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So this set of three vignettes grew a bit longer and more convoluted than initially intended, so here's the first story with two primary elements. It's a bit PWP, but it's leading on to more substantive and plotty elements. I'd put in a snippet of a bunny about Lee needing glasses, so I decided to pursue that here. Oh, and did I mention that the suspension swing in the Slave Breakers' training room is also an element? ;)

Title: Held in Perfect Trust
Fandom: Slave Breakers
Rating: Adult
Word Count: 4,124
Betas: huge thanks to [ profile] elfscribe5 and [ profile] brumeux77 who both gave sound advice which allows me to write even more SB fic in this wonderful universe [ profile] maculategiraffe created. Thank you all!!

Hope that any readers on my flist who enjoy Slave Breakers also enjoy this.
Held in Perfect Trust )
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Title: Baby, You Can Drive My Car
Fandom: The Slave Breakers
Pairings: Lee/Andrei, Lee/Jer
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 3700
Summary: Being the focus of two lovers isn't always easy, especially when the two men involved are polar opposites.
Author's Notes: This is a sequel to A Diffident Confidence, a Lee/Andrei h/c story. I became fascinated with Mac's newest contribution to her own canon in this entry in which it's revealed that Jer moves into Andrei's estate and must be there a fair amount of the time. I've had a tremendously fun time imagining that dynamic and how it would affect Lee. I'd intended this story to be a steamy, sexy romp, and instead Lee and Andrei talked. And talked. And then there was driving. My apologies to the Beatles for the title, but I couldn't resist. Self-beta'ed, so if you see something, please let me know. And my usual depths of gratitude to Mac for this world and letting us write in it. Crossposted to [ profile] slavebreakers.

Baby, You Can Drive My Car )
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My first posted fic in '10 is in the Slave Breakers fandom. Many of you on my flist haven't read this original fiction series, but I highly recommend it. I found myself occupied by a plot bunny suggested by [ profile] kata_ny over in [ profile] slavebreakers where this is crossposted: i'd love to read about Andrei being hurt/ill and Lee caring for him.
yes,i'm a sucker for h/c.

Title: A Diffident Confidence
Pairing: Lee/Andrei
Rating: PG
Word Count: 4495
Summary: When Andrei is injured while ice skating, Lee struggles to rise above his self-perceived inadequacies in caring for him.
Author's Notes: self-beta'ed, so if you notice something, please don't hesitate to let me know. As with nearly all of my Lee/Andei stories, this is a bit indulgent and, especially for me, nearly sappy. My thanks as always to [ profile] maculategiraffe for letting me write in her world and for having come up with the vivid characters and their memorable lives that have enthralled me for over a year now.

A Diffident Confidence )
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I'm a bit late this year and realize this is mostly for my own record-keeping, but for those who might be curious or are here to read in particular fandoms, here is my 2009 summary of fics by fandom. Links are also included; most of them are to posts at my LJ, but there are a few that go elsewhere where you can leave a comment should you be so inclined. ;) The one totally new element was writing in another author's original fiction fandom, The Slave Breakers by [ profile] maculategiraffe. I ended up being quite captivated as you'll see from the no fewer than the eight stories and some drabbles I wrote in that fandom alone. I also wrote a few Tolkien slash stories (I've written nearly all genfics in my Tolkien writing prior to this year), but for the most part they didn't prove to be all that popular.

In addition to the stories listed below, the major story that I worked on, but which is still with Storm Constantine, is my Wraeththu novella "Maelstrom and Mage". I did a major revision on it in 2009, then received Storm's many helpful suggestions and comments and rewrote 7/10 of it. She's had it since the end of October but in publishing, nothing happens quickly. So one story which occupied much of my creative energies is not public yet. Hopefully it will be published by her company, Immanion Press, in this coming year. That's really my one major aspiration for 2010: to see that novella in print.

By fandom, in chronological order within each fandom, here's what I wrote in 2009 )

So there they all are! Not including M+M, I wrote and published around 145K words this past year. If I include the M+M rewrite and revision it's closer to 200K, which has been my norm over the past few years. That said, I will be stepping away from fanfiction, at least that's what I say now. There are some personal things I'll be working on, but doubtless I'll continue to write and post in at least a couple of fandoms from time to time.

To my readers, thank you for your comments and encouragement over the past year.
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For the few of you on my flist who also read in the Slave Breakers universe, I've written another Lee/Andrei. Cross-posted of course to [ profile] slavebreakers. And now it's time to start thinking what I'm going to write for the couple of holiday fests I signed up for!

Title: Adoration: A Triptych
Pairings: Lee/Mona (non-explicit), Lee/Andrei
Rating: Adult
Word Count: 3351
A/N: The request was for Lee riding Andrei, and while this is a bit PWP, I also wanted to explore the interesting relationship between Andrei and Mona and how that might have been seen to Lee's eyes, especially during his first few months as Andrei's slave. Thanks as always to [ profile] maculategiraffe both for allowing people like me to play in her sandbox, but also for establishing this community. We're coming up on a season of giving, and I want to thank her for gifting us, her devoted readers, with this universe.

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Sheesh! It seems like absolutely forever since I've written something that I could just post and not wait for this, that or the other. Guess that's what happens when you're focused on a novella rewrite. Back at the end of September I asked for a few story suggestions to tide me over until signups for [ profile] ginger_lust and Yuletide. The story I finished first was requested by [ profile] elfscribe5: Oh gad, I'm so in the Wraeththu head right now, that I could use a break, so Slavebreakers -- Bran/Yves with a side of Holden.

Dearie, sorry it took longer than I thought, but I do hope you enjoy this! Cross-posted of course to [ profile] slavebreakers.

Title: Sonata in the Key of Three
Pairing/Trio: Bran/Yves, Holden/Yves, Bran/Holden/Yves
Rating: Adult
Word Count: 5300
Alerts: Threesome (d'oh!); double penetration
A/N: Outline for the story is based on standard sonata format. The vignettes are set chronologically but do jump at non-standard intervals through the story arc. Self-beta'ed, so if you see something, let me know. Thanks as always to [ profile] maculategiraffe for allowing people like me to play in her sandbox.

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Title: At Swim, Two Men (title brazenly bastardized from Jamie O'Neill's extraordinary book, At Swim, Two Boys)
Fandom: Slave Breakers
Pairing: Andrei/Lee
Rating: Adult
Genre: Kind of PWP-ish, with a bit of character exploration
Summary: The road of self-discovery is rarely a straight path.
Time period: post-Lee, probably a year afterwards

While I admit it was a visual of the sex scene in this that prompted me to write another vignette, [ profile] maculategiraffe's tender story At the Beach is shamelessly referenced in this and provided further inspiration. Thank you, dear, for letting me continue to write in your world.

Note: this is self-beta'ed, so if you notice something, please let me know!

At Swim, Two Men )
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I know, I just wrote something, and most of you on my immediate flist don't read Slave Breakers. Still, for my own archive, I'm putting it here as well as over at [ profile] slavebreakers. Andrei came to me and said I had to write this.

Title: Map of the Human Heart
Rating: Adultish, but totally non-explicit
Pairing: Lee/Andrei, Mona
Summary: We know what happens at Holden's the day he and Lord Taganov lose the court case and their slaves are voluntarily freed. It's a much more subdued event at Andrei's. This is my take on how things happened at Andrei's that day.

Map of the Human Heart )
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I picked up this bunny from the [ profile] slavebreakers bunny hutch; it's been haunting me for a while. It's a continuation of the scene from the first night Lee and Andrei are together (that particular chapter is here), when Mac/Andrei leave the door wide open for the first time Lee tops Andrei, shortly after the first time they have sex. The ending of Mac's story begins this one, in italics. Mine takes over from there. Enjoy!

Title: All We Know of Heaven (thanks to the title of Rémy Rougeau's lovely, quiet novel for this title)
Fandom: Slave Breakers
Rating: Adult/PWP
Pairing: Andrei/Lee
Beta: Thank you, [ profile] jaiden_s!
Summary: Andrei has purchased a bit of paradise.
And thanks to [ profile] maculategiraffe for letting me write in her world.

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This bunny just showed up and it got written. For those who've enjoyed my other ventures into this wonderful world that [ profile] maculategiraffe created, I hope this works for you as well! My immense gratitude to [ profile] brumeux77 for the beta.

Title: Fine As A Bee's Wing (thanks to Richard Thompson for that)
Fandom: Slave Breakers
Trio: Andrei/Lee/Bran
Rating: Adult
Genre: Rather PWP-ish, with a bit of character exploration
Summary: While the world continues to change, Bran's loyalties remain the same.

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So in my current active writing notebook, starting at the front is my [ profile] weasley_fest fic. I don't want it to be long, I really don't. But I think if the two characters in question simply get together, it's not as interesting as it could be. So still a ways to go with it. Starting at the back of the notebook was my most recent Slave Breakers story, and then the genfic Gimli story. I've decided that the Beornings must have taken a toll in silver or some other useful metal. I had to rewrite a whole section when I realized the Carrock wasn't directly above the Ford of Carrock, as in, not leading directly to it. While initially jazzed with this story, now I'm wondering why I picked this particular moment of Gimli and Glóin's journey to Rivendell. Am leaving it alone for inspiration to come along. In the middle of the notebook I've started another Slave Breakers story; that's the one that I've been envisioning in my mind's eye for a few days and is quite contentedly and at great speed writing itself. PWP with characterization exploration in that realm is just so much fun. Plus the visual in my mind's eye of Andrei/Lee/Bran was simply too exquisite not to write. Hee.

There were the M+M edits yesterday, thanks to Oshun's and my talk on Friday. And I'm about to go through withdrawal as I'm down to the final of the three Lord John novellas, the last book on tape to do with him that my library has. In looking at Ms. Gabaldon's Lord John series, I'm thrilled to see there's another one forthcoming; damn, is she prolific. I would jump at writing Lord John fanfic, but they're nearly all mysteries of sorts and/or to do with military life and that's not my strong suit. Not only that, but for it to be canonical, it would take quite a while for him to get together with anyone, England in the mid-1700s not exactly being queer friendly. The everyday vocabulary of a lord in that time period, especially to do with clothes, transportation and genteel conversation would also be a bit of a trial, at least at first. I've noticed some of it slipping into my current fics, but not specific words like swive, weskit or sodomitical society. :P

Mulling around in my head is what to write for Ardor in August. I checked out both Morgoth's Ring and The Children of Húrin to glean further first age knowledge. The concept and characters are coming to me for this particular story, but I haven't started writing. I'd really like to at least finish this Slave Breakers threesome (which is, surprisingly, turning into an illuminating look into Bran's thoughts on life post-freedom) and the Gimlific so I can focus on weasley_fest. Oh, and incorporate Oshun's edits. She's going to break me of my encourage me to use semicolons with less frequency. I knew I lean on them a lot. Soon I'll know just how much!

Hope you all have had a pleasing weekend!
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Taken from a goodly number of folks on my flist:

The first ELEVEN people to comment in this post get to request a drabble of any pairing/character of their choosing from me in fandoms I'm familiar with. No need to repost at your own LJ; chances are you've already done it. Fandoms include: Tolkien, Harry Potter, Wraeththu, Swordspoint, The Persian Boy, and [ profile] maculategiraffe's Slave Breakers 'verse. It might take me a few days to do them all and if this proves popular, maybe I'll do a few more. I won't be a stickler for exactly 100 words. They might be a bit more, depending on how creative you get. I'm all about procrastinating from what I should be doing. :P
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I got into contact again with [ profile] maculategiraffe who has been writing her Slave Breakers stories for a couple of years now. From her I discovered she had read the story I wrote for her back in February and she'd enjoyed it. Once I knew that, I became newly inspired to write another one, set in the context of some new stories she's posted. So... this one has a very different feel from the suspension sling fic, but I know that some of you are keen enough you'll read nearly anything I'll write, and others of you know of and have read some or all of her stories.

Title: Complicated, Delicate Grace
Fandom: Slave Breakers
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: Lee/Andrei, Lee/Bran
Summary: Set within Correspondence. During a day of bliss and a rough spot, Lee newly discovers how deep Andrei's affections and pride for him are.
Author's Notes: Thanks, of course, to [ profile] maculategiraffe for creating this world and not minding people like me writing fanfiction set within it. My gratitude to [ profile] elfscribe5 for the speedy and astute beta. The title comes from a sentence Holden writes within the Correspondence story, which has unwittingly made me rather the Lee/Andrei fangirl: He was proud of your physical beauty-- and maybe he loved that, in his way-- but he didn't care to see or understand the complicated, delicate grace of your intuitive mind, so keen of observation and so tender to the touch of either kindness or cruelty.

Complicated, Delicate Grace )
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This is something totally new for me- I've written a short fanfic story that is set within another author's original universe. The author is [ profile] maculategiraffe, and if you go here, you'll see her index page for the various character-driven story arcs. This is a world much like ours, but one in which sexual slaves are a part of the economy. What I've loved about this world, besides the fabulous, multi-dimensional characters; the uncluttered, descriptive, evocative and often eloquent prose; the very real interactions of the characters and sympathy that is drawn from being involved in this story... is that there's a lot of grey area in the politics and ethics of the master/slave relationship, and slaves as part of society. Oh, and there's some really hot sex, too. ;)

I was so smitten that I wrote a short PWP about two of the characters. I have some thanks: Thanks, of course, to [ profile] maculategiraffe for having created this world; to [ profile] rickey_a for telling me about it, and then to [ profile] elfscribe5 and [ profile] sexyscholar for giving me a few edits and letting me know it was reasonably hot as well. :)

Title: The Best Gifts Come Unwrapped
Pairing: Holden/Yves
Rating: Adult
Fandom/Universe: The Slave Breakers, by [ profile] maculategiraffe
Summary: Holden and Yves christen a new piece of equipment in the training room.
Author's Notes: I loved this particular story with Yves, Bran and a suspension sling so much that I wanted to write a gap-filler set early in Yves' time with Holden when he first bought said sling. There's verbiage at the end of the story to do with good investments which is also a nod to a recent story in the 'verse Ms. Giraffe wrote. Dear, I admire your writing and this world. I hope that you and any of your fans who drop by enjoy this gift to you!!

And now, on to the smut! )

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