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From time to time I feel/fear that I'm becoming more insular again, though not in an "I'm hiding because I'm a bit ashamed of what I'm doing" kind of way. It's more that with my work schedule and working at home, and really not being able to do my work effectively at a coffee shop for those times when some of my colleagues get together, and my shoulder injury, I don't get out that much. I do call my parents and small circle of friends on a regular basis, and write letters not infrequently, but some social media now bores me to tears and I've mostly begun abstaining. But there is something comforting in looking at LJ (and DW, to a degree), even though it continues to be highly annoying. The fandom friends I've known from the very earliest days 11 years ago, some are still there. And other friends I've known for 3/4 a decade, and some shorter periods of time… maybe it's that my job in generally working with individuals who are anxious, angry, frustrated, disenchanted, misguided or some combination thereof is wearing on me. Our team deals with the most personal issues that can be had on the site, and it just gets exhausting. Perhaps, then, the more insular time.

There were lovely elements to this weekend, many unplanned!
~ super-fast trips to IKEA and Costco
~ assemblying new IKEA chest of drawers to facilitate putting my summer clothes away instead of in a pile on the floor
~ a surprise gift from Evan! these Born olive wedges I'd shown him on eBay. I look at a lot of things and buy rarely; sneaky Evan really liked these as well and got them as a 'just because'. I adore them! So comfy and the color is gorgeous.
~ breakfast at Zell's yesterday morning
~ a SQL lesson with [ profile] evannichols! It made me incredibly happy. I'm hoping to become savvy with that searching language and to use it in my own work. There's apparently a need for it and I'm perhaps the first on my team to express an active interest and excitement about including elements of that to my position.
~ I submitted a video to Project Runway's Casting Call for fans who want a fashion makeover. I'm under no delusion that I'll be selected, but I have been a fan for many years. And now Evan is, too!
~ I discovered that I've not watched Project Runway Australia Season 3, and it's on YouTube. :D :D
~ AND— True Blood has started up again. Very exciting!! ♥
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I flew on Alaskan Airways from Portland to Oakland, and they had free regional wine and beer. FREE. And by choice; not coercion or guilt or threats, I had Diet Coke instead. Which, after 18 months of drinking Diet Shasta, tasted funny. But still. I didn't feel I'd deprived myself, nor that it was an earth-shattering event. It was simply my choice. In fact, in two weeks I'll hit the 6 month mark of my one year liver cleanse, my decision to really give a year of living in my own skin 24/7 for 365 days an honest go. And I must say, thus far, I've only had a couple of really 'itchy/squirrely' moments. But it's all different now: a loving life partner, employment, a determination to be in myself and to normalize alcohol. Not to demonize or even fetishize it, but for it simply to be what it is: a potent beverage. The end.

And now, to enjoy this clear blue skyed morning in SF, and to read 'Aldarion and Erendis' before going off to HQ at 8:30.
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It's early (5:25) but a common time to be awake for me on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays when my work schedule and Evan's are in sync. I'm taking 2 days of PTO this weekend, which means this is our first 3 days together without working some of it since last October. WOOT! And I need it. I'm on the threshold of a work-free weekend (we're using 'koala' as a sort of reminder word if I find myself talking about work, and I absolutely will not even log in to see how many emails I may have), and it's much needed. :P

Yesterday was an absolutely delightful usual day off. It was unexpected in that I had company! [ profile] evannichols was home because he'd come home sick midday Tuesday, and was still not feeling well yesterday. I took the opportunity to sleep in as much as my body needed, which was a lot: didn't wake up for a final time until 9:30. So no ballet, but I was certainly rested. I enjoyed a leisurely morning, including writing a letter to Evan's mom, then ran a couple of errands with Evan before leaving him at the apartment to rest while I went out and did my own things. First on the list was a truly lovely hour visit at my former residence on 79th. I met up with Gail and Robin, had tea, shared some of my knitting projects, and just enjoyed their company and seeing Cooper, the boxer [dog] again. What made me particularly happy about that whole scenario is that they are the first people since my Years of Struggle (approx 2005-12) whose residence I've left as a tenant under positive circumstances. They have enthusiastic roses in their side yard, and Gail sent me home with a stunning bouquet of a dozen, which are gracing a table now.

Other adventures included going to Value Village in search of sandals. Instead, I bought a pair of flip-flops (o_O), and a unique pair of side-zip quasi-dress shoes in a kind of rich grey. They need a lot of love, and some thoughtfully-chosen shoelaces, but I bought then for $5.99 and 20% off. I've decided to invest up to $40 in them to bring them back to life, and I'm oddly attached to them already. I rounded out the day with a wonderfully long phone call with Jen in Eugene, then a few episodes of season 3 Project Runway Evan and I are watching (my second go-round, his first) before going to bed. All in all, just a splendid, enchantment-filled day. And it was overcast/some rain, the perfect Portland day for me. :)

So today is work, and then 3½ days off as my Monday schedule is 1-10. We're trying to keep much of our time unstructured and free for spontaneous activities, but there are a couple of planned events on our docket: I bought a Groupon for a 2-hour jewelery-making class for 2 at a studio in Newberg, so Evan and I will take a bezeling class tomorrow from 2-4. I'm taking a years-old pendant with 2 circular peridots and a teardrop citrine and will plan to convert it into a pair of earrings with the peridots. But we'll see! The other thing I really want to do and have brought up on occasion is for Evan to show me around the Lewis and Clark College campus, as it's his alma mater and I've never been out there. I applied to several jobs there during my time in Portland, but was never invited for an interview and consequently have never gone to see the campus. I think it will be insightful to go through the buildings and on the grounds where young!Evan spent some formative years. And, like my alma mater, it often shows up in top lists for beautiful campuses. Maybe there will even be a picnic. ♥
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I've finally created a small altar in my living space! This makes me incredibly happy. I was out at a gemstone and minerals place this morning for a very specific reason, and instead I came home with a small piece of peacock ore, and two tumbled stones, one of Australian something, and the other I can't really remember either. But it was pretty and spoke to me.

so here 'tis! )
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Two days off in a row. I'd agreed to switch shifts weeks ago and had an incredibly rare Fri-Sat combo off.
Even though we were supposed to have [personal profile] sanguinity and [personal profile] grrlpup over for dinner and a movie last night, [ profile] evannichols wasn't feeling up to snuff and we've rescheduled for tonight. I'm grateful not only that their schedules weren't so packed that we had to reschedule for next month, but also that we'll hopefully get to have this dinner party at all. I've not hosted a dinner party literally in years.
I went out jogging yesterday! Our weather has not encouraged mid-day activities, but during this upcoming week I'm hoping to do this wee jog (it's a bit over a mile, but not flat like my running over at my prior house) every day.

We'll see. I could get lucky!
Evan had a very rare work from home day yesterday, so in addition to my jog, he and I took a leisurely walk at the nearby park and chatted. His head was a bit fuzzy and he wasn't fully up to speed, but it was our first walk together in our new neighborhood.
Knitting. I'm a few inches away from finishing the hood to my gorgeous rust heathered zip front cardigan. But I'm distinctly lacking in the zipper itself. Hmmmm. But I also knitted Evan a wee giftie, a mini sweater ornament to hang on our tree. Very fun.

And now, to drink coffee and plan our leisurely day; I'll do some of the cooking I didn't do yesterday in anticipation of our rescheduled dinner, and remain in this state of amazementgratitudedelight that I have every day. I'll fully admit that a full 48 hours away from my job is helping greatly in facilitating this. ;) That said, I had rather a "Huh?" moment earlier this week when I found out I'd received a 'spot bonus' (in online giftcard form, but I rallied fairly quickly considering it *wasn't* cash) for my hard work. Considering that twice already in my not-yet-5-month-tenure with them I'd been told I might be let go, this was a welcome change.

Oh, and Happy Solstice!!

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A couple of things:
I am so grateful to [personal profile] sanguinity and [personal profile] grrlpup for their friendship. Evan and I went to their house on Saturday for a not-exactly-Thanksgiving dinner, which was not just scrumptious, but delightful to enjoy their company. As I have Wednesdays off, I'm hoping to meet with Sanguinity each week and go for a walk and/or chat and/or knit. I love that!! Having someone locally to chat with and with whom I have a fair bit in common is really great. I'll look forward to getting to know grrlpup better in the future as well.

I'm back to working on my yummy cardigan. Makes me so happy! And I realized I'd not posted a picture of my sister-in-love's baby in the blanket I made for her. So this is Mazie, Evan's niece.



Dec. 10th, 2012 08:32 am
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A link to some pics taken the day that Evan had the movers come, as well as a few from this past Saturday to show that some progress has been made. Thankfully neither he nor I are all that deadline-driven or feel that things should be a certain way at a certain time. My office is coming together; we went to Ikea on Saturday and among other things bought a Malm 3-drawer chest of drawers in turquoise which I began assembling this morning.

So here are some recent pics!

One negative: our downstairs neighbors last night around 9:30 p.m. decided to be watching some movie at ridiculously high volume and evidently have subwoofers, too. They will be getting a 'hi! we're your neighbors! Please don't do that anymore' note from me today. :P
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So happy. Today is a tremendously marvelous day. I've spoken with my mom, my sister, am enjoying coffee and a totally indulgent cinnamon roll thingie with cream cheese, finishing up one of my non-Etsy-shop reclaimed sweaters to send to said sister's daughter, and perhaps the best thing (aside from enjoying this gorgeous, windy day and knitting or writing or reading or doing whatever the hell I want)… when Evan comes to pick me up at the end of his workday, I'll go to his place for five days! FIVE DAYS. IN A ROW. This may not seem like a big deal, but it's a tremendous opportunity for us to have a trial run of living together while we're both working, in the kind of scenario we'd experience: him going off to BHFT, me staying there to work from home. Him coming home and me still being on the clock until 6:00, then a leisurely evening with dinner, chatting, digital entertainment, and bed. Repeat! I don't think I'll ever take for granted the joy of ending and starting my days literally at Evan's side. Do I oftentimes regret that we don't get to enjoy our 20s and 30s together? Yes. That said, we needed to learn what we did from our prior relationships and working through our own individual self-actualizing in order to be as at peace with ourselves as we are now.

::hand fluttering to express ineffable joy::
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'breaking curfew' nail polish. Thank you so much for sharing that with me, Beren!!
A true Friday for me after what was a very challenging workweek.
Following on that, that means that I begin working remotely on Sunday! I will be mobile! Watch me and my MacbookAir go! Well, and also making sure that my home workspace(s) are as ergonomic as possible. In all likelihood I'm going to get a large monitor to plug the laptop into. It will be a learning process and evolve over time, to be sure.
Talking with Evan about making a home together. The joy that comes with the thought of sharing a bower with him and working from home is just about enough to make me melt with happiness.
Grey skies again this morning! It will clear off later, but for now, this is my most groovalicious Portland weather.
You all, my friends with me on this journey. Thank you. ♥
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[ profile] evannichols has this theory that everyone has a Superpower. It's a good theory; he definitely has one and he's happy to reveal what it is. Go on, go ask him. ;) After struggling, I realized what mine was: I am a free (or waaaaaaaaaaay underpriced) clothing magnet. I attract free/close to free clothes and accessories and the like. It's been happening my entire adult life, perhaps as a reward from the Universe from the years of wearing nothing but hand me downs that I really didn't like in the years post my parents' divorce and there wasn't much money going around. Anyway, recent items of late that fit into this category are a fabulous purple plaid, purple plushy lined, London Fog raincoat with detachable hood- found at Costco, of all places. It's a girl's size, so costing a little over $20. Heee!! In the free category, whilst our Airbnb team was working at the Collective Agency workspace, there was a box on a table that said, "FREE!" Much as I'd been wanting a maple iced doughnut and the Universe provided, I'd also been keeping an eye out for a belt. Well. In this box? A lovely brown leather belt. That fits perfectly. And a pair of brown sandals. My size. And, of all things, a 'Knit Stitch A Day' calendar that isn't tied to any year, it's a stand up, flip-over one with, as you might think, a knit stitch for each day of the year. :D

What's your Superpower?
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And perhaps a wee bit of text. ;)
it's been a really frakking fabulous few days )

So!! I am so very, very happy and feeling validated and cherished and thrilled about my present and where I'm headed. I am indeed a beloved child of the Universe. ♥

Recent days

Jun. 4th, 2012 06:24 am
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The temp job )

The weekend )

This week is shaping up to be particularly productive and could quite potentially herald a sea change in my life here in Portland. I have a final conversation this morning with a person who could be my supervisor at the company with whom I've been interviewing. They seem keen to bring me on board and I'm keen to put my skill set to work for them— and to stay a while. They are particularly supportive of their employees in the professional development realm, and I would love to be in a position where I can really sink my teeth into the job and plan to stay for several years, moving into another position if that fits. And if I want to! What struck me yesterday afternoon as I was lying in [ profile] evannichols' arms and chatting about things was the fact that nearly everything in my life right now is win/win. I'm so grateful for him, for my friendships, for these work and self-employment possibilities… I did cry a little bit, being so overwhelmed at how phenomenal things are. I feel that I've paid dearly for being where I am now, and don't ever want to go down that dark path again.

I'll definitely keep you all posted as I know more! :)
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I don't really want to put in bullet points for this post (though I enjoyed putting in flowers earlier), so I'll just write a few things to do with the wonderfulness of recent days. On Friday I had a follow-up/second-and-final interview at the downtown company where I'd love to work. It went very well, and I was asked to stay (if I could) to shadow someone for about fifteen minutes. Good sign. I'll hear from them by the end of this coming week, so I'll have closure one way or another and I'm so glad of that. I may also have an interview at another company for a temp-to-hire position through a placement company; we'll see. When [ profile] evannichols and I arrived at his house Friday afternoon, I spent some time speaking with his sister about all of this because she's recently been offered and accepted a position at this company. When I did finally head inside, I found Evan looking a bit expectantly at me, and then I saw them: a beautiful bouquet of peach/coral roses, and a card. Not to do with my job hunt, but just because he's as smitten with me as I am with him. There might have been a bit of subtle swooning.

This weekend was restful and restorative, and also included some social time meeting [personal profile] snottygrrl to see one of the films that was part of the Studio Ghibli Film Festival held at the Portland Art Museum NW Film Center. The one we saw (My Neighbors the Yamadas) has a director other than Hayao Miyazaki; we're all Miyazaki fans and have seen many of his films on both the big and small screen. Evan and I were particularly interested in seeing at least one of these films that aren't available in a format we can rent, so that was accomplished.

I'm back over at my place now, unpacking and also preparing to repack as I'll be spending a fair amount of time at [ profile] evannichols' this coming week and weekend. He has a birthday coming up on Friday, and it's one of those memorable ones that ends in either '5' or '0'. Follow his blog to know which. ;) There will be a special-ordered (by me, even!) gluten- and dairy-free fabulous cake, and dinner, and lounging, and goodness only knows what else. Maybe online Boggle. It could happen. ;) But for this evening, I'll settle in with a small serving of Fritos and queso, some Being Human, dismantling another beautiful (and free!) sweater, and a few other things before heading to bed and hitting the ground running tomorrow morning. A quick thanks to [ profile] emansil_12 for the wonderful phone call today, and to [ profile] llembas for the letter I received when I came home.
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I am now in possession of a 16 oz. bottle of No-Ad SPF 85 sunblock. :D :D :D Contrary to the reputation Portland has, there are many bright and sunny days, in all seasons. With the usual lack of humidity, I get about four minutes outside unprotected before my skin starts to burn. I recently purchased some sunblock from the dollar store, but it was only SPF 30. Now, however, both [ profile] evannichols and I can protect our fair skins from the powerful Pacific Northwest sun. Yay! There was also the purchase of a much-needed sun hat found via eBay from a UK-based surf shop, of all places. I moved out here in part because I love grey skies; not rain, but grey. There can be a lot of sunny days, however, and I've learned to put aside my grumbling and enjoy other people's happiness at the glowing sphere in the sky.

Also, the USB-charged battery charger for my camera that I purchased from some store in Hong Kong via eBay has gone from being something I was frustrated about to a wonderful thing. All it took was to discover that there was a message from them in my eBay account about how actually to use it. Now I can take pictures again with my own camera!!
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As I was out and about to run a couple of errands, I crossed the street and stopped at a house. Well, I stopped to pause and look at the contents of two bags of things that caught my eye that had been put to the curb. Our trash doesn't go out until Monday, so seeing it now is code for, "Take whatever you want." I snagged a child's Gap sweater almost identical to one I'd found in another colorway for my knitting endeavor, so with an unbelieving smile, I picked it up and kept looking. I also came away with a knitted REI winter hat with a bill that may need replacing, and one knitted (perhaps hand-knitted) longish fingerless glove in a yummy knitted colorway I'll enjoy using as an accent somewhere. Portland is a great place to be a scavenger. For me, Portland is simply a great place to be.

So I'd drafted this DW/LJ entry in my head while walking home when I impulsively stopped by the library at the foot of my street to see what knitting books they had for inspiration. I finally settled on two and went to check them out. As I did so, who did I see but a long-lost Opera buddy, a friend I met up with when I first re-arrived and had been communicating with regularly until Jen and I ceased to be functioning friends. He'd pushed his glasses down and was looking intently at the DVDs when I walked over and said, "Well, hi!" We had a great conversation, all good will and pleasant catching up. He asked why I was at his favorite library and I explained that I lived up the street. Eventually we parted ways and I beamed as I walked down the street, marveling at how amazing this day has been— and it's not even noon! This must be the universe's way of being kind to me after I was so disconsolate yesterday. I am truly at home here, job or no job, complete with a small but devoted support system, and where I'm learning to trust in happiness. Pretty phenomenal. :)
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Just realized that I've not posted much about my living situation. I do spend a fair amount of time with [ profile] evannichols in his abode, especially on weekends, but I do have a very wonderful living situation for myself with a three-generation household, many cats and a sweetheart of a Boxer named Cooper. Just this morning I was up (as I am, early, to be on Evan's schedule) and had made some coffee for myself and chatted with Robin, the home owner, and let in via a window one of the cats (Nico), who had been hanging out in the backyard. Post-shower I was ironing an outfit in anticipation of meeting [ profile] evannichols for lunch (I like to dress up for these things) and had a few moments with Cooper, in a sleepy stupor on his cushion by the window, under a blanket. During my time in Portland I have always rented a room in a house, and by far, this current situation is the most homey and delightful that I have known. Not to downplay my time with Julia, and Stan, the cat, who adopted me. But her house was cold, and there were issues. Those don't exist here, and Gail, the grand-matriarch of the house, is a fabulous companion to talk with about crafts and her own life. She's a survivor (of breast cancer and a second husband who was the love of her life and died rather suddenly of cancer) and remains an optimist, which is inspiring to me. This location and situation is truly a gift of the universe, and for that I remain so grateful.

With that, I'm off to finish beta'ing a story for a fandom friend, and get a few more things done before heading off to BHFT around two hours from now. Guess I should put together my lunch, a scrumptious salad, to be sure.

Life is very, very good. :D
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Things continue to be rather busy in my world this week, but there were a few more things about this past weekend's Stumptown event that I had wanted to comment on and just haven't until now.

    There were many men in kilts. Utilikilts, I should specify. At least I think they were. They weren't tartans, and Utilikilts is based in Seattle. At one point I nudged [ profile] evannichols and nodded toward a nearby table with boxes of comics to look through and said, "Kilt, jeans, jeans, kilt!" to describe the men standing in a row.

    Shing! She is an adorable webcomic and amateur knitter and highly talented watercolorist and many other things. I bought a few of her postcards and said I'd link to her stuff, so I will. There's also a picture: .
    Her primary site is sawdustpress. She was too precious for words.
    A woman came near the table while [ profile] evannichols was taking some time off from being around people and I drew her into conversation due entirely to her shoes, which looked identical to this:
    Cat shoes. CAT SHOES!!! I told her (and thusly, told myself at the same time) that once I was employed again, a pair of those (though perhaps in a slightly different colorway) was going to be my first gift to myself. She (and they) were awesome. The wearer of said shoes was up from SoCal, one of a few people I met over the two days who teaches courses to do with comics and that medium. That makes my fangirl heart full to bursting.

So now it's Tuesday evening; I had my modeling gig at PCC and am very stiff and sore from the extended pose I had. And it was raining and windy, so no jogging, but I will do some Pilates in the comfort of my own room later on. Tomorrow is lunch with Evan at BHFT and a sleepover, so I probably won't post again for a day or two. ;)
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It's not even noon and I've been having a fabulous morning! So! behind the cut, the fun morning )

One never knows when one will unexpectedly come across someone who has wise words to share. :)

Tonight, [ profile] evannichols is picking me up at 6:30 for some kind of surprise that involves dressing up a bit but doesn't involve food. So exciting!!
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Today is a conventionally gorgeous day: blue skies, moderate temperatures. Portlanders are out in droves. I started out the week well in that this morning I did indeed get up and go jogging at 7:00, once it was light. I'm getting up at 5:30 to match my schedule more with [ profile] evannichols' and to actually have a schedule, but it was dark until sunrise at 6:48. After a very productive morning, I went to BHFT to have lunch with [ profile] evannichols, which as always was an absolute delight. As part of our routine, we spend some time looking out at Portland in front of a large bank of windows, and it was clear enough to see Mount St. Helens. "I must be in Portland!" I said in wonder. "Here, with you!" "Yes," he replied. "This is no dream." Sometimes it really does surprise me, having been here, then 18 months back in Virginia, and back here once more. I was able to see both mountains on my bus ride home, and with the sun coming in on my side of the bus, I have now received my first (thankfully low-grade) sunburn. Hopefully there won't be more of those as I'll be in search of sunscreen. Then again, the weather forecast for the next several days is rain and low 50s.

I should be having a brief phone interview today between 2:30 and 3:30, which I'm trusting will happen even though the person who emailed me didn't confirm the time I sent her. Ah, well. I'll hang out here until 3:30 and if she doesn't call, I'll call back before going out into the loveliness to run a couple of errands.


Mar. 26th, 2012 07:07 am
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My beloved called me this morning at 6:30 because I'd not called him at 5:30 as planned. I have just realized that double-checking the alarm and then subliminally changing it to P.M. versus A.M. means that, well, I'll sleep through it. :P As much as I do very much love [ profile] evannichols, I'm not a morning person. Yet.

I've now showered and am deciding about a cup of instant coffee. Coffee has not been my friend of late, so perhaps I'll have herbal tea, though I think coffee would be better. I'll be doing job stuff this morning before heading off to meet E<3 at BHFT for lunch, then returning and having a quick trip to the dreaded Wally World for my prescription refill and to do some recycling. I do believe the weather will hold and I can get in a decently long jog, complete with listening to the second in George R. R. Martin's "Iron Throne" set of books. I do have ibuprofin, and a microwaveable bag of rice thanks to the supreme matriarch here at the house (a gift, both her presence and the rice bag), so even if I'm sore later, I'll be okay. And there are interlibrary loan books to pick up! I don't know that a Monday could be any better. ♥

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