at 10:30 Monday morning, hopefully to lead to an interview with another company shortly thereafter. I continue to hope that I'll make it to Reed, as I think I'd be a great fit with them. I also heard back from the State of Oregon about the first of two jobs I applied for; I seem to have qualified. I have no idea what that means; maybe it means I'll get an interview. I've never tried to work for The State, regardless of the state I've worked in, but Oregon seems rather complicated. Still, nice of them to let me know that I'm qualified for an Administrative Assistant position. Hopefully that will actually lead to an interview, but if not, that's okay too.

Much love to you all!!.
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No lj-cut! Beware my joy!

I had a really great day at work today. I feel as though I've come light years in only 4 weeks of doing what I do, and I've received several voicemail accolades from the customers I've helped. This is all good. Primarily tonight I was thrilled that we didn't have calls in queue at 8 o'clock for once, and my last call was something to do with an older version of our product that I was able to successfully resolve with an 18 minute call. The same issue I dealt with two weeks ago when I was still fairly new took me two different remoting sessions into this person's computer and over an hour to fix. It is perhaps somewhat frightening to be able to remote into someone's computer, see their desktop and be able to quip, "Look! You've tidied up your number of items there on the desktop since last time." I do love that he homeschools his kids and has a World of Warcraft image as the desktop picture. Another perk of my job, I suppose.

I bought a new keyboard and mouse. I no longer have to whack my keyboard against my desk in order for the 'i', 'o' and varying other keys to work regularly. I brought home my mouse pad to use with my optical mouse which replaces the roller-ball one, and I'm no longer using the back of a hardback book as a mouse pad.

The breakfast visit this morning with my sister and her family and my parents and one somewhat wildcard adopted brother went well. There will be another event tomorrow, but that's tomorrow. I'll be making a birthday cake for my mother. And mowing. But those two events aren't necessarily related, except in my own psychology.

I finally had a long conversation with [ profile] wolfiekins. I can't stress how much I realize it negatively affects my psyche when I don't actually have voice contact with my closest of friends, those very few with whom I speak in real time on a regular basis. Another friend sent me loads of cards and stationery, a belated Christmas and birthday gift, so I'll be writing even more correspondence. But it was such a relief finally to have a usually-weekly conversation with Wolfie. I'm going up to visit Kosh and him in the next month; I'll just take the time from work. I deserve it.

My internet works! And my keyboard works! Every key! Every time I press them!

I updated my website!

I watched a lot of Australia's Top Model last weekend; I really enjoy such frivolities, though it meant that in my dreams, there were both Australians (and/or people speaking with an Australian accent) and me uninstalling and reinstalling Rosetta Stone on a Mac three times. Oy. I do plan to unplug here in not too long and finish up my Ashmael/Seel Wraeththu story. Nobody asked for this; I have no idea if anyone in that community will like it, but it seemed like a gap-filler that wanted to be written.

I have the phrase "Nobody said it was easy" as my work AIM phrase, one stolen gratuitously from Coldplay, 'The Scientist.' Everything by Coldplay is bittersweet to me as it was being played in my former household with my wasband and my stepkids, back before I really knew who the band was, only I knew that I liked them. It's taken me a few years to properly breathe Coldplay into my system, and it's admittedly taking a bit of mental gymnastics to interpolate Coldplay/married life; Coldplay/reintroduced with fandom friends; Coldplay/'The Scientist' and the lyrics being perfect for my Wraeththu fanfic when my mother is a scientist, my father a dermatologist, my younger sister now a hospice doctor, and just wanting to melt into the voice and lyrics of the singer. I don't know his name; it's not relevant. He's a poet and for now, he and I share the same wavelength.

I grok Coldplay, androgyny, and being able to talk with a Rosetta Stone customer, calling from Germany. He was working on Arabic, and as I pulled up the Arabic script on my end, I commented to him on the phone that I swore some of the characters of their alphabet looked like Tengwar, as in, Tolkien script, Elvish. I don't hide my geekdom. He tried to suggest that JRRT was influenced by Arabic writing, but I was too captivated by the script itself to contradict him and let him know that JRRT was influenced as a child by looking at Welsh train boxcars.

I do rein in my geekdom a smidgen, but mostly it's on my sleeve. It's part of me, and I delight in mentioning my few papers and where I've presented them. Especially here in the Valley, it's not just anyone who's been a professional singer in Nashville, has a miniature version of the Shards of Narsil for a costume I made, knits many of the sweaters that I wear, and walked a 70-year old through setting up the date and time on his first computer so the activation code for his Rosetta Stone would stick. I shudder to think of the techology that will be around when I'm 70, especially if there's not someone like me around to feel that I'd made a difference in the first fifteen minutes of trying to help. I made a difference to him, y'know?


Gotta go. ♥
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One of the things that I love about my work hours (11 a.m. to 8 p.m.) is how much I can get done before leaving the house. By 8 o'clock this morning I've:
~ showered
~ taken out the trash
~ swept and mopped the entire downstairs
~ wrote an email to my grandmother telling her how many compliments I got yesterday by fellow choir members on the knitted suit I wore, one she knitted in the 60's
~ painted my nails
~ admired my car, which is white again instead of super-dingy grey (I went through a car wash last night on my way home after the choral Evensong)

And now I'm stitting down to my first cup of coffee to share these things with you, then modify an internal application to apply for a tech support position. I will apply for the London job when I can, but things really do move slowly. If I could switch over to tech support, I'd definitely be back on full-fledged talking customer service, but those skills are also more marketable than the genre-specific data entry I'm doing now. I need to look out for my own interests. I have also realized that despite my legal difficulties of last year, I still have put away potentially enough to live on in a frugal manner for about a year. I couldn't do that and do my worldwide travels, but it does mean that if I keep saving up through the summer I could find a place to move and make plans for that in early or mid-autumn, and simply give my notice and get paid out with my paid time off, spend a month visiting the people I want to see, come back, pack up and go. I could certainly have a month or two in the new place to look for job and whatnot.

So. Application, then I'm retreating to my room for an hour or so to write on Wraeththu fic. Oh, and I was remiss in not mentioning a lovely long letter from [ profile] cim_halfling I received over the weekend. Thank you!!! ♥
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It's been a primarily great weekend thus far: updated my website and my Wraeththu fic Friday night— at work. We had an ice storm Friday morning and I wasn't sure whether or not we'd have power at the house, much less that my satellite dish would work; when I'd left in the morning, it, like my car, was covered in a sheet of ice. The weather warmed up, though, and at long last all of the snow is gone. I've been working more on my Wraeththu WIP; many to most of you have commented to me that you feel a bit badly at seeing me so gung-ho about something you haven't read and, therefore, aren't/can't follow my newest writing sojourn. I did make a Wraeththu page on my website last weekend, and I'll post a few of the links I put there, here, as reference points for you:
here at Wikipedia
here at Storm Constantine's blog
here there be gorgeous pictures from a German-created photo book
here is fanfiction

Other cool intersections: [ profile] stuckinsea pointed out that the gorgeous, lithe dancer who plays Bagoas in "Alexander" was also the actor who poses as Panthera in the photo book, listed above. I fell totally in love with "The Persian Boy" a few years ago; I listened to it as a book on tape while making my Éowyn green gown costume, actually. The creation of that dress and falling solidly in love with Bagoas/Alexander as well as Mary Renault will be forever a combined event for me. But I've watched the youtube video of Bagoas' dance for Alexander a few times, and it's very inspiring. Guh.

The only bad thing aside from the fact that it's back to work tomorrow and no news from the recruitment part of HR (I emailed twice as follow-up last week, into a yawning maw of silence. I'm quite underwhelmed. I'm an internal applicant, for goodness sake! Just let me know the damn status of the positions, is that so hard??) is that I slid down the lat few stairs of my staircase yesterday while I had a basket of laundry in my hands. My left foot curled under me, and I did some serious bruising/crunching of toes and hurt my ankle. It's still really, really sore. Thankfully earlier in the day I'd taken advantage of the lovely day to go for a 45-minute walk, ostensibly to clear my head, though I continued to think about "Maelstrom and Mage" anyway. But it was refreshing to get out and about. I won't be doing that today, though, as my big toe and whole top of my foot is still quite sore.

I've been hand-writing letters, so a few of you can expect to hear from me in that environment. I do keep up with you all here, though with the frenetic pace at work I no longer comment as much as I wish I did. I also watched my housemate's copy of "Cruel Intentions" last night. Darkly enjoyable.

So how are you all?
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Edit: today's post brought even more gifts, now added!
For all here in the ether who wished me greetings and cheers on my birthday (the 15th), thank you! I do have a whole caboodle of thanks, to:
[ profile] stuckinsea and [ profile] sexyscholar for the virtual LJ gifts
[ profile] koshweasley and [ profile] wolfiekins for the lovely collection of purple, lilac-scented votives and purple glass votive candle holders. Yay Ikea!!
[ profile] liriaen for the incredible Draco art, shared here at her LJ.
[ profile] euclase for her gorgeous, astonishing drawing of Rupert Grint, available here for your viewing pleasure. I got the original safely in the post yesterday, BTW.
I've never received that much art for any day! Thank you both for sharing your tremendous talents!
[ profile] matildabishop for the Eowyn toy (with slashing action! Sword-slashing, that is) and Ravenclaw Head Girl pin.
[ profile] risiepookie who was so put together she'd sent me Christmas and birthday gifts way back before the first holiday. The truffles are divine, and the leather-bound journal is gorgeous, and the pen with Thevina etched on it made me all teary. I've already decided to begin writing my non-fantasy original fic in that book. I don't journal anymore after the incidents with my wasband, but I love the idea of a work-in-progress being permanently housed with its scratchouts and drafts of scenes and writing in it for posterity. Edit: got your card/letter today, as well, so now I can write you back this weekend!
[ profile] lena3 for the tender card and the notecards, which I'll happily be writing in.
[ profile] fungus_files for the lovely long letter and beautiful hand-made journal. More stories will go in there, for sure!
[ profile] snottygrrl for your kind and sparkly thank you note/letter.
[ profile] eccequambonum for the copy of Maurice. I'll be indulging in that wonderful film soon. You're so kind!

and now, more musings on writing and fandoms and smidgen of work stuff )

Enough. Need to get home and write. I've spent all day in town for my Saturday day #2 of training for the Skyline Literacy Council. Yes, I'm going to be a volunteer here pretty soon.
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I've never been one for resolutions, but as I've been busily productive around the house and online this morning, I realized that I do have a few goals, which I'll share.

Get bodywork done on Bianca, my white Subaru, so that I'm not constantly reminded of the really poor choices I made last year around this time.

Apply for a writer position at Rosetta Stone.

Work on my original fic ideas in earnest this spring and see if I can discipline myself as much in that realm as I've tended to in the fanfic world.

Travel to the UK and Ireland, California, and Australia to see friends. In the case of Ireland, visit a country I've wanted to since I was a child. If anyone has recommendations of where to go and what to see, I'd be more than welcome to hear your suggestions. I'll probably be heading over in September or October.

The biggie?
To relax more, and be more of a human being, rather than a human doing. I think in some ways with my new living situation that's already happening, but I could stand not to judge myself on a constant and high quality stream of production, whether fiction or knitting projects or letters or whatever else. In less than 100 years, everything that I've put out into the world will have met its end and crumbled/become moth-eaten/vanished, as will I. Not a bad idea to savor the moments and indulge in reading and maybe even just being at rest instead of constantly feeling I must be pursuing something. Easier said than done, of course, especially since I'll be definitively without any recreational beverages for these next few months, which means my mind is never, ever off.

I hope that you all continue to stay around in 2008, a year in which I hope for far more calm, and self-actualization, less anxiety and a marrow-deep sense of peace. Thank you for hanging out in my virtual home here, for reading my stories, for letting me know when something I've posted about has affected you, and for your supportive affection and companionship.
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My workdays are quite frenetic, hence why I've not posted much during the week. My job has decidedly changed, but as I've become a bit more used to it, as well as fine-tuned my attitude, things have improved. I do find myself looking askance in many ways at some lower management decisions, and can only shake my head. Of the three supervisors for customer care, I believe the oldest is 26 or 27. So... I've been out in the workforce for at least a decade longer than all of them, and have a bit more perspective, which keeps me from going slightly batshite on occasion.

So! music and links! )

I've also finally taken a couple of leisurely walks down the dirt road which I now live on. There are a lot of cows nearby, as well as some 'regular' houses that aren't on farms. Lots of dogs, and trucks, and large swaths of grassy hills until they meet treelines. It's delightfully quiet and relatively serene out here, truly. You can't hear the highway, and due to a distinct lack of street lights, the stars at night when the sky is clear is absolutely phenomenal. Did I mention there's no shortage of cows down the road? Pretty funny. I'm settling in well to the new place and the independence of my roommates means that we can chat if we want, but pretty much we all do our own thing, which I find to be just perfect.

Not much in writing news: finished the epilogue for my [ profile] ginger_lust fic which has already been beta'ed and is now at a second; edited for two of my dear friends; wrote two drabbles over at [ profile] rondracodrabble and have found myself getting back to the last installment of "Magic Immunity." I did get a short but enthusiastic review for "Crown of Rope" over at Skyehawke, which was gratifying.

I hope that you all have a good beginning to your week! Oh, and [ profile] risiepookie, thank you so much for your gorgeous card and bookmark and the pictures! How splendid to have pictures of your smiling face that I can look at any time. :D
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I'm keeping this fairly public, so I'm taking out my proper name, and my supervisor's. Aside from those changes, this email was sent to my supervisor today. Because it just makes me feel good about what I do, and makes me feel a bit better about the fact that apparently my job isn't going to change and I won't be doing anything really supervisory (at least not anytime soon), I'm posting it. Then it's back to trolling LJ and writing on my ginger_lust fic. Packing for my move to the renovated farmhouse on 150 acres commences this weekend. ::squee::

very, very complimentary email about Thev's customer service )

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