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My work trip to SF went incredibly well, I'm so glad to say. By my choice, I declined free beer, wine and other alcohol and didn't feel deprived. A welcome state of mind, to be sure.

Evan and I did something unexpected this Saturday morning; he came with me to Mod Physique and dropped me off and got the oil changed in his car while I took class. He then came by and met Jessa, the instructor, and got to see the studio where I've been going 5 days a week! Having a visual helps. :) Then we drove across state lines to go visit [ profile] winnett and pick up a free sewing machine! She's moving for the first time in 15 years and was ready to rid herself of some things she didn't use. Like this sewing machine, complete with its own case. She and I were talking at [ profile] snottygrrl's birthday party last month and Winnett either asked if I wanted a free sewing machine or if I knew someone who would— and since I've been machine-less since 2010, this sounded great. I've plugged it in and it does work, though I think it would help for me to find a booklet (if possible) to figure out the proper way to thread it, and it needs a tune-up. But I'm thrilled. A hand-me-across sewing machine of similar heft and style to mine that I'd had since 1988!!! :D

A ring also arrived that wasn't exactly designed for me to particular specifications, but was generally designed with some elements that I told this particular jeweler I liked, and I'm so smitten with the outcome. With a shop name like this, how could I not have been at least intrigued?

Pics would be linked below, but after spending way too much time on this, I'm linking to a Tumblr post I made so you can see the damn photos. I seriously tried to link into Photobucket, Snapfish, and Flickr as well, and couldn't get links to work. ARGH!! So here you go:

Oh, and I decided today to give up playing Candy Crush for the month of March. Instead, I shall endeavor to do other things, including working on my two fics. :P
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My role at work is very stressful, and several of my colleagues and I have major morale demoralization and feel utterly trapped. We apply for other positions and are told, "You're too important to Resolutions." Ergo, it's becoming a dead end position. I had a whirlwind of interviews for a new position last week but in the end needed to gracefully withdraw as it was blatantly obvious that this position needed to be done from HQ. And, um, no- though I was asked multiple times, Evan and I are not and never will be relocating to San Francisco. But the past two months have had my share of making poor decisions, which has led to sick time at work, additional stress as I detox, and the pain of seeing Evan suffer. I tend not to remember much during those times, but he does. Still, these occurrences have been far less frequent than ever in the past seven years. The support Evan gives while always acknowledging that I'm an autonomous human being and free to make all of my own decisions— just also acknowledging that at some point if those decisions continue to wreak havoc, that there would be consequences as he has very healthy boundaries— is tremendous and has helped keep me from the worst of situations. But I've needed to make a new commitment to putting the decision to stay in my right mind and make wise decisions for months on end (with help, of course) as primary. I'll ruin the rest if I don't do that and get back to the even-keeled body chemistry I had going earlier this year.

In other more light-hearted news, well, I'm back on the right track. I've also been truly gifted by the universe via friends, several of whom have sent links to other job possibilities all in a cluster. I do have another interview for a different team tomorrow at my current employer (which I'm not naming because I know we have a social media team and I'd rather them not find my LJ), and I'll hope that I can move over to that group. I'll also try to post a little more often than twice a month. :P
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It's early (5:25) but a common time to be awake for me on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays when my work schedule and Evan's are in sync. I'm taking 2 days of PTO this weekend, which means this is our first 3 days together without working some of it since last October. WOOT! And I need it. I'm on the threshold of a work-free weekend (we're using 'koala' as a sort of reminder word if I find myself talking about work, and I absolutely will not even log in to see how many emails I may have), and it's much needed. :P

Yesterday was an absolutely delightful usual day off. It was unexpected in that I had company! [ profile] evannichols was home because he'd come home sick midday Tuesday, and was still not feeling well yesterday. I took the opportunity to sleep in as much as my body needed, which was a lot: didn't wake up for a final time until 9:30. So no ballet, but I was certainly rested. I enjoyed a leisurely morning, including writing a letter to Evan's mom, then ran a couple of errands with Evan before leaving him at the apartment to rest while I went out and did my own things. First on the list was a truly lovely hour visit at my former residence on 79th. I met up with Gail and Robin, had tea, shared some of my knitting projects, and just enjoyed their company and seeing Cooper, the boxer [dog] again. What made me particularly happy about that whole scenario is that they are the first people since my Years of Struggle (approx 2005-12) whose residence I've left as a tenant under positive circumstances. They have enthusiastic roses in their side yard, and Gail sent me home with a stunning bouquet of a dozen, which are gracing a table now.

Other adventures included going to Value Village in search of sandals. Instead, I bought a pair of flip-flops (o_O), and a unique pair of side-zip quasi-dress shoes in a kind of rich grey. They need a lot of love, and some thoughtfully-chosen shoelaces, but I bought then for $5.99 and 20% off. I've decided to invest up to $40 in them to bring them back to life, and I'm oddly attached to them already. I rounded out the day with a wonderfully long phone call with Jen in Eugene, then a few episodes of season 3 Project Runway Evan and I are watching (my second go-round, his first) before going to bed. All in all, just a splendid, enchantment-filled day. And it was overcast/some rain, the perfect Portland day for me. :)

So today is work, and then 3½ days off as my Monday schedule is 1-10. We're trying to keep much of our time unstructured and free for spontaneous activities, but there are a couple of planned events on our docket: I bought a Groupon for a 2-hour jewelery-making class for 2 at a studio in Newberg, so Evan and I will take a bezeling class tomorrow from 2-4. I'm taking a years-old pendant with 2 circular peridots and a teardrop citrine and will plan to convert it into a pair of earrings with the peridots. But we'll see! The other thing I really want to do and have brought up on occasion is for Evan to show me around the Lewis and Clark College campus, as it's his alma mater and I've never been out there. I applied to several jobs there during my time in Portland, but was never invited for an interview and consequently have never gone to see the campus. I think it will be insightful to go through the buildings and on the grounds where young!Evan spent some formative years. And, like my alma mater, it often shows up in top lists for beautiful campuses. Maybe there will even be a picnic. ♥
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There are so many ways in which I feel more and more grounded these days— in recent days, it's because I came back from Harrisonburg with pretty much all of my belongings. The rug and bin that we shipped arrived yesterday, so it's all here now. In going through it, I came across two lovely and talisman-filled care packages from [ profile] rainwish that hadn't initially made their way here. Now my altar is truly gorgeous, with fabric, more stones, a Lego Gimli (not from Rainwish, but he is my symbol of strength), a polished circle of stone I'd held on to from my college roommate (perhaps even given as a birthday gift while still in school), and a paper crane from a newer friend, [ profile] ohthatjocelyn. There's also a colorful cornucopia Thevina/Kristi-centric collage created by [ profile] emansil_12 on the shelf nearby. I'll take another picture soon. It fills me with such joy to glance over at it, much less spend quiet time there in meditation, or just sitting quietly with my morning coffee, breathing in openness and breathing out anxiety, holding my loved ones in light.

And in other news: The cabled hoodie I'd knitted that never fit properly on me turns out to fit [personal profile] grrlpup like a glove! I'm thrilled that it's with her. There's still enough yarn left (or so I hope, lol) that I'm going to make this vest for myself: The back is equally gorgeous.

Today is my first official day of training as a promoted specialist in Resolutions. This really wasn't the area I'd planned to go to in my time at Airbnb, but the need was there and I believe that once I learn more of the ins and outs of basic protocol, I'll find a very happy home as a 'Resolutionary.' They deal very much in the grey area of disputes and people who are generally unhappy for a variety of reasons. While I do very much enjoy having policies and standards to use as the girders of responding to our users, I think I'll find it quite empowering now to be able to have the tools to grant refunds, take losses, educate and warn (when necessary) with a more authoritative voice so improve our ever-expanding community of users. So… let the training begin!
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I returned last night from a 5-day (including basically 2 days of travel) whirlwind trip with [ profile] evannichols to Harrisonburg, Virginia. This was a 'business' trip, to go through a large closet of my belongings that have been there since 2005 when I was filing for divorce from my to-be-wasband and my stepdad came to Nashville and we got a small U-Haul trailer and moved all of my belongings from Nashville to Harrisonburg. Since then, I've moved to Verona, VA, to 2 other locations in Harrisonburg, and various places in Portland. Now, at last, I'm stable in a wide variety of ways, including my residence. So it was time.

This was also the first time I'd seen my mother and stepfather since my acrimonious departure in fall of 2011. Since then, I've had a 180° turnaround in relations with my mother (I've never had long-term issues with my stepdad) and we've been communicating much more regularly. Still, I was a bit unsure about whether or not there might be awkward questions, or awkward expectations, and to my relief, there simply wasn't any. It was a very busy and purposeful three days, but there was also a fabulous reunion element to do with the choir I'd sung with in Staunton. We had lunch with a couple of my dear friends, there was a massive hug-fest and introductions of Evan to, well, everyone. Not only that, but my dear friend [ profile] persephone100 came down to stay for a day and visit and assist. She also got to go 'shopping' for free through my stuff! So many items went to a happy new home. :) Heaps of things will go to a new home eventually, as the Harrisonburg Goodwill got another motherlode of my stuff that I simply wasn't emotionally tied to.

So now we're back, having checked 3 bags on the return flight, and shipping one rug and one plastic bin via UPS. That's it. All the rest was recycled/trashed/given away/scanned. What a relief, and a harbinger of this amazing life I lead now and plan to have for years. Now Evan knows I have a past! He had a super-saturated experience of people and places and proof that I really have received a tremendous amount of written correspondence since 1986. It's good to be home, and to return to my current life, which is a gift unto itself.
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After the Universe brought a maple iced doughnut into my world when I'd been thinking about them for weeks, yesterday the Universe deemed that I should become even more a Portlander by bringing several bright pink boxes of Voodoo Donuts into my world and the new Airbnb Portland offices yesterday. I admit that I'd stayed away from that particular Portland legend due to its notorious lines and that I'm not often all that into doughnuts. But yesterday I savored one that appeared to be a fairly conventional doughnut with vanilla icing and topped with a generous serving of Fruit Loops. When my trainer Rob came by, he looked at it and said, "That's quite a doughnut! It looks like a unicorn vomited on it."

Yes, I adore my trainers, the company, my new colleagues, and the folks from HQ from different areas who are all clamoring to be here with us. I really am besotted with my new job and thrilled to pieces.

The other totally not-healthy thing I've been meaning to post about is the utter joy of Tillamook Sticky Bun ice cream. For those outside of the northwest where Tillamook products are not sold: I am so sorry. Because the amazing goodness of cinnamon ice cream, streusel, sticky bun dough?? It almost defies written description. I'll settle for icecreamgasm.

Life is good. :D
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We received our first official week of work schedules yesterday, with a huge helping of caveats, including that the days and time of day were not at all necessarily coordinated with what we'll really be doing. This is encouraging, as mine is 8-5 (not bad, just early) and since their work week runs Saturday-Friday, as of yesterday I'm working seven days in a row. :P This also means that I may not be around that much, especially since I'll be catching a bus at 7:00 a.m. each morning until next Tuesday. That said, what better way to continue to get a bit faster in working on email situations with our users?! And, yay compensation. :D I'm going to our temporary home for the next two months, about seven blocks from where we were doing our training. They had an open house last night, but I'd pre-arranged to meet with my friend Jen, with whom I have become reconciled.

I'd reached out a few times since January, but apparently she didn't get those messages, and granted, she hadn't known what to say. But she reached out to me last week and we met at Starbucks yesterday, then came back over to my place to continue talking until I needed to have some downtime before bed. I'm very grateful that she's come back into my life, even though she's moving out of Portland today. She'll still be relatively close, and as she and I both noted, [ profile] evannichols is primary in whom I want to spend time with when not at work, and basically whenever possible. So, perhaps all for the best. It has been a huge relief for us to be back together as friends and we'll move forward into a renewed friendship as time goes on.

And a major plus: due to exhaustion and more slats under my mattress, I went to sleep at 10:15 and slept completely through until my alarm went off at 5:25. Woot!!!
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So I haven't updated until now because my days have been so full and we've had a lot of homework things to do in the evenings. We didn't get our laptops until yesterday, so we've been a little behind in some things. There's loads of things to learn, not just policies and procedures, but all sorts of stuff that we can see as site administrators, when to escalate issues on to particular departments-- and we started answering real people's questions yesterday! Very, very exciting. And tiring. They're also a very social bunch, which is great in many ways, though since I know I'll be working at least one weekend day for the next several months, I'm protective of my non-work time that I can spend with [ profile] evannichols. I'm absolutely in love with Airbnb's corporate culture. Love, love, LOVE. They work really hard, but also have a lot of fun doing what they do. One of our trainers yesterday had on a t-shirt that stated: Get Shit Done. ♥ Of course I'd love for all of you to look over the site, and if you're traveling anytime soon, think about staying with a family or individual rather than a hotel! That is the beauty of the concept and ever-morphing reality of Airbnb. You can get a real sense of the feel of the company by the website. Am I one of the three oldest hires? Why, yes, I am! But I really don't mind. I am a bit envious of some of the young ones and their already-adapted-abilities to chat and send funny pictures and know online verbiage and this and that all at once. For them, doing that and keeping an eye on their fancy phones seems second nature. I've just never been much into chatting, nor the interpolating of moving gifs, and while I'm up on the terminology for the fandoms I've been involved in, other stuff is new. I do think I'm one of the only people there whose phone is really just a phone. :P

Wowza! A really great week. Next week will doubtless be even more intense, though I'll let all of that go over the weekend while I'm with Evan. Or I'll try not to spend more than an hour or so each day doing quizzes and such, because it's my weekend and those are incredibly precious, especially as of now.
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And perhaps a wee bit of text. ;)
it's been a really frakking fabulous few days )

So!! I am so very, very happy and feeling validated and cherished and thrilled about my present and where I'm headed. I am indeed a beloved child of the Universe. ♥
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I am in the midst of an interviewing frenzy. Beginning today, I have (had) three (and maybe four) confirmed interviews in four workdays. The maybe is for Monday. Today was a group and then one-on-one with Airbnb which could be really, really cool— especially looking longer-term in relation to things with [ profile] evannichols, living together, and maybe even looking to spend some time working overseas. Tomorrow morning is an interview with a downtown church for a half-time development assistant position. Monday- still not sure; it's for a 3-month contract position up in Vancouver, WA, so not the best, but could be interesting. But of all of the leads, probably the least likely to pan out. And today I got a call from a local classical radio station about a membership assistant position I applied for. Interview with them Tuesday morning!! Good thing that I enjoy interviewing. Yes, you read that right. I've done so much of it in recent years that I'm no longer intimidated by it and actually really enjoy going and interviewing the potential company. Lots of amazing possibilities, and I couldn't be happier about feeling so desired by different facets of the working world.

For the holiday yesterday, Evan and I went to [personal profile] sanguinity and [personal profile] grrlpup's house for a scrumptious dinner and entertaining conversation. Prior to that, I had a marvelous, low-key day with [ profile] evannichols and he assisted me in the initial mechanics of doing my own dyeing. Below the cut are pictures of the two two-color colorways I did. They are quite vivid and I'm going to wash them tomorrow to get any remaining dye out of them (they were steam-set and shouldn't bleed, but I just want to be sure) and air dry again before winding them into center-pull balls. I really will post pictures of the finished products once I have them. I got all kinds of affirmations and exclamations of how talented I am about the turquoise vest I'm knitting, so that also made me feel pretty frakking awesome. :)
yarn pics here )

So, um, things continue to be really phenomenal. But it's been a really long day, and I'm going to chill out with some online Boggle and then a documentary and then I'm off to bed. :P
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I've been regularly engaging in positive visualizations and affirmations, something I've been referencing in recent posts. My affirmations tend to focus on three specific areas: my health and happiness; fulfilling work with meaningful compensation; my life with [ profile] evannichols. The visualizations range around in those areas as well, though in the past two weeks I'd found that something in particular kept cropping up: I wanted to treat myself to a maple iced doughnut. But every time I was in a grocery store, either their bakery didn't have them, or it was around 6 o'clock in the evening and I didn't think they'd be fresh. I'd even admitted to [ profile] evannichols about this desire and had decided that after I received my first paycheck for my current assignment, I'd treat myself to a bus ride down 82nd to an actual Krispy Kreme location and get a couple with coffee and write a letter or work on a story or something.

Yesterday, the universe manifested itself such that I was at the company where I have a multi-week assignment in the morning (which is unusual in and of itself due to me sharing a computer with a part-time graphics employee) when a maple doughnut (actually, a maple log!) came to me at my cubicle. I kid you not. There's a new Controller there, and he'd brought 2 boxes of doughnuts and some o.j. to a couple of meetings but hadn't had a lot of takers. So he came by the marketing suite and there it was: one lone maple iced selection of doughy goodness. Which I ate and thoroughly enjoyed.

I've now decided that with as effective a message to the Universe like that, I will take it upon myself to think much more about [ profile] evannichols winning the lottery. ♥
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Firstly: My dreamlife. Goodness, gracious, the long, convoluted, mind-numbingly detailed dreams that I've been having this weekend. For Friday and Saturday night I had three of those per night. Last night I only had two. But still. In one of them from Saturday I'd misplaced my backpack (in which I keep my vitals these days and have it with me all the time) and some woman brought it to me, gave me a vindictive look, and dumped it out on the floor before running away. When going through it, I realized my wallet was gone, and (still in the dream) had to reprogram my phone to call [ profile] evannichols and tell him that I was going to have to replace all of my cards and cancel my credit cards. I was so incredibly relieved in the morning to be able to go to my backpack and see that, in fact, my wallet was there. Having so many experiences, whether experienced in the common reality of being awake or being asleep, can be really challenging. It's why even though my various therapists have been really intrigued and wanted me to write them down, I refuse to do so. Too many 'realities'.

Secondly: BACON. Yum. Birthday-weekend bacon, at that. Which is a lot like regular bacon, but enjoyed especially much.

Thirdly: One of the things that is so amazing to me about spending time with [ profile] evannichols is that even what would be considered mundane activities have an aura of marvelousness to them. This morning it occurred to me that the word to describe that is evanescence. With a new meaning, of course. ;)

I heard from the recruiter at the company where I've been interviewing, but when I returned his call, he was on holiday until tomorrow and specifically not checking email or voicemail. But I did speak with the person there that he said to contact in an emergency and she said she'd let him know, and I also sent an email anyway. So I hope to hear from him early this week and maybe I'll even have an offer. That would be pretty great.

I'll be heading back to my house this evening, and that always makes me a bit melancholy. But… it's been a really, really wonderful four days with my beloved. I'll focus on that.
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--it's been a pretty fabulous 24 hours or so! Some highlights:

    A productive morning yesterday, followed by lunch with [ profile] evannichols at BHFT. While hanging out in the lounge, I had a conversation with the recruiter at the company I'd interviewed with last week that I really liked, setting me up for a follow-up interview tomorrow at 11:00. :D :D :D Then [ profile] evannichols was done with work early in order to get to a chiropractor's appointment.
    At said appointment, I was working on dismantling a sweater when a woman with two daughters came in. She asked if I was undoing my own work or a pre-existing item. I affirmed the latter. So we got to talking about a variety of things, including my Endeavor. She loved the idea, and even offered to give me some sweaters that she was going to give to Goodwill anyway! And in some ways, she's part of my ideal market. Such a great feeling to get positive feedback from someone I don't know at all.
    A highly enjoyable evening/sleepover with Evan, including a yummy chicken dish from New Seasons for dinner. He dropped me off this morning at the drop-off bus stop that's convenient for us both, and that was where I commenced dismantling a sweater again by myself until…
    …my attentions were captivated by an articulate, outgoing transgendered young man (introduced to me as such after a few sentences about jobs and such) who just happened to be a redhead with lovely red beard. Turns out that Ray is writing a book about his overwhelmingly positive and supported transition from female to male. Since I have a dear friend on LJ who has also been transitioning in this manner, I had more than a clue as to his process and was being so grateful to the universe, once again, for giving me the strength to get back out to Portland again where I so obviously belong. Ray is writing his book with his mother, who has an online publishing company (I didn't get the name) and is serving as editor. I asked, of course, because I thought this interaction had happened so I could also potentially serve as editor. For a near-total stranger, yes, but the universe is like that. I gave him my name and email and will hopefully receive a first draft to give feedback in a few months. So very cool.
    And for today: going to the close PCC campus business office to get paid for my modeling sessions for this week; an interview at a placement company out in Beaverton; modeling tonight 6-9. So today and tomorrow will both be busy, but then it's a weekend. Woot!

    And in another post to follow: pictures of my dyed yarn!
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I'm with [ profile] evannichols serving as official Minion during the two days of Stumptown Comics Fest here in PDX! Since DW doesn't have a scrapbook function (probably my only disappointment with it) there won't be a picture here, but I'll include one in the LJ entry. I won't be around much until Tuesday, in fact, because I'll be taking my driving test at 8:00 a.m. Monday morning (aie!) and then I have an interview for a part-time box office position at a theater company Monday at 5:00 before Evan takes me back to my place. I have two art modeling gigs this week as well on Tuesday and Thursday, so a busy week in general.

So I'm posting and dashing off, but it's great fun to be at my first comic-centric con, especially spending two days with a bona fide webcomic artist! :D
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Yes, I'm making up words. I'll warn again for excessive happiness, but hey: I think I've paid for this. the past few days )

I'm getting very close to finishing my vest! I'm only about a half inch from the specified length, then I'll do all of the bind-off and decorative edging and then all I'll need to do is block it and be done. I've decided to make an adorable baby owl cardigan for both of my stepsisters out of this yarn since I believe they're both pregnant with second children. I'll get more details and confirm that when I talk with my stepdad today, if I get him on the phone.

Also on the positive job front, I applied to a database contractor position and while I highly doubt I'll be brought in, it was great to hear from the recruiter and after we talked, she said she felt comfortable at least submitting my resume into the mix. Then I got a call from one of the Portland community centers where I'd submitted a resume and cover letter, and I have an interview with them next week! Things do seem to happen when I get really serious about looking for a job.

In essence: it's all splendiferous. :)

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