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Title: Admittance
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Ron/Draco
Rating: Hard R?
Warnings: Sexual content- hand job. AU.
Word count: 4,210
Beta: My tremendous thanks to Emansil_08
Summary: After a suicide attempt gone awry, what could make Draco's unexpected life any worse? Being forced to share a hospital room with Ron.
A/N: I honestly can't believe it's been six months since I've posted fic of any kind, but that's how this year has been thus far. This was written for the gorgeous [ profile] sexyscholar who took me up on a prompt request several weeks ago. I hope you enjoy this little foray back into a pairing world I have loved so much.

Admittance )
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Title: You and Me and the Rain Make Three
Team: Ron
Prompt: Forbidden
Length: 3,340 words
Rating: Hard R
Warnings/notes: Blowjob, angst, major character death. This fic isn't totally without hope, but it does address a very real issue for many people. Massive thanks to my two betas, [ profile] brumeux77 and [ profile] liriaen. This was written for [ profile] ficadron and while I totally lost in voting between the two stories, I realized I'd not posted it at my own LJ, so here it is.
Summary: Two things are exceedingly unnatural to Ron: being sober, and finding himself attracted to Draco Malfoy. But maybe he can get used to both, if given a chance…

You and Me and the Rain Make Three )
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Sheesh! It seems like absolutely forever since I've written something that I could just post and not wait for this, that or the other. Guess that's what happens when you're focused on a novella rewrite. Back at the end of September I asked for a few story suggestions to tide me over until signups for [ profile] ginger_lust and Yuletide. The story I finished first was requested by [ profile] elfscribe5: Oh gad, I'm so in the Wraeththu head right now, that I could use a break, so Slavebreakers -- Bran/Yves with a side of Holden.

Dearie, sorry it took longer than I thought, but I do hope you enjoy this! Cross-posted of course to [ profile] slavebreakers.

Title: Sonata in the Key of Three
Pairing/Trio: Bran/Yves, Holden/Yves, Bran/Holden/Yves
Rating: Adult
Word Count: 5300
Alerts: Threesome (d'oh!); double penetration
A/N: Outline for the story is based on standard sonata format. The vignettes are set chronologically but do jump at non-standard intervals through the story arc. Self-beta'ed, so if you see something, let me know. Thanks as always to [ profile] maculategiraffe for allowing people like me to play in her sandbox.

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Title: At Swim, Two Men (title brazenly bastardized from Jamie O'Neill's extraordinary book, At Swim, Two Boys)
Fandom: Slave Breakers
Pairing: Andrei/Lee
Rating: Adult
Genre: Kind of PWP-ish, with a bit of character exploration
Summary: The road of self-discovery is rarely a straight path.
Time period: post-Lee, probably a year afterwards

While I admit it was a visual of the sex scene in this that prompted me to write another vignette, [ profile] maculategiraffe's tender story At the Beach is shamelessly referenced in this and provided further inspiration. Thank you, dear, for letting me continue to write in your world.

Note: this is self-beta'ed, so if you notice something, please let me know!

At Swim, Two Men )
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The posting for Ardor in August has gone live here. This was my first Silmarillion-era story, and only a second attempt at elf slash. If that's your thing, read on! If not, no hard feelings.

Summary: With the first coming of Men into east Beleriand, the lives of the Elves are changed. For Amras, his lover, and Amrod's squire, this change becomes unexpectedly personal.
Pairings: Amras/OMC elf, Amras/OMC elf/OMC
Word count: 17,560
Rating: Adult
Beta: [ profile] jaiden_s, to whom I'm exceedingly grateful. Thanks also to [ profile] elfscribe5 for reading it and offering guidance.

Two Dwell in Lovers' Eyes )
On to part two
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So here's another Wraeththu short story, primarily PWP. [ profile] niennaainur requested Cobweb/Lianvis, a pairing I'd never before considered. I tried to make it as canonical as possible. I hope you enjoy!

Title: Desert's Fierce Kiss
Pairing: Cobweb/Lianvis
Rating: Adult
W/C: 2,745

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Earlier this weekend I was asking for drabble requests. Most of them became short vignettes, but a couple I knew would end up longer (and I still have two non-Wraeththu additions to come in near days). [ profile] two_point here requested Seel, 'it must be Seel.' My first thought was Seel/Ashmael, having written Interpret Me the Savage Whirr, but in re-reading it, realized I'd covered most bases there. Still, I wrote more Ashmael/Seel, bringing in Parallax, an OC from Maelstrom and Mage I grew quite fond of, as Ashmael and Vaysh did. I've interspersed 'one' and 'har' (as in someone vs. somehar) since in the original trilogy, Storm used 'one' all the time.

This story takes place in Wraiths. At the end of chapter 12 after Seel saw Pellaz in his re-generation tank, Thiede is very specific with Seel and after telling him he's going to move to Immanion within a month, says, "You will be pleased to know I've allocated a sedu to you. Your training in controlling it begins in two days' time. I'll send a teacher to Saltrock with the animal." Seel isn't particularly grateful.

Title: As Kinshar Met
Pairing/Trio: Ashmael/Seel/Parallax
Rating: Adult
W/C: 1911

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This may not float the boat of anyone on my flist, but I stepped in to pinch hit at Slashy Santa/Valentine's Day and tried my hand at a short Faramir/Boromir. I have no idea if the recipient even knows it's there, but if anyone is interested, here's the summary and link:

Summary: A short time before Boromir sets off to Rivendell, he seeks comfort from Faramir, and longings long unspoken are at last enacted.
Pairing: Faramir/Boromir
Genres: Drama, PWP
Warnings: Incest
Word Count: 1780
The request: "Faramir/Boromir or Faramir/Aragon
Sex (hot and graphic)Hurt/comfort; Boromir (or Aragorn if must be) very distraught and insecure because of ...(your choice), Faramir offers strength and comfort even with his body (virginity would be fine); include a little angst, kink, glove fetish and I'll thank you on my knees."

The vignette can be found here. The sex isn't full-on (oral only) and then hints at future activities. I do, of course, hope it's hot.
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Title: Break Open the Massive Dark
Rating: Adult (language, aruna, references to pelki)
Word count: 30,140
Pairings: Aleeme/Azriel, Aleeme/Yazdyar (OC from "Down the Whispering Well"), Azriel/Yazdyar
Disclaimer: I remain indebted to Storm Constantine's vivid and eloquent imagination for creating the beautiful, fey hara and the worlds in which they live. I'm gratefully playing in her sandbox.
    Now language escape, fugitive of forgiveness
    Leaving as trace only circles of rust
~ "Drought," Vienna Teng

There are many casualties in the second assault on Ponclast that happens in The Shades of Time and Memory. This is a possible telling of Aleeme and Azriel's story after their liberation from Fulminir.

Author's Notes: Firstly, my huge thanks to my two betas, [ profile] elfscribe5 and [ profile] wiebke. You have both helped tremendously in making this story as polished as it is— and thanks for pushing me to write Cal! Hopefully there aren't any mistakes, but if any remain, they're mine. My gratitude also to [ profile] persephone100 for being an advance reader and for sharing your enthusiasm and thoughts. One of my original characters makes reference to a Chickasaw legend; I found the story here initially.

Break Open the Massive Dark, part one )

continue to part two
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It's nearly the conclusion of 2008, and while I do have a couple of stories which haven't yet had the author reveals, I'm going to go ahead and do a summary of the year. It's been another productive one, in which I dove head-first with great gusto into a new fandom, which really surprised me. I thought my head would be full with Harry Potter and Tolkien and I'd never get involved in any others. Instead, Storm Constantine's Wraeththu series of books totally took over, but I also wrote a few short selections in Ellen Kushner's Swordspoint world as well. I'd love to write some Mary Renault The Persian Boy fanfiction one day, but it hasn't yet happened. ;)

I'm going to organize these by fandoms rather than by date, but here's what I've written and posted in 2008 (not including 2 fest stories not yet revealed):

All of my Wraeththu fics can be found here at my website. You can't leave reviews, but for the first fic below, I do have it saved as a pdf there, and there are pictures of 'Castlegar' as well as some other yummy pictures.
§ Maelstrom and Mage, Desire Thine Darkling
49,083 words; Ashmael/Vaysh and OCs, adult
Available here at Forever Wraeththu [where you can leave a review! ;) ] or here as a pdf file to download.

§ Down the Whispering Well
44,523 words; Vaysh/Ashmael and OCs, adult
Available here at Forever Wraeththu. I didn't get around to making a pdf of this one, though maybe I will soon.

§ Passion's Acolyte
3,015 words; Cal/Swift, adult
Available here on LJ or here at Forever Wraeththu

§ Interpret Me the Savage Whirr
6,198 words; Seel/Ashmael, adult
Available here on LJ or here at Forever Wraeththu

§ Quare Clausum Fregit (Wherefore he broke the close)
3,364 words; Vaysh/OC [Yazdyar, from 'Down the Whispering Well'], adult
Available here on LJ and here at Forever Wraeththu

§ Mere Trifles
1,723 words; Seel/Swift (not adult), Cobweb
Available here at Forever Wraeththu or here at my website. I don't seem to have ever posted it at my LJ!

§ Swooping to Landward
13,800 words; Chithra/Lemuel (OCs), a study of Fioan/Colurastes cultural interaction, adult
Available here on LJ (link is to part one) or here at Forever Wraeththu

§ After the Storm, Restless Fire
4,979 words; Ithiel/Cobweb and Ithiel/Terzian, adult
Available here on LJ or here at Forever Wraeththu

§ Reap the Wild Wind
24,402 words; Kelp/Blackspur, Kelp/Hunt (OCs), adult
Link to the first post on my LJ here, or you can read the whole thing here at my website. It hasn't yet been uploaded to Forever Wraeththu.

§ Libertine
389 words; Terzian, PG-13
Available here at my LJ

A few Wraeththu drabbles written along the way are here at my website

Harry Potter
§ Cloudscape of Ravens
18,030 words; Ron/OC, Ron/Severus, adult
Written for the [ profile] ginger_lust Ron-centric fest I hosted with a lot of help. The link there is locked to ensure no-one underage in the community got to it, but you can read it here at my website or here at Skyehawke if you'd care to leave a review.

§ No Shame, This Life, Beloved
14,792 words; Ron/Draco, adult; in all likelihood, the last story in the "Magic Immunity" story arc.
Available here at my LJ

§ A Rally Toward Exalted Moments
5,567 words; Harry/Charlie, adult
Available here at my LJ or here at the [ profile] weasley_fest community

§ Scotch Game
9,144 words; Ron/Remus, adult
Available here at my LJ; it's locked at the [ profile] remus_ron_slash community to prevent underage folks from reading it there.

§ The Sensibility of Wantonness
3,181 words; Ron/Draco ["Crown of Rope" universe], adult
Available here at my LJ

I also seem to have written a slew of various drabbles by request on a few different days. Rather than organize them, there are a bunch of requested HP drabbles here (some Wraeththu, too, but I put them on my website), a rare het Ron/Hermione drabble here and Ron/Charlie drabble from the vampire!Charlie incest story I wrote a year or so ago for [ profile] wolfiekins

I also have one lingering WIP, a Dean/Ron for the very patient Callum James. I actually printed out what I had when I was at his flat in England in October, and I really will finish it. It's just taken a back burner, to my chagrin.

These are nearly all drabbles, though I think I did write a vignette. LOL. I've written a lot this year and can't keep it all straight! Hence the annual wrap-up.

Basil's Banquet, Fall of the Kings drabble
Untitled Richard/Alec drabble
Revenge Effloresces, Richard/Alec drabble

Hmmmm. Thought I'd written more Swordspoint than that; I think I just wish I had!

Lord of the Rings
Unbelievably after my start in the Ardaverse, the only things I've written in LotR fandom this year have been drabbles, but I do seem to have written a few. All are general rating unless otherwise noted.

Untitled Halbarad-centric drabble
Alliances, Gimli-centric
Untitled Gimli-centric drabble
Untitled Éowyn-centric drabble
Untitled Celeborn/Aragorn drabble, adult
Another untitled Gimli-centric drabble

Wow. So, looking at the non-drabbles, it appears as though I've written around 200,000 words of fanfiction this year. I'm not a real word-counter usually; it's just good for me to look at the year and see where my focuses have been. Obviously it's been with Wraeththu more than anything else, and I don't know what my focus will be next year. I will be expanding "Maelstrom and Mage," trying to double it in length to get it ready to be a proper novel available from Immanion Press, and my slashy_santa fic is Tolkien. This year I also started out trying NaNoWriMo, so I wrote about 3K of actual original fiction. Wheeeeeee.

For those of you who have read and enjoyed my stories and let me know, thank you so much! Feedback, commentary, and enthusiasm are always gratifying for an author.
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Yes, this has come to its end. This is the last chapter and epilogue. It's been ages, and for any people waiting for it to be complete, it now is. I'll be marking it as complete on my website and then send it to [ profile] wiebke for inclusion over at Forever Wraeththu. When last we left our group, a forest fire had been set by some humans, and Grissecon was done to take care of them. Lochenfex was injured by it. Hunt and Kelp's future together is still uncertain.

Summary: Níl gach uile fhánaí caillte— Not all who wander are lost. (J.R.R. Tolkien) Kelp, a newly-incepted har and his companion, Blackspur, journey from an outer island of Alba Sulh to find others of their kind. Adult. Adventures, aruna, and an occasional warning for violence. This post: adult.

Reap the Wild Wind, post 7 and Epilogue )
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Well, I think this is probably the next to last post in this; my writing focus is a bit scattered these days between this, beginning the process of reworking "Maelstrom and Mage," revisiting a languishing HP story, beta'ing, and writing a little bit on NaNoWriMo. At any rate, for the few of you who might be reading along, here's more of Kelp and his clan while still with the tree-hara.

Summary: Níl gach uile fhánaí caillte— Not all who wander are lost. (J.R.R. Tolkien) Kelp, a newly-incepted har and his companion, Blackspur, journey from an outer island of Alba Sulh to find others of their kind. Adult. Adventures, aruna, and an occasional warning for violence. No warnings for this post in regards to content except for some angst.

Reap the Wild Wind, post 6 )
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Well, it's taken a while to get this next post done, but that's because I went to England and actually met Storm in person!!! ♥ So if anyone is still following along with this WIP, here's more Kelp and early Sulh. The concept of hara living in the trees is definitely inspired by my Tolkien background and the Elves of Lothlorien. The characters are all OCs with the exception of Cobweb, back in his early, early years as a har. This is a story set in the misty early years of the Sulh.

Summary: Níl gach uile fhánaí caillte— Not all who wander are lost. (J.R.R. Tolkien) Kelp, a newly-incepted har and his companion, Blackspur, journey from an outer island of Alba Sulh to find others of their kind. Adult. Adventures, aruna, and an occasional warning for violence. This post is definitely adult.

Reap the Wild Wind, post five )
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I'm going to post and then take an international trip! I'm off to England tomorrow (after first flying all of the way across the U.S., woe) and will be there 10 days, seeing two fanfic friends and if all goes well, meeting Storm herself!! Yeah, pretty amazing. It also means I'll be more AFK than usual, but feel free to enjoy and let me know your thoughts.

This is the Ithiel fic I wrote a while back as a potential art/fic collaboration with the talented [ profile] freestylerocker, but her interests are more widely scattered these days, so I'm going ahead and posting this fic. Besides, it would be a welcome of sorts to our new raythoo groupies. I mean, group members. ;)

Title: After the Storm, Restless Fire
Pairings: Ithiel/Cobweb, Ithiel/Terzian
Rating: adult
Genre: PWP, with some character exploration
Word count: 4,979

Summary: Ithiel is rather an enigmatic har in Bewitchments; one of the things obvious about him is his loyalty both to Terzian and Cobweb, though doubtless they manifested themselves differently. This is a mostly PWP exploring Ithiel's relationship with the two adult monarchs of Forever in the immediate aftermath of Cal and Pel's departure. I made grateful reference to an image in [ profile] elfscribe5's marvelous story, Playing with Matches (begun with this post; it's four parts) by her use of a tattoo on Terzian--though I put mine in front!

After the Storm, Restless Fire )
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Sorry about the lag; I posted the last part, said I'd have the next part shortly, and then went out of town for a week. But here's the continuation of the prior post. I'll put in the leading up paragraph again here before starting into the new section just to give you a reminder of what's going on. These are all OCs with the exception of Cobweb, back in his early, early years as a har. This is a story set in the misty early years of the Sulh.

Summary: Níl gach uile fhánaí caillte— Not all who wander are lost. (J.R.R. Tolkien) Kelp, a newly-incepted har and his companion, Blackspur, journey from an outer island of Alba Sulh to find others of their kind. Adult. Adventures, aruna, and an occasional warning for violence.

Reap the Wild Wind, post four )
.:~ to be continued ~:.

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