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A choir friend sent me this: probably the most classic pose you can find me in. ;)

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At last, here's about 3/4 of my England pictures. I picked what I felt were the best ones, and didn't include some duplicates and whatnot. Sometimes I take pictures of odd things (signs for cookies that amused me, a redheaded Shakespearean actor because, well, you all know me), but if you'd like to check them out, go here to my 2010 U.K. trip pics! Callum won't feature in any pictures as he'd prefer to keep his privacy, and to my shame, I never even got my camera out while visiting [ profile] matildabishop! But I'm in some, and a couple of choristers, and lots of cathedrals.

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I'm back safely; still dealing a little bit with anxiety of being back in the States and it being so hot and humid. :P There are several people I'll want to call over the weekend and get caught up; several of you should also have received postcards. There are a few additional goodies to send to a few others of you. :) I'm in total withdrawal from [ profile] matildabishop and Callum in that I had such wonderful days with them. It's such a treat to get to be with fan friends who have become people with whom I can discuss pretty much anything, and they're simply relaxing, fun company to spend time with. I did like the choir tour part of my trip, but to be candid, the highlights for me were after that, spending time with these two and also seeing Cambridge. I expect that I'll download more pictures from my camera tomorrow and put a link up to the gallery here at LJ.

So glad to be back safely! ♥
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That is all.

Well, almost all. We did see Wild Target, which was a fun romp, and I went to Cadbury World and bought chocolate, and then after dinner this evening she invited me along to her twice weekly yoga class. Which absolutely kicked my fanny. She's amazing!!! That's Matt. The instructor was also amazing, but you'd expect that from an instructor. I'm going to sleep well tonight.

Tomorrow morning we may watch some Starsky and Hutch and then only too soon I'll need to get back to the bus station and head down to Cambridge for my final two days. :(
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This will be a very fast post as only he's willing to pay for wifi (I'm trying not to go crazy spending-wise) so I'm using his computer. We wandered around Bath yesterday- it's very Georgian. We also did a lot of people-watching and getting caught up and just chatting with each other. Dinner was a delicious affair of surprisingly well done pub food in Chipping Sodbury. :) We're staying at a motel and are momentarily off to forage for breakfast. Today's adventure will involve hippopotami. *g*

Hope you all are well; once I'm with [ profile] matildabishop I'll try to post a more meaty travelogue post and add some pictures. ♥
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Yes! Still in England, barely made it through this evening's Evensong due to my voice going out. Have made a lovely friend of the tour guide at the York Brewery. Ate way too much at dinner tonight and I feel vile. I'm still sick, though getting better. The problem is that rather than being really congested but my singing voice was fine (2 days ago) now I'm less congested and my singing voice was shot. Tomorrow is our fourth and final singing event. I'm hoping beyond hope to have full vocal quality again.

So… has some kind soul recently recc'ed my (by default) older Ron/Draco stories? All of a sudden I seem to have a couple of new readers (and reviewers! *gasp*) on Skyehawke, and figured there might be a reason for that, and it wasn't simply that somebody stumbled across the mass amounts of R/D I wrote a while back…

More soon. And I am uploading some pictures; once I get a few more up I'll post a link to the gallery and let you all see what I've taken with my new camera since the other fun lime green one seems to have gone totally missing. :( Now I have an orange camera. :)
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… I'm sick. AUGH! I had a day of feeling as though I was swallowing razor blades, and pretending as though everything was fine. By late/early in the morning two nights ago, one of my roommates graciously offered me up some decongestants since, in my fitful sleep, I sounded as though I was drowning. So now I've been getting joking (but very sympathetic) comments about me being the group's newest tenor, or that I'm all of a sudden a smoky-voiced woman. Thanks to Boots I now have a decongestant nasal spray and am feeling much better, though my voice is still for crap. Thankfully I'd not lost my singing voice for our concert yesterday, since in that concert I was in no fewer than three small groups— and my voice held through and had decent vocal quality. Today is a totally free day, which is very appreciated, not the least because we had to be up and on the bus by 7:30 a.m. yesterday. We're in York and there's plenty for me to do, not the least: Medieval Walls to walk on! Minster! Towers!

I can't resize my photos, and it seemed to be a lot of trouble to upload given the erratic strength (but constant, yay) internet access, so I'm going to wait and post pictures when I get back home.

I've been trying to keep up with you all, and hope that things are well for the most part. Must say that I'm so glad to be out of the country!! I so adore being overseas. ♥
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My time in Ely was quite pleasant. It's a very small little place with a massive cathedral in the middle of it. I could easily transport myself back to a time in the middle ages when that would have been the major focus of the town. Our concert went well; no major bloopers and we had a decent sized audience. We sang in the Lady Chapel which was well lit and also meant that it got rather hot, as opposed to the rest of the cathedral which was quite cool. Especially for me, being as cold-natured as I am, I'm really not used to the sensation of sweat running down the back of my thighs. I should probably mention that we're singing in our cassocks and cottas on top of other clothes, hence making us even warmer.

Now we're in York, having had a mid-day several hours at Lincoln cathedral. While in the medieval town, I found a fabulous used book store and found a perfect gift for a friend. :) She won't get it until I return. Since I'm not spending that much time online, I'm going to disable comments, but I'm glad that any of you reading this are with me. I'll hope to download and resize a few pics and post them as well.

The bad element: I slept like crap last night and also woke up feeling as though I'd been swallowing razor blades. I've been trying to pretend all day that it wasn't happening and that I'll be all well instantly. Instead, I'm now congested, but will hopefully get a decent night's sleep, take some ibuprofin, and stay hydrated. We have a concert tomorrow morning at 10:30 at Durham, which means that we have to leave at 7:30 a.m. AUGH!
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We had a blissfully uneventful flight without even that much turbulence, I'm glad to say. Now I'm in the town of Ely, up in the northern part of England, and am having a blissful cup of instant coffee and chatting with one of my two roommates. So… not much yet to report, but I did want to let you all know that I'm here, doing well (even slept some!), and will hopefully post some pictures soon.

(((hugs))) to you all!!
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With all seriousness, anyone on my flist who lives in the U.K. who'd like to meet me, here are the dates and times for the services/concerts at which I'll be singing this coming week.

Thursday, June 24th: Lunchtime Concert in Lady Chapel of Ely Cathedral - 1:10 p.m.
Saturday, June 26th: Concert in Durham Cathedral – 10:30 a.m.
Monday, June 28th: Evensong in York Minster - 5:15 p.m.
Tuesday, June 29th: Choral Eucharist in Bradford Cathedral - 7:00 p.m.

I'd love to meet you, so if you do come hear us (Trinity Church choir from Staunton, Virginia), please introduce yourself to me afterwards! I think you all know what I look like; I have an icon of me. I'm taking a laptop so I won't be all that AFK, but we will be kept pretty busy. Wish me well and that I don't freak out about flying. :P
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It occurred to me that I have several folks on my flist who live in England and you might be interested in coming to hear one of the services or concerts I'll be singing in during the week-long tour. I'd love for you to come and also to introduce yourself to me!! I think everyone on my flist knows what I look like; if not, email me and I'll send a pic off-list. Here's the singing itinerary: Ooops. I just realized that while I have the dates and locations, I don't have the times of day. I'll get that from my choir director tonight and post it tomorrow. But here's the dates and locations:
Thursday, June 24th— Lunchtime Concert in Lady Chapel of Ely Cathedral
Saturday, June 26th— Concert in Durham Cathedral – 2:00pm (okay; I have one time)
Monday, June 28th— Rehearsal and Evensong in York Minster
Tuesday, June 29th— Concert or service in Bradford Cathedral

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Okay! So I've uploaded all of my pictures except the ones of Callum; sorry, he's a man of mystery. ;)
The link to my England pictures gallery is here. Enjoy! I think I uploaded all of the pics except ones with Callum, and a few more of Storm Constantine with her cat.
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Yes, I made it safely home; the flights were thankfully uneventful and customs didn't take long at all. I'm enjoying a cup of coffee and a piece of toast, I've had a shower and downloaded my pictures off of my camera. I'm looking through them and naming them and will then post them to my LJ, which may take a little while but I'll let you all know when they're up. Callum would rather remain enigmatic, so you won't see pictures of him, but I'll post the rest. I think I may end up taking a nap this afternoon; my body clock is a little out of whack as you can imagine. I also need to make a grocery store run!! It was a fabulous trip and after taking today to recover, it'll be back to looking for a job. *sigh* Thanks to all who came along with me via my updates and those who lurked; my thanks again to Callum and MatildaBishop for letting me stay with them during my trip itself.
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Here I am again at the internet cafe, timed to be able to do my online check-in for my British Airways flight tomorrow and select a window seat. So now that's accomplished, and I'm making my last post from the U.K.

Bring on the English weather and the obligatory illness )

I guess I don't have that much left to report, sadly. I did some writing on my new Wraeththu yesterday and will probably do some this afternoon between now and coming back into town. If I had a companion, I suspect I'd spend more time in town at a cafe or something, but since it is kind of cold and I'm coming down with something, I don't mind spending a couple of hours of downtime at the guesthouse, reading and writing and having lunch. Hopefully I'll be able to sleep tonight since I tend not to sleep well the night before I travel. I really do regret having to leave this country; oddly, perhaps because I was with friends for so long, including an American family with Matt, in some ways I've not felt that I've been out of the country at all. The accents are different, yes, but I don't feel at all like a foreigner. Very strange. I'll never forget when Callum let me print out what I'd written on the Ron/Dean story I started for him last spring, and I was so shocked to realize the paper was A4 size. I looked at him and said, "I'm in England. I forgot." It was as though I'd known him forever and was just visiting someone from out of town, not out of the country!!

With that, I'll close. Please keep me in your thoughts as I make my return journey with the Suitcase of DoomTM and scratchy throat. (((hugs)))
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A quick note to say: it's quite magical to sit and have a sandwich, crisps and milk whilst sitting on the banks of the Isis (the part of the Thames that runs through Oxford), watching uni students punt down the water.

last days in Brum )

Oxford, days 1 1/2 )
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wherein Matt, Thev, Harry and Ron go to Worcester )

I arranged my Oxford trip: the coach from here to Oxford, the place where I'm staying (which I now find out could be quite skanky, but oh well; it's done now and I have that local bus route printed out from the coach station), and the coach from Oxford to Heathrow airport Monday morning. ::sniffles::

Today's adventure with Matt will include a tour of the Cadbury factory here in Bournville, Cadbury World, then going into Birmingham to see some of the places where Tolkien frequented as a youth before he went off to Oxford. Not sure about the rest of the day; I do need to print out a map of central Oxford before I have to go searching for internet cafes for any kind of internet access.

I'll leave you with a droll comment made by the 10 yo Bishopette this morning as she and I were standing in the kitchen talking about salt. She'd left part of a bagel sprinkled with white stuff which I thought I'd finish off, thinking it was sugar. No, it was salt. So I opted out. But her precocious comment was:
    "How can such a tiny crystal bring such joy to people?"

I will definitely miss being around friends when I get to Oxford. But that's not today. ;)
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Monday was a travel day- all went well except for a slight miscommunication with [ profile] matildabishop which did cause a little stress, but I found them in the coach station after a while. That seems to be a theme for this trip. ;) I'm now in Birmingham!

matilda, the Mum in Brum time )

meeting Storm )

I managed to make it to the Bishop household without incident, though without help I might have missed the stop. I've now traveled via plane, train, automobile, and coach. I suppose if I'd taken the ferry in Portsmouth, then I'd have covered a great number of ways to travel! I did some research into staying in Bath before seeing how expensive it would be to get to the airport, so I've gone back to research into staying in Oxford. [ profile] verdenia has friends who graciously offered for me to spend the night before my flight, but they're off to the SE of London and I'm now at a point where I want minimal schlepping of the SoD, so I'm going to simply spend my last few nights in Oxford and take the bus in the morning. At that point I'll need to find an internet cafe, so if I'm quieter once I leave the Bishops, that's why.

Today Matilda and I are going to Worcester Cathedral, and maybe also the Red House Glass Cone, built in 1790.

Hope that you're all doing well and enjoying this wee travelogue. ♥
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It's pretty early Monday morning; I need to catch a local bus to get to the local coach hub to take a coach (large bus) up to Birmingham to spend the next few days with [ profile] matildabishop and her bustling, vocal family. I'll spend much/most of today on the bus, so don't look for too much to report tomorrow.

I tried to sleep in yesterday, to no avail, so I piddled around and then Callum and I had coffee and talked about where I should go for my last few days. I've now settled on Oxford, a place I've actually not visited which should be easy to get to by public transport from Birmingham, will also be easy to get to London when I'm getting ready to go, and will have plenty for me to do. When Callum's partner, R., came over after church, we developed our plan for the day, which was pretty busy. I should also note it still feels like August here; sunny and warm. I feel as though I definitely overpacked, though the weather could change.

Stop #1 )
Stop #2 )
Stop #3 )

We stopped by a small supermarket on the way home to get munchies for dinner, then chilled out for a while. R. stayed for the evening and we watched Antique Roadshow, apparently a national establishment. I've seen the U.S. version before, but it's much more fun to watch with friends.

Lastly, Callum and I spoke for a while before both heading off to bed at a reasonable hour. Apparently I did get one of my first nights of proper sleep as I actually had the alarm go off rather than me having been lying there awake, waiting for it, for a couple of hours. Today will be predominantly on the bus, either writing or reading, but also probably staring out the window and enjoying how the scenery changes. I'll have a stop in London to change buses, and then further up north. I will very much miss being here; it was a most blessed way to start my trip. I feel as though I'd been visiting Callum and R. all of my life, not this being the first time, and they've both been incredibly gracious. Before getting all teary and crying on his keyboard, I'll stop.
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So it's actually Sunday now; yesterday was too busy to post.

Portsmouth with Callum, day 2 )

I'm not sure what's on the docket for today; I need to start getting serious about figuring out what I'll do my last few days as I hadn't planned them, and have realized that (*cough*) I don't actually have a map of the U.K., so I should probably plan pretty well now. I don't have a laptop, and my cell phone doesn't work over here, though I did know that in advance. My thought is wherever I go, I'll stay at a B&B since I also can't lock my suitcase as I'm borrowing it from my neighbor, and a hostel might not be ideal in that situation. Also, at a B&B the owner(s) can suggest local things to do, so we'll see.

I'm also mighty cheesed off at myself in that I've scoured my bag and the cord for my camera for me to download pictures; I thought I'd packed it, but apparently not. So no pictures until I get home. ::seethes::

Hope you're all well!
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Hello all- truly too exhausted to say much except that everything went well, and thanks to [ profile] callumjames' chivalry and assistance, I'm safely here. My flights went okay, and while our meet up was a bit tricky (more on that later), here's proof that he and I spent the day in London: Thev at the Houses of Parliament!!!

We're going to have fish and chips, and take a walk on the beach (if my legs are still working) and then I think I'll crash. At least for a little while. I won't be able to reply to replies, but feel free to leave any if you'd wish. ;)


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