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Having been let down by Comcast (no surprise there), [ profile] evannichols' and my plans changed for how and where I was going to work for the next couple of days. Today I'll be back at the house on 79th, which actually is great. I moved all of my things yesterday except for desk/office chair/mattress (and some food), so I can work there today and do a thorough floor clean during my breaks! Yay. Tomorrow Evan takes off from BHFT to have movers come from 8-11 or so to move his belongings over. Which means that this evening I'll help in packing up anything I can that doesn't require inside knowledge, and help disassemble his tall cabinets/shelving units. I'll spend the morning in Milwaukie at a coffee shop and then the library for the 8-12 part of my work shift, then head up to my to-be home library for the afternoon. Hopefully by the end of the day tomorrow, all of Evan's things will be at our new apartment, and our internet will be working, and We Will Be Moved. ♥
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I'm with [ profile] evannichols serving as official Minion during the two days of Stumptown Comics Fest here in PDX! Since DW doesn't have a scrapbook function (probably my only disappointment with it) there won't be a picture here, but I'll include one in the LJ entry. I won't be around much until Tuesday, in fact, because I'll be taking my driving test at 8:00 a.m. Monday morning (aie!) and then I have an interview for a part-time box office position at a theater company Monday at 5:00 before Evan takes me back to my place. I have two art modeling gigs this week as well on Tuesday and Thursday, so a busy week in general.

So I'm posting and dashing off, but it's great fun to be at my first comic-centric con, especially spending two days with a bona fide webcomic artist! :D
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I've met yet another LJ friend!! [ profile] winnett is someone I was fortunate enough to meet via emansil_08 when she was on LJ, and discovered we were in the same general area. We've kept up and I was determined that this time that I'm out here, I was going to meet her. She picked me up and we went to a breakfast joint called Fat Albert's. Not only was it delicious, but the manager complimented me on my sweater— today was the debut of my thistle wool cardigan I knitted, that fiendishly difficult but beautiful one. Winnett and I chatted about cats, travel, and, most wonderfully, writing. She's written an original fiction novel, and I mentally dusted off mine about the monks and became newly inspired to write. We're hoping to get together once a month or so to sit and chat and write and toss ideas off of each other. What an absolutely splendid way to start the day, and now I have yet another friend in the area. ♥

This afternoon I've allowed for sluggishness after doing so much cleaning on Friday and then Julia's party last night. I've recolored my hair and was enjoying watching Six Feet Under out in the warm living room until Julia came home from her own brunch, and now she's taken over the couch. I was really resentful at first, until I thought, "Hey! Tomorrow morning after I do a phone interview at 9:30 and complete some more online applications, I can build a fire and sit out there all damn day if I want and watch stuff and knit." I haven't really taken a day to do that; I've been doing so much research/applications and had some doctor's appointments and been kind of chained either to my computer or walking back and forth to the library. Haven't really had a day of lounging since I left Jen in Eugene. Too much guilt, probably. :P But I do continue to put in 5-6 apps pretty much every other day and every once in a while something pans out, like this phone interview tomorrow. Will report in…

Hope you all have had a good weekend.

Also, gallon jug of chocolate milk FTW.
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There's a TV show called Portlandia that debuted earlier this year on IFC, the Independent Film Channel. I hadn't heard of it until talking with Jen, and so I downloaded a couple of episodes while with her in Eugene. It's terribly self-aware, and if a viewer hadn't lived in Portland in recent years, I'm not sure that s/he would get the many inside jokes of living in this particularly self-aware city. But as someone who has, I found many of the skits hilarious because they're so true. One of them is about a penchant for stores and individuals to decorate things with images of birds, especially in a solid cut-out fashion. I'd remembered seeing that in some stores on Hawthorne from when I was here before. So when on my first night back, I saw a store called Branch Birdie with two bird mobiles in the window, I laughed aloud. I got a picture of it this morning:

This won't necessarily be funny to anybody else, but if you've seen the show and the skit, perhaps you, too, will get a giggle.

In other exciting news, one of my former Portland Opera buddies who I'll be seeing tomorrow for a walk around the Hawthorne area, he was looking on Craigslist for a job for himself in retail when he saw a post for a position at a yarn store! Good friend that he is, he told me about it and I sent off an email this morning, including not just my qualifications, but also a couple of pictures of me in that incredibly complicated thistle-patterned cardigan I finished not long ago. Fingers crossed!
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I think I mentioned I attended a pub knitting night last month and had a fabulous time. Well, it turns out that the picture the yarn store (Yarn Garden) has on their front page is from that night, and yours truly is in the bottom right of the picture!

Read more... )

The next gathering is this coming Friday, but I've decided to take the offer of not coming in to work on Friday and going up to visit my aunt and grandmother Friday and Saturday.
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It's been a while, but one jumped out at me today, and I just assumed two more would follow, and they did. The one that really caught my eye was:
Those darn accordions! [picture of an accordion]
Pro-Accordion & I vote!

This one I suspect many people on my flist own, in green print on a yellow background:
reading is sexy

And then, to round out my morning drive to the Opera:

Happy Friday to you all! Much to my great pleasure, I had a rather decent sale this morning, and unexpected at that. Which means I have another full week to ensure I make commission, and hopefully then some. On the personal front, it's been rather a week of self-awareness and change, and I feel like I'm on the cusp of some pretty profound understandings. Like the fact that I want to learn how to safely live alone, since that's what I'm drawn to. And that life's short: maybe I really should apply for this program for Audience and Fan Studies at the Cardiff School of Journalism, Media & Cultural Studies. I mean, why not?? No, I don't know what I'd do with such a degree, but I suspect I could do some teaching, some editing, keep involved in various fan communities and write some more papers. At any rate, rather a turbulent week, but I'm looking forward to some down time this weekend and maybe spending some time with [ profile] snottygrrl and/or one of my work colleagues. Two in particular are now confidantes and think I'm wonderful and said some things to me I needed to be reminded of. Such as: If I just listen to some of the truest parts of myself, and act accordingly, I'm going to be fine.

So, enough navel gazing from here. I'll do some editing and writing, too. Happy weekend! ♥
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Yesterday was a banner day for bumper stickers! The first two were on the same car:
HDTV- as clear as lies can be
God Bless American Idol

Then the third: I'd Rather Be Contradancing. You just never know what you'll see... I'd like to get a People's Republic of Portland bumper sticker now that I'm actually a Portlander with Oregon license plates and driver's license and all of that.
Edit: on my way to work today I saw the third "something happens" bumper sticker; I'd thought I'd see three last Friday, but it took until today. So today I saw "Magic Happens." Yes, it does. :)

In other news: I love the new place!! So happy. I went to Ikea after work yesterday and managed to get out having spent just under $30. I even got festive napkins and a napkin holder to put them in on the small dining room table. I didn't get a trash can, which I'll need to remedy. I also didn't invest in a chest of drawers; the least expensive one they had was $40 which isn't bad, but I didn't want to spend the money right then. There's a fun vintage place on Hawthorne that I'd like to look around, and there's also several Goodwill shops in the area.

I'm writing a lot; mostly things that won't be posted for several months. But I should have the short Alexander/Bagoas story for [ profile] persephone100 posted later today. And now, off to work!
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Today's been great! I'm tired, having stayed up until ridiculous o'clock this morning (though it allowed me to have a nice IM with Callum) and then getting up at 9:00, but had a great day. I edited for three different people until 2 o'clock when I finished up the Wraeththu short story I posted, and showered and got ready to go meet up with [ profile] evannichols, [ profile] snottygrrl and her friend A. with whom she's staying until she finds her own place. We got to go 'shopping' through Evan's treasure trove of items from the storage unit he'd cleaned out. It was much fun, and I came away with all kinds of treasures thanks to his generosity! I got a bookcase, caddies, purple and pink plastic storage containers, an orange salad spinner, two beautiful glass vases (one green and one with a purple design), Hallmark stationery from his high school days, tape, and some other kitchen items and sundries. What a blast! It was great to see [ profile] snottygrrl again and her friend. At first I was outnumbered as the three of them are Lewis & Clark graduates, but over dinner (excellent Mexican at Iron Horse) I realized that for once I was in a majority in that Evan, [ profile] snottygrrl and I are all divorced. The weather was warm and beautiful and I've been productive which always feels good. I brought home my goodies and washed them all and washed down the bookcase (it's metal and had been in storage), and now I'm getting caught up on email. I also picked up a book from the library that Diana Gabaldon referenced as a resource for when she wrote Brotherhood of the Blade, Homophobia: A History. So I'll read a bit of that before bed. Early night for me tonight! Church/singing tomorrow, then I'll pack up a bunch of stuff to take to the new place. I'm excited that I'll be able to put some of my own former wedding gift things out on display and have nothing but my own art in my room. There's also space on the fridge for my fridge magnet collection. That might not seem like a big deal, but Julia's fridge was already covered with her own stuff, so no room for my things.

Oh and thanks to listening to EdgeRadio as I often do, I've now picked up the album Faded Seaside Glamour by the Delays. Great stuff!
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On my drive home tonight, however, I saw one that I had to mention, and then saw two others that seemed appropriately Portland. So we had:

Enlighten Up

and my utter favorite, as it's just so... I don't know!
I Uranus

Happy Friday, all. I'm going to make some dinner. ;)
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You know why? Here's a few reasons:
~ went by to my new roommate's house and signed a lease, got a key, and we chatted. It's going to be a very, very good fit. She's excited I'm moving in, I'm excited to be moving in. Our personalities will mesh well, and I'll have plenty of alone time to write and whatnot. And heat. My room has a heating vent that works well. :) I'll be moved in next Saturday, I expect.
~ finally finished up the baby booties for [ profile] fungus_files' newest bub and got them posted to her.
~ had a wonderful, so much needed phone conversation with [ profile] risiepookie this morning. I'd begun to despair of ever actually getting her on the phone, and we had a good half hour chat. What a treat!
~ enjoying the reality of being able to have weekend plans with both [ profile] evannichols and [ profile] snottygrrl since we all live here. It's just so novel!
~ work included a viewing of The Princess Bride, with pizza, movie snacks and popcorn. I really do love working at Portland Opera.
~ quick but appreciated call to [ profile] cim_halfling. ♥
~ my housemate is out at a play tonight, and with my hallmate gone, I've had the house to myself since I got home, so have been able to update my website and do other things and have music on and just totally chill out. Bedtime is coming soon..

The one WTF element is the State of Oregon's revenue department. I posted here early in tax season that I hadn't filled out my OR state income tax form properly, so they sent me a bill for $92. Which I promptly paid online. Then, a couple of weeks later, they mailed me a check for $92, saying I'd overpaid. If that weren't eyeroll-worthy enough, today I received in the mail a follow up bill, saying that not only did I owe them $92, but they've added on a 5% late fee. o_O
Um... I'll be calling the Department of Revenue tomorrow to please ask them to make up their minds one way or the other.

Tomorrow's Friday! Fics are being written! I'll be moving to a warm and cheerful environment! What a great thing. Oh, and I saw the new Star Trek. I was entertained, and had an insta-crush on the young Spock. No in-depth analysis from me on this film.
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why the Oregon Department of Revenue confuses me )

Not much new to report here: work is exciting with our group of 16 making calls, and I have a free week pass at the gym within walking distance so I've been going there the past two mornings. This morning was a 45-minute Pilates class followed by a spell in the sauna, so that was a plus. Tomorrow? Water aerobics! Writing's going well, but I do continue to be plagued with a lot of "Why am I doing this, again?" which passes eventually. It does tend to return, but that's my usual cycle of things. To keep me from getting fried by doing stuff nonstop, I've been treating myself to Canada's Project Runway via youtube. Hee. Guilty pleasure.

I will say that I'm so glad to be in a liberal city with people who express themselves in more exotic ways than I'm used to, like the woman on a bicycle with hair a shade of green somewhere between emerald and pine. Or the man lazily crossing the road in jeans, a fairly pedestrian sweater, cup of coffee and huge sombrero on his head. On a drizzly day. ;) And I'm also very taken by the trend (here, anyway) of young men wearing super-skinny trousers, especially when they're leggy and thin. Portland also seems to have more kilt-wearers than where I've lived before. They're more of the utilikilt variety, not tartans, but still.

You all? I hope you're well.
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Today I was behind a truck with a few bumper stickers that caught my eye: one is an old fave, "Not All Who Wander Are Lost." Next to it was "Don't Act Stupid- We Have World Leaders For That."


Interestingly, there was a car next to me at a light with a Rhode Island license plate. It was a personalized plate that said "OREGON." Interesting! So perhaps the person had been an Oregonian who'd moved to RI and come back, or lived in RI and had a fascination with Oregon and then moved. It captured my imagination, anyway.

Happy Friday. Feeing rather pensive and sulky about many things I don't wish to elaborate on, but I hope you all have a good weekend. While I'm in a funk on the interior, I'm wearing my cowboy boots and a fun red shirt with a bright blue funky cat so I at least look like a rock star, even if I just want to go off into the woods for a couple of days and be a hermit. Thanks, Callum, for the brief IM this morning, and to [ profile] snottygrrl for the card which I received today. I'd written you a short letter as well, so the letters must have crossed!
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Portland really is great for unexpected bumper stickers. But first, snow! Today it snowed, it rained, and it hailed. Multiple times, each meteorological event. It's bloody cold. The snow didn't stick or anything, but it was pretty to watch.

Pirates! I mentioned [ profile] euclase because for a while there she was writing and drawing art for a really cool story about Snow Pirates. So the weather and today's 'make Thev smile' bumper sticker made me think of her. I'd also sent her a thank you card because she's continued to fill my life with music I'd not otherwise be exposed to. You're also a wonderful friend with a mind I can totally relate to, and for that I'm grateful, dear. (((hugs)))

So this morning's bumper sticker that caught my eye was: Proud parent of a pirate. Hence the art here today. ;)

Not much else to report: work is getting quite busy, so no more sitting around editing or typing stuff up for me! I am at last making solid progress on new and edited scenes for M+M. I also had a lovely chat with [ profile] kymyrra and a much-needed and cathartic IM with [ profile] elfscribe5. If you're a Tolkien fan and/or a fan of quality writing, especially in time periods not often covered in fanfic and you're not on her friend's list, go and ask to join! She's writing a really fascinating and compelling story set in Numenor, so it's a Second Age fic. Here's her summary: This story takes place in the Second Age, a little over 1600 years after Sauron created the One Ring and then later destroyed Ost-in-Edhil. At this time, Sauron has declared himself King of Men in Middle-earth and so Ar-Pharazon, last King of Numenor, assembles the largest army ever seen and sails to Middle-earth to defeat him. Fabulous writing and very vivid characterizations. Go, read this WIP and let her know your thoughts!

Also, total random: from time to time I check out Site Meter, which I have on my website. Somebody from Poland spent 80 minutes at my site, having found it through a search for harry/ron fanfiction. What was the last page s/he looked at? My one and only Snape/Seamus story. o_O
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I have good news to report! I've even been able to IM more often with Callum, and he noted, to his shock, "An optimistic Kristi! For two days now!" :D
A few of the pretty cooling events of this week: Read more... )

Bottomless thanks to you for enduring my periods of ennui and self-doubt. It's pretty tremendous to be feeling not that!
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Most of you know I've recently joined a choir again, which is just so good for my spirit, I can't begin to tell you. Anyway, I'm back into the fray just in time to begin Lent, and the church where I'm singing, Trinity Episcopal Cathedral, is singing the Duruflé Requiem as part of the Ash Wednesday service this Wednesday the 25th at 7 o'clock. I've sung most of the movements, but I'll definitely have a bit of an adrenaline rush singing it with only three full rehearsals! The choir is good, and actually has more men than women— that's a first for me in any semi-professional choir I've sung in. The guest organist is David Heller. We rehearsed after the service yesterday and our director, John Stege, pointed out the difficulty in the organ part, and Mr. Heller is quite accomplished. My mom is in the AGO (American Guild of Organists) and I grew up attending organ recitals, and even took organ myself for a couple of years, as well as working for an organist/choir director. I can evaluate an organist, anyway, and he's pretty good! There are parts with what must be the super-low 32' stop and the floor truly rumbles underfoot. :)

So for any of your flisters who live in the Portland area, if you observe Lent and want to experience the Requiem in the context of a service, or if you want to ignore the service part and hear the work anyway, I invite you to attend.

Hmmmm. I really do need to make a Portland or pacific northwest icon.

New pics!

Feb. 10th, 2009 06:50 pm
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We had another snow dusting this morning, so I cleverly took my camera to the Opera and took a few pictures of the opposite hill with snow and fog.
portland hills with snow dusting )

It really is pretty, the view from the opera.

And now I have pictures of my new place! Rather than link them all, I'll just link to the last page of my 'Portland' gallery. You can see my room, various rooms in the house, a couple of outside, and one of the cats, Stan. Enjoy!
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It was fun! I got there not long after the first movie started, and ended up sitting in the third row. I hadn't realized just how popular this event was, and was so glad that it was a Portland tradition of sorts. It was, in fact, sold out, movie-wise, in regards to seating. I ended up being there solo, which was just fine. At the first break between movies, I saw a woman dressed as a hobbit and I just knew that I knew her from my one and only Barlibash, the infamous event in Bellevue, WA in 2002 (I'd thought it was '03!) when I first met [ profile] snottygrrl. So I approached said woman and asked if she'd attended the Barlibash in Bellevue years ago, to which she said, "Yes..."
"Are you a harpist?" I asked, remembering that element as well.
"Yes!" She was indeed the same person. Such a small world fandom can be. She'd also attended the Two Towers/One Party Oscar Party I attended in Los Angeles back in the day, which ended up landing me in a color NYTimes photo above the fold the following year when RotK was up for so many awards.

During today's event, I cheered for Gimli. I was told my dress was gorgeous. There were 25 adults who participated in the costume contest, and I was in the top 8, so I now have a McMenamin's gift certificate. :) Oh, and the guy dressed as one of the Nazgul won. Apparently he's also a Portland Tolkienfest tradition. His costume was fabulous. I chatted with the Arwen in my pics for a while as well; we had a mutual admiration conversation about really caring about doing the research and sewing one's own outfits. There are still always far more Elves and Hobbits; almost never any other Éowyns. :sigh:

I'm sure you're just dying for the few pics that I did take, or not. But if you're curious, here they are )

Maybe there'll be something about this in The Oregonian, but I have no idea.

I think most of you know this, but I'll be moving tomorrow, into a very positive environment but also one in which I won't have dedicated internet until Tuesday. My friends down the road do have internet, so I won't be totally unplugged, but I may well be more sporadic than usual (especially on a holiday, which it is for me on Monday) until Tuesday evening. It may also mean that I'll actually get my holiday postcards written up and sent out!
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This was the first year I participated in Yuletide, and I was alerted to my story last night! The writer selected Pullman's His Dark Materials to write for me, so if you're a fan, go here to read "Last Ounce of Courage" written for me. It focuses on Balthamos, which is even better; I'd selected him as one of the characters I would be particularly interested in reading about. I'm about to write a review for my author. I forgot to note that before all the snow came, I saw two of what I consider to be my own dæmon, or animal that represents my soul, up close and personal eating the cat food on my friends' porch. Raccoons! When I first read the series, I spent loads of time wondering what my dæmon would be: finally it came to me. A raccoon, as I am indeed a night-creature and very clever with my hands, and his name is Gymnopedie. But I'd never seen raccoons up close; they really are pretty cute, even if they're scavengers.

I got to the Christmas Eve service at the Episcopal cathedral in NW Portland last night, but very nearly didn't get home. I am so glad that I went; I've been waxing a bit melancholy about not singing, so this was my opportunity to sing hymns, at least. It was a reasonably high-quality choir (having sung in semi-professional choirs pretty much the entirety of my adult life, yes, I am a choir snob) and I only felt badly that they didn't get to sing the many anthems lined up during communion. There weren't that many of us in attendance due to weather!! But I left with a very light heart and then... had to back out over a snow burm because I'd had to park on the street, and very nearly didn't get over it. My wheels were spinning and there was that awful "tire spinning" stink, but eventually Bianca the Power Subaru™ was a hero and I was able to back out onto the road and get home.

I'm readying myself to return to my other home as Yvonne's son returns today. I'm washing the sheets and will move my things so he feels like it's his room and I'll go back to the other house this evening after I pack up my computer. Right now the house is very quiet so I'm going to drink coffee and write, then when he house livens up I'll take a few more pictures of the inside of the house this time and make some phone calls. Much of my family and some of my dearest friends are on the east coast, but the day is young. At least here in the Pacific time zone!!

For all of you who are celebrating today in particular, I hope that you gain new pleasant memories. This has certainly been a memorable first holiday season for me. Oh! And in what may be the best gift for me, the new friend Julia I mentioned a post or two ago, three houses down in the huge house? Has now suggested that I move in there as my next residence. Aside from needing to get internet since she doesn't even own a computer (and I'd need a space heater as she keeps the house cold, though with another person hopefully I could convince her to change), there are NO downsides. In fact, it rocks. A lot.
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I have a few more pictures from this morning. I am planning to head to a Christmas Eve service this evening after reading one fic, showering, and doing some writing. Hope the main arteries stay reasonably clear!

Pictures from Christmas Eve morning, Portland 2008 )
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Hokay. HUGE winter storm. Snow. Snowdrifts. Shoveling out the 3 1/2 foot snowdrift in front of Jill's car so someday she can get out, but not dealing with excavating the back of her car. In my pictures, I focused on the back, but the foreshortening doesn't show just how tall the wall of snow was in front of the cars- it was very intimidating to shovel. Doing said shoveling as frozen rain began to fall and the wind blew. Having it be pretty calm through today and then looking over at the window and seeing blizzard-like conditions. ::whimpers:: Offering up my car for Jill to get to work, eventually (ironically, my car is under trees and escaped the snowdrifts), only to realize that there's a rule in effect that no-one can be on the road without chains. Do I have chains? Hell, no! There's about 1/4 inch of solid ice on the streets. No Lessons & Carols service; services canceled all over Portland today. Some people's airline flights out at PDX have been canceled until Tuesday! Apparently we could get another 4-8 inches of snow on top of all of the packed snow and ice tonight.

But I'm in a safe, warm, cozy place with two good friends, plenty of food, three affectionate cats and a dog, and internet. Now I have no excuse not to write, and I have started— also making significant progress on the baby sweater sleeves. I'll be be really sore tomorrow after the shoveling. :)

So, without further ado, here are some pictures to capture this craziness. Since everyone keeps telling me, "Portland isn't usually like this!" ;)

snow falling last night, snowdrifts around Jill & Yvonne's cars, and a couple of other winterscapes )

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