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I'm copying much of this from my friend heartofoshun, as she has so eloquently phrased this true end of an era. Henneth-Annun is going to shut down at the end of this calendar year. From the site announcement: "HASA will be retired and taken offline at the end of the year. This is not being done lightly, and there is a lot of sorrow surrounding the decision."

I'm tearing up just writing this down. I learned so much from that site, and all of my vast amount of Tolkien fanfic is there. My ancient (ie: 10 year old) character biographies are there. I was mentored and won awards there. I mentored other authors once I'd been writing for a while there. My second fanfiction survey paper, Under the Waterfall, was written about HASA participants in particular and how they saw themselves. That paper was even referenced and printed in its entirety in a fellow fandom studies' book, The Democratic Genre: Fan Fiction in a Literary Context. It's just so sad. Perhaps this is the universe's way of prompting me to learn enough to do a major overhaul of my own, rustic website.

Anyway, heartofoshun eloquently wrote this: "But first and foremost it prompted a serious love for, engagement in, and commitment to the entirety of the fandom and all its genres. It promoted the sense that fanfic writing was real writing and deserved to be treated as such."

I'm posting this publicly to assist in getting the word out if, like me, you hadn't been active of late and may want to revisit what all you have there and go snag it if you hadn't.
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I was over at my LJ, deleting the masses of spam and screened messages that had filtered through and decided to scan any posts with the tag 'fic' to see if I could ferret out more of those damn 'suspicious/spam/screened' messages. I could, and did, and while doing so, came across a story I'd written in 2009 and could not even BEGIN to remember what it was about, why I'd written it, much less that actually I'd won in an angst category for it. That was only four years ago! And now that I think about it, the whole monk story of Tsobias and Kallym and my other khorites was written in 2010, so it hasn't really been all that long since I've been writing.

It just feels like forever since I was swept away by a story I was driven to write. I'm packing my newly-acquired copy of Unfinished Tales and my composition notebook to go with me on this let's-go-to-headquarters workweek I have in San Francisco, leaving tomorrow evening. I'm really planning to take some time in the evenings (and maybe mornings) to write and just do it every day to get back into the habit. And hopefully to get caught up in this story that seems not to want me to abandon it. I also hope I'm not putting way too many expectations on it or myself. I'm not doing my huge re-read and edit of the Wraeththu novel until July when I'm at the Oregon coast for a week with Evan's family. Plenty of concentrated downtime then to sit and do that all in a nice big chunk.

I was just a bit taken aback that I had to re-read "A Place Like Tomorrow" to remember what it was about, what on earth I was working through at the time to have come up with it… my stories about Frealas and Morwen Steelsheen from my early Tolkien days seem like they were written by someone else.

Perhaps it is time to put the knitting needles down for a little while and get back to my purple ink pens.
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I read aloud the Númenorean story that I'd started writing back in '03 or '04 to [ profile] evannichols in the car yesterday while driving to Newberg. While it's pretty short still, only the beginnings, it reminded me of why I've held onto this one story and its to-be themes of obsession and… well, mostly obsession. Partnerships. At the time, it was a way for me to project the negative messages I was getting from my wasband on to another character and to deal with it by writing about it. I'm in a very different place now, but still think that the story would resonate to whatever maybe-dozen people might read it. Stories set during the Second Age aren't necessarily a huge draw, especially a story that is taking place in multiple time periods at once and in a fairly static format of the present of the one protagonist, a cleric in the 600s in Númenor (I think) and then journal entries of Tar-Aldarion. And yet, I really, really want to get back to this fic. I'm having a stylistic issue in that when I started this, I was somewhat trying to emulate Tolkien style, so it's archaic and stilted. I think I may modernize the 'modern-day' Númenorean protagonist's speech, but I can let Aldarion's entries still feel more Tolkien-esque. Evan enjoyed it, though he doesn't know this fandom to the depth of degree that I do, and I'd venture that even most devoted Tolkien fans aren't necessarily going to be up to speed on this gem of a story from Unfinished Tales. I'll need to reread Aldarion and Erendis' story, and it appears that I ditched my copy during that February trip to Harrisonburg. Guess I'll put it on my library hold list. :)
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My Finduilas/Denethor story is done! It needs a thorough edit and to be beta'ed, but it's finished. I'll look forward to putting this little story into the fandom. Happiness. :D
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In years past I have made it a point to reach out to those for whom Mother's Day is somewhere between a bittersweet day to one of outright grief. Early in my divorce it was particularly challenging for me as I wasn't in communication with my former stepchildren— and still am not. With time that has eased (and in recent communication with my wasband, I found out that they both have summer internships; yes, they're both in college now), but I know it can be a particularly challenging day for those who have lost children, those who loved non-biological children who are no longer in touch, those who have been trying to have children and who remain without them, and those who may be in an uncertain position of adoption, loving a child whom she may be required to surrender in the future.

I will re-post a poem I wrote back in the earliest of my Tolkien days, a poem written in April of 2003, addressing the question of: Where are all the mothers?

Ode to the Absent

In halls of Mandos
In unmarked graves
In poems of loss
In hidden caves

Éomer and Éowyn with flaxen hair
Must go to the earth and find mum there

In the fair Shire laments Frodo
Without mother's lullaby to sleep he must go

King Elessar thinks, You would be so proud!
But his mother, long-dead, is nowhere to be found

Gimli the gruff with kind heart of gold
Of his mother's beard no tale has been told

Exquisite Legolas, woe is he
Whoever bore him languishes in obscurity

Arwen's sorrows with daddy must be
Since Celebrían forsook her and went Over Sea

O Boromir! O Faramir! You strapping fine men
Though emotionally scarred by your mother's untimely end?

Because of mothers there is here such a dearth
This is a lament for Third Age Middle-earth.
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I was on the phone with the former emansil_08 (she's gone LJ-less for personal reasons) and ended up coming up with a whole long plot outline for a lovely long Gimli story, post-WR and him trekking 'home,' then to Greenwood, then to the Smials to visit Pippin.

I'm so excited!!! I've not even thought about writing something potentially this involved in the Ardaverse in, well, years. :D
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A quick aside: it can take hours to update one's fic website when it hasn't been touched in 9 months. I knew I'd written a Rohirric/Dwarvish cultural study fic last winter but in scouring my LJ and various other sites, I discovered I only published it one place for an exchange I now can't remember. So quite happily, I have a Tolkien genfic to post, seven months after writing it.

Title: An Explorer in His Own Land
Fandom: Tolkien
Rating: G
Beta: [ profile] brumeux77. Thank you again, belatedly!
Word Count: 3127
Request: New Beginnings
Summary: A man of Rohan decides to introduce himself to his new neighbors in the caves of Helm's Deep.

Read more... )
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Quite to my surprise and delight, it turns out that a local theatre in Staunton is participating in the showing of the 3 LotR films on the big screen! One of my choir friends, the woman I sang the duet with last Sunday, treated me to the movie as well as dinner beforehand. It was so much fun! I was so caught up in the moment that I was thinking about trying to get some press involved for the final movie next week, and I might go in costume, try to find other Tolkien fans in the region, stuff like that— and I still may, though today I'm feeling overwhelmed by the other things I'm doing this week. This morning I'm about to go spend time working with the daughter of a woman who cleans for my parents every other week- her daughter doesn't really enjoy reading and I think may have some issues causing that (dyslexia, perhaps). I'm also cleared again to try and donate plasma, then literacy class tomorrow morning, and trying to do meal planning with my stepdad for my mom, who is mostly out of pocket this week due to a week-long conference, and then one of my NYC stepsisters and her husband and 1 year old are coming for the weekend. Oh, and there's also a Sonya Sanchez free poetry reading Friday night, hosted by the poetry center where I was working, so I'll definitely be going to that. So… busy, but good things, all around.

And I started writing on a Tolkien fic! I'm going to take my time with it and see how it develops. New culture for me, and a character I'd not given much thought to prior to the prompt request. Hee.

You all? Hope you're having a good mid-week!
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I must be insane. I just signed up for Slashy Santa (which will post on Valentine's Day). I think it's because I'm feeling more comfortable in Tolkien land than anywhere else in my barely-fannish world these days, and I need a nudge to write. Well, it'll be exciting. Hopefully I'll be having a very quiet time over the holidays and can do my research and come up with something I'm proud of. I'm so glad that I got my Yuletide fic done fairly early. I've also begun journaling a very scattered autobiography of sorts and think it will be a cathartic experience.

For those of you on my mailing list, I'll be sending out New Year's cards in the near future. Don't think I've forgotten you! ♥
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This was originally posted to [ profile] lotr_community for their 'Believe it or Not' challenge for October. It's very short, but boy was it fun to write Tolkien again!

Title: A Rose Among Thorns
Rating: G
Theme: Believe It Or Not
Elements: "dim"
Betas: [ profile] booneda and [ profile] brumeux77
Author's Notes: I've not written any Tolkien in a while; I hope you enjoy this fanciful tale involving my favorite race in M-E.
Summary: What would be truly unexpected within Dwarvish society? Maybe someone like Dimvin.
Word Count: 1086

Read more... )
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This vignette is particularly timely in its setting, because today is the Gondorian New Year!!! Happy New Year to all who celebrate. ;)

Title: Elusive Scents in Wartime
Fandom: Lord of the Rings
Rating: G
Word Count: 1350
Prompt: Smell
Summary: Reassurance and comfort can appear unexpectedly, especially during time of war.

Read more... )
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Title: Unanswerable Questions
Fandom: Lord of the Rings
Characters: Gimli, Legolas, Rohirrim, Aragorn
Word Count: 1250
Rating: G
Summary: The night before following Aragorn on the Paths of the Dead, Gimli struggles with his purpose and questions which have no easy answers.
Author's Notes: Another short gapfiller for my fanfic100 table, this time with the prompt of Why? Self-beta'ed and crossposted to [ profile] fanfic100. Perhaps a slight nod to movieverse, but this is definitely extracted from canon. Gormgloine is the name for Gimli's axe that I gave him within my own fanon, initially from the story "Speak, Friend, and Enter." My notes about it were these: "blue-glass" (Irish) My vision is that Narvi's axe handle has two sapphires embedded in it, and I love that it has the word "Gloin" in it. Many of the weapons in Middle-earth have names, including Orcrist, Thorin's sword. To my knowledge Gimli does not name his axe, but perhaps he's being coy in that secretive Dwarvish way that they have. I considered his axe to have been handed down the family line from Narvi ultimately to him.

Unanswerable Questions )
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Title: In the Shelter of Destroyed Dreams
Fandom: JRR Tolkien
Characters: Gimli, The Ring Fellowship
Prompt: Breakfast
Word Count: 1291
Rating: G
Summary: After several days, even Gimli is ready to leave Khazad-dûm.
Author's Notes: My Gimli-Muse has finally returned! This is just a short vignette gap-filler set during The Fellowship of the Ring. Cross-posted to [ profile] fanfic100 as part of my very long-languishing 100-prompt table.

In the Shelter of Destroyed Dreams )
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I'm a bit late this year and realize this is mostly for my own record-keeping, but for those who might be curious or are here to read in particular fandoms, here is my 2009 summary of fics by fandom. Links are also included; most of them are to posts at my LJ, but there are a few that go elsewhere where you can leave a comment should you be so inclined. ;) The one totally new element was writing in another author's original fiction fandom, The Slave Breakers by [ profile] maculategiraffe. I ended up being quite captivated as you'll see from the no fewer than the eight stories and some drabbles I wrote in that fandom alone. I also wrote a few Tolkien slash stories (I've written nearly all genfics in my Tolkien writing prior to this year), but for the most part they didn't prove to be all that popular.

In addition to the stories listed below, the major story that I worked on, but which is still with Storm Constantine, is my Wraeththu novella "Maelstrom and Mage". I did a major revision on it in 2009, then received Storm's many helpful suggestions and comments and rewrote 7/10 of it. She's had it since the end of October but in publishing, nothing happens quickly. So one story which occupied much of my creative energies is not public yet. Hopefully it will be published by her company, Immanion Press, in this coming year. That's really my one major aspiration for 2010: to see that novella in print.

By fandom, in chronological order within each fandom, here's what I wrote in 2009 )

So there they all are! Not including M+M, I wrote and published around 145K words this past year. If I include the M+M rewrite and revision it's closer to 200K, which has been my norm over the past few years. That said, I will be stepping away from fanfiction, at least that's what I say now. There are some personal things I'll be working on, but doubtless I'll continue to write and post in at least a couple of fandoms from time to time.

To my readers, thank you for your comments and encouragement over the past year.
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The posting for Ardor in August has gone live here. This was my first Silmarillion-era story, and only a second attempt at elf slash. If that's your thing, read on! If not, no hard feelings.

Summary: With the first coming of Men into east Beleriand, the lives of the Elves are changed. For Amras, his lover, and Amrod's squire, this change becomes unexpectedly personal.
Pairings: Amras/OMC elf, Amras/OMC elf/OMC
Word count: 17,560
Rating: Adult
Beta: [ profile] jaiden_s, to whom I'm exceedingly grateful. Thanks also to [ profile] elfscribe5 for reading it and offering guidance.

Two Dwell in Lovers' Eyes )
On to part two
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I just accidentally deleted all of my drabbles in the prior post in trying to fix a mistake in one of my posts. AUGH!!

Well, here are links to where they live in the other comms, I hope. Oh shit. I didn't have the Éowyn saved... I'm afraid it's gone now. No, wait: it's still in my notebook. Phew! So glad that I write longhand! ;) edit: [ profile] star54kar still had it, too!

Richard/Alec, Swordspoint

two Wraeththu vignettes, featuring Velaxis and then Vaysh

Éowyn genfic )
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So in my current active writing notebook, starting at the front is my [ profile] weasley_fest fic. I don't want it to be long, I really don't. But I think if the two characters in question simply get together, it's not as interesting as it could be. So still a ways to go with it. Starting at the back of the notebook was my most recent Slave Breakers story, and then the genfic Gimli story. I've decided that the Beornings must have taken a toll in silver or some other useful metal. I had to rewrite a whole section when I realized the Carrock wasn't directly above the Ford of Carrock, as in, not leading directly to it. While initially jazzed with this story, now I'm wondering why I picked this particular moment of Gimli and Glóin's journey to Rivendell. Am leaving it alone for inspiration to come along. In the middle of the notebook I've started another Slave Breakers story; that's the one that I've been envisioning in my mind's eye for a few days and is quite contentedly and at great speed writing itself. PWP with characterization exploration in that realm is just so much fun. Plus the visual in my mind's eye of Andrei/Lee/Bran was simply too exquisite not to write. Hee.

There were the M+M edits yesterday, thanks to Oshun's and my talk on Friday. And I'm about to go through withdrawal as I'm down to the final of the three Lord John novellas, the last book on tape to do with him that my library has. In looking at Ms. Gabaldon's Lord John series, I'm thrilled to see there's another one forthcoming; damn, is she prolific. I would jump at writing Lord John fanfic, but they're nearly all mysteries of sorts and/or to do with military life and that's not my strong suit. Not only that, but for it to be canonical, it would take quite a while for him to get together with anyone, England in the mid-1700s not exactly being queer friendly. The everyday vocabulary of a lord in that time period, especially to do with clothes, transportation and genteel conversation would also be a bit of a trial, at least at first. I've noticed some of it slipping into my current fics, but not specific words like swive, weskit or sodomitical society. :P

Mulling around in my head is what to write for Ardor in August. I checked out both Morgoth's Ring and The Children of Húrin to glean further first age knowledge. The concept and characters are coming to me for this particular story, but I haven't started writing. I'd really like to at least finish this Slave Breakers threesome (which is, surprisingly, turning into an illuminating look into Bran's thoughts on life post-freedom) and the Gimlific so I can focus on weasley_fest. Oh, and incorporate Oshun's edits. She's going to break me of my encourage me to use semicolons with less frequency. I knew I lean on them a lot. Soon I'll know just how much!

Hope you all have had a pleasing weekend!
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Taken from a goodly number of folks on my flist:

The first ELEVEN people to comment in this post get to request a drabble of any pairing/character of their choosing from me in fandoms I'm familiar with. No need to repost at your own LJ; chances are you've already done it. Fandoms include: Tolkien, Harry Potter, Wraeththu, Swordspoint, The Persian Boy, and [ profile] maculategiraffe's Slave Breakers 'verse. It might take me a few days to do them all and if this proves popular, maybe I'll do a few more. I won't be a stickler for exactly 100 words. They might be a bit more, depending on how creative you get. I'm all about procrastinating from what I should be doing. :P
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