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Had a long but very meaningful and social day yesterday. There was intense work (as in, Airbnb work), and going on a currently secret afternoon excursion that involved cleaning and tidying, laundry, and spending much-appreciated time with [ profile] evannichols's mother, Gwen, and then coming home and then going to a scumptiously social cookout at [personal profile] sanguinity and [personal profile] grrlpup's house and seeing the Maki family as well. Sang is an accomplished griller, and H. made amazing potato salad (I still need to get that recipe!) and meeting Nicole's young men in person was a delightful experience that I'll admit I didn't expect to feel to that level. I'm not much into other people's offspring in general (even my own siblings' children), and I haven't been around teenagers in… years?? Anyway, they were articulate, not-posing, independent souls and their genuine affection for each other and their parents was actually mind-blowing the more I think about it. Yay for a family unit that's healthy and respects everyone's individuality, and is effusive in affection.

As the years have gone on, I've recognized within myself (and also Sang has pointed out to me) that I don't really care about the pyrotechnics of fireworks and the sparkler bomb. It's true. I get nothing out of it. So this year, I enjoyed the food and companionship and conversation and social part of the evening and then came home to get in a run that I'd intended to have first thing Friday morning— except that I'd neglected to turn on my morning alarm at all so I overslept my ability to run before work. Oooops. I had a great run and then futzed around the internet looking at fun purple/wild orchid/lavender/magenta hair colors until it was time to go pick Evan back from the night's festivities. I was treated to bonus social time as everyone was still there! There was also ginger and caramel ice cream. NOMNOMNOM. And a second round of hugs, which was really wonderful to top it all off.

Even Mod Physique was cancelled so Jessa could have a holiday weekend, so I truly have nothing on my calendar. There are only a few things I plan to accomplish:
~ giving [ profile] emansil_12 a call
~ finishing my Reggie/Kelp story (only 1.5 scenes to go! then Grand Editing will commence)
~ doing a half hour or so of my favorite Mod Physique toning moves but no cardio today

and the usual of enjoying Evan's company and playing a helluva lot of Facebook games. :D
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So it wasn't my birthday, but [ profile] evannichols's 51st on Saturday. There was very yummy breakfast-eating at Slappy Cakes, kilt wearing (him, not me), a wander around the beautiful campus of his alma mater, Lewis & Clark College, and then being taken out to birthday sushi by [personal profile] sanguinity and [personal profile] grrlpup. And that was just Saturday!! I worked my usual shifts of 1-10 on Sunday and yesterday, but Evan was around much of yesterday so I could enjoy his company. And then my friend Jen stopped by during my break yesterday on her return trip to Eugene, so that was an additional highlight. Just a really wonderful, delight-filled set of days.

So here's a link to the photos, for those who don't follow me on other social media!

I'll be picking up my copy of Unfinished Tales this week and hope to get kick-started on some writing while on my business trip next week. :)
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Or: why I don't post much anymore.

My life is superb. The only drama I have (though at times it can be mighty and crosses over into my non-work life, of which I don't approve) is work-related. I have renewed and newly-meaningful relationships with some key people, including my sister, mother, and Eugene-friend-Jen. I still write letters and have phone calls maintaining other long-time friendships. I even see some people locally who are also friends— and colleagues! I'm financially in a far better place than I've been since 2005. I'm comfortable in my own skin, with a distinct lack of chemicals. My deep-seated anxieties about the irony of the universe lashing out at me personally in unique and traumatizing ways is near-banished. I'm exercising and even going to ballet once a week. Creatively, I knit more than anything else, but I've also revived work on my Wraeththu novel book contract and will be having a First Pass Major Re-Read/Edit with my editor at the end of July. I'm living and sharing every day with the life partner I didn't dare to dream actually existed. I'm 130 days into giving a full years' experiment of seeing what it's like to choose not to drink.

So I think I get a bit wary of sounding like I'm vomiting rainbows. Of course there's some shitty stuff. I've had several bouts of sinus/throat issues, which haven't been fun. While I thoroughly enjoy my particular role at work, I'm ambivalent about the ever-changing landscape outside of that realm. I'll need to do a major exorcism of preconceptions about headquarters in general before going there in June, though perhaps the very act of going will provide some clarity I haven't had before. My left pinky toe is apparently going to hurt for the rest of my life, and I've screwed up my right shoulder somehow, as well as done something to my upper left hip flexor… all of which makes the ballet more painful than necessary. I need to keep constant vigilance not to succumb to hedonic adaptation, and to be very, very aware of any inklings of creating drama simply because my life is so stable.

But in general, I'm fully engaged in my life and content in ways I've not been for a very long time. So that's why I don't post all that often. Still, here's an update! ♥
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I've not been able to say something like that in what seems like (and could well be) years. I guess since my last story for Yuletide. A few months ago it was suggested to me that I go look at [ profile] ron_draco_fest and I did, and I thought, "Well, perhaps a brand new spin on a pairing that I thought I'd written all I could about is the way to kick-start my Muse and writing creativity." And, it's worked! I'm a week late, and embarrassed, especially since it's not even 8000 words and I used to blow those out in no time back in the day. But I like the story, and for the first time I enlisted [ profile] evannichols as a second beta. My loyal friend [ profile] emansil_12 (who guided me to this fest) served as the first. In some ways this is an unexpected dream come true; when I was married, especially when I was first in the throes of writing, I'd really wanted my wasband to edit and say how great I was and want to delve into my writing as much as I was. That didn't happen. It got pretty ugly.

But now I'm in a relationship that is different from that one on an amazing number of profound levels, and one of them is that we honestly do enjoy reading each other's works, and editing for one another.

The reveal and posting for the Ron/Draco fest isn't until March, so now that that's off my plate, I figure I'll focus on reading and knitting for a few weeks. Though I think I'll jump on Evan's bandwagon of 'closure' for this year and I'll finish that fun, long Gimli-centric fic, as well as a Finduilas/Denethor fic that's languished for 2 years now. ::headdesk::
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On Saturday, [personal profile] grrlpup and [personal profile] sanguinity joined [ profile] evannichols and myself for roller skating!! It was great fun. It turns out that the Mt. Scott Community Center has a roller rink. Evan being a good sport (as, with a lingering back injury and recent back-throwing-out-incident, he does not skate), the four of us went and three of us skated. We came back to our place for pizza, red velvet cupcakes and ice cream, and the 25th anniversary edition of WarGames. Yes, the film in which I have my first remembered boycrush, Matthew Broderick. Sanguinity hadn't actually seen the film before, ever, which made the experience all the more entertaining. It was a great day that started out with phone calls to family while Evan was at the chiropractor. Yesterday featured much needed downtime, at least until my 1-10 shift.

My actual birthday is on Tuesday, and I was able to switch my days off so that I can enjoy the actual day and my gift from Evan, which is sauna and massage time at Loyly. Then we're going to an Airbnb listing that happens to be the partner of one of my fair colleagues, where we'll enjoy the hot tub and lounge for a while. Should be a great day! And since my now-usual Tuesday shift is, oddly enough, 12-9, I switched for Wednesday this week, so I'll get the morning off as well. I'm really looking forward to it.

I have several other fandom-centric friends with birthdays around mine, so similar Birch birthday wishes to [personal profile] snottygrrl, [ profile] altariel and my actual birthday sharer, [ profile] verdenia.
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Two new changes that will make a tremendous difference in my world:
❶ I bought an office chair! For $20! And it's purple! This is a tremendous step towards me having an ergonomically satisfactory working life. Evan brought it in when he dropped me off this morning and already I can tell how much happier I'm going to be.
❷ Evan and I are going to move in together. We have a place! Closer in in SE, very close to our original stomping grounds— for both of us, interestingly enough. It's a complex where he's lived before and really liked it, managed by the same people, and we can move in by December 1st. OMGYAY. Not only of being with my beloved every day, which is huge, but also that really for the first time in my adult life, I will be in a space that I co-create and in which I have my own space. Even when married my stepchildren had their own rooms, and I had nowhere to go to retreat if needed or desired. This is an incredible psychological moment for me. We are engaging in a very conscious choice to blend our lives and days in a thoughtful, respectful and joyous manner.

I could just about explode from the happy. :D :D :D :D
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For the first time since this time last year, this morning I retrieved one of my composition notebooks and began writing on a new fic. This is all thanks to my beloved [ profile] emansil_12. At the end of our conversation on Wednesday, she suggested that since I'd missed out on signing up for Yuletide, I just might consider looking at the prompts available for the [ profile] ron_draco_fest 2013. I said I would, and now, two days later, I've claimed a prompt and started writing on it. I'm quietly thrilled. Don't really know how the story will meander, but I have my ideas and I'm going to see where R/D will take me in this new story, unrelated to any 'verses I've created in the past. In looking at my own website, it appears that the last one-shot R/D I wrote was done in July of 2011. So not as long ago as I'd imagined. Still, yay. ::welcomes Muse with open arms::

In other news, this week has been particularly wonderful in that I've had several conversations with friends that have me feeling far less isolated than I did a few days ago. I'm realizing that that will be key once Evan and I are living together and I'm alone all day working, with no pets for company. I do have my follow-up about my trial period for work with my former team lead; my leads changed in the midst of this scrutiny, and all I can do is see how this plays out.

But I feel marvelous. Happy Friday, all. ♥
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So happy. Today is a tremendously marvelous day. I've spoken with my mom, my sister, am enjoying coffee and a totally indulgent cinnamon roll thingie with cream cheese, finishing up one of my non-Etsy-shop reclaimed sweaters to send to said sister's daughter, and perhaps the best thing (aside from enjoying this gorgeous, windy day and knitting or writing or reading or doing whatever the hell I want)… when Evan comes to pick me up at the end of his workday, I'll go to his place for five days! FIVE DAYS. IN A ROW. This may not seem like a big deal, but it's a tremendous opportunity for us to have a trial run of living together while we're both working, in the kind of scenario we'd experience: him going off to BHFT, me staying there to work from home. Him coming home and me still being on the clock until 6:00, then a leisurely evening with dinner, chatting, digital entertainment, and bed. Repeat! I don't think I'll ever take for granted the joy of ending and starting my days literally at Evan's side. Do I oftentimes regret that we don't get to enjoy our 20s and 30s together? Yes. That said, we needed to learn what we did from our prior relationships and working through our own individual self-actualizing in order to be as at peace with ourselves as we are now.

::hand fluttering to express ineffable joy::
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'breaking curfew' nail polish. Thank you so much for sharing that with me, Beren!!
A true Friday for me after what was a very challenging workweek.
Following on that, that means that I begin working remotely on Sunday! I will be mobile! Watch me and my MacbookAir go! Well, and also making sure that my home workspace(s) are as ergonomic as possible. In all likelihood I'm going to get a large monitor to plug the laptop into. It will be a learning process and evolve over time, to be sure.
Talking with Evan about making a home together. The joy that comes with the thought of sharing a bower with him and working from home is just about enough to make me melt with happiness.
Grey skies again this morning! It will clear off later, but for now, this is my most groovalicious Portland weather.
You all, my friends with me on this journey. Thank you. ♥
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Pickle bandages. Yesterday morning I opened up the left side of the bathroom cabinet to get something and saw them. I burst out laughing, and kept laughing and telling Evan how much I loved them. He was so happy with my reaction: he knew of my fondness for fun and bright bandaids, and also a love of pickles, and so he'd found those and surprised me with them.

Something else along the retail therapy line: a memory foam bath mat runner from Eagle Bargain Outlet. Our hosts at the Airbnb listing where we stayed last weekend (with the gorgeous view and hot tub!) told us about it, mostly for Evan to find an induction heat plate. And he did! Evan is thrilled. And I'm so happy about my super-soft runner which is actually for my room as I anticipate trying to make my space as ergonomic as possible for working at home, which blissfully starts in less than two weeks.

Today's my day off- of all days, two of the higher ups will be at our Portland office today, but 1) it's my day off, and 2) I have appointments and a lunch date. And a massage at 9 o'clock, so I'll sign off here. :)
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The short (and long!) of my one-day visit with [ profile] emansil_12 was that the day was sublime. We talked, walked, shopped, ate lunch with [ profile] evannichols, hung out at my house, visited my wee library branch, went back to her lodging, talked more… and then it was time for me to go to an appointment. It joyed my heart so much to have the whole day with her, and for her to meet Evan in person, and to meet my housemates and see my room and environs. We will need to do this far more often than once every four years!! She is now off to Lubricus with [personal profile] snottygrrl and [ profile] winnett, and I hope they all have a wonderful time at the con.

My work schedule is a bit wonky due to the fabulousness of friends visiting and that I'm traveling with [ profile] evannichols this weekend! I just realized I've not really posted about that, but I'll be going with him to Spicer's Meadow in northern California for a couple of days for an annual Nichols family get-together. This means that I'll be meeting his parents and an older brother and others for the first time in person. :D While that is a big deal, what's an even bigger deal to me psychologically is traveling with him, and flying, even. I've not traveled or flown with anyone (exception of the Staunton choir tour) since, oh, 2004. I'm used to keeping my anxieties and fears to myself, and making not great decisions because I could, and I was alone and no-one was keeping tabs on me. So this will be all different. And precisely because Evan is so optimistic and level-headed, I haven't been wracked by my usual freak-out about flying. I am going to treat myself either to a bagel or doughnut that morning we fly, however. It's healthier than my prior choice would have been.

So… I'll be AFK pretty much until mid-week next week. But after that I'll have pictures, of the trip and with my dear [ profile] emansil_12.
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YAY!! Very exciting, and thankfully not yet nerve-wracking! I'll keep this short and sweet for now as I don't have much to go on yet, but I'm super chuffed to be starting my first day of training with Airbnb. I'm even happier that our training location(s) are very close to a Max line and not far across the river, so I'll have something much closer to an hour commute, rather than the two-hour one I had before. This pleases me greatly.

My 3-day weekend with [ profile] evannichols was sublime. I took him out to breakfast, we lounged around and watched all three episodes of Sherlock from season one, I recolored my hair, there were insightful and emotional conversations, more yummy food, Boggle, crosswords, and he even fit in Dude Golf yesterday morning. We don't know what my schedule will be after training, so these last few 'regular' weekends of having whole Saturdays and Sundays together are especially precious.

I'll post in the next day or so to report in on how everything's going.
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'Vomiting rainbows', while descriptive, is disturbing to a couple of people on my flist. I'm open to suggestions, because that does appear to be a theme here in my life. And I don't want that to change, I might add.

The weekend was truly lovely. [ profile] evannichols had Dude Night Friday, which meant that we had a later start to our weekend, but there was still cake to be enjoyed that night— a delicious Carrot Zucchini/Hummingbird gluten- and dairy-free cake from Petunia's Pies and Pastries. Long story short on this: I'd special ordered a unique cake for Evan's 50th birthday and by human error (not on my part), the icing was incorrect. The cake was scrumptious, but Lisa (the founder and pastry chef) felt really badly when she found out and offered up cupcakes or another cake in the future to make things right. So I took her up on it as part of my own recent celebration. Saturday we went out to sushi with [personal profile] grrlpup and [personal profile] sanguinity, which was also delicious. Sunday featured our usual rituals: coffee and online Boggle and an online Tuesday NYTimes crossword in bed; breakfast and internet, domestic chores, a couple of phone calls, some work on personal projects, and as an added bonus, doing Pilates. We didn't so much follow along as use the DVD as a jumping-off point to do our own Pilates with our own music and the DVD on mute. It worked. The weekend was particularly quiet (his sister, BIL and niece were at the coast) and restful; Saturday I even took a nap! This is highly irregular, but apparently much-needed. Yesterday I also had an hour-plus long phone call with [ profile] emansil_12, which was absolutely wonderful. I'm thrilled to say that she's coming out this way next month and I'll get an entire day to spend with her. :D

This week is my big transition week: I'm still on assignment at the company in Beaverton, but I'm moving up my last day to Wednesday so that I can have a bit of downtime and prep time before jumping headfirst back into full-time work in a new job, in a new work environment for me, and a new field in many ways. I'm terrifically excited!! And also want to make sure I don't start out sleep-deprived and anxious.

And as an aside, I'm so glad that I had a couple of my Etsy sweaters-in-progress to show and tell with [personal profile] grrlpup and [personal profile] sanguinity. [personal profile] sanguinity pointed out something that I knew in my heart to be true with the beginnings of my first sweater with my hand-dyed yarn, which was that with the short variegations and the pattern I'd chosen, it was super busy. She articulated what I knew was the case, so I undid it and am now starting on it as a cuff-to-cuff pullover, which will be different simply because it's cuff-to-cuff, but it will be subtle and showcase the yarn. I'm much more at peace with it now. So, thank you, Sang!! ♥
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This entry may get a bit long, so feel free to pick and choose topics or just skim. But I wanted to post an update.
knitting stuff )

job stuff )

life and relationship stuff )

So, yay. It feels pretty amazing to be able to post something like this.
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Firstly: My dreamlife. Goodness, gracious, the long, convoluted, mind-numbingly detailed dreams that I've been having this weekend. For Friday and Saturday night I had three of those per night. Last night I only had two. But still. In one of them from Saturday I'd misplaced my backpack (in which I keep my vitals these days and have it with me all the time) and some woman brought it to me, gave me a vindictive look, and dumped it out on the floor before running away. When going through it, I realized my wallet was gone, and (still in the dream) had to reprogram my phone to call [ profile] evannichols and tell him that I was going to have to replace all of my cards and cancel my credit cards. I was so incredibly relieved in the morning to be able to go to my backpack and see that, in fact, my wallet was there. Having so many experiences, whether experienced in the common reality of being awake or being asleep, can be really challenging. It's why even though my various therapists have been really intrigued and wanted me to write them down, I refuse to do so. Too many 'realities'.

Secondly: BACON. Yum. Birthday-weekend bacon, at that. Which is a lot like regular bacon, but enjoyed especially much.

Thirdly: One of the things that is so amazing to me about spending time with [ profile] evannichols is that even what would be considered mundane activities have an aura of marvelousness to them. This morning it occurred to me that the word to describe that is evanescence. With a new meaning, of course. ;)

I heard from the recruiter at the company where I've been interviewing, but when I returned his call, he was on holiday until tomorrow and specifically not checking email or voicemail. But I did speak with the person there that he said to contact in an emergency and she said she'd let him know, and I also sent an email anyway. So I hope to hear from him early this week and maybe I'll even have an offer. That would be pretty great.

I'll be heading back to my house this evening, and that always makes me a bit melancholy. But… it's been a really, really wonderful four days with my beloved. I'll focus on that.
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I don't really want to put in bullet points for this post (though I enjoyed putting in flowers earlier), so I'll just write a few things to do with the wonderfulness of recent days. On Friday I had a follow-up/second-and-final interview at the downtown company where I'd love to work. It went very well, and I was asked to stay (if I could) to shadow someone for about fifteen minutes. Good sign. I'll hear from them by the end of this coming week, so I'll have closure one way or another and I'm so glad of that. I may also have an interview at another company for a temp-to-hire position through a placement company; we'll see. When [ profile] evannichols and I arrived at his house Friday afternoon, I spent some time speaking with his sister about all of this because she's recently been offered and accepted a position at this company. When I did finally head inside, I found Evan looking a bit expectantly at me, and then I saw them: a beautiful bouquet of peach/coral roses, and a card. Not to do with my job hunt, but just because he's as smitten with me as I am with him. There might have been a bit of subtle swooning.

This weekend was restful and restorative, and also included some social time meeting [personal profile] snottygrrl to see one of the films that was part of the Studio Ghibli Film Festival held at the Portland Art Museum NW Film Center. The one we saw (My Neighbors the Yamadas) has a director other than Hayao Miyazaki; we're all Miyazaki fans and have seen many of his films on both the big and small screen. Evan and I were particularly interested in seeing at least one of these films that aren't available in a format we can rent, so that was accomplished.

I'm back over at my place now, unpacking and also preparing to repack as I'll be spending a fair amount of time at [ profile] evannichols' this coming week and weekend. He has a birthday coming up on Friday, and it's one of those memorable ones that ends in either '5' or '0'. Follow his blog to know which. ;) There will be a special-ordered (by me, even!) gluten- and dairy-free fabulous cake, and dinner, and lounging, and goodness only knows what else. Maybe online Boggle. It could happen. ;) But for this evening, I'll settle in with a small serving of Fritos and queso, some Being Human, dismantling another beautiful (and free!) sweater, and a few other things before heading to bed and hitting the ground running tomorrow morning. A quick thanks to [ profile] emansil_12 for the wonderful phone call today, and to [ profile] llembas for the letter I received when I came home.
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Not only did I have my usual wake-up start to my day phone call with [ profile] evannichols, but I had **two** separate, long and deliciously supportive phone chats with [ profile] emansil_12. Darling, thank you so much for understanding me so well and being a close companion of mine on our respective journeys.

::makes helplessly happy hand motions::

And a full day of knitting stuff to do with my exciting enterprise, and mailing off a really fun, oversized postcard to a friend, and getting yummy, local produce, and anticipating a lovely weekend with [ profile] evannichols that will start when he picks me up around 6 o'clock.

::more helplessly happy hand motions::
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Before I have a small rant about how part of my day was sucky yesterday (interviews in Tigard, as a preview), I must share an absolutely wonderful moment that happened this morning. Due primarily to yesterday's events, I had an unplanned sleepover with [ profile] evannichols. As we pulled out of the driveway and started up the street, he held my hand, gave me a quick but searching look and asked, quite sincerely, "If you were a robot from the future sent back here to teach me to love again, you'd tell me, wouldn't you?"

I do believe that's the most romantic moment I've ever had.

If I am a robot from the future, I've been really well programmed, because I have no future memories. I'm sure there's a really cool word for that, but it escapes me right this minute. :)

an overview of yesterday )

Today's a new day. ♥
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I must admit I'd had a pretty good idea (99% certain) that my beloved was going to take me to Portland Opera's production of Galileo Galilei, though I didn't put two and two together until Sunday evening. But not only did he get just me a ticket, he bought two — together — and attended the opera with me. This may not sound like much, but minimalism isn't for everyone (I'll spare a brief thought to my uni roommate with whom I had to make a deal, which was never to play Philip Glass while she was in the room) and the opera genre isn't for everyone, so to combine the two and go out on a work night was a sweeping gesture for me. [ profile] evannichols and I experienced the work on different levels given our different backgrounds, and I was perhaps the more enraptured of the two due to my long-time fondness for the composer. He did quite enjoy it, I'm very glad to say. I happened to be sitting next to another Glass fan (versus primarily a POA supporter) who was going to be flying to L.A. tomorrow to hear a Glass world premiere conducted by John Adams, another famous minimalist composer. What struck me perhaps the most about the evening was as [ profile] evannichols and I were walking toward the theater, both of us decked out (first time I've seen him in person in coat and tie!), and I realized that technically this was our first real date for this second and lasting relationship incarnation. I couldn't have asked for a more wonderful 'beginning.'

Along those lines, I'll be with him beginning this afternoon, so probably won't be posting as often as I have been. Tomorrow I do have a conversation/interview-of-sorts with a company I'm really intrigued with and a position I'd like to have, so I'll post about how that goes. I've definitely been in serious job hunting mode, and it seems to be paying off.

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