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I don't know that I've ever done this, share 21 first sentences of stories I've written. I went to my flash drive to actually count up all of the fics I posted during my fanfiction years, and there were 172. So that made it challenging. To find a somewhat not-really random way to come up with 21, I put the list in reverse alpha order and picked every 8th story. What's humbling and a little worrisome is I wrote down one title and realized I had NO IDEA what fandom it was, much less what the story is about. I'll be interested to see. I'm also going to include word count since they'll be wildly different, I suspect.

So in the order I found them:

    1. It wasn't the night sweats Ron hated the most.
    ~ You and Me and the Rain Make Three, 3347 words, Ron/Draco, HP fandom

    2. The joyous black dog bounded around the kitchen, jostling some stray dishes from the morning's rushed breakfast off the edge of the table and crashing to the floor.
    ~ Unleashed, 5650 words, Remus/Sirius, HP

    3. Seamus was sitting at the countertop of his small kitchen surrounded by brightly coloured pieces of paper, when he sensed a flickering in his house wards.
    ~ These Hot Days, 5031 words, Seamus/Draco, HP

    4. It can’t be this easy.
    ~ The Essence of Black, 4561 words, Remus/Sirius, HP

    5. The trees moaned as their branches were tugged by a malevolent current.
    ~ Strife from the Furthest Prime, 10,751 words, Ron/Harry, HP

    6. Ah, he had missed this.
    ~ To Dwell in Lover's Eyes, 17,457 words, Amras/OCs, Silmfic

    7. "Ron! For Merlin's sake, wake up!"
    ~ totally don't know what title this actually has; on my flash drive it's titled 'ron&deanficforcallum', 4489 words, Ron/Dean (apparently, lol), HP

    8. "Fuck."
    ~ Passion's Acolyte, 3011 words, Cal/Swift, Wraeththu

    9. There. Another one down, Neville thought wearily, placing the newly-polished trophy next to the collection of gleaming silver awards he'd been subjected to clean for his detention.
    ~ Neville in Wonderland, an abandoned HP/Alice in Wonderland crossover

    10. George stretched out his arms and legs, basking in the warm Mediterranean sun.
    ~ Love's An Anarchist, 14,145 words, George/Remus, HP

    11. “Théodred! There you are!”
    ~ Kindly Winter's Gift, 2377 words, Théodred/OMC, Tolkien

    12. The feeling was there again.
    ~ How Close the Divide, 17,724 words, Ron/Draco, HP

    13. Nail in hand, align shingle.
    ~ Good Fortune of the Unlucky, 7348 words, Ron/Draco, HP

    14. Stars sang in a chorus of light against the night sky.
    ~ From Sand to Stone, 4172 words, Finduilas/Denethor, Tolkien

    15. This was to be a private drunk.
    ~ Farewell to the Impossible, 763 words, Ashmael, Wraeththu

    16. "So. How long before the scorpions arrive?" Cobweb asked, picking up a cup of tea with steady hands.
    ~ Desert's Fierce Kiss, 2747 words, Cobweb/Lianvis, Wraeththu

    17. Rexines strummed and plucked at his barbol while I waited to hear a familiar tune.
    ~ Swooping to Landward, 13,779, OMCs Colurastes/Froia tribes, Wraeththu

    18. Lee awoke to a familiar pungent musk.
    ~ Baby, You Can Drive My Car, 3707 words, Lee/Andrei, Slave Breaker fandom

    19. She was walking in part of the more unsavoury parts of town - near many of the public houses, bawdy language carrying clearly in the still, night air.
    ~ And Do All Such Good Works, 1491 words, Herith (OFC of Gondor) genfic, Tolkien

    20. Alexander was in good spirits; he and Hephaistion had spent all of their evening together by the fire, sharing common tales of their youth.
    ~ Sogdian Nights, 695 words, Bagoas/Alexander, The Persian Boy, by Mary Renault

    21. He was walking near the library, adjusting a clasp at his neck.
    ~ A Taste of Diplomacy, 3918 words, Denethor genfic, Tolkien

From these I'm not quite sure what to make of them. It might have been equally interesting to select 21 at equal points beginning when I first began writing until now, to see if they changed as my writing developed. I don't often seem to start with weather descriptions, nor dialogue. And when I do, it's to drop the reader in the midst of something. Other people's thoughts are welcome! You may see patterns that I don't. Some definitely 'hook' more than others, and definitely some would be helped by showing the first paragraph. An interesting exercise!! I do love my titles. I've come up with some really memorable ones.
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So I posted my Finduilas' POV fic and it's been quietly received. And that's really okay. I'm thinking I'll re-read the story of Aldarion and Erendis in UT and see about going back into the fic graveyard to dig up my Numenorean story long-ago abandoned, but not forgotten. :)

And I'm wearing armwarmers!! )

More about my newest project, but here's a link to the WIP on Ravelry:

I'm back to my 'regular' schedule, so back to work tomorrow afternoon. But I'm so, so excited by my new specialization and position. :D
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My Finduilas/Denethor story is done! It needs a thorough edit and to be beta'ed, but it's finished. I'll look forward to putting this little story into the fandom. Happiness. :D

AO3 Meme

Apr. 20th, 2012 09:07 am
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Several folks on my LJ flist were doing this, so I decided to hop on board as well. I only have five fics posted at AO3, but I was mightily surprised at what story had the most hits.

Unfulfilled Hunger (True Blood fandom)- 585
The Teethmarks of Time (His Dark Materials fandom)- 238
An Indulgence Most Discreet (Lord John Grey fandom)- 157
Love Never to be Forsworn (Lord John Grey fandom)- 151
Sogdian Nights (Mary Renault's Alexander series fandom)- 149

The His Dark Materials story has been posted there the longest, so I'm not surprised that it has the next number of hits. But I'm shocked at the True Blood one! I also received a kudo for Sogdian Nights two days ago- kind of random, but lovely nonetheless.

Now to play a little online Boggle (yet another joy that is shared by [ profile] evannichols that we discovered last weekend) and do some knitting before heading out to BHFT to share lunch with my beloved.
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It's been a while since I've posted any fic- this was my Yuletide fic from this past year. Enjoy!

Title: An Indulgence Most Discreet
Fandom: Lord John Grey
Rating: PG-13
Beta: emansil_08 and llembas
Word Count: 3020
Request: I don't have anything specific in mind. Just love him and his tortured sense of honor and vulnerability and how he navigates his world. A moment with Jamie or Percy would be lovely. Or some more about Lavender House. Or even Lord John transported to the Castro circa 1979 (giggle).
Summary: John attempts to recreate a particularly memorable interaction he had experienced with Percy. Set shortly after the events of Lord John and the Brotherhood of the Blade.

An Indulgence Most Discreet )
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A quick aside: it can take hours to update one's fic website when it hasn't been touched in 9 months. I knew I'd written a Rohirric/Dwarvish cultural study fic last winter but in scouring my LJ and various other sites, I discovered I only published it one place for an exchange I now can't remember. So quite happily, I have a Tolkien genfic to post, seven months after writing it.

Title: An Explorer in His Own Land
Fandom: Tolkien
Rating: G
Beta: [ profile] brumeux77. Thank you again, belatedly!
Word Count: 3127
Request: New Beginnings
Summary: A man of Rohan decides to introduce himself to his new neighbors in the caves of Helm's Deep.

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Title: Admittance
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Ron/Draco
Rating: Hard R?
Warnings: Sexual content- hand job. AU.
Word count: 4,210
Beta: My tremendous thanks to Emansil_08
Summary: After a suicide attempt gone awry, what could make Draco's unexpected life any worse? Being forced to share a hospital room with Ron.
A/N: I honestly can't believe it's been six months since I've posted fic of any kind, but that's how this year has been thus far. This was written for the gorgeous [ profile] sexyscholar who took me up on a prompt request several weeks ago. I hope you enjoy this little foray back into a pairing world I have loved so much.

Admittance )

Home again

Jul. 5th, 2011 07:27 pm
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Just a quick note to say that I'm back home after having a pleasant visit with [ profile] persephone100. She is an incredibly gracious host. Despite taking my camera, I neglected to take any pictures to share, so phooey on me. Today I've mostly been knitting, enjoying a massage, and actually reading a book! I know I've mentioned this career counseling book that I'll get back to focusing on, but today I was just reading for fun, a book recommended by a friend, Tea With the Black Dragon by R. A. MacAvoy. I ordered it via interlibrary loan, and of all the libraries it could have been sent from, it came from the library of my alma mater! Very cool.

I have what looks like a very interesting movie, "For A Lost Soldier" that popped up as a 'you might like this' in Netflix. If it's as good as it sounds, I'll report in.

I may even have fic to post soon! I did my final edits at [ profile] persephone100's. Amazing how nervous I feel about it, just because it's been so long.
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This was originally posted to [ profile] lotr_community for their 'Believe it or Not' challenge for October. It's very short, but boy was it fun to write Tolkien again!

Title: A Rose Among Thorns
Rating: G
Theme: Believe It Or Not
Elements: "dim"
Betas: [ profile] booneda and [ profile] brumeux77
Author's Notes: I've not written any Tolkien in a while; I hope you enjoy this fanciful tale involving my favorite race in M-E.
Summary: What would be truly unexpected within Dwarvish society? Maybe someone like Dimvin.
Word Count: 1086

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So the dear [ profile] heartofoshun stepped up to my request plate and requested this: Give me a Wraeththu ficlet! I'm thinking about Ashmael and Cal. It can be any kind of interaction that you choose. Doesn't have to a big aruna scene if something else strikes your fancy, of course, I wouldn't complain if you wrote one.

This does have aruna, though it's not super-explicit. Set a few days after Cal has come to Immanion and sent Thiede off into another astral plane. Thanks so much for the request!

Title: A First Time for Everything
Rating: General
Fandom: Wraeththu
Pairing: Ashmael/Cal
A/N: self-beta'ed. Short. 1355 words. Cross-posted to [ profile] raythoo

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Oh my dear- I'm so glad that you're a friend of mine and that I get to chat with you on a regular basis. This is a very special fic: there are exactly two people in this world for whom I would write H/D, and you're one of them. In honor of your birthday, I hope you'll enjoy this wee, somewhat cracktastic fic as a gift from me to you.

Fandom: Harry Potter
Title: The Truth Behind the Pseudonym
Pairing: Harry/Draco
Rating: PG-13
Warnings/Alerts: AU, verging on crack!fic. For me especially, this is almost sappy.
Summary: Meeting online friends is always tricky business, especially if you're a Wizard involved in a Muggle roleplaying game.
Author's Notes: My huge thanks to [ profile] llembas for her quick and astute beta. As noted, I almost never write H/D, but this is for a very special person in my life. Happy birthday, dear! ♥

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At last, it's time for me to post my [ profile] lgbtfest story! Actually, it was supposed to be the 13th but I had it in my head as the 15th, so I'm posting it on the last Amnesty Wednesday. I've never written in this fandom, but both of my dear betas felt I had a competent hold on it. So I now present my first ever historical fanfiction, set within Diana Gabaldon's Lord John Grey series.

Title: Love Never to be Forsworn
Fandom: Diana Gabaldon, Lord John Grey series
Pairing/characters: Hector Mumford, Lord John Grey
Rating: R
Disclaimer: Anyone who's seen her fanfiction kerfuffle (which she subsequently took down) knows that Ms. Gabaldon isn't a supporter of fanfic because her characters are hers, hers, HERS!!! Too bad. I enjoyed writing them and writing their possible backstory.
Prompt: 1870. Lord John Grey series, John/Hector, When John met Hector, anything about how their relationship started (including coming out scenarios if you wish), or the issues surrounding the need for secrecy - finding love and being gay in the 18th C British army. From either's POV.
Summary: A young second lieutenant, Hector Mumford is quite adept at keeping his personal life — and preferences for his own sex — out of his life in the army. When the young Lord John Grey is brought into the regiment, Hector must decide whether or not to risk his commission, or risk missing out on having an intimate brother in arms.
Author's Notes: My vast thanks to [ profile] elfscribe5 and [ profile] emansil_08 for their very helpful betas and their equal enthusiasm for this particular story. I really needed some hand-holding and affirmation, and they provided it as well as their astute observations.

As an aside, I did some searching on art for British soldiers of the time and found a picture that I think could easily have been Second Lieutenant Hector Mumford:

Love Never to be Forsworn )
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So this set of three vignettes grew a bit longer and more convoluted than initially intended, so here's the first story with two primary elements. It's a bit PWP, but it's leading on to more substantive and plotty elements. I'd put in a snippet of a bunny about Lee needing glasses, so I decided to pursue that here. Oh, and did I mention that the suspension swing in the Slave Breakers' training room is also an element? ;)

Title: Held in Perfect Trust
Fandom: Slave Breakers
Rating: Adult
Word Count: 4,124
Betas: huge thanks to [ profile] elfscribe5 and [ profile] brumeux77 who both gave sound advice which allows me to write even more SB fic in this wonderful universe [ profile] maculategiraffe created. Thank you all!!

Hope that any readers on my flist who enjoy Slave Breakers also enjoy this.
Held in Perfect Trust )
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This vignette is particularly timely in its setting, because today is the Gondorian New Year!!! Happy New Year to all who celebrate. ;)

Title: Elusive Scents in Wartime
Fandom: Lord of the Rings
Rating: G
Word Count: 1350
Prompt: Smell
Summary: Reassurance and comfort can appear unexpectedly, especially during time of war.

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I don't usually post this much fic within a short time frame, but the Gimli stories are short and I actually began writing this particular Wraeththu story at the end of December. The characters, setting, and cultural elements to this story are actually taken from the story I submitted for the early-era Wraeththu compilation Storm is putting together (it was accepted, though it will need some expanding). The characters and setting became so real for me that I decided to write a sequel- there's enough information in this that it's stand-alone, but I'll look forward to the publication of said compilation, whenever that is, so people can read the genesis of this story. Cross-posted to [ profile] raythoo.

Title: Escape from the Flame of Separateness
Primary Characters: All OCs with the exception of a harling-aged Tyr
Rating: Well, it has aruna, and language.
Word Count: 6,040
Beta: [ profile] elfscribe5. Thank you so much for tidying up my prose and for your insights!!
Summary: Ottar's second year as a har of Freygard becomes nightmarish when his mentor is possessed by a nameless spirit and the aftermath of their subsequent aruna irrevocably changes his life.
Author's Notes: The title comes from a poem by Rumi.

Escape from the Flame of Separateness )
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Title: Unanswerable Questions
Fandom: Lord of the Rings
Characters: Gimli, Legolas, Rohirrim, Aragorn
Word Count: 1250
Rating: G
Summary: The night before following Aragorn on the Paths of the Dead, Gimli struggles with his purpose and questions which have no easy answers.
Author's Notes: Another short gapfiller for my fanfic100 table, this time with the prompt of Why? Self-beta'ed and crossposted to [ profile] fanfic100. Perhaps a slight nod to movieverse, but this is definitely extracted from canon. Gormgloine is the name for Gimli's axe that I gave him within my own fanon, initially from the story "Speak, Friend, and Enter." My notes about it were these: "blue-glass" (Irish) My vision is that Narvi's axe handle has two sapphires embedded in it, and I love that it has the word "Gloin" in it. Many of the weapons in Middle-earth have names, including Orcrist, Thorin's sword. To my knowledge Gimli does not name his axe, but perhaps he's being coy in that secretive Dwarvish way that they have. I considered his axe to have been handed down the family line from Narvi ultimately to him.

Unanswerable Questions )
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Title: In the Shelter of Destroyed Dreams
Fandom: JRR Tolkien
Characters: Gimli, The Ring Fellowship
Prompt: Breakfast
Word Count: 1291
Rating: G
Summary: After several days, even Gimli is ready to leave Khazad-dûm.
Author's Notes: My Gimli-Muse has finally returned! This is just a short vignette gap-filler set during The Fellowship of the Ring. Cross-posted to [ profile] fanfic100 as part of my very long-languishing 100-prompt table.

In the Shelter of Destroyed Dreams )
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Title: You and Me and the Rain Make Three
Team: Ron
Prompt: Forbidden
Length: 3,340 words
Rating: Hard R
Warnings/notes: Blowjob, angst, major character death. This fic isn't totally without hope, but it does address a very real issue for many people. Massive thanks to my two betas, [ profile] brumeux77 and [ profile] liriaen. This was written for [ profile] ficadron and while I totally lost in voting between the two stories, I realized I'd not posted it at my own LJ, so here it is.
Summary: Two things are exceedingly unnatural to Ron: being sober, and finding himself attracted to Draco Malfoy. But maybe he can get used to both, if given a chance…

You and Me and the Rain Make Three )
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Title: Baby, You Can Drive My Car
Fandom: The Slave Breakers
Pairings: Lee/Andrei, Lee/Jer
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 3700
Summary: Being the focus of two lovers isn't always easy, especially when the two men involved are polar opposites.
Author's Notes: This is a sequel to A Diffident Confidence, a Lee/Andrei h/c story. I became fascinated with Mac's newest contribution to her own canon in this entry in which it's revealed that Jer moves into Andrei's estate and must be there a fair amount of the time. I've had a tremendously fun time imagining that dynamic and how it would affect Lee. I'd intended this story to be a steamy, sexy romp, and instead Lee and Andrei talked. And talked. And then there was driving. My apologies to the Beatles for the title, but I couldn't resist. Self-beta'ed, so if you see something, please let me know. And my usual depths of gratitude to Mac for this world and letting us write in it. Crossposted to [ profile] slavebreakers.

Baby, You Can Drive My Car )
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My first posted fic in '10 is in the Slave Breakers fandom. Many of you on my flist haven't read this original fiction series, but I highly recommend it. I found myself occupied by a plot bunny suggested by [ profile] kata_ny over in [ profile] slavebreakers where this is crossposted: i'd love to read about Andrei being hurt/ill and Lee caring for him.
yes,i'm a sucker for h/c.

Title: A Diffident Confidence
Pairing: Lee/Andrei
Rating: PG
Word Count: 4495
Summary: When Andrei is injured while ice skating, Lee struggles to rise above his self-perceived inadequacies in caring for him.
Author's Notes: self-beta'ed, so if you notice something, please don't hesitate to let me know. As with nearly all of my Lee/Andei stories, this is a bit indulgent and, especially for me, nearly sappy. My thanks as always to [ profile] maculategiraffe for letting me write in her world and for having come up with the vivid characters and their memorable lives that have enthralled me for over a year now.

A Diffident Confidence )

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