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There were lots of great fics written for [ profile] rd_challenge. And to my exceeding shock (especially since it was long), well, I seem to have won the angst category.

Guess I'll post it now, here. It's longish, so it'll probably be a few posts.

Title: A Place Like Tomorrow
Rating: NC-17
Assigned Genre: Angst
Prompt: "I know what it's like to want to die. How it hurts to smile.
How you try to fit in but you can't.
How you hurt yourself on the outside to try to kill the thing on the inside."
- Girl Interrupted
Word Count: 20,740
Pairings (other than R/D): N/A
Summary: Sanity is a very thin tightrope; Ron only discovers this once he's taken several steps.
Author Notes: My immense gratitude to [ profile] callumjames and [ profile] wolfiekins for their betas and insights. Bill's condition in this is AU in that he does change into a wolf at the full moon.

A Place Like Tomorrow, part one )
Continue on to part two
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I picked up this bunny from the [ profile] slavebreakers bunny hutch; it's been haunting me for a while. It's a continuation of the scene from the first night Lee and Andrei are together (that particular chapter is here), when Mac/Andrei leave the door wide open for the first time Lee tops Andrei, shortly after the first time they have sex. The ending of Mac's story begins this one, in italics. Mine takes over from there. Enjoy!

Title: All We Know of Heaven (thanks to the title of Rémy Rougeau's lovely, quiet novel for this title)
Fandom: Slave Breakers
Rating: Adult/PWP
Pairing: Andrei/Lee
Beta: Thank you, [ profile] jaiden_s!
Summary: Andrei has purchased a bit of paradise.
And thanks to [ profile] maculategiraffe for letting me write in her world.

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This bunny just showed up and it got written. For those who've enjoyed my other ventures into this wonderful world that [ profile] maculategiraffe created, I hope this works for you as well! My immense gratitude to [ profile] brumeux77 for the beta.

Title: Fine As A Bee's Wing (thanks to Richard Thompson for that)
Fandom: Slave Breakers
Trio: Andrei/Lee/Bran
Rating: Adult
Genre: Rather PWP-ish, with a bit of character exploration
Summary: While the world continues to change, Bran's loyalties remain the same.

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I got into contact again with [ profile] maculategiraffe who has been writing her Slave Breakers stories for a couple of years now. From her I discovered she had read the story I wrote for her back in February and she'd enjoyed it. Once I knew that, I became newly inspired to write another one, set in the context of some new stories she's posted. So... this one has a very different feel from the suspension sling fic, but I know that some of you are keen enough you'll read nearly anything I'll write, and others of you know of and have read some or all of her stories.

Title: Complicated, Delicate Grace
Fandom: Slave Breakers
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: Lee/Andrei, Lee/Bran
Summary: Set within Correspondence. During a day of bliss and a rough spot, Lee newly discovers how deep Andrei's affections and pride for him are.
Author's Notes: Thanks, of course, to [ profile] maculategiraffe for creating this world and not minding people like me writing fanfiction set within it. My gratitude to [ profile] elfscribe5 for the speedy and astute beta. The title comes from a sentence Holden writes within the Correspondence story, which has unwittingly made me rather the Lee/Andrei fangirl: He was proud of your physical beauty-- and maybe he loved that, in his way-- but he didn't care to see or understand the complicated, delicate grace of your intuitive mind, so keen of observation and so tender to the touch of either kindness or cruelty.

Complicated, Delicate Grace )
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I've become a fan of Valentine's Day as an opportunity to let my friends (and work colleagues) know how much I care about them and enjoy their company. In my work environments, I've tended to get the kids' valentine's and traditional candy and hand it out; this year was no exception. I had Harry Potter valentine's from last year and gave those to my coworkers at the Opera, who thought it was really endearing. Despite being nearly 40, I'm the youngest worker there in my department. :P

To you all, my deep-abiding affection, appreciation, and gratitude is with you all. Thank you, new friends and those who have known me for decades alike, for being here with me, and for being a friend of mine. EDIT: To [ profile] eldritchhobbit and [ profile] abigail89, a special shout-out of thanks for the beautiful Valentine's cards and their heart-warming sentiments. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

And while this will not be everyone's cup of tea (or coffee!), I did participate in a Tolkien slash fest for the holiday. My contribution has been posted here: Herald, Steer Not Your Heart by the Stars. It's Halbarad/Aragorn, as canonical as possible, high angst, adult. I won't feel badly if none of you are interested, but if you are, go forth and enjoy.

I'll be AFK for much of the rest of the weekend until Sunday evening as I have yoga/errands/opera tonight/singing in church choir for the first time in over a year tomorrow morning/phone calls/writing, but I hope that you all have a wonderful next day or so. I'm privileged to have you all in my life in various capacities. For those of you paired up or trio'ed up, enjoy time with the one(s) you love. I'm in a space where being solo is already at times more than I can handle, and that's where I need to be. For those others who are without a particular companion, I hope that you, too, are content in that space and if not, that whatever relationship you are hopeful for comes to pass.
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It's nearly the conclusion of 2008, and while I do have a couple of stories which haven't yet had the author reveals, I'm going to go ahead and do a summary of the year. It's been another productive one, in which I dove head-first with great gusto into a new fandom, which really surprised me. I thought my head would be full with Harry Potter and Tolkien and I'd never get involved in any others. Instead, Storm Constantine's Wraeththu series of books totally took over, but I also wrote a few short selections in Ellen Kushner's Swordspoint world as well. I'd love to write some Mary Renault The Persian Boy fanfiction one day, but it hasn't yet happened. ;)

I'm going to organize these by fandoms rather than by date, but here's what I've written and posted in 2008 (not including 2 fest stories not yet revealed):

All of my Wraeththu fics can be found here at my website. You can't leave reviews, but for the first fic below, I do have it saved as a pdf there, and there are pictures of 'Castlegar' as well as some other yummy pictures.
§ Maelstrom and Mage, Desire Thine Darkling
49,083 words; Ashmael/Vaysh and OCs, adult
Available here at Forever Wraeththu [where you can leave a review! ;) ] or here as a pdf file to download.

§ Down the Whispering Well
44,523 words; Vaysh/Ashmael and OCs, adult
Available here at Forever Wraeththu. I didn't get around to making a pdf of this one, though maybe I will soon.

§ Passion's Acolyte
3,015 words; Cal/Swift, adult
Available here on LJ or here at Forever Wraeththu

§ Interpret Me the Savage Whirr
6,198 words; Seel/Ashmael, adult
Available here on LJ or here at Forever Wraeththu

§ Quare Clausum Fregit (Wherefore he broke the close)
3,364 words; Vaysh/OC [Yazdyar, from 'Down the Whispering Well'], adult
Available here on LJ and here at Forever Wraeththu

§ Mere Trifles
1,723 words; Seel/Swift (not adult), Cobweb
Available here at Forever Wraeththu or here at my website. I don't seem to have ever posted it at my LJ!

§ Swooping to Landward
13,800 words; Chithra/Lemuel (OCs), a study of Fioan/Colurastes cultural interaction, adult
Available here on LJ (link is to part one) or here at Forever Wraeththu

§ After the Storm, Restless Fire
4,979 words; Ithiel/Cobweb and Ithiel/Terzian, adult
Available here on LJ or here at Forever Wraeththu

§ Reap the Wild Wind
24,402 words; Kelp/Blackspur, Kelp/Hunt (OCs), adult
Link to the first post on my LJ here, or you can read the whole thing here at my website. It hasn't yet been uploaded to Forever Wraeththu.

§ Libertine
389 words; Terzian, PG-13
Available here at my LJ

A few Wraeththu drabbles written along the way are here at my website

Harry Potter
§ Cloudscape of Ravens
18,030 words; Ron/OC, Ron/Severus, adult
Written for the [ profile] ginger_lust Ron-centric fest I hosted with a lot of help. The link there is locked to ensure no-one underage in the community got to it, but you can read it here at my website or here at Skyehawke if you'd care to leave a review.

§ No Shame, This Life, Beloved
14,792 words; Ron/Draco, adult; in all likelihood, the last story in the "Magic Immunity" story arc.
Available here at my LJ

§ A Rally Toward Exalted Moments
5,567 words; Harry/Charlie, adult
Available here at my LJ or here at the [ profile] weasley_fest community

§ Scotch Game
9,144 words; Ron/Remus, adult
Available here at my LJ; it's locked at the [ profile] remus_ron_slash community to prevent underage folks from reading it there.

§ The Sensibility of Wantonness
3,181 words; Ron/Draco ["Crown of Rope" universe], adult
Available here at my LJ

I also seem to have written a slew of various drabbles by request on a few different days. Rather than organize them, there are a bunch of requested HP drabbles here (some Wraeththu, too, but I put them on my website), a rare het Ron/Hermione drabble here and Ron/Charlie drabble from the vampire!Charlie incest story I wrote a year or so ago for [ profile] wolfiekins

I also have one lingering WIP, a Dean/Ron for the very patient Callum James. I actually printed out what I had when I was at his flat in England in October, and I really will finish it. It's just taken a back burner, to my chagrin.

These are nearly all drabbles, though I think I did write a vignette. LOL. I've written a lot this year and can't keep it all straight! Hence the annual wrap-up.

Basil's Banquet, Fall of the Kings drabble
Untitled Richard/Alec drabble
Revenge Effloresces, Richard/Alec drabble

Hmmmm. Thought I'd written more Swordspoint than that; I think I just wish I had!

Lord of the Rings
Unbelievably after my start in the Ardaverse, the only things I've written in LotR fandom this year have been drabbles, but I do seem to have written a few. All are general rating unless otherwise noted.

Untitled Halbarad-centric drabble
Alliances, Gimli-centric
Untitled Gimli-centric drabble
Untitled Éowyn-centric drabble
Untitled Celeborn/Aragorn drabble, adult
Another untitled Gimli-centric drabble

Wow. So, looking at the non-drabbles, it appears as though I've written around 200,000 words of fanfiction this year. I'm not a real word-counter usually; it's just good for me to look at the year and see where my focuses have been. Obviously it's been with Wraeththu more than anything else, and I don't know what my focus will be next year. I will be expanding "Maelstrom and Mage," trying to double it in length to get it ready to be a proper novel available from Immanion Press, and my slashy_santa fic is Tolkien. This year I also started out trying NaNoWriMo, so I wrote about 3K of actual original fiction. Wheeeeeee.

For those of you who have read and enjoyed my stories and let me know, thank you so much! Feedback, commentary, and enthusiasm are always gratifying for an author.
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Title: Quare clausum fregit: Wherefore he broke the close
Pairing: Vaysh/OC
Rating: Adult
Word Count: 3,350
Alerts: Rooning; pretty much PWP, but some character study for Vaysh in his early years in Immanion
Summary: A story of hope for Vaysh, that he won't remain forever closed off to the possibility of true affection with another har after Ashmael. That's up to him, of course. ;)

A/N: This story is set two years after the Epilogue of "Down the Whispering Well." Written thanks to the prompt from [ profile] heartofoshun who gave me the suggestion, "Write a missing scene or something set within Down the Whispering Well" Friday night when I was desperately in need to write something. Hope that you enjoy.

Quare clausum fregit )
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Title: Interpret Me the Savage Whirr [from 'Hard Weather' by George Meredith]
Fandom: Wraeththu
Pairing: Seel/Ashmael
Rating: Adult (rooning)
Word Count: 6,200
Genre: PWP, though there is some character exploration here
A/N: I'm not entirely sure where this story came from. I spent months writing a Vaysh/Ashmael gapfiller, and then as I was doing more research in The Wraiths of Will and Pleasure, I discovered that Ashmael and Seel had a relationship, of sorts. So I explored that, from Seel's POV. This does gratuitously reference my interpretation of Ashmael, and includes some key elements from "Maelstrom and Mage" for color. There are also two directly quoted sentences from 'Wraiths' for grounding, and also extensive rereads of Bewitchments. Primarily, however, it was this paragraph of Storm's that drew me in and ignited my pen:
    Colt and Stringer saw Seel's new relationship with Ashmael as a positive healing thing. They were not aware of the darker undercurrents and Seel didn't enlighten them. Ashmael took to visiting Saltrock fairly regularly. Seel always looked forward to these visits, but somehow they didn't seem real. In bed, Ashmael taught him things he'd never dreamed possible, all the while respecting Seel's pride and pretending Seel already knew of them. Seel felt as if he were being groomed for something. Taking aruna with Ashmael was like being trained to explode the world. He could feel immense power simmering around him and yet he could not dispel the suspicion, however slight, that Thiede's hand was behind it. He was under no illusion that this relationship was permanent.

I suspect that within Wraeththu this is a rarepair, and don't expect a lot of readership, but for those who do read it, I hope you enjoy.

Interpret Me the Savage Whirr )
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Title: Passion's Acolyte
Pairing: Cal/Swift
Spoilers: Bewitchments, Book 1
Rating: Adult, boy howdy
Word count: 3,000
Alerts/Author's Notes: Rooning. Inspired by these three sentences from The Bewitchments of Love and Hate:
    Sometimes, Cal would come to my room at night. Sometimes we would only sleep together, needing company, but other times, we would scream and struggle and tear at each other until the dawn. He was voracious and the merest touch of him kindled my responsive frenzy.
My dear friend [ profile] sexyscholar recently read Wraeththu due to my saying how much I'd fallen in love with it, and she asked very nicely if I'd write a short Cal/Swift. This is for her. PWP, nothing redeemable here.

Passion's Acolyte )

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