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So this set of three vignettes grew a bit longer and more convoluted than initially intended, so here's the first story with two primary elements. It's a bit PWP, but it's leading on to more substantive and plotty elements. I'd put in a snippet of a bunny about Lee needing glasses, so I decided to pursue that here. Oh, and did I mention that the suspension swing in the Slave Breakers' training room is also an element? ;)

Title: Held in Perfect Trust
Fandom: Slave Breakers
Rating: Adult
Word Count: 4,124
Betas: huge thanks to [ profile] elfscribe5 and [ profile] brumeux77 who both gave sound advice which allows me to write even more SB fic in this wonderful universe [ profile] maculategiraffe created. Thank you all!!

Hope that any readers on my flist who enjoy Slave Breakers also enjoy this.
Held in Perfect Trust )
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For the few of you on my flist who also read in the Slave Breakers universe, I've written another Lee/Andrei. Cross-posted of course to [ profile] slavebreakers. And now it's time to start thinking what I'm going to write for the couple of holiday fests I signed up for!

Title: Adoration: A Triptych
Pairings: Lee/Mona (non-explicit), Lee/Andrei
Rating: Adult
Word Count: 3351
A/N: The request was for Lee riding Andrei, and while this is a bit PWP, I also wanted to explore the interesting relationship between Andrei and Mona and how that might have been seen to Lee's eyes, especially during his first few months as Andrei's slave. Thanks as always to [ profile] maculategiraffe both for allowing people like me to play in her sandbox, but also for establishing this community. We're coming up on a season of giving, and I want to thank her for gifting us, her devoted readers, with this universe.

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I'm a few days late m'dear, and it's short, but I hope you like this wee gift of fic.

Title:How to Succeed in Malfoysian Gift Giving Without Resorting to Dark Magic or Going Prematurely Grey
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Ron/Draco
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 2400
Summary: What do you get Draco Malfoy for his birthday, especially when you're Ron Weasley?
Author's Notes Lack of angst! Massive thanks to [ profile] wolfiekins for looking this over and giving feedback! This is set within my Like Wine Through Water universe (and therefore AU as it was written before DH) with knitting!Draco and surfer!Ron. Sorry this is belated, dear Mo, but I hope you like. :)

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Happy Birthday, baby!!

Title: The Company of Strangers
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Elladan/OMC/Elrohir
Word Count: 8767
Summary: Onthéon, royal groom of Meduseld under King Brego's rule, has an unforgettable experience when Elladan and Elrohir arrive in Calenardhon under the auspices of having Elladan's horse's foot healed.
Author's Notes: This story is a giftfic for Elfscribe on the occasion of her birthday. It grew into a longer PWP than I'd planned, and is very much in homage to her, her love of Elladan/Elrohir (which, while not expressed outright, should be obvious to the reader nonetheless), and in some ways a Rohirric panegyric for her marvelous story, "Swan Prince". Thanks to [ profile] heartofoshun for her beta, done in the last few hours prior to Elfscribe's birthday because these three just kept talking! And other things. ;)

The Company of Strangers )
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This is something totally new for me- I've written a short fanfic story that is set within another author's original universe. The author is [ profile] maculategiraffe, and if you go here, you'll see her index page for the various character-driven story arcs. This is a world much like ours, but one in which sexual slaves are a part of the economy. What I've loved about this world, besides the fabulous, multi-dimensional characters; the uncluttered, descriptive, evocative and often eloquent prose; the very real interactions of the characters and sympathy that is drawn from being involved in this story... is that there's a lot of grey area in the politics and ethics of the master/slave relationship, and slaves as part of society. Oh, and there's some really hot sex, too. ;)

I was so smitten that I wrote a short PWP about two of the characters. I have some thanks: Thanks, of course, to [ profile] maculategiraffe for having created this world; to [ profile] rickey_a for telling me about it, and then to [ profile] elfscribe5 and [ profile] sexyscholar for giving me a few edits and letting me know it was reasonably hot as well. :)

Title: The Best Gifts Come Unwrapped
Pairing: Holden/Yves
Rating: Adult
Fandom/Universe: The Slave Breakers, by [ profile] maculategiraffe
Summary: Holden and Yves christen a new piece of equipment in the training room.
Author's Notes: I loved this particular story with Yves, Bran and a suspension sling so much that I wanted to write a gap-filler set early in Yves' time with Holden when he first bought said sling. There's verbiage at the end of the story to do with good investments which is also a nod to a recent story in the 'verse Ms. Giraffe wrote. Dear, I admire your writing and this world. I hope that you and any of your fans who drop by enjoy this gift to you!!

And now, on to the smut! )
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This was written for the first-ever fest at [ profile] remus_ron_slash. If you join the comm you can read it there; NC-17 fics are locked to protect the mods. I've made the choice not to lock my adult fics, so after making confirming it was okay to post outside of the comm at this juncture, here 'tis!

Title: Scotch Game
Pairing: Ron/Remus
Word Count: 10,175
Rating: NC-17
Warnings/Alerts: wanking, explicit slash, a bit of angst, AU, EWE
Written for the inaugural fest at [ profile] remus_ron_slash. The prompt I took was this:
He took my soul and bound it
with cords of iron wire.

~Lord Alfred Douglas, "Rejected"

Summary: When Ron is invited to referee and instruct at a month-long event in Glasgow hosted by the European Youth Wizarding Chess Federation, he balks. Once there, much to his surprise, he enjoys himself. Even more surprising, however, is seeing Remus Lupin as a volunteer, and an attraction to his former professor that resolutely won't go away. But will Lupin allow himself to leave his past so Ron can be a part of his present?

A/N: Huge thanks to my betas, [ profile] kymyrra, [ profile] rickey_a and [ profile] abigail89. 'Scotch Game' comes from my searching of Wikipedia for a clever chess-oriented title. According to them, here are comments about this particular game opening: "Popular in the 19th century, by 1900 the Scotch had lost favor among top players because it was thought to release the central tension too early and allow Black to equalize without difficulty. More recently the Scotch has regained some popularity…"

Scotch Game )
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I wanted to be one of the first to wish you birthday greetings! You've been with me a long time now... thank you for being such a devoted fan of my Ron/Draco writings, for our three-way email conversations with [ profile] stuckinsea, for the many cards you've sent over time, for letting me beta for you, and for being a true, caring, affectionate, talented, one of a kind friend in my life. This is only a small thing, but it's R/D for you. I hope you enjoy. XOXOX

Title: The Sensibility of Wantonness
Rating: NC-17
Alerts/Warnings: Rimming, shibari, a distinct lack of angst ;)
Pairing: Ron/Draco
Beta: [ profile] callumjames [smooches]
Author's Notes: Set within my 'Crown of Rope' universe; PWP. The concept of Draco posing for a set of photographs to do with Scandinavian mythology comes from Theron and his tattoo and the artist for whom he poses in The Fall of the Kings by Ellen Kushner and Delia Sherman.
Summary: Draco invites Ron to an art show of a student for whom he's been posing as Baldr, a Norse figure of myth. Ron finds he's unexpectedly moved by the portraits and gives Draco a night to remember.

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Shocking, I know! Yes, it's another HP story. Two in two months, I think. This was written for the inaugural fest at [ profile] weasley_fest. Thanks for [ profile] star54kar for modding it and to [ profile] kath_ballantyne for providing art and a banner! :)

Title: A Rally Toward Exalted Moments
Rating NC-17
Pairing: Harry/Charlie
Summary: Sometimes a person needs to get outside of their usual geography — both physical and emotional — to be able to see the possibility of new lands of the heart.
Warnings/Alerts: PWP; EWE; set three years after the defeat of Voldemort.
Word Count: 5,500
Disclaimer: I love playing in JKR's sandbox. These aren't my characters, but I'm grateful she created them initially.
Author's/Artist's notes: Title slightly modified from a quotation by Rainer Maria Rilke. Written for the incomparable [ profile] iamshadow, who provided a bevy of pairings and a delightfully wide playing field of kinks and preferences for me to work with; this focuses on the first-time aspect of Harry and Charlie getting together post-war. I do hope that you enjoy. Tremendous depths of gratitude to my beta, Callum James; thank you for gently leading me to enhanced clarification and away from anything purple prose-ish.

A Rally Toward Exalted Moments )
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Title: No Shame, This Life, Beloved
Pairing: Ron/Draco, Magic Immunity universe (which does include wished-for Ron/Harry, though Harry never knew)
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 14,800
Warnings: angst, a bit of sentimentality
Beta: my gratitude to [ profile] hapendfro for her insights and commentary and not letting me put this out without revamping the epilogue.
A/N: I started this in fall of '07; I then discovered Wraeththu and other things happened, like moving cross-country. I'd planned for this to be the final long installment in Magical Immunity, and suspect it will be, but never say never. I love these two and this 'verse I first created back in January of 2005. For all who have read and enjoyed my stories in this world, thank you for your comments, your affection for them in this world, and for the art commissioned by [ profile] stuckinsea created by the talented [ profile] fuileachd. Art always welcomed, of course! I do hope you all enjoy this continuation in the story; it having been so long since the last one I don't know whether anyone in our R/D 'ship will even remember what happened last. When we last left our heroes (in "How Close the Divide"), Xavier had been summoned to Hogwarts a year earlier than usual and Ron and Draco had just put him on the Hogwarts Express. Cross-posted to the archives where I house my fanfic and our R/D LJ communities. This story is also totally AU with actual canon by now; it does correlate with my "Cartography of Fire" series: George and Remus are handfasted, Severus survived the War, but barely, Harry was killed.
Summary: Ron and Draco receive rather a shock at discovering the House Xavier is sorted into, though Ron is even more surprised when his new French intern, Jean-Luc, seems to fancy him. Especially when Ron realises he could be capable of infidelity. Life has its surprises, conflicts and deaths, but through it, Draco and Ron seem to be able to hold fast to one another in their own sometimes tumultuous ways.

'No Shame, This Life, Beloved' part 1 )

Continued here
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I get to share my natal day with two people I actually know this year, more than I've ever had (I've never had a friend with the same birthday before): [ profile] heidi8 and [ profile] verdenia. I'm also 2 days late in wishing very festive and joyous birthdays to [ profile] altariel1 and [ profile] snottygrrl, who share a birthday on the 13th. I'm going to do a wrap-up tonight of thank yous, mostly that you all are in my life. (((grateful hugs)))

In hobbitish fashion, I'm giving out gifts on my birthday, in this case, the gift of fic. I have two offerings, one here and one over at [ profile] ginger_lust. The link to the one at [ profile] ginger_lust is here: 'Cloudscape of Ravens'. (I'm linking directly to my website as the link on the comm is locked; the fic is adult and we have some under-18 watchers at the comm) It's the fic I'd had simmering in my head last fall when I first came up with the idea of a Ron-centric, prompt-driven fic community to post after the Christmas/holiday large fests and exchanges. Go there for details but it's adult and as I see it, DH-compliant, EWE. Ron/OMC, Ron/Severus and Ron/OMC/Harry.

The other fic is my first foray into Wraeththu fanfiction, so for any folks who come here from [ profile] raythoo, welcome, and I'd love your thoughts! Especially since only two people on my flist have read the series. ;) I'm still new enough to the fandom that I'm not sure of any particular canon-compliant notices, but this is the beginning of what I can tell will be a long gap filler, and is based on the first three Wraeththu novels and being more fleshed out as I now read the second trilogy. Also to be cross-posted over in the WIP Pinkboard at Forever, a Wraeththu fanfic archive. Also, Wraeththu fanfiction authors tend to have lots of original characters, so I'm not sure whether or not to warn for that, or how to announce such things. Ah, being a newbie again. Hopefully somebody will show me the ropes. For anyone else on my flist, feel free to read, though it'll probably seem like original fic. There are some pictures here to give you some idea of what hara may look like, though it's sadly lacking on this webpage in any pictures of Vaysh. This photo book would also make a great gift. ;) Sadly not available through Amazon or B&N or I'd get it myself.

Title: Maelstrom and Mage, Desire Thine Darkling
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: slash, WIP
Word Count: 6,000
Disclaimer: Ashmael, Vaysh, and the harish world all belong to Storm Constantine; I'm merely playing with great abandon in her sandbox.
Pairings: Vaysh/Ashmael, Ashmael/OHC (original har character)
Summary: Before they knew of Immanion, or Thiede, before death and despair, Ashmael and Vaysh knew and loved each other. This is one way their story may have been told.

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I'm at home, as my knight in armor, [ profile] pghpatronus, has come down with the flu, so I'm not travelling to visit with him and [ profile] wolfiekins and [ profile] koshweasley. We're all disappointed that we won't get to see each other, and I hope that PGH gets well soon. He's on some serious meds, and I'm in a funk.

So! This time of year is a good time to look back. I can't really begin to comprehend how incredibly painful, anger- and anxiety-ridden this year has been for me in RL, so instead, here's the listing of the stories I've written, the various new and old pairings and life experiences I explored through writing as an escape and/or written alternative to my own situations out in the world. Despite the very, very challenging year, I've written a lot that I'm proud of, and hope that you who are readers of my fic, have enjoyed at least one or two of my output from 2007.

fic listing, in chronological order )

The ones I'm most proud of? Probably the Ron/Dean Vermilion Hunger, Cerulean Thirst; Strange-Eyed Constellation (a rare trio if ever there was one!); Strife from the Furthest Prime, and Crown of Rope. Here's to an equally creative outpouring in 2008. For those of you who continue to read and enjoy my stories and let me know, my heartfelt thanks to you. To those who read my stories and lurk, thank you for that as well. And to my many betas, I so appreciate your insights and enthusiasm. With each story I hope that I'm honing my craft, and one of my planned intentions is to spread my wings a bit out beyond fanfic this next year. I'd hoped to do that in 2007, but it wasn't to be. Still, as I look back at what I did contribute to the Harry Potter fandom in 2007, I feel a sense of pride and accomplishment. Thank you all for bothering to take the time to read my often long-ish fics, and to let me know what you thought.
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The reveal over at [ profile] bestmates_xmas has gone up, so I'm free to post my H/R here. Enjoy!

Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 11,550
Genre: romance, erotica, humour, established relationship
Betas: [ profile] rickey_a, [ profile] auntee_mame and [ profile] cim_halfling. Thank you!!!
Summary: A few days before Christmas, Ron is struck with a harmless, but thoroughly annoying curse. Figuring out who cast it takes Ron and Harry to Scotland, and Harry wonders: Why can't I just have a normal Christmas, just once? H/R, EWE, kilt!sex.
Author's Notes: Title, as it absolutely must have, comes from Robert Burns, from his poem "Poem on Pastoral Poetry" written in 1791. It's from the final stanza, and the sentiment reflects pretty accurately the atmosphere of this story:
[…] but that sweet spell
O' witchin love,
That charm that can the strongest quell,
The sternest move.

I have no idea where this rather cracktastic idea came from, but once I was given Abigail89 as my gift recipient and saw a shared interest in Scotland and kilts (and perhaps single malts as well), this story was breathed into life. DH-compliant, ignoring the epilogue.

That Charm That Can the Strongest Quell, part one )

On to part two
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Yeah, I couldn't let dear [ profile] sexyscholar's birthday go by without some long-promised R/D smut.

Title: Sowing the Seeds of Lust
Pairing: Ron/Draco, "Crown of Rope" universe
Rating: NC-17
Genre: PWP, Romance
Word count: 5200
Warnings/kinks: Rimming, double penetration, shibari
Summary: For Draco's 24th birthday, Ron and Draco are back in Japan, and Ron has planned an exceptionally memorable evening for his lover.
A/N: For you, dear Mona (and [ profile] stuckinsea, the third and equal part of our own R/D 'golden trio'). Thank you both for your enthusiasm for all of my writing, but the Ron/Draco especially, and for being an integral part of "Crown of Rope" as it was being written. Title is inspired by the song "Kiss the Dirt (Falling Down the Mountain)" by INXS. Unbeta'ed due to time constraints; if you see something, let me know!

Sowing the Seeds of Lust )

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