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Had a long but very meaningful and social day yesterday. There was intense work (as in, Airbnb work), and going on a currently secret afternoon excursion that involved cleaning and tidying, laundry, and spending much-appreciated time with [ profile] evannichols's mother, Gwen, and then coming home and then going to a scumptiously social cookout at [personal profile] sanguinity and [personal profile] grrlpup's house and seeing the Maki family as well. Sang is an accomplished griller, and H. made amazing potato salad (I still need to get that recipe!) and meeting Nicole's young men in person was a delightful experience that I'll admit I didn't expect to feel to that level. I'm not much into other people's offspring in general (even my own siblings' children), and I haven't been around teenagers in… years?? Anyway, they were articulate, not-posing, independent souls and their genuine affection for each other and their parents was actually mind-blowing the more I think about it. Yay for a family unit that's healthy and respects everyone's individuality, and is effusive in affection.

As the years have gone on, I've recognized within myself (and also Sang has pointed out to me) that I don't really care about the pyrotechnics of fireworks and the sparkler bomb. It's true. I get nothing out of it. So this year, I enjoyed the food and companionship and conversation and social part of the evening and then came home to get in a run that I'd intended to have first thing Friday morning— except that I'd neglected to turn on my morning alarm at all so I overslept my ability to run before work. Oooops. I had a great run and then futzed around the internet looking at fun purple/wild orchid/lavender/magenta hair colors until it was time to go pick Evan back from the night's festivities. I was treated to bonus social time as everyone was still there! There was also ginger and caramel ice cream. NOMNOMNOM. And a second round of hugs, which was really wonderful to top it all off.

Even Mod Physique was cancelled so Jessa could have a holiday weekend, so I truly have nothing on my calendar. There are only a few things I plan to accomplish:
~ giving [ profile] emansil_12 a call
~ finishing my Reggie/Kelp story (only 1.5 scenes to go! then Grand Editing will commence)
~ doing a half hour or so of my favorite Mod Physique toning moves but no cardio today

and the usual of enjoying Evan's company and playing a helluva lot of Facebook games. :D
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What a difference a week can make! The week after Evan's birthday was very challenging for me in my usual challenging way, but I got back on track with a renewed commitment to several months of working on staying in my own skin. This weekend was particularly wonderful; a Saturday both leisurely and social, including a very fun sushi dinner with [personal profile] grrlpup and [personal profile] sanguinity. I also started out the weekend with a really uplifting conversation Friday evening with [ profile] emansil_12. We don't usually talk at that time of day, but it was the perfect jumping off point for a positive and quite productive weekend. I worked Sunday but as part of that also managed to hand wash a couple of sweaters, scrubbed the bathtub, washed dishes, sewed on my owl culottes, and worked on my what I'm calling my Dreamspinner fic, but I may route it elsewhere once complete. We'll see. These days I'm feeling much more like my usual self, though yesterday I'll admit to feeling slightly manic because I felt so good physically and wanted to make up for lost time. The challenge of finding balance will probably always be with me, and that's okay. I'm still definitely in the reward phase of my life. :)

Oh, and my left shoulder is giving me issues again; this isn't the now-unfrozen shoulder, but a possible injury that's raising its head again. I'll need to be careful at Mod Physique this week.
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My work trip to SF went incredibly well, I'm so glad to say. By my choice, I declined free beer, wine and other alcohol and didn't feel deprived. A welcome state of mind, to be sure.

Evan and I did something unexpected this Saturday morning; he came with me to Mod Physique and dropped me off and got the oil changed in his car while I took class. He then came by and met Jessa, the instructor, and got to see the studio where I've been going 5 days a week! Having a visual helps. :) Then we drove across state lines to go visit [ profile] winnett and pick up a free sewing machine! She's moving for the first time in 15 years and was ready to rid herself of some things she didn't use. Like this sewing machine, complete with its own case. She and I were talking at [ profile] snottygrrl's birthday party last month and Winnett either asked if I wanted a free sewing machine or if I knew someone who would— and since I've been machine-less since 2010, this sounded great. I've plugged it in and it does work, though I think it would help for me to find a booklet (if possible) to figure out the proper way to thread it, and it needs a tune-up. But I'm thrilled. A hand-me-across sewing machine of similar heft and style to mine that I'd had since 1988!!! :D

A ring also arrived that wasn't exactly designed for me to particular specifications, but was generally designed with some elements that I told this particular jeweler I liked, and I'm so smitten with the outcome. With a shop name like this, how could I not have been at least intrigued?

Pics would be linked below, but after spending way too much time on this, I'm linking to a Tumblr post I made so you can see the damn photos. I seriously tried to link into Photobucket, Snapfish, and Flickr as well, and couldn't get links to work. ARGH!! So here you go:

Oh, and I decided today to give up playing Candy Crush for the month of March. Instead, I shall endeavor to do other things, including working on my two fics. :P
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From time to time I feel/fear that I'm becoming more insular again, though not in an "I'm hiding because I'm a bit ashamed of what I'm doing" kind of way. It's more that with my work schedule and working at home, and really not being able to do my work effectively at a coffee shop for those times when some of my colleagues get together, and my shoulder injury, I don't get out that much. I do call my parents and small circle of friends on a regular basis, and write letters not infrequently, but some social media now bores me to tears and I've mostly begun abstaining. But there is something comforting in looking at LJ (and DW, to a degree), even though it continues to be highly annoying. The fandom friends I've known from the very earliest days 11 years ago, some are still there. And other friends I've known for 3/4 a decade, and some shorter periods of time… maybe it's that my job in generally working with individuals who are anxious, angry, frustrated, disenchanted, misguided or some combination thereof is wearing on me. Our team deals with the most personal issues that can be had on the site, and it just gets exhausting. Perhaps, then, the more insular time.

There were lovely elements to this weekend, many unplanned!
~ super-fast trips to IKEA and Costco
~ assemblying new IKEA chest of drawers to facilitate putting my summer clothes away instead of in a pile on the floor
~ a surprise gift from Evan! these Born olive wedges I'd shown him on eBay. I look at a lot of things and buy rarely; sneaky Evan really liked these as well and got them as a 'just because'. I adore them! So comfy and the color is gorgeous.
~ breakfast at Zell's yesterday morning
~ a SQL lesson with [ profile] evannichols! It made me incredibly happy. I'm hoping to become savvy with that searching language and to use it in my own work. There's apparently a need for it and I'm perhaps the first on my team to express an active interest and excitement about including elements of that to my position.
~ I submitted a video to Project Runway's Casting Call for fans who want a fashion makeover. I'm under no delusion that I'll be selected, but I have been a fan for many years. And now Evan is, too!
~ I discovered that I've not watched Project Runway Australia Season 3, and it's on YouTube. :D :D
~ AND— True Blood has started up again. Very exciting!! ♥
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So it wasn't my birthday, but [ profile] evannichols's 51st on Saturday. There was very yummy breakfast-eating at Slappy Cakes, kilt wearing (him, not me), a wander around the beautiful campus of his alma mater, Lewis & Clark College, and then being taken out to birthday sushi by [personal profile] sanguinity and [personal profile] grrlpup. And that was just Saturday!! I worked my usual shifts of 1-10 on Sunday and yesterday, but Evan was around much of yesterday so I could enjoy his company. And then my friend Jen stopped by during my break yesterday on her return trip to Eugene, so that was an additional highlight. Just a really wonderful, delight-filled set of days.

So here's a link to the photos, for those who don't follow me on other social media!

I'll be picking up my copy of Unfinished Tales this week and hope to get kick-started on some writing while on my business trip next week. :)
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It's early (5:25) but a common time to be awake for me on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays when my work schedule and Evan's are in sync. I'm taking 2 days of PTO this weekend, which means this is our first 3 days together without working some of it since last October. WOOT! And I need it. I'm on the threshold of a work-free weekend (we're using 'koala' as a sort of reminder word if I find myself talking about work, and I absolutely will not even log in to see how many emails I may have), and it's much needed. :P

Yesterday was an absolutely delightful usual day off. It was unexpected in that I had company! [ profile] evannichols was home because he'd come home sick midday Tuesday, and was still not feeling well yesterday. I took the opportunity to sleep in as much as my body needed, which was a lot: didn't wake up for a final time until 9:30. So no ballet, but I was certainly rested. I enjoyed a leisurely morning, including writing a letter to Evan's mom, then ran a couple of errands with Evan before leaving him at the apartment to rest while I went out and did my own things. First on the list was a truly lovely hour visit at my former residence on 79th. I met up with Gail and Robin, had tea, shared some of my knitting projects, and just enjoyed their company and seeing Cooper, the boxer [dog] again. What made me particularly happy about that whole scenario is that they are the first people since my Years of Struggle (approx 2005-12) whose residence I've left as a tenant under positive circumstances. They have enthusiastic roses in their side yard, and Gail sent me home with a stunning bouquet of a dozen, which are gracing a table now.

Other adventures included going to Value Village in search of sandals. Instead, I bought a pair of flip-flops (o_O), and a unique pair of side-zip quasi-dress shoes in a kind of rich grey. They need a lot of love, and some thoughtfully-chosen shoelaces, but I bought then for $5.99 and 20% off. I've decided to invest up to $40 in them to bring them back to life, and I'm oddly attached to them already. I rounded out the day with a wonderfully long phone call with Jen in Eugene, then a few episodes of season 3 Project Runway Evan and I are watching (my second go-round, his first) before going to bed. All in all, just a splendid, enchantment-filled day. And it was overcast/some rain, the perfect Portland day for me. :)

So today is work, and then 3½ days off as my Monday schedule is 1-10. We're trying to keep much of our time unstructured and free for spontaneous activities, but there are a couple of planned events on our docket: I bought a Groupon for a 2-hour jewelery-making class for 2 at a studio in Newberg, so Evan and I will take a bezeling class tomorrow from 2-4. I'm taking a years-old pendant with 2 circular peridots and a teardrop citrine and will plan to convert it into a pair of earrings with the peridots. But we'll see! The other thing I really want to do and have brought up on occasion is for Evan to show me around the Lewis and Clark College campus, as it's his alma mater and I've never been out there. I applied to several jobs there during my time in Portland, but was never invited for an interview and consequently have never gone to see the campus. I think it will be insightful to go through the buildings and on the grounds where young!Evan spent some formative years. And, like my alma mater, it often shows up in top lists for beautiful campuses. Maybe there will even be a picnic. ♥
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I just had a wonderful chat with [ profile] emansil_12 which got me into writing, researching and re-engaged mode with a variety of writing-centric elements in my life which have been rather on the back burner. This happens a lot, in that I talk with her and get excited about writing again. So thank you, [ profile] emansil_12! My aims along those lines for this week are to:
print up my 2 Wraeththu novellas, back to front on 3-hole punch paper and put them into a notebook for reading and editing.
While at the UPS store to do the above, print up my Númenorean fic I started a decade ago. Revisit it and consider working on it again.
Revisit the Secret of Kells unclaimed prompts from Yuletide, especially this one which I'd saved in my email: well, never mind. I've now spent a half hour trying to find the damn unclaimed prompts from "Secret of Kells" fandom from prior Yuletides and have gone all over the internet and resorted to emailing the Ao3 staff within the archive. Hopefully they'll guide me once and for all as to how to do that. Thankfully I'd saved this particular author's 'Dear Yuletide Author' letter in LJ so I have the prompt: "This is my vaguest request. I just love this goddamn movie, and I was so heartbroken that Aisling went silent for the last 30 minutes. I want to see her story, as an immortal sprite of Ireland: anywhere between the fall of Kells to modern Ireland. I want her to interact with people: Brendan's descendants? Everyday pubgoers? No traipsing about as a wolf, she needs to be herself, reacting to any of the emerald isle's various developments: IRA vs England? Ireland reinventing itself as a silicon superpower? I want a mythical being watching the everyday world develop and grow. I want to know what Aisling thinks of St. Patrick's Day in Galway last year, or her interactions with terrified Black and Tans in the early 20th century. You have free reign. Just make Aisling Aisling, and if possible involve Pangur Ban (or her descendants!) somehow." The thought of making this a crossover with Harry Potter (though in the middle ages or later) could be a whole lot of fun.

And now, to knit for a bit, then cleaning up because [ profile] evannichols and I are going to go for a walk with [personal profile] sanguinity and [personal profile] grrlpup at 11:00. :)
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- and it's a special birthday, indeed! A banner year: the answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything! :D

Looking forward to birthday sushi this weekend, [personal profile] sanguinity! ♥
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I'd posted about this in other social media, but one of the completely unexpected perks about moving into my new position in Resolutions & Rebookings is that our training was scheduled for the shockingly traditional 8-5, Monday-Friday. That means that for the first time since my original training at the end of July and early August, I have 2 days together off, and they are days I can share with [ profile] evannichols!! Weekends! OMGYAY! At least a few of them, and then shortly thereafter I'll have a new schedule. I have no idea if it will resemble my prior one or not, and since my new team lead (the 3rd thus far in my 7-month tenure) was in a week-long Team Leads meeting at HQ, I haven't even begun to get to know him yet. No constant but change, as they say.

It was a productive but leisurely, very social yet cocoon-y weekend. A fulfilling amalgam of activity and lounging. I was uncommonly social in that my friend Jen from Eugene came over for lunch on Friday, then we went on a lovely walk with [personal profile] grrlpup and [personal profile] sanguinity, and then over to Evan's sister's place yesterday to hang out with them. Evan and I had a very rare lunch out, trying out an Indian restaurant buffet close by (yummy!) and doing the obligatory Portland thing of going outside on a getting-warm, sunny spring day. I even wore spring clothes! Exhibit A below the cut )

I tried calling a few folks and had really hoped to Skype with my stepdad and at least one of my stepsisters while he was up in NYC, but despite several texts back and forth, it didn't happen. Last week during my usual Wednesday off I Skyped with my mom and sister (my mom was visiting her out in Salt Lake City) which was especially poignant after my recent wonderful trip to Harrisonburg. I find myself in tears not infrequently after being on the phone with my dad or mom; my relationships with both of them are so open and easy now, and that has not been the case for much of my adult life. I am incredibly grateful for that.

And I'm up and showered and solo earlier than usual today as Evan went into work an hour earlier than the norm. I must have slept very well as I woke up with the alarm and wasn't foggy or tired at all. Woo hoo!! That's a welcome way to start my week!

I'll write more about my new promotion in the coming days. ♥
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There are so many ways in which I feel more and more grounded these days— in recent days, it's because I came back from Harrisonburg with pretty much all of my belongings. The rug and bin that we shipped arrived yesterday, so it's all here now. In going through it, I came across two lovely and talisman-filled care packages from [ profile] rainwish that hadn't initially made their way here. Now my altar is truly gorgeous, with fabric, more stones, a Lego Gimli (not from Rainwish, but he is my symbol of strength), a polished circle of stone I'd held on to from my college roommate (perhaps even given as a birthday gift while still in school), and a paper crane from a newer friend, [ profile] ohthatjocelyn. There's also a colorful cornucopia Thevina/Kristi-centric collage created by [ profile] emansil_12 on the shelf nearby. I'll take another picture soon. It fills me with such joy to glance over at it, much less spend quiet time there in meditation, or just sitting quietly with my morning coffee, breathing in openness and breathing out anxiety, holding my loved ones in light.

And in other news: The cabled hoodie I'd knitted that never fit properly on me turns out to fit [personal profile] grrlpup like a glove! I'm thrilled that it's with her. There's still enough yarn left (or so I hope, lol) that I'm going to make this vest for myself: The back is equally gorgeous.

Today is my first official day of training as a promoted specialist in Resolutions. This really wasn't the area I'd planned to go to in my time at Airbnb, but the need was there and I believe that once I learn more of the ins and outs of basic protocol, I'll find a very happy home as a 'Resolutionary.' They deal very much in the grey area of disputes and people who are generally unhappy for a variety of reasons. While I do very much enjoy having policies and standards to use as the girders of responding to our users, I think I'll find it quite empowering now to be able to have the tools to grant refunds, take losses, educate and warn (when necessary) with a more authoritative voice so improve our ever-expanding community of users. So… let the training begin!
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On Saturday, [personal profile] grrlpup and [personal profile] sanguinity joined [ profile] evannichols and myself for roller skating!! It was great fun. It turns out that the Mt. Scott Community Center has a roller rink. Evan being a good sport (as, with a lingering back injury and recent back-throwing-out-incident, he does not skate), the four of us went and three of us skated. We came back to our place for pizza, red velvet cupcakes and ice cream, and the 25th anniversary edition of WarGames. Yes, the film in which I have my first remembered boycrush, Matthew Broderick. Sanguinity hadn't actually seen the film before, ever, which made the experience all the more entertaining. It was a great day that started out with phone calls to family while Evan was at the chiropractor. Yesterday featured much needed downtime, at least until my 1-10 shift.

My actual birthday is on Tuesday, and I was able to switch my days off so that I can enjoy the actual day and my gift from Evan, which is sauna and massage time at Loyly. Then we're going to an Airbnb listing that happens to be the partner of one of my fair colleagues, where we'll enjoy the hot tub and lounge for a while. Should be a great day! And since my now-usual Tuesday shift is, oddly enough, 12-9, I switched for Wednesday this week, so I'll get the morning off as well. I'm really looking forward to it.

I have several other fandom-centric friends with birthdays around mine, so similar Birch birthday wishes to [personal profile] snottygrrl, [ profile] altariel and my actual birthday sharer, [ profile] verdenia.
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Two days off in a row. I'd agreed to switch shifts weeks ago and had an incredibly rare Fri-Sat combo off.
Even though we were supposed to have [personal profile] sanguinity and [personal profile] grrlpup over for dinner and a movie last night, [ profile] evannichols wasn't feeling up to snuff and we've rescheduled for tonight. I'm grateful not only that their schedules weren't so packed that we had to reschedule for next month, but also that we'll hopefully get to have this dinner party at all. I've not hosted a dinner party literally in years.
I went out jogging yesterday! Our weather has not encouraged mid-day activities, but during this upcoming week I'm hoping to do this wee jog (it's a bit over a mile, but not flat like my running over at my prior house) every day.

We'll see. I could get lucky!
Evan had a very rare work from home day yesterday, so in addition to my jog, he and I took a leisurely walk at the nearby park and chatted. His head was a bit fuzzy and he wasn't fully up to speed, but it was our first walk together in our new neighborhood.
Knitting. I'm a few inches away from finishing the hood to my gorgeous rust heathered zip front cardigan. But I'm distinctly lacking in the zipper itself. Hmmmm. But I also knitted Evan a wee giftie, a mini sweater ornament to hang on our tree. Very fun.

And now, to drink coffee and plan our leisurely day; I'll do some of the cooking I didn't do yesterday in anticipation of our rescheduled dinner, and remain in this state of amazementgratitudedelight that I have every day. I'll fully admit that a full 48 hours away from my job is helping greatly in facilitating this. ;) That said, I had rather a "Huh?" moment earlier this week when I found out I'd received a 'spot bonus' (in online giftcard form, but I rallied fairly quickly considering it *wasn't* cash) for my hard work. Considering that twice already in my not-yet-5-month-tenure with them I'd been told I might be let go, this was a welcome change.

Oh, and Happy Solstice!!

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A couple of things:
I am so grateful to [personal profile] sanguinity and [personal profile] grrlpup for their friendship. Evan and I went to their house on Saturday for a not-exactly-Thanksgiving dinner, which was not just scrumptious, but delightful to enjoy their company. As I have Wednesdays off, I'm hoping to meet with Sanguinity each week and go for a walk and/or chat and/or knit. I love that!! Having someone locally to chat with and with whom I have a fair bit in common is really great. I'll look forward to getting to know grrlpup better in the future as well.

I'm back to working on my yummy cardigan. Makes me so happy! And I realized I'd not posted a picture of my sister-in-love's baby in the blanket I made for her. So this is Mazie, Evan's niece.

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We're in the new space!! And for the first time in my work week, I'm at home. That said, we're still dealing with the Comcast situation as they sent a modem… but not the wireless modem that was agreed upon. :heavy sigh: So I'm plugged into my desktop and in continued correspondence with my customer service contact in an effort to get this resolved. Hopefully it won't be quite the drawn out process that it was when I was at Julia's. :reflexive shudder:

One marvelous element to these apartments is that they have ambient heat. And our water is included. So I can be warm *and* it's not blowing hot air *and* it's not going to cost lots of money! *And* we have a bathtub and a very effective hot water heater, so I can soak with epsom salts. I plan on that, and soon, as after hauling my stuff around for 3 days, I am very sore. I definitely need to make an appointment for some serious, deep tissue bodywork. If anybody wants my snail mail address, email me and I'll send it on. We have metal cabinets now, so if you stumble across fun/funky magnets and would like to send them my way, feel free. ;)
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My dear [ profile] eldritchhobbit: Tolkien brought us together, but writing and friendship and yes, social media, have made it possible and facilitated our staying together. It's difficult to put into words just how profoundly you impacted my life, how you supported me in my writing and fandom passions when they were a source of strife in my own home. Thank you for remaining a friend and confidante on our respective journeys. May those roads go ever on, and on…
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A quick note to anyone near me geographically: if you or anyone you know is in need of a very gently used full sized mattress (I got it new last February and have slept on [solo] about 3/4 of the time since) please email me. Otherwise I'll take it to Community Warehouse. It's just the mattress, no box springs.

I've noticed that it's pretty easy for me to be in a home and be able to explain why something *isn't* my style… but I have no idea what my personal style is. Or if I have one. I'm a bit giddy in realizing that I'll get to discover that as Evan and I merge what we have and then take the time to decorate and lightly furnish together.

I'll be boxing and bagging things up today once I'm not the only one awake. [personal profile] sanguinity is coming over around one o'clock to visit and go for a walk, which will be fun. That will mean a grand total of five people who have seen where I've lived these past 9 months. I suppose I could have taken photos. Ah well.

This morning I actually stood on my bed and opened the window to take a couple of pictures of the sky. The sky was a light robin's egg blue with dark grey clouds floating in front. Very northwest-looking to my eye. Being here in this part of the world is soul-soothing for me, truly.
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For the first time since this time last year, this morning I retrieved one of my composition notebooks and began writing on a new fic. This is all thanks to my beloved [ profile] emansil_12. At the end of our conversation on Wednesday, she suggested that since I'd missed out on signing up for Yuletide, I just might consider looking at the prompts available for the [ profile] ron_draco_fest 2013. I said I would, and now, two days later, I've claimed a prompt and started writing on it. I'm quietly thrilled. Don't really know how the story will meander, but I have my ideas and I'm going to see where R/D will take me in this new story, unrelated to any 'verses I've created in the past. In looking at my own website, it appears that the last one-shot R/D I wrote was done in July of 2011. So not as long ago as I'd imagined. Still, yay. ::welcomes Muse with open arms::

In other news, this week has been particularly wonderful in that I've had several conversations with friends that have me feeling far less isolated than I did a few days ago. I'm realizing that that will be key once Evan and I are living together and I'm alone all day working, with no pets for company. I do have my follow-up about my trial period for work with my former team lead; my leads changed in the midst of this scrutiny, and all I can do is see how this plays out.

But I feel marvelous. Happy Friday, all. ♥
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… and it's not even 2 o'clock yet!

~ being emotionally vulnerable and honest and completely at peace around [ profile] evannichols
~ phone call connections with family and friends
~ Portland in autumn. Gorgeous!!
~ a lunchtime walk turning into a spontaneous jog
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'breaking curfew' nail polish. Thank you so much for sharing that with me, Beren!!
A true Friday for me after what was a very challenging workweek.
Following on that, that means that I begin working remotely on Sunday! I will be mobile! Watch me and my MacbookAir go! Well, and also making sure that my home workspace(s) are as ergonomic as possible. In all likelihood I'm going to get a large monitor to plug the laptop into. It will be a learning process and evolve over time, to be sure.
Talking with Evan about making a home together. The joy that comes with the thought of sharing a bower with him and working from home is just about enough to make me melt with happiness.
Grey skies again this morning! It will clear off later, but for now, this is my most groovalicious Portland weather.
You all, my friends with me on this journey. Thank you. ♥
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A major element of my life may be going pear-shaped, but it's not worth me obsessing about because there is nothing for me to do about it. I will keep everyone posted.

But while I'm enjoying some unexpected time to knit, I thought I'd update my prior knitting update post. I don't have pics of my WsIP, but the cardigan for me has one completed sleeve now and I've started on the second. After two unsuccessful attempts for my spiral blanket to lie flat, I consulted with my Textile Consultant™ (otherwise known as Evan in this case) and decided to disassemble it and find a different pattern. I quickly settled on something else knit from the center outward, with a picture of it below the cut )

I'm already so much happier with it!! Amazing how going with the flow makes things go smoothly. And while I'm being a bit obtuse about posting public details of what's happening, I will say that I have reached out and been buouyed and supported tremendously, not just by Evan (though he is definitely my anchor) and my inner circle of friends and some family, but also my new colleagues. They know who they are.

And now, back to the joyful indulgence of watching Project Runway and knitting away. :D

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