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I tend to write for about 30 minutes in the early morning with my first cup of coffee, just small sections of things before I can handle looking at a computer. I've been primarily working on my Dreamspinner novella sequel, the one that may not ever be contracted, I realize. But maybe the first one will sell enough and they'll want to support a sequel. Anyway, I was writing it yesterday and the protagonist and his lover were discussing how they'd get from their cottage to Dowth, maybe a mile or two away. The protagonist asked if they were driving, and the lover noted he doesn't know how to drive a car, so they had bicycles. To which the protagonist surprised me and his lover by saying that he doesn't know how to ride a bicycle. I love it when my characters surprise me with information about themselves I hadn't planned out!!

Since I finished my Yuletide story so quickly, I went to the 'Dear Yuletide Letter' spreadsheet and have selected an Orphan Black request that I'd love to write. Just a short vignette missing moment from an episode in season two we watched a couple of weeks ago. I've never written a pure gift fic before, but I'm really excited to write something in a fandom I've both never written for, and one that I'm currently enjoying myself. ♥

I'm about to have the most social couple of weeks than I've had in maybe a year or more! We'll be enjoying Thanksgiving with our dear friends [personal profile] sanguinity and [personal profile] grrlpup, a tradition I feel so fortunate to get to share with them, then Thursday the 4th Evan and I will attend the Portland office Airbnb holiday extravaganza. This is only the third ever local event where a +1 has been invited. :P Should be interesting since I'm still remote and don't know a good 5/6 of the people who work at the office now. We'll plan to go right at 7:00 and hang out for 2 hours or so before coming home and letting the younger set get crazy with an open bar. Saturday the 6th we have another holiday event with dear friends who've returned to the area from Utah, and then Tuesday the 9th one of the highlights of my month happens: one of my very dear colleagues who's also a remote employee is coming to Portland to visit the office again. She's gathered up a bunch of us who are now 'old timers' in Airbnb-parlance (nearly 2.5 years or longer) and mostly remote or only-recently-not-remote women to go out to dinner. It's a foretaste of how I'm now viewing next year's One Airbnb 2.0 to be held at HQ in SF. I didn't go last year; I was very conflicted in how I felt about my employer at that time, and was personally struggling with a lot of things that I'm not now. I'll be attending this year, and really looking forward to getting to see all of my remote buddies and talking about non-work things. :)
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From time to time I feel/fear that I'm becoming more insular again, though not in an "I'm hiding because I'm a bit ashamed of what I'm doing" kind of way. It's more that with my work schedule and working at home, and really not being able to do my work effectively at a coffee shop for those times when some of my colleagues get together, and my shoulder injury, I don't get out that much. I do call my parents and small circle of friends on a regular basis, and write letters not infrequently, but some social media now bores me to tears and I've mostly begun abstaining. But there is something comforting in looking at LJ (and DW, to a degree), even though it continues to be highly annoying. The fandom friends I've known from the very earliest days 11 years ago, some are still there. And other friends I've known for 3/4 a decade, and some shorter periods of time… maybe it's that my job in generally working with individuals who are anxious, angry, frustrated, disenchanted, misguided or some combination thereof is wearing on me. Our team deals with the most personal issues that can be had on the site, and it just gets exhausting. Perhaps, then, the more insular time.

There were lovely elements to this weekend, many unplanned!
~ super-fast trips to IKEA and Costco
~ assemblying new IKEA chest of drawers to facilitate putting my summer clothes away instead of in a pile on the floor
~ a surprise gift from Evan! these Born olive wedges I'd shown him on eBay. I look at a lot of things and buy rarely; sneaky Evan really liked these as well and got them as a 'just because'. I adore them! So comfy and the color is gorgeous.
~ breakfast at Zell's yesterday morning
~ a SQL lesson with [ profile] evannichols! It made me incredibly happy. I'm hoping to become savvy with that searching language and to use it in my own work. There's apparently a need for it and I'm perhaps the first on my team to express an active interest and excitement about including elements of that to my position.
~ I submitted a video to Project Runway's Casting Call for fans who want a fashion makeover. I'm under no delusion that I'll be selected, but I have been a fan for many years. And now Evan is, too!
~ I discovered that I've not watched Project Runway Australia Season 3, and it's on YouTube. :D :D
~ AND— True Blood has started up again. Very exciting!! ♥
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I'm very glad to have returned pretty much in the condition that I departed. This means that my flights were gratefully uneventful and my luggage made it with me and I'm back to my love and my home and my primarily quiet life. :)

As this is a public space I won't say too much about HQ except that having a huge open space may be a good way to promote creativity, but it's AWFUL for trying to do any kind of customer-facing work. It's loud and hard to concentrate and impossible to make outbound phone calls. It simply makes no sense for customer support and I'm very, very glad to be back in my home 'office.' On the other side, it was tremendous and heart-warming and illuminating and disarming to meet so many of my fellow remote employees in one place. I re-bonded with my roommate who I got to know during our pop-up office time last year, and spent a fair bit of time with a few select others. I will say that for someone like me, being fed breakfast, lunch and dinner at HQ for several days was really great. Nobody appears in my kitchen and cooks for me when I'm here during my shifts! ;)

Here's a link to a photo of me in proximity to the Golden Gate Bridge:

I'm hoping some other group shots and dinner photos will get handed around, but who knows. In having a much-needed 1:1 with my team lead in person, I found out that they actually need somebody to do something that greatly interests me, which is database management and being able to retrieve and make sense of data in a meaningful way for our team. My eyes and face must have lit up when we were discussing it, and now I'm going to be teaching myself SQL. [ profile] evannichols has said he'll give me an overview as well. :D

In very exciting news, I'm writing again! Not on the Aldarion Numenorean story, but on a HP Charlie-centric fic. [ profile] evannichols and I tried out setting aside an hour yesterday evening to work on our respective creative pursuits (non-knitting, in my case) and it was great. I'm really happy to be writing rather free-form with this story and seeing where it goes.

Did I mention how happy I am to be back home? In Portland? In bed, with Evan at my side? ♥
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Or: why I don't post much anymore.

My life is superb. The only drama I have (though at times it can be mighty and crosses over into my non-work life, of which I don't approve) is work-related. I have renewed and newly-meaningful relationships with some key people, including my sister, mother, and Eugene-friend-Jen. I still write letters and have phone calls maintaining other long-time friendships. I even see some people locally who are also friends— and colleagues! I'm financially in a far better place than I've been since 2005. I'm comfortable in my own skin, with a distinct lack of chemicals. My deep-seated anxieties about the irony of the universe lashing out at me personally in unique and traumatizing ways is near-banished. I'm exercising and even going to ballet once a week. Creatively, I knit more than anything else, but I've also revived work on my Wraeththu novel book contract and will be having a First Pass Major Re-Read/Edit with my editor at the end of July. I'm living and sharing every day with the life partner I didn't dare to dream actually existed. I'm 130 days into giving a full years' experiment of seeing what it's like to choose not to drink.

So I think I get a bit wary of sounding like I'm vomiting rainbows. Of course there's some shitty stuff. I've had several bouts of sinus/throat issues, which haven't been fun. While I thoroughly enjoy my particular role at work, I'm ambivalent about the ever-changing landscape outside of that realm. I'll need to do a major exorcism of preconceptions about headquarters in general before going there in June, though perhaps the very act of going will provide some clarity I haven't had before. My left pinky toe is apparently going to hurt for the rest of my life, and I've screwed up my right shoulder somehow, as well as done something to my upper left hip flexor… all of which makes the ballet more painful than necessary. I need to keep constant vigilance not to succumb to hedonic adaptation, and to be very, very aware of any inklings of creating drama simply because my life is so stable.

But in general, I'm fully engaged in my life and content in ways I've not been for a very long time. So that's why I don't post all that often. Still, here's an update! ♥


Mar. 16th, 2013 10:25 am
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But first, a little bit about my promotion, since I'd noted I'd write a bit about that. I am now in Resolutions which, as you may expect, means coming up with resolutions for users on our site who are unhappy or have asked us to intervene. I'll admit that I was leery of applying, but they seemed to really need the people, and key colleagues kept pushing me in that direction. So I did, and I was brought on. A couple of things have made me realize that actually I think I'm really going to groove on this team, despite it having a lot of pressure and much more real-time communication with people: I was one of 6 people from email/chat who were promoted, and of the 5 of us in the North American group (thankfully there is a small batch in the EU also promoted), 2 are colleagues whom I've adored for a while and am thrilled to be still on their team, and the other 2 are from my own training batch who went straight into chat (I was in email until December) and so I'm getting to know them now. So I'm already feeling supported and among friends, which is great. But also, now that I've completed 2 weeks of training, I'm understanding that much of my role is that I get to be the person acting like an adult, no matter how the users are behaving. I get to educate, to decide to give money or to hold on to it, to surprise a user with an unexpected gesture or to stand my ground and say that my final decision is final. No supervisor is going to come along behind me and undercut what I've decided. The overarching lead for this team has said his motto for us is "You are the CEO of your own inbox." Ah, sipping the delicious nectar of autonomy. :)

And now, pictures! )

I hadn't posted any pictures of the apartment in a while, so here are a few. Hope you all are having a lovely weekend!
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I'd posted about this in other social media, but one of the completely unexpected perks about moving into my new position in Resolutions & Rebookings is that our training was scheduled for the shockingly traditional 8-5, Monday-Friday. That means that for the first time since my original training at the end of July and early August, I have 2 days together off, and they are days I can share with [ profile] evannichols!! Weekends! OMGYAY! At least a few of them, and then shortly thereafter I'll have a new schedule. I have no idea if it will resemble my prior one or not, and since my new team lead (the 3rd thus far in my 7-month tenure) was in a week-long Team Leads meeting at HQ, I haven't even begun to get to know him yet. No constant but change, as they say.

It was a productive but leisurely, very social yet cocoon-y weekend. A fulfilling amalgam of activity and lounging. I was uncommonly social in that my friend Jen from Eugene came over for lunch on Friday, then we went on a lovely walk with [personal profile] grrlpup and [personal profile] sanguinity, and then over to Evan's sister's place yesterday to hang out with them. Evan and I had a very rare lunch out, trying out an Indian restaurant buffet close by (yummy!) and doing the obligatory Portland thing of going outside on a getting-warm, sunny spring day. I even wore spring clothes! Exhibit A below the cut )

I tried calling a few folks and had really hoped to Skype with my stepdad and at least one of my stepsisters while he was up in NYC, but despite several texts back and forth, it didn't happen. Last week during my usual Wednesday off I Skyped with my mom and sister (my mom was visiting her out in Salt Lake City) which was especially poignant after my recent wonderful trip to Harrisonburg. I find myself in tears not infrequently after being on the phone with my dad or mom; my relationships with both of them are so open and easy now, and that has not been the case for much of my adult life. I am incredibly grateful for that.

And I'm up and showered and solo earlier than usual today as Evan went into work an hour earlier than the norm. I must have slept very well as I woke up with the alarm and wasn't foggy or tired at all. Woo hoo!! That's a welcome way to start my week!

I'll write more about my new promotion in the coming days. ♥
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There are so many ways in which I feel more and more grounded these days— in recent days, it's because I came back from Harrisonburg with pretty much all of my belongings. The rug and bin that we shipped arrived yesterday, so it's all here now. In going through it, I came across two lovely and talisman-filled care packages from [ profile] rainwish that hadn't initially made their way here. Now my altar is truly gorgeous, with fabric, more stones, a Lego Gimli (not from Rainwish, but he is my symbol of strength), a polished circle of stone I'd held on to from my college roommate (perhaps even given as a birthday gift while still in school), and a paper crane from a newer friend, [ profile] ohthatjocelyn. There's also a colorful cornucopia Thevina/Kristi-centric collage created by [ profile] emansil_12 on the shelf nearby. I'll take another picture soon. It fills me with such joy to glance over at it, much less spend quiet time there in meditation, or just sitting quietly with my morning coffee, breathing in openness and breathing out anxiety, holding my loved ones in light.

And in other news: The cabled hoodie I'd knitted that never fit properly on me turns out to fit [personal profile] grrlpup like a glove! I'm thrilled that it's with her. There's still enough yarn left (or so I hope, lol) that I'm going to make this vest for myself: The back is equally gorgeous.

Today is my first official day of training as a promoted specialist in Resolutions. This really wasn't the area I'd planned to go to in my time at Airbnb, but the need was there and I believe that once I learn more of the ins and outs of basic protocol, I'll find a very happy home as a 'Resolutionary.' They deal very much in the grey area of disputes and people who are generally unhappy for a variety of reasons. While I do very much enjoy having policies and standards to use as the girders of responding to our users, I think I'll find it quite empowering now to be able to have the tools to grant refunds, take losses, educate and warn (when necessary) with a more authoritative voice so improve our ever-expanding community of users. So… let the training begin!
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First, here I am in my new happy place:

writing corner

Writing! In my composition notebook! With coffee! And great lighting! In a comfy chair! In my room! :D :D :D

Evan and I accomplished a lot this weekend. Bit shocking, perhaps.
~ Went to IKEA, bought and assembled this chair and footrest, obtained other household items thanks to my bonus and giftcard
~ Went to Sally Beauty to get hair color to remedy the recent dye attempts
~ Went to Yarn Garden to buy yarn to make Evan a pair of socks, and get buttons for my recently-completed cardigan
~ Took a nap
~ Re-assembled his 2 large wardrobes and moved a dozen large bins from his room to the living room in order to do so
~ Watched Cold Fever, a favorite film of mine available only on VHS which we rented from Movie Madness, conveniently a not-quite-two-block walk down the street
~ I got a haircut at Bishops yesterday morning, then went grocery shopping, then went by the library
~ Re-colored Evan's hair
~ My usual 1-10 p.m. work shift yesterday

I was rather confuzzled by my very detailed dreams through the night having to do with Evan and [ profile] llembas and a job and poetry and libraries. "Happy Friday!" I exclaimed, sleepily, and there was a pause.

"It's Monday."

"Oh. Right. I have no idea why I thought it was Friday."

So… happy Monday, all.
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Two days off in a row. I'd agreed to switch shifts weeks ago and had an incredibly rare Fri-Sat combo off.
Even though we were supposed to have [personal profile] sanguinity and [personal profile] grrlpup over for dinner and a movie last night, [ profile] evannichols wasn't feeling up to snuff and we've rescheduled for tonight. I'm grateful not only that their schedules weren't so packed that we had to reschedule for next month, but also that we'll hopefully get to have this dinner party at all. I've not hosted a dinner party literally in years.
I went out jogging yesterday! Our weather has not encouraged mid-day activities, but during this upcoming week I'm hoping to do this wee jog (it's a bit over a mile, but not flat like my running over at my prior house) every day.

We'll see. I could get lucky!
Evan had a very rare work from home day yesterday, so in addition to my jog, he and I took a leisurely walk at the nearby park and chatted. His head was a bit fuzzy and he wasn't fully up to speed, but it was our first walk together in our new neighborhood.
Knitting. I'm a few inches away from finishing the hood to my gorgeous rust heathered zip front cardigan. But I'm distinctly lacking in the zipper itself. Hmmmm. But I also knitted Evan a wee giftie, a mini sweater ornament to hang on our tree. Very fun.

And now, to drink coffee and plan our leisurely day; I'll do some of the cooking I didn't do yesterday in anticipation of our rescheduled dinner, and remain in this state of amazementgratitudedelight that I have every day. I'll fully admit that a full 48 hours away from my job is helping greatly in facilitating this. ;) That said, I had rather a "Huh?" moment earlier this week when I found out I'd received a 'spot bonus' (in online giftcard form, but I rallied fairly quickly considering it *wasn't* cash) for my hard work. Considering that twice already in my not-yet-5-month-tenure with them I'd been told I might be let go, this was a welcome change.

Oh, and Happy Solstice!!

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We're in the new space!! And for the first time in my work week, I'm at home. That said, we're still dealing with the Comcast situation as they sent a modem… but not the wireless modem that was agreed upon. :heavy sigh: So I'm plugged into my desktop and in continued correspondence with my customer service contact in an effort to get this resolved. Hopefully it won't be quite the drawn out process that it was when I was at Julia's. :reflexive shudder:

One marvelous element to these apartments is that they have ambient heat. And our water is included. So I can be warm *and* it's not blowing hot air *and* it's not going to cost lots of money! *And* we have a bathtub and a very effective hot water heater, so I can soak with epsom salts. I plan on that, and soon, as after hauling my stuff around for 3 days, I am very sore. I definitely need to make an appointment for some serious, deep tissue bodywork. If anybody wants my snail mail address, email me and I'll send it on. We have metal cabinets now, so if you stumble across fun/funky magnets and would like to send them my way, feel free. ;)
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Having been let down by Comcast (no surprise there), [ profile] evannichols' and my plans changed for how and where I was going to work for the next couple of days. Today I'll be back at the house on 79th, which actually is great. I moved all of my things yesterday except for desk/office chair/mattress (and some food), so I can work there today and do a thorough floor clean during my breaks! Yay. Tomorrow Evan takes off from BHFT to have movers come from 8-11 or so to move his belongings over. Which means that this evening I'll help in packing up anything I can that doesn't require inside knowledge, and help disassemble his tall cabinets/shelving units. I'll spend the morning in Milwaukie at a coffee shop and then the library for the 8-12 part of my work shift, then head up to my to-be home library for the afternoon. Hopefully by the end of the day tomorrow, all of Evan's things will be at our new apartment, and our internet will be working, and We Will Be Moved. ♥
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'breaking curfew' nail polish. Thank you so much for sharing that with me, Beren!!
A true Friday for me after what was a very challenging workweek.
Following on that, that means that I begin working remotely on Sunday! I will be mobile! Watch me and my MacbookAir go! Well, and also making sure that my home workspace(s) are as ergonomic as possible. In all likelihood I'm going to get a large monitor to plug the laptop into. It will be a learning process and evolve over time, to be sure.
Talking with Evan about making a home together. The joy that comes with the thought of sharing a bower with him and working from home is just about enough to make me melt with happiness.
Grey skies again this morning! It will clear off later, but for now, this is my most groovalicious Portland weather.
You all, my friends with me on this journey. Thank you. ♥
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Pickle bandages. Yesterday morning I opened up the left side of the bathroom cabinet to get something and saw them. I burst out laughing, and kept laughing and telling Evan how much I loved them. He was so happy with my reaction: he knew of my fondness for fun and bright bandaids, and also a love of pickles, and so he'd found those and surprised me with them.

Something else along the retail therapy line: a memory foam bath mat runner from Eagle Bargain Outlet. Our hosts at the Airbnb listing where we stayed last weekend (with the gorgeous view and hot tub!) told us about it, mostly for Evan to find an induction heat plate. And he did! Evan is thrilled. And I'm so happy about my super-soft runner which is actually for my room as I anticipate trying to make my space as ergonomic as possible for working at home, which blissfully starts in less than two weeks.

Today's my day off- of all days, two of the higher ups will be at our Portland office today, but 1) it's my day off, and 2) I have appointments and a lunch date. And a massage at 9 o'clock, so I'll sign off here. :)
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    A lovely weekend! My Sunday at work flew by; it's always very quiet on Sundays at our Pearl District office. It will be interesting in a couple of weeks to see how it is to have weekends spent in full again at [ profile] evannichols's place. Though because I'll be working on Sundays. I definitely miss having both days to hang out with him and not work. Perhaps it will all even out once we're sharing a living space.

    Hearing from my sister after my grandmother's funeral. It was well attended and she saw a lot of cousins and of course, all of my aunts and uncles. Apparently she snagged a few hand-knitted items for me as well, knowing that I'd actually wear them.

    Today I am totally wearing orange shorts with bright paisley tights underneath. It's all to go with the Airbnb tank top I was given a few weeks ago, which features an orange popsicle on it. Hee. Every day can be dress up (or down) day!

    Along those lines, getting caught up in thinking about Steamcon, which I'll go to with Evan and [personal profile] snottygrrl at the end of next month. I'd not been thinking too much about this, but ended up spending a fair amount of time getting inspired by photos of fancy costumes and DIY outfits and assemblage and am now even looking at corsets for fun. o_O I'm not exactly what you would call busty, but some in my size do exist. Evan and I also stopped into Wells and Verne (not much on the site, but the owner and staff are fabulous!!! And this blogspot link has a bit more about them) for inspiration. In the weeks prior to the con, I don't doubt that Evan and I will be engaged in very fun DIY activities for our outfits.

    My hair. The beautiful magenta faded incredibly quickly. Not even a week!! I have no idea what color my hair will settle into, as the developer was stronger than what I usually use. It has inspired me to maybe mix up something more in the burgundy range, or plum/auburn rather than the more red and copper. We'll see. And I really do want to cut my hair, especially after Steamcon. Need to start looking into that.

    And now, to get ready for my workday! Hope you all had a delightful weekend. ♥
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I feel as though I've been going on and on about how much I love my job at Airbnb, so I won't gush more about it here. But I LOVE IT. For those who might wonder what my days and hours are, here's how they are through the end of September: 10-7, PST, Sunday-Monday, Wed-Fri. So I have Saturdays and Tuesdays off. We put in requests for new shifts each quarter, so there's a chance mine will change for Oct-December. I'll also begin working remotely (ie: from home, or Evan's house, or a coffee shop, or wherever I want where there's reliable internet!) in October. So, yay, no commute at all and working in whatever clothes I feel like, plus I can go out for a quick jog or run errands during my lunch and then come back home!

Many of you know that I recently went on a 3-day trip to go camping with Evan, attending an annual Nichols family get-together. In recent years they've met at Spicer Meadow Reservoir campground, and that's where we were this year. So I met his parents and older brother and spouse and couple of other friends who were there. I'd Skyped with them once before, but this was my first time to get to meet them in person. The setting was gorgeous, the weather sublime, the starry night sky phenomenal, and the sleeping on a thin mat on the ground something I didn't miss so much once we returned home. But here are a couple of pictures:
two photos )

Earlier that week, as noted, my dear friend [ profile] emansil_12 was in Portland for a couple of days before going off to Lubricus. She and I spent an absolutely marvelous day together, and here's the visual proof. This picture was taken at the building where Evan's work is located, in a large and sunny atrium that features someone playing piano every day during lunch hours!
together in PDX )

So I'm settling into my work schedule, at least for the next month. Even with that, since I'm working Labor Day, I'll have the subsequent Friday off. In other words, I haven't really been able to settle into an actual routine yet. That may not really happen until October when I'm working at home. We'll see. This week I am so looking forward to my Tuesday off. I'm starting out the day with a massage from my friend Karla, and then getting my eyes checked at 4:00. My eyesight has been funky and not in a good way. Now that I finally have health/dental/vision insurance again, for the first time in 3 or so years I'll get my eyes checked and will probably end up with new lenses. Maybe even new frames!
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The short (and long!) of my one-day visit with [ profile] emansil_12 was that the day was sublime. We talked, walked, shopped, ate lunch with [ profile] evannichols, hung out at my house, visited my wee library branch, went back to her lodging, talked more… and then it was time for me to go to an appointment. It joyed my heart so much to have the whole day with her, and for her to meet Evan in person, and to meet my housemates and see my room and environs. We will need to do this far more often than once every four years!! She is now off to Lubricus with [personal profile] snottygrrl and [ profile] winnett, and I hope they all have a wonderful time at the con.

My work schedule is a bit wonky due to the fabulousness of friends visiting and that I'm traveling with [ profile] evannichols this weekend! I just realized I've not really posted about that, but I'll be going with him to Spicer's Meadow in northern California for a couple of days for an annual Nichols family get-together. This means that I'll be meeting his parents and an older brother and others for the first time in person. :D While that is a big deal, what's an even bigger deal to me psychologically is traveling with him, and flying, even. I've not traveled or flown with anyone (exception of the Staunton choir tour) since, oh, 2004. I'm used to keeping my anxieties and fears to myself, and making not great decisions because I could, and I was alone and no-one was keeping tabs on me. So this will be all different. And precisely because Evan is so optimistic and level-headed, I haven't been wracked by my usual freak-out about flying. I am going to treat myself either to a bagel or doughnut that morning we fly, however. It's healthier than my prior choice would have been.

So… I'll be AFK pretty much until mid-week next week. But after that I'll have pictures, of the trip and with my dear [ profile] emansil_12.
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And this old guy cleaning them with a dental tooth scraping tool.

Well, I did, but this post isn't about that. It's more about a few things of note to do with work, the weekend, and other stuff.

~ The Airbnb pop-up location is located in The Pearl District. I'm growing to love it, seeing the fancy restaurants, Whole Foods, and even an Anthropologie store. I didn't know they had actual stores! I've long been an admirer of their clothes, though only once items were about 80% off. :P I go out and about during my two breaks and lunchtime, seeing what's out there and stretching my legs. Quite a pretty area.

~ I ate my first even lemon cucumber! I didn't know such things existed, but they were growing in [ profile] evannichols's sister's garden. Their cucumbers, whether those or more conventional, are growing like crazy. I was encouraged to eat my fill, which makes me so very happy. I love cucumbers!

~ As Evan and I were having coffee and chatting Sunday morning (which I actually had off thanks to a generous new Aircorps friend switching with me for Tuesday), I mentioned that I'd realized that I didn't have the energy or attention or time to really go ahead with my Etsy shop idea. I'm not giving up the idea and concept, because I think it's great, but instead of trying to sell these adorable infant's sweaters made of reclaimed and/or hand-dyed yarn, I will mail them on to my two stepsisters who are having second children. The zip-front vest I'll send to my sister, who has a 2 year old, and she can grow into it. It's not that I spent a lot of money getting the yarn, that was part of the point! But I've come to peace about maybe making myself a couple of things out of the yarn I reclaimed and washed and made into center pull balls. It's all good. I'll take pictures of course before I send the garments along.

~ Apparently I won't know my actual schedule for another several days, but I will have Wednesday off and Evan generously took a half day. I'll be making some of my usual weekend calls Wednesday morning, and I'll look forward to hopefully chatting with a couple of you.

~ Thanks to still being subscribed to redheadedmales, I see that there are two red-haired lovelies on the U.K. Olympic team! Daniel Purvis in gymnastics and Greg Rutherford in track and field. :D :D
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We received our first official week of work schedules yesterday, with a huge helping of caveats, including that the days and time of day were not at all necessarily coordinated with what we'll really be doing. This is encouraging, as mine is 8-5 (not bad, just early) and since their work week runs Saturday-Friday, as of yesterday I'm working seven days in a row. :P This also means that I may not be around that much, especially since I'll be catching a bus at 7:00 a.m. each morning until next Tuesday. That said, what better way to continue to get a bit faster in working on email situations with our users?! And, yay compensation. :D I'm going to our temporary home for the next two months, about seven blocks from where we were doing our training. They had an open house last night, but I'd pre-arranged to meet with my friend Jen, with whom I have become reconciled.

I'd reached out a few times since January, but apparently she didn't get those messages, and granted, she hadn't known what to say. But she reached out to me last week and we met at Starbucks yesterday, then came back over to my place to continue talking until I needed to have some downtime before bed. I'm very grateful that she's come back into my life, even though she's moving out of Portland today. She'll still be relatively close, and as she and I both noted, [ profile] evannichols is primary in whom I want to spend time with when not at work, and basically whenever possible. So, perhaps all for the best. It has been a huge relief for us to be back together as friends and we'll move forward into a renewed friendship as time goes on.

And a major plus: due to exhaustion and more slats under my mattress, I went to sleep at 10:15 and slept completely through until my alarm went off at 5:25. Woot!!!

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