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I'm very glad to have returned pretty much in the condition that I departed. This means that my flights were gratefully uneventful and my luggage made it with me and I'm back to my love and my home and my primarily quiet life. :)

As this is a public space I won't say too much about HQ except that having a huge open space may be a good way to promote creativity, but it's AWFUL for trying to do any kind of customer-facing work. It's loud and hard to concentrate and impossible to make outbound phone calls. It simply makes no sense for customer support and I'm very, very glad to be back in my home 'office.' On the other side, it was tremendous and heart-warming and illuminating and disarming to meet so many of my fellow remote employees in one place. I re-bonded with my roommate who I got to know during our pop-up office time last year, and spent a fair bit of time with a few select others. I will say that for someone like me, being fed breakfast, lunch and dinner at HQ for several days was really great. Nobody appears in my kitchen and cooks for me when I'm here during my shifts! ;)

Here's a link to a photo of me in proximity to the Golden Gate Bridge:

I'm hoping some other group shots and dinner photos will get handed around, but who knows. In having a much-needed 1:1 with my team lead in person, I found out that they actually need somebody to do something that greatly interests me, which is database management and being able to retrieve and make sense of data in a meaningful way for our team. My eyes and face must have lit up when we were discussing it, and now I'm going to be teaching myself SQL. [ profile] evannichols has said he'll give me an overview as well. :D

In very exciting news, I'm writing again! Not on the Aldarion Numenorean story, but on a HP Charlie-centric fic. [ profile] evannichols and I tried out setting aside an hour yesterday evening to work on our respective creative pursuits (non-knitting, in my case) and it was great. I'm really happy to be writing rather free-form with this story and seeing where it goes.

Did I mention how happy I am to be back home? In Portland? In bed, with Evan at my side? ♥
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I returned last night from a 5-day (including basically 2 days of travel) whirlwind trip with [ profile] evannichols to Harrisonburg, Virginia. This was a 'business' trip, to go through a large closet of my belongings that have been there since 2005 when I was filing for divorce from my to-be-wasband and my stepdad came to Nashville and we got a small U-Haul trailer and moved all of my belongings from Nashville to Harrisonburg. Since then, I've moved to Verona, VA, to 2 other locations in Harrisonburg, and various places in Portland. Now, at last, I'm stable in a wide variety of ways, including my residence. So it was time.

This was also the first time I'd seen my mother and stepfather since my acrimonious departure in fall of 2011. Since then, I've had a 180° turnaround in relations with my mother (I've never had long-term issues with my stepdad) and we've been communicating much more regularly. Still, I was a bit unsure about whether or not there might be awkward questions, or awkward expectations, and to my relief, there simply wasn't any. It was a very busy and purposeful three days, but there was also a fabulous reunion element to do with the choir I'd sung with in Staunton. We had lunch with a couple of my dear friends, there was a massive hug-fest and introductions of Evan to, well, everyone. Not only that, but my dear friend [ profile] persephone100 came down to stay for a day and visit and assist. She also got to go 'shopping' for free through my stuff! So many items went to a happy new home. :) Heaps of things will go to a new home eventually, as the Harrisonburg Goodwill got another motherlode of my stuff that I simply wasn't emotionally tied to.

So now we're back, having checked 3 bags on the return flight, and shipping one rug and one plastic bin via UPS. That's it. All the rest was recycled/trashed/given away/scanned. What a relief, and a harbinger of this amazing life I lead now and plan to have for years. Now Evan knows I have a past! He had a super-saturated experience of people and places and proof that I really have received a tremendous amount of written correspondence since 1986. It's good to be home, and to return to my current life, which is a gift unto itself.
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I feel as though I've been going on and on about how much I love my job at Airbnb, so I won't gush more about it here. But I LOVE IT. For those who might wonder what my days and hours are, here's how they are through the end of September: 10-7, PST, Sunday-Monday, Wed-Fri. So I have Saturdays and Tuesdays off. We put in requests for new shifts each quarter, so there's a chance mine will change for Oct-December. I'll also begin working remotely (ie: from home, or Evan's house, or a coffee shop, or wherever I want where there's reliable internet!) in October. So, yay, no commute at all and working in whatever clothes I feel like, plus I can go out for a quick jog or run errands during my lunch and then come back home!

Many of you know that I recently went on a 3-day trip to go camping with Evan, attending an annual Nichols family get-together. In recent years they've met at Spicer Meadow Reservoir campground, and that's where we were this year. So I met his parents and older brother and spouse and couple of other friends who were there. I'd Skyped with them once before, but this was my first time to get to meet them in person. The setting was gorgeous, the weather sublime, the starry night sky phenomenal, and the sleeping on a thin mat on the ground something I didn't miss so much once we returned home. But here are a couple of pictures:
two photos )

Earlier that week, as noted, my dear friend [ profile] emansil_12 was in Portland for a couple of days before going off to Lubricus. She and I spent an absolutely marvelous day together, and here's the visual proof. This picture was taken at the building where Evan's work is located, in a large and sunny atrium that features someone playing piano every day during lunch hours!
together in PDX )

So I'm settling into my work schedule, at least for the next month. Even with that, since I'm working Labor Day, I'll have the subsequent Friday off. In other words, I haven't really been able to settle into an actual routine yet. That may not really happen until October when I'm working at home. We'll see. This week I am so looking forward to my Tuesday off. I'm starting out the day with a massage from my friend Karla, and then getting my eyes checked at 4:00. My eyesight has been funky and not in a good way. Now that I finally have health/dental/vision insurance again, for the first time in 3 or so years I'll get my eyes checked and will probably end up with new lenses. Maybe even new frames!
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The short (and long!) of my one-day visit with [ profile] emansil_12 was that the day was sublime. We talked, walked, shopped, ate lunch with [ profile] evannichols, hung out at my house, visited my wee library branch, went back to her lodging, talked more… and then it was time for me to go to an appointment. It joyed my heart so much to have the whole day with her, and for her to meet Evan in person, and to meet my housemates and see my room and environs. We will need to do this far more often than once every four years!! She is now off to Lubricus with [personal profile] snottygrrl and [ profile] winnett, and I hope they all have a wonderful time at the con.

My work schedule is a bit wonky due to the fabulousness of friends visiting and that I'm traveling with [ profile] evannichols this weekend! I just realized I've not really posted about that, but I'll be going with him to Spicer's Meadow in northern California for a couple of days for an annual Nichols family get-together. This means that I'll be meeting his parents and an older brother and others for the first time in person. :D While that is a big deal, what's an even bigger deal to me psychologically is traveling with him, and flying, even. I've not traveled or flown with anyone (exception of the Staunton choir tour) since, oh, 2004. I'm used to keeping my anxieties and fears to myself, and making not great decisions because I could, and I was alone and no-one was keeping tabs on me. So this will be all different. And precisely because Evan is so optimistic and level-headed, I haven't been wracked by my usual freak-out about flying. I am going to treat myself either to a bagel or doughnut that morning we fly, however. It's healthier than my prior choice would have been.

So… I'll be AFK pretty much until mid-week next week. But after that I'll have pictures, of the trip and with my dear [ profile] emansil_12.
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Just a quick post to say that I'm back into the land of the internet, but I won't make a proper post until I'm back in the 'burg at some point on Monday. Maine was absolutely beautiful, and I have some pictures to prove it. I also had a totally inspiring and quite profound conversation with my stepsister and her husband today about the whole career track concept and can't wait to get home to start doing a whole bunch of research. I wrote a little on my monk story in New Jersey, but primarily I've been reading and, until arriving in NYC, enjoying the quiet.

For now, I hope you're all having a pleasant weekend. I'll do a quick LJ scan, but I can't possibly get caught up. If I missed something major, drop me an email. I'll post sometime on Monday, though since it'll have pictures, it will be locked. ♥
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Don't know about you, but LJ wouldn't even load for me for 2 days!! I'm hoping beyond hope to get this posted, see how you all are doing and things like that before it goes missing again. ::shakes fist:: I've been thinking a lot about this whole future career thing and after several conversations and long emails with people am rethinking the master's in social work. Not that it wouldn't be helpful, as any master's would be, but that one is kind of notorious for being underpaid out in the world, and it may behoove me to go ahead and start working out in the field, somehow, somewhere. I am thinking about getting at least a certification in gerontology, as they offer that at the local community college. It might not be a huge help, but it'd be something since there's nothing in my background that reflects an interest in working with the affairs of the aging. Food for thought. I may also audit a social work course or two at JMU this fall, it that works out; I'll be having lunch with the head of the social work department in mid August, so I'll see what happens then.

In very exciting news, I was able to upgrade my operating system on my aging Mac for not a large financial investment. I'm so very, very happy. Thus far I'm able to continue using my older applications, though I'm sure that won't last forever. Hopefully long enough for me to get into this next phase of life, somewhat settled (wherever that may be), employed for six months or so, and then maybe think about finally getting a laptop. Though I do love my Mac mini.

I'm going away on another fairly short trip with my parents, leaving Sunday the 31st and returning Monday August 8th. We're spending a short 72 hours in Maine (South Thomaston) with a former not-exactly-colleague of my mom's who has a house up there, and we'll also of course see the grandchildren (my nieces and nephews), including my younger brother's newest — Boaz — who was born on July 2nd or 3rd. I'm not good with dates. But he's the most recent of the brood. I'd hoped that the adorable little Dell laptop that I took with us to Canada last summer would be fixed, but it hasn't even been picked up from my mom's office by the computing department. That said, mom will bring her iPad, so doubtless I'll check email and LJ a few times, so I won't be totally AFK. I'll work on my original fic and I'll definitely need to bring a couple of books. Need to go by the library tomorrow to rectify that situation! I will be typing up the latest in my monk story and posting that before I leave, for those reading along. Must say I'm looking forward to getting out of the heat…
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I'm going with my parents to visit family and friends in New Jersey and New York city for a 4-day weekend. It's a very quick trip, really, and I'll be back Monday evening. But I don't have a laptop, so I'll be AFK for the most part. That said, my mom now has an iPad that she's said I can use for checking email, so I'll probably be able to keep up with you all intermittently. And hopefully I'll be seeing two of my LJ buddies, which will be the highlight of my trip. :)

Happy weekend, you all!
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I'm afraid this wasn't the smashing ending I'd hoped for as we spent 12 hours in the car! We got home about an hour ago. Still, it was a happily uneventful drive and we're back safely without too much traffic or construction.

five states and one Canadian province that I drove or rode through today: Ontario, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia and Virginia. )

So for those who've followed along, that was my past 7 days in pictures, just not including a lot of family for a variety of reasons. But you hopefully got a sense of where I was and what my days were like!
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Sorry that I'm posting days 6 and 7 together, but it was just such a pain to do stuff on the little laptop I took with me! Not much happened on day six; I never did leave the 'estate' to go into town, so no postcards or anything. :( But I did do something I almost never do: I attempted to take a nap! I didn't actually sleep, but I did rest and get some writing done.

rather boring set of 4 pics )
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Much of today was on the road, and then lounging around at my sister-in-law's grandparents' place. I feel rather out of place a lot of the time, and am quite content to fade to the background with my knitting while everybody fawns over my brother's baby/one year old. I'm just not a baby person. And this should have been 6 pictures, but one didn't upload, and given how much of a pain in the ass photoshop is being, I thought I'd cut my losses and post five pictures today.

Oh Canada )

I expect I'll do a fair amount of writing and knitting over the next couple of days, though perhaps I can get into town and mail a couple of post cards. And to the Canadians on my flist, glad to be up here! :)
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Since I'm in Canada, my phone doesn't work. I mean, it works, but I don't have coverage up here. So for those of you who I usually talk with every other weekend or so, I'm afraid I won't be able to chat until next weekend. Though I think I have plenty of minutes, so I may treat myself to a weekday conversation next week. I'm loving the weather up here, though, and the ambiance of a huge, older house, a barn, and a converted 'bunkhouse' and a sauna and pool and loads of yard space! Yes, you can envy me. ;)

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It turns out that I did pack my camera cable, but instead of putting with my other cables in my bag, I put it in the front of my backpack. Didn't think to look there! So here's Friday's pictures from our 6 hour drive to a place outside of Greenville, PA, staying with a longtime family friend and her husband on a lake. Now I'm safely in Arkell, near Guelph, Ontario, and have fallen in love with this sprawling house and grounds and barn and 'bunkhouse' where I'll be sleeping. It's delightfully isolated and some of my sister-in-law's family is here, more coming. It will be a combination of lots of socializing with me getting to go off and write if I wish, and there are loads of places for me to do that. :happy sigh: Oh, and when we stopped for some lunch at Tim Horton's (a Canadian fast food staple with great doughnuts), I saw not one but two cute gingers! I'm so lucky.

And I'm sorry if some of these are appearing ginormous; I've tried resizing them all in Photobucket, and rotating them and stuff like that, but it doesn't always appear to have worked. :(

but here's day three )

I'll post today's pictures later on tonight! ♥
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So I had an enlightening visit with [ profile] persephone100. As before, we had a lot of conversation, delicious food, and this time we read aloud from stories we're working on. And I colored my hair! Should have taken pictures. It's very vivid, a Tori Amos color red. *g* It's a true friend who lets you do that in her/his house, plus we're able to talk about all sorts of things, leading me to some self-awareness I'd not had before. The weekend was slightly marred due to some miscommunication between my parents and myself, but we're talking through things.

Now I'm back in the 'burg, focusing more on the database consulting project toward the end of the week, I do believe. The end of the 1994 conference video editing is in sight, and while I'll be much faster working on the one from 2004, I need to spend some serious time creating this database, it being a paying gig and all that. And I'm going to England in three weeks, still have half of the plane ticket to pay for, and don't want to be obsessing about money. So... lots of me working in Access over the next few weeks!! Speaking of that trip, I'll be able to visit Callum again and then will be going to Cardiff. I've had only the privilege of day trips to Wales, so this time I'm going to spend 4 nights there. Doing what I don't know, though I suspect I can get some tours to castles and the like. I don't suppose anyone on my flist is in Wales, are you??

For those who've been reading along on my original fic, sorry for the lag but I've been focused on the Hector/Lord John story and Wraeththu one. But there'll be another post soon.
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This will be a super-short post about my trip thus far (very, very heavy on the baby action, and conversations about babies, and childcare, and pregnancy, and cars, and babies, and me getting a lot of knitting done, and some writing, and more conversations about and with babies going on around me), but I had an absolutely marvelous time visiting with [ profile] heartofoshun. We met at Sweet Melissa Patisserie and hugged and squeed and talked and ate and drank coffee and talked and ate and drank coffee and talked and talked and talked. She was just as warm and expressive and articulate and enthusiastic and approachable and open as I imagined she would be. We hung out for a good three hours and I've decided that I definitely need to plan another trip up this way before I return to the west coast. It was a true gift to get to spend that much quality time one on one with her. Meeting fandom friends can be so life-affirming, especially when, to be candid, I've not felt that I have a whole lot to say to my siblings/stepsiblings/their spouses because I'm the lone divorcee with no children who isn't into babies. Or young children. So I've been knitting and hanging out in the same room, but feeling rather superfluous. But spending time with Oshun was a tremendous highlight. Right now I'm over at my brother's, and he's cooking something that smells quite delicious, and I've discovered he speaks Hindi to his son (10 month old, baby #2 for the trip), as well as English. Very interesting.

Tomorrow's speldiferous event? I'll get to visit with [ profile] brumeux77 for the… third time, I believe it is! How fortunate of a person am I?!
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We're close enough to a weekend that I've succumbed to a meme. :P

Reply to this post by yelling "Words!" and I will give you five words that remind me of you. Then post them in your LJ and explain what they mean to you.

WORDS from [ profile] jaiden_s (who now has a lovely autumnal-themed layout, reminding me that I'll be switching out myself with the equinox next Tuesday). Here we go!

    i. Redheads (duh. had to.)— my fascination with redheads goes back to early childhood. Maybe Pippi Longstocking? Not sure. But I've always, ALWAYS felt that I was cheated by given pale skin, green eyes, and medium brown hair. Maybe I was a redhead in a past life. Regardless, I began coloring my hair red at age 16 and have never stopped. I have no real idea what color my hair is now except that, sadly, there's more grey showing up in the 'ol roots as time goes on. :P Bartek Boroweic is my favorite red haired male, the one featured in my Vaysh icon. ::drools::

    ii. Knitting— I come from a long line of knitters on my mom's side, definitively back to my great-grandmother. I was more focused on sewing (learned as a child) until the spring of my senior year of college, when I decided it was silly that I didn't know how. After a couple of false starts, I found a then-new store in Nashville called Angel Hair Yarn, asked how much I could pay somebody to finish this sweater I'd started, and they kindly sat me down and said, "No, let's get out your pattern and figure out where you are." From there I became as obsessive about knitting as I am now about writing. I was heavily involved in the Nashville Knitting and Crocheting Guild and even snagged a few ribbons at the Tennessee State Fair in the knitting category. (I also have some for my sewing endeavors) The only reason I don't knit as much as I used to is that I can't knit and write at the same time, and while I do multitask nearly all the time, I don't even want to try recording stories out loud while knitting and then typing it in. Even I have my limits. :P

    iii. Androgyny— Wraeththu fascinate me, although in my closer attention to detail as I've been writing in the fandom for about 18 months now, there aren't that many characters who seem truly androgynous. I'm compelled by androgynous looking people (Tilda Swinton most especially) but must admit that my androgyny interests are toward svelte men who have finely-boned features.

    iv. Travel— My boss recently noted about me, "The roots in those feet don't run deep, do they?" No, they don't. I was born with wanderlust and even from childhood told my mother that I was going to visit and/or live in Scotland, Ireland, Australia or New Zealand. Due to travel and moving a lot I've been to 48 out of the 50 states, and lived overseas. I went to Iceland because the language interested me and I didn't personally at that point know anybody who'd been. As an adult I've discovered that I really prefer to travel alone. Now granted, I don't go to countries where I'd be likely to be attacked or something as a single caucasian female, but I've discovered that if you go as a pair, you tend not to meet as many people by happenstance or whatever. Plus I'm just getting more self-indulgent as I get older. If I'm spending hundreds of dollars to go abroad, I want to do whatever the hell I want, eat when and what I want, be spontaneous or not and not have anybody else's agenda. That said, being able to visit friends while traveling is such a joy, so I try to do both. If I won the lottery, I'd enroll in courses to learn obscure languages and travel six months out of twelve, or even more.

    v. Music— I grew up in a musical family. I've been singing since I was very young, took piano for many years, and harp, tried french horn for a year, and tried following in my mother's footsteps by taking organ for about 3 years. Primarily I'm a choral singer, mostly Anglican choral music but I've sung in small a cappella ensembles, Renaissance groups, you name it. In regards to what I listen to, frankly these days I count on my friends sending me mixes and listening to EdgeRadio via Wolfie's live streaming set up.

If people would like to play, feel free!
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Just a quick note: I'll be leaving tomorrow morning to go to Bellevue for the weekend to spend time with my family. My mom will be there, and my sister, her husband and daughter, and we'll stay at my aunt's house. Unfortunately my aunt is going off on vacation Saturday morning, so I won't get to see her, but I'm sure we'll spend plenty of time with my 90 year old grandmother as well. I might drop online to check email, but I won't be online much at all until Monday. I have a new book on tape, one that just sounded interesting, and which I'm really enjoying, The Breaking Wave by Nevil Shute, written in 1955. I hadn't realized it was that old until I began listening. It's also set in Australia, and the reader, while English, has a very convincing accent, so that's fun too.

Hope that all of you have a lovely weekend.
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Today I had another IKEA adventure with my downstairs neighbor. We also stopped by the DMV so I could get a booklet to read and study before I contemplate trying to take the written test to get an Oregon driver's license. I'm glad he was with me; he went inside and got forms and the book, thank goodness, because there was nowhere to park! He said there were probably 150 people there. I think I'll wait until I'm on my regular shift so I can go in mid-day on a Thursday.

We went to Ikea and I ended up buying a bedframe, slats, sheets, and a new, much thicker mattress. I assembled the bed this afternoon and I'm just thrilled. It's so comfortable. WOW. A month after I've moved, and at last I'm no longer sleeping on a thin mattress. This will doubtless do tremendous things for my mental health as doubtless I'll sleep better and quit being so achey all the time!

so I took pictures! )

In craptastic news, I'm doing research into air fares to get to London and back for the conference in October, also seeing [ profile] veloona and [ profile] callumjames. Callum, you will be around in mid-October, right??! I'd love to get over to Ireland for a few days as well, but figure I can finagle those logistics closer to time. I'm appalled at the air fares, and can't even think of the spending money since the £ is double the US dollar. Ouch. But $920 from Baltimore to London and back?? WTF?! I'm used to spending $1500 to get to Australia, but I've never spent more than $600 from the east coast to the U.K. Anybody have any suggestions?

Hope you're having a good weekend. I'm off to do some beta'ing. I'd also love to see some pictures/videos of any Olympics diving, but I'm so out of the loop and I don't think that any has happened yet. ♥
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As part of my trip, I'm not visiting any new states; I've been fortunate to be well-traveled from a young age. 48 out of 50 states, and I have this somewhat wacky idea of going on an Alaskan cruise or somesuch for my upcoming 39th birthday.

create your own visited states map
or check out these Google Hacks.

Not as well traveled internationally as I'd like, but not too bad:

create your own visited countries map
or vertaling Duits Nederlands

Definitely tending toward the countries where people have pasty pale skin like mine. And when I was in Russia, back then it was the U.S.S.R., at the very end before it fell apart. I do hope to get to Germany and Ireland in the near future.
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One of the things that I love about my work hours (11 a.m. to 8 p.m.) is how much I can get done before leaving the house. By 8 o'clock this morning I've:
~ showered
~ taken out the trash
~ swept and mopped the entire downstairs
~ wrote an email to my grandmother telling her how many compliments I got yesterday by fellow choir members on the knitted suit I wore, one she knitted in the 60's
~ painted my nails
~ admired my car, which is white again instead of super-dingy grey (I went through a car wash last night on my way home after the choral Evensong)

And now I'm stitting down to my first cup of coffee to share these things with you, then modify an internal application to apply for a tech support position. I will apply for the London job when I can, but things really do move slowly. If I could switch over to tech support, I'd definitely be back on full-fledged talking customer service, but those skills are also more marketable than the genre-specific data entry I'm doing now. I need to look out for my own interests. I have also realized that despite my legal difficulties of last year, I still have put away potentially enough to live on in a frugal manner for about a year. I couldn't do that and do my worldwide travels, but it does mean that if I keep saving up through the summer I could find a place to move and make plans for that in early or mid-autumn, and simply give my notice and get paid out with my paid time off, spend a month visiting the people I want to see, come back, pack up and go. I could certainly have a month or two in the new place to look for job and whatnot.

So. Application, then I'm retreating to my room for an hour or so to write on Wraeththu fic. Oh, and I was remiss in not mentioning a lovely long letter from [ profile] cim_halfling I received over the weekend. Thank you!!! ♥
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I've never been one for resolutions, but as I've been busily productive around the house and online this morning, I realized that I do have a few goals, which I'll share.

Get bodywork done on Bianca, my white Subaru, so that I'm not constantly reminded of the really poor choices I made last year around this time.

Apply for a writer position at Rosetta Stone.

Work on my original fic ideas in earnest this spring and see if I can discipline myself as much in that realm as I've tended to in the fanfic world.

Travel to the UK and Ireland, California, and Australia to see friends. In the case of Ireland, visit a country I've wanted to since I was a child. If anyone has recommendations of where to go and what to see, I'd be more than welcome to hear your suggestions. I'll probably be heading over in September or October.

The biggie?
To relax more, and be more of a human being, rather than a human doing. I think in some ways with my new living situation that's already happening, but I could stand not to judge myself on a constant and high quality stream of production, whether fiction or knitting projects or letters or whatever else. In less than 100 years, everything that I've put out into the world will have met its end and crumbled/become moth-eaten/vanished, as will I. Not a bad idea to savor the moments and indulge in reading and maybe even just being at rest instead of constantly feeling I must be pursuing something. Easier said than done, of course, especially since I'll be definitively without any recreational beverages for these next few months, which means my mind is never, ever off.

I hope that you all continue to stay around in 2008, a year in which I hope for far more calm, and self-actualization, less anxiety and a marrow-deep sense of peace. Thank you for hanging out in my virtual home here, for reading my stories, for letting me know when something I've posted about has affected you, and for your supportive affection and companionship.

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