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Can't believe I posted nary a word in October. In all of my 12 years of blogging, I'm not sure that's ever happened— aside from a month or two when I was in rehab twice. Still.

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There's nothing like receiving a review for a story written several years ago that can make me want to revisit a fandom. Interestingly, it's for a Wraeththu fic with nearly 100% OCs, one I was especially proud of that didn't have a huge readership, and a protagonist named Kelp. I made the conscious decision to have a Kelp in my Charliefic I'm writing now, so there's a Wraeththu and a wizarding Kelp now in my world. And neither of them are redheads, amazingly enough. :)

I really do intend to get back to my writing while on this trip, though it's definitely challenging in that there are 4 families in the beachhouse, including 2 4-year olds and a 7 month old. I'm not a child person, and so I do find myself feeling constantly on retreat or almost 'hiding' so that I can enjoy this time as I want to, which is a lot of quiet time, and reading/writing. The writing is definitely a solo activity, though reading I can do out in a general area with other people off talking and entertaining children and whatnot. But I'm realizing that I probably won't do this again. I love seeing the ocean, and I went jogging on the beach last night, and I enjoy some socializing, but I think had I really been putting all of this together about how many people and children were going to be around 24/7, I would have opted for a shorter trip and to spend a couple of days at home. But it will be okay. It's just not the super-relaxing, quiet, lots of sleep, lounging and no-expectations kind of thing that I'd somehow (and to my discredit, improbably) created in my own head.

Evan and I are now going to go on a walk together so I can enjoy his company while we're awake. Otherwise he's definitely doing a lot of family-conversation, older sibling enjoyment-with-obligation kind of thing that we're both hyper-aware of. Neither Evan nor I do well with constant socializing and that kind of obligatory/unable-to-easily-evade constant interaction and expectations, but I'm sure we can still enjoy ourselves. And Evan is his own person, and this is his vacation as much as anyone else's, so I'll focus on me, me, me. This is my blog, after all. ;)
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I'm on the cusp of going on my first actual holiday/vacation type thing in about a year. Evan and I are going to Rockaway Beach, Oregon, tomorrow, staying in a large beachhouse with his parents, sister Arwen & family, and brother Dana & wife & daughter & granddaughter. I'm really looking forward to spending time at the beach, and sleeping, and doing some social things, and having a lot - lot - of downtime. :) There will be internet and phone and such, but I'm determined not to check work email at all and to put that part of my life completely on pause while I'm gone. I suspect it will be easier said than done, but I'll try to make it happen.

I printed up my Wraeththu novellas to bring with me to re-read and edit, and it makes me feel a bit odd that I've committed to doing this. I've never revisited any completed work of mine for a serious edit like this before, and I'm uncertain as to how the process will go, if I'll be appalled or if I'll enjoy reading it, if I'll be overcome by memories of what my life was like when I wrote them, and of the initial major overhaul/edit/rewrite from 2009. Hard to say. Hopefully it won't be traumatic or demoralizing. I'm also bringing my notebook to work on my Charliefic which I haven't written on in a couple of weeks. I suspect I'll get a bunch done on that while on break. This will be a very different situation from Evan and me going away together… although now I realize Evan and I have not actually had a holiday together yet, just the two of us. The trips we've made since we've been a couple have all been with our families— and we like our families, but I've just made a verbal commitment that after this trip and the one in September to go to Wenatchee to spend the better part of a week with my dad and stepmom, we will take our next trips just the two of us. I'm pretty sure that our five days together with his family (absent one sibling and progeny) will be just fine. As he pointed out, they are a family of introverts. But I bring with me from my own family of origin (at least to do with my mother) a sense of dread about doing my own thing and being seen as asocial and trying to isolate myself. I believe that there will be a healthy balance of doing my own very-much-needed-downtime activities (reading, editing, writing, reading, knitting and dicking around on the internet, walking, jogging on the beach, sleeping) and group meals, some organic conversation, and working on puzzles. Some of my worries are because I've only spent short periods of time with these folks (2 days) except for his sister Arwen and family, who I know well from when Evan lived with them. I'm probably worrying unnecessarily, but I articulated all of this to Evan and he (unsurprisingly) was very understanding.

So I'll have my computer and will definitely still be online, and hopefully quite productive while also being a lazy, lazy person. :)
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I'd posted about this in other social media, but one of the completely unexpected perks about moving into my new position in Resolutions & Rebookings is that our training was scheduled for the shockingly traditional 8-5, Monday-Friday. That means that for the first time since my original training at the end of July and early August, I have 2 days together off, and they are days I can share with [ profile] evannichols!! Weekends! OMGYAY! At least a few of them, and then shortly thereafter I'll have a new schedule. I have no idea if it will resemble my prior one or not, and since my new team lead (the 3rd thus far in my 7-month tenure) was in a week-long Team Leads meeting at HQ, I haven't even begun to get to know him yet. No constant but change, as they say.

It was a productive but leisurely, very social yet cocoon-y weekend. A fulfilling amalgam of activity and lounging. I was uncommonly social in that my friend Jen from Eugene came over for lunch on Friday, then we went on a lovely walk with [personal profile] grrlpup and [personal profile] sanguinity, and then over to Evan's sister's place yesterday to hang out with them. Evan and I had a very rare lunch out, trying out an Indian restaurant buffet close by (yummy!) and doing the obligatory Portland thing of going outside on a getting-warm, sunny spring day. I even wore spring clothes! Exhibit A below the cut )

I tried calling a few folks and had really hoped to Skype with my stepdad and at least one of my stepsisters while he was up in NYC, but despite several texts back and forth, it didn't happen. Last week during my usual Wednesday off I Skyped with my mom and sister (my mom was visiting her out in Salt Lake City) which was especially poignant after my recent wonderful trip to Harrisonburg. I find myself in tears not infrequently after being on the phone with my dad or mom; my relationships with both of them are so open and easy now, and that has not been the case for much of my adult life. I am incredibly grateful for that.

And I'm up and showered and solo earlier than usual today as Evan went into work an hour earlier than the norm. I must have slept very well as I woke up with the alarm and wasn't foggy or tired at all. Woo hoo!! That's a welcome way to start my week!

I'll write more about my new promotion in the coming days. ♥
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This element over at Ravelry has made me so happy- they've hired on two new site engineers (yay for site engineers who are also passionate knitters!) and have added new features to the site. Including making project posts public to people outside of Ravelry. This is going to make my posting of pics so much easier.

The first three are reclaimed yarn projects. There is commentary on the Ravelry pages. I was thinking of making an R.I.P to my Etsy shop concept of the reclaimed yarn projects, but I'm going to hold onto my Etsy shop name, concept and banner art. My life has proven to be quite changeable, and there's every chance that I may go back to it. But this first round of projects have all ended up going to my nieces and nephews and step-nieces and nephews. And I'm not too broken up about that. :)

The last is a baby blanket I'm knitting for Evan's sister. It looks rather odd in the picture because I'm knitting it in the round, so you don't really see the size. And the colors are slightly off, but it's *gorgeous*.
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A major element of my life may be going pear-shaped, but it's not worth me obsessing about because there is nothing for me to do about it. I will keep everyone posted.

But while I'm enjoying some unexpected time to knit, I thought I'd update my prior knitting update post. I don't have pics of my WsIP, but the cardigan for me has one completed sleeve now and I've started on the second. After two unsuccessful attempts for my spiral blanket to lie flat, I consulted with my Textile Consultant™ (otherwise known as Evan in this case) and decided to disassemble it and find a different pattern. I quickly settled on something else knit from the center outward, with a picture of it below the cut )

I'm already so much happier with it!! Amazing how going with the flow makes things go smoothly. And while I'm being a bit obtuse about posting public details of what's happening, I will say that I have reached out and been buouyed and supported tremendously, not just by Evan (though he is definitely my anchor) and my inner circle of friends and some family, but also my new colleagues. They know who they are.

And now, back to the joyful indulgence of watching Project Runway and knitting away. :D
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    A lovely weekend! My Sunday at work flew by; it's always very quiet on Sundays at our Pearl District office. It will be interesting in a couple of weeks to see how it is to have weekends spent in full again at [ profile] evannichols's place. Though because I'll be working on Sundays. I definitely miss having both days to hang out with him and not work. Perhaps it will all even out once we're sharing a living space.

    Hearing from my sister after my grandmother's funeral. It was well attended and she saw a lot of cousins and of course, all of my aunts and uncles. Apparently she snagged a few hand-knitted items for me as well, knowing that I'd actually wear them.

    Today I am totally wearing orange shorts with bright paisley tights underneath. It's all to go with the Airbnb tank top I was given a few weeks ago, which features an orange popsicle on it. Hee. Every day can be dress up (or down) day!

    Along those lines, getting caught up in thinking about Steamcon, which I'll go to with Evan and [personal profile] snottygrrl at the end of next month. I'd not been thinking too much about this, but ended up spending a fair amount of time getting inspired by photos of fancy costumes and DIY outfits and assemblage and am now even looking at corsets for fun. o_O I'm not exactly what you would call busty, but some in my size do exist. Evan and I also stopped into Wells and Verne (not much on the site, but the owner and staff are fabulous!!! And this blogspot link has a bit more about them) for inspiration. In the weeks prior to the con, I don't doubt that Evan and I will be engaged in very fun DIY activities for our outfits.

    My hair. The beautiful magenta faded incredibly quickly. Not even a week!! I have no idea what color my hair will settle into, as the developer was stronger than what I usually use. It has inspired me to maybe mix up something more in the burgundy range, or plum/auburn rather than the more red and copper. We'll see. And I really do want to cut my hair, especially after Steamcon. Need to start looking into that.

    And now, to get ready for my workday! Hope you all had a delightful weekend. ♥
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This has been a while coming, and I haven't really known how to post about it. I received a call from my mother this morning; my maternal grandmother, Mymable, died last night. She's been declining for a year now, and has been on hospice care for several months. Evan had kindly offered to drive us up there if I wanted to, but since she wasn't really recognizing people, I decided to keep my memories which were of seeing her a couple of years ago (she's been living in Bellevue, WA, outside of Seattle) at her 90th birthday party and during visits when I saw my aunt. Mymable was 92, and is quite likely why I became such an enthusiastic knitter. I have so many fond memories of visiting her and Grandaddy in Ruston, Louisiana- including the year we lived there in 1981-82. I'm not sad for her, but mostly for my own mother, who isn't doing very well health-wise herself, and neither is my stepdad. I feel a bit helpless in that I don't effectively how to be there for her. The rest of her siblings were in Bellevue with Mymable when she died, and mom was back in Virginia. Her choice, of course, but her own life is rather challenging. My own inability (or discomfort with) to reach out for help when I really need it, well, I do believe I came by that honestly from both sides of my family of origin. But it has made me very sad this morning that finally I'm in a solid place emotionally myself, with the very strong support of my own partner now, to reach out to her, and there were so many years when she and I didn't really relate as adult to adult.

All that said, I'm rather melancholy as I get ready to work remotely for the first time. I'm so grateful that I'll be swept into emails and in the comforting environment of Evan's living space, and that he's here and wants to comfort me as needed.

Eventually I'll get a hold of some pictures of me with Mymable and post them. I don't have any of my own photo albums right now, but I'll rectify that in the months to come, too.
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Probably not fair to combine all of those into one post, but so be it. I met up with my cousin Matthew for coffee and tea (tea=him, coffee=me) in the Alberta district, and it was absolutely marvelous. We're both writers, both struggling with some stuff going on in our brains that we own but can't necessarily control, and from similar (well, very similar) stock genetically. We talked about a lot of stuff and I'm hoping that we'll go for a walk around Mt. Tabor next week and that we'll keep up as the weeks go on. He's newer to this part of the country than I am, but it was just delightful to hang out with someone from my extended family who can really understand what I've been through in the past half-decade or so.

So I caught the bus back to my part of town and got off a stop too soon than I'd intended, but it allowed me to wander into Good Neighbor, the Russian market close to me that I'd been wanting to visit after realizing how close it was. I was mildly disappointed in that the staff spoke to me in English (as opposed to the other two guys in the shop). Did I look that Anglo? When I'd spent three weeks in Vladimir, USSR, I could pass for a local. But not here. I did say (in Russian) that I'd studied Russian, and the woman at the counter asked if I understood, and I said a little, and that I'd forgotten most of it. But I did say the Russian equivalent of 'see ya!' as I departed, with eggs, apple cider vinegar, and red potatoes in my bags. I really need to post on Craigslist about tutoring in English if I can get some Russian tutoring in exchange.

So I got home, put away my groceries, changed clothes, and went out running. I have a new route, and it was great, taken more at a run than a jog, as evidenced that I was home within 30 minutes. But lovely, though when I attempted to take a cool-down walk, I was being rained on, so it was a very short walk.

This evening's priorities: dinner (potatoes with some sour cream before it goes bad), knitting, talking with [ profile] evannichols, some ibuprofin and using my heated rice bag on both shoulder and calves, and an early night. I applied for 5 positions this morning, and there will be more tomorrow, so I know I'm keeping up my end of the deal to the universe of seeking out what is appropriate. But I must admit that I'm so excited both to see if I can model at Hipbones studio, and then to head out to BHFT and spend the night with my beloved. Even 48 hours seems like a long time. Yes, I'm becoming a romantic and am oftentimes at a loss. ♥
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Which means that I'll be heading off with [ profile] evannichols to spend the weekend with him. It's been a long week. I have made good progress on my knitted vest, though I had to back up a couple of rows last night as I'd gotten off with the cables. Now it's all good. This is my first experience in knitting something from the top down, but it seems to be going pretty well now that I've repeated the patterns a few times. I have to be very careful to keep up with what rows I'm on as the cables in front and back don't align. Maybe I'll see if I can borrow Evan's camera to take a picture of it and update my Ravelry page.

I was working on Evan's notebooks and kept hearing a cat meow. The cats here are pretty quiet, but it kept going on so I went out to the living room. I found myself saying out loud, "Oh. The TV is meowing." The TV is pretty much on all day until the house owners go to bed, and it was on Animal Planet— a story about kittens. For someone who hasn't owned a TV in years, and never enjoyed having it on in the background, this has taken me some getting used to.

I also discovered that I have not one but two cousins living in the Portland suburbs. I'd heard from the one cousin in early March but somehow had forgotten that his younger sister (with whom he's living) lives in the area. Matthew has had some similar issues to me, and some much more challenging, requiring hospitalization. It's cool that he reached out to me, and hopefully we'll meet up in the next couple of weeks.

Happy Friday!
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Don't know about you, but LJ wouldn't even load for me for 2 days!! I'm hoping beyond hope to get this posted, see how you all are doing and things like that before it goes missing again. ::shakes fist:: I've been thinking a lot about this whole future career thing and after several conversations and long emails with people am rethinking the master's in social work. Not that it wouldn't be helpful, as any master's would be, but that one is kind of notorious for being underpaid out in the world, and it may behoove me to go ahead and start working out in the field, somehow, somewhere. I am thinking about getting at least a certification in gerontology, as they offer that at the local community college. It might not be a huge help, but it'd be something since there's nothing in my background that reflects an interest in working with the affairs of the aging. Food for thought. I may also audit a social work course or two at JMU this fall, it that works out; I'll be having lunch with the head of the social work department in mid August, so I'll see what happens then.

In very exciting news, I was able to upgrade my operating system on my aging Mac for not a large financial investment. I'm so very, very happy. Thus far I'm able to continue using my older applications, though I'm sure that won't last forever. Hopefully long enough for me to get into this next phase of life, somewhat settled (wherever that may be), employed for six months or so, and then maybe think about finally getting a laptop. Though I do love my Mac mini.

I'm going away on another fairly short trip with my parents, leaving Sunday the 31st and returning Monday August 8th. We're spending a short 72 hours in Maine (South Thomaston) with a former not-exactly-colleague of my mom's who has a house up there, and we'll also of course see the grandchildren (my nieces and nephews), including my younger brother's newest — Boaz — who was born on July 2nd or 3rd. I'm not good with dates. But he's the most recent of the brood. I'd hoped that the adorable little Dell laptop that I took with us to Canada last summer would be fixed, but it hasn't even been picked up from my mom's office by the computing department. That said, mom will bring her iPad, so doubtless I'll check email and LJ a few times, so I won't be totally AFK. I'll work on my original fic and I'll definitely need to bring a couple of books. Need to go by the library tomorrow to rectify that situation! I will be typing up the latest in my monk story and posting that before I leave, for those reading along. Must say I'm looking forward to getting out of the heat…
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I'm going with my parents to visit family and friends in New Jersey and New York city for a 4-day weekend. It's a very quick trip, really, and I'll be back Monday evening. But I don't have a laptop, so I'll be AFK for the most part. That said, my mom now has an iPad that she's said I can use for checking email, so I'll probably be able to keep up with you all intermittently. And hopefully I'll be seeing two of my LJ buddies, which will be the highlight of my trip. :)

Happy weekend, you all!
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For spending money these days I've been trying to donate plasma twice a week at a very nice facility here in H'burg. The issue is that normally my iron is fairly low, so I have to work really damn hard to elevate it. I was lamenting this to one of my WFS friends who suggested (if I was open to the idea) of actually communicating with my red blood cells while meditating or otherwise in a quiet mind space and asking them to release more iron into my system. I believe that stuff like that works, and I must say- I passed the iron test both Thursday and Saturday. So in addition to the usual (loads of spinach, supplements, eating citrus fruit with meat as vitamin C helps with iron absorption), I commune with my red blood cells.

almost as good as finding someone who writes fanfic )

For those who are mothers, who take care of their mothers, have ever been mothers of any type, I hope that you have or have had a lovely day today. Since it's a topic very relevant to my own life and my own past, if you'd care to, send a special compassionate thought to those mothers who are estranged from children and/or stepchildren due to addictions in their lives. Today can be a rough day for a lot of women.
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I had a productive weekend: recolored my hair, talked with my dad, tried calling a friend, scoured the bathroom, had lunch with my parents on Saturday, got back to my tedious but beautiful knitting project, paid my library fine and got a couple of magazines and a book to read. I did sign over the title to my car to my mom and in turn she wrote out that I was absolved of all debts to her. So... I'm no longer a car owner for the first time since I was 22. It's kind of liberating- I'm looking forward to calling my car insurance company to cancel that and having that money stay in my checking account. This week I plan to write at least one letter and probably send out a couple of cards; the house is very quiet as our housemates are off in Las Vegas. Austin was playing guitar (with headphones) until midnight last night- I watched a couple of shows on A&E and vegged out. Also over the weekend I ordered yarn for a new project and printed out the directions yesterday. This does mean that I'm getting back to my rather quiet life of work, then home and watching whatever's on my computer (or TV now that I have access to one again) and knitting. I'd hoped to get some writing done on my Ron/Remus, but I think I'll get back to that in the next couple of days.

All in all, my life is fairly quiet these days. I re-checked out Deryni Rising so I can finish it and then probably move on to the rest of the trilogy. And now, back to work where I'm trying not to freak out about marketing this concert we have coming up on April 2nd, as well as a week long Sonia Sanchez poetry seminar in June. We don't have anybody signed up, not even any people who came to our last seminar on Lucille Clifton. I really want it to be a success, but I'm not sure where to creatively put the information (without paying for advertising) outside of contacting the English departments of HBCUs (Historically Black Colleges and Universities). I made a spreadsheet of those last week and the seminar coordinator hopefully will email them this week. Back to it!
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Well, the big news for me is that the most recent issue of Filament magazine is not only one that features red headed males, but it also has my article! I can't wait to get my author copy. I'll be buying a few extras as well, no doubt. :)

Also, when I was chatting with one of my Furious Flower colleagues, part of my dream from last night came to me, and I was a vampire! But I was hanging out with two other vampires, and while there was a little bit of feeding, it hurt, and not in a good way. Hmmmm. I haven't even watched True Blood in a couple of weeks. In fact, thanks to a recommendation from [ profile] persephone100, I downloaded and watched Shaun of the Dead, a silly British zombie movie that was so non-believable and schticky even I could watch it.

In a first for me for the holiday season, as part of the three exchanges I'm involved in, I'm writing three stories: one pre-slash, one gen, and one… het. What is wrong with the universe? I miss my monks and/or writing good 'ol PWP slash. Maybe in the new year. That said, two of the three are essentially done, and I really grooved on writing the Tolkien one.

Glad to be on the other side of the Thanksgiving holidays. For Christmas, as an unintentional gift to me, my parents will be going up to NYC to hang out with grandchildren. I'll take care of the pets and watch over the house. :D And stay in comfy clothes, unless I have to work at Panera, which is highly possible. My thanks to those I chatted with over the holidays and helped me to keep my sanity when things were a bit on the desperate side. ♥
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So I've now finished both fronts of the cardigan! They look a little like they don't match because they roll up if left to their own devices and I have them pinned to the bed coverlet. But they are identical and match up. :) And I'm about 1/4 the way through the second glove for [ profile] dreambastion. Picture of the cardigan below:

In other news, my brother, SIL and their baby son Leo are here for the weekend, so I'll be more AFK than usual, but probably no less than last week. I'm getting to go visit [ profile] persephone100 again next weekend, which I'm SO excited about, so lots of visitors/travel in my life these days!
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I'll be heading up to Bellevue, WA to spend the weekend with my aunt and grandmother for my maternal grandmother's 90th birthday fete. My aunts and uncles and mom and stepdad will also be there. I don't expect any drama, though there may be some awkward. I don't have a laptop, so I'll be unplugged until my return Sunday evening. I have my two current writing projects, though, and a knitting project (pictures soon) that I'm hoping my grandmother can help me fix. I think she'll get a kick out of that. I'm also wearing a cardigan she knitted for herself in the 60s and am taking the skirt (it was a suit) and will wear that to the event this afternoon at her living facility. I suspect she'll take great pride in pointing out that things she knitted 40 years ago are still being worn!

You all be good to yourselves. And [ profile] wolfiekins, it was so great to talk with you a couple of days ago. I've missed our phone calls!

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I have a dentist's appointment at 8:30 this morning. :sigh: My second ever beginnings of a cavity, so I'm going to get it sealed off. Not a morning person, but on the other hand, I did go to bed at a decent hour. And I might get some things done before work.

When [ profile] vulgarweed indicated she was participating in the [ profile] lgbtfest and chose Ents as her creature within Tolkien fandom, I was already intrigued. She put a shout out for a quick beta last week and I hastily (therefore oh-so-not-Entishly) volunteered. I've not read anything from an Ent's POV, and she does this with some beautiful imagery and it really sounds like an Ent. So hie thee here for "Lomendánar (Little Love for the Things of My Love)". Here's just two sentences that have haunted me for Tolkienesque loveliness and angst:
I know tales of the Sundering Seas, lady, and the ships that cross to never return to Middle-earth. But we are Middle-earth, and what ship can bear our kind? Even the Elves make ships of our broken bodies.

the quotidian )

Now I must get dressed and on the road for my appointment. This will be a looooooooong day. My supervisor returns from his 2 1/2 week trip to Argentina; in many ways I'm glad he'll be back, but I quite enjoyed having some actual responsibility. I'm glad I've been able to prove myself, and it'll be hard to be 'demoted' back to what I did before. Still, hopefully I was able to lay some groundwork should there be some changes in staff in the upcoming months.

More soon!

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