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I'm still rather in shock about all of this, but I have proof that I've earned my first non-fanfiction/non-fandom royalties. I have no idea how this (somewhat fluffy, especially for me) work will be received, both by people who are intimately familiar with my fanfic, and those who don't know me from Eve's housecat. Hopefully readers will fall for the characters as I did, but I just have no idea. I hope to have the sequel submitted to Dreamspinner within a few weeks, and I'll be very intrigued to see how sales for Surprised at Nothing go, given its genre. Urban fantasy works aren't the highest sales generators at Dreamspinner.

Rather than put in all of the links where you can go get a copy of my e-book, I'm pasting in a link to the post on my authorly blog made specifically for promoting my work at Dreamspinner. Surprised at Nothing is available in e-book form via a variety of websites and locations. Here's the post:

If you do buy it and read it, please let me know your thoughts! I want each successive work that I put out there that's original fiction to be of the caliber of my best fanfic. And if you don't buy it, that's totally okay too. I'm honestly worried that I will disappoint people who know my intense, sometimes bleak, angsty fanfic. But it's my first completed attempt at world building.
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April 29th! Lookie, lookie: direct link to my book

This is so wild, and so weird in many ways. Most of the folks I've come into contact with via the Dreamspinner Yahoo group are authors full time, so sales are very important. I work full time already, so this for me has been more an experiment to see if I could get something out there that wasn't fanfic. I'm very grateful to be starting down this path, but this first Reggie/Kelp pales to some of my visceral, angsty fanfic that I remain particularly proud of. On the other hand, you've got to start somewhere.

As the only positive side-effect to the highly detrimental insomnia I've been experiencing due to a particularly wretched detox (2 hours total over the last 3 nights. I've had sleep-deprivation hallucinations before and I'm going to be sure to get something over the counter that will assure that I sleep tonight) is that last night I was musing over the Reggie/Kelp sequel and had so many thoughts about it that I got up to write them down. New characters. Scenes. In fact, the entire story arc is now done in my head, which is a bit surprising. That's not usually how I write, and it could be that the characters surprise me along the way, which is always fun. Given where I see it heading, I've already written about a third of it, and now that I'm excited about it again, I hope to begin writing on it regularly. It was difficult to do when I kept getting edits and then a proof and other things from the original to work on, but it's all out there now.
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I tend to write for about 30 minutes in the early morning with my first cup of coffee, just small sections of things before I can handle looking at a computer. I've been primarily working on my Dreamspinner novella sequel, the one that may not ever be contracted, I realize. But maybe the first one will sell enough and they'll want to support a sequel. Anyway, I was writing it yesterday and the protagonist and his lover were discussing how they'd get from their cottage to Dowth, maybe a mile or two away. The protagonist asked if they were driving, and the lover noted he doesn't know how to drive a car, so they had bicycles. To which the protagonist surprised me and his lover by saying that he doesn't know how to ride a bicycle. I love it when my characters surprise me with information about themselves I hadn't planned out!!

Since I finished my Yuletide story so quickly, I went to the 'Dear Yuletide Letter' spreadsheet and have selected an Orphan Black request that I'd love to write. Just a short vignette missing moment from an episode in season two we watched a couple of weeks ago. I've never written a pure gift fic before, but I'm really excited to write something in a fandom I've both never written for, and one that I'm currently enjoying myself. ♥

I'm about to have the most social couple of weeks than I've had in maybe a year or more! We'll be enjoying Thanksgiving with our dear friends [personal profile] sanguinity and [personal profile] grrlpup, a tradition I feel so fortunate to get to share with them, then Thursday the 4th Evan and I will attend the Portland office Airbnb holiday extravaganza. This is only the third ever local event where a +1 has been invited. :P Should be interesting since I'm still remote and don't know a good 5/6 of the people who work at the office now. We'll plan to go right at 7:00 and hang out for 2 hours or so before coming home and letting the younger set get crazy with an open bar. Saturday the 6th we have another holiday event with dear friends who've returned to the area from Utah, and then Tuesday the 9th one of the highlights of my month happens: one of my very dear colleagues who's also a remote employee is coming to Portland to visit the office again. She's gathered up a bunch of us who are now 'old timers' in Airbnb-parlance (nearly 2.5 years or longer) and mostly remote or only-recently-not-remote women to go out to dinner. It's a foretaste of how I'm now viewing next year's One Airbnb 2.0 to be held at HQ in SF. I didn't go last year; I was very conflicted in how I felt about my employer at that time, and was personally struggling with a lot of things that I'm not now. I'll be attending this year, and really looking forward to getting to see all of my remote buddies and talking about non-work things. :)
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Not sure that I agree with this, but…

You were born during a First Quarter moon

This phase occurs in the middle of the moon's waxing phases, after the new moon and before the full moon.

- what it says about you -

You test everything. You're sometimes unhappy with what others think is "good enough". You point out things you see wrong with the world, even if others are afraid it may cause some unrest. When something isn't right, you're the one who's not afraid to make dramatic changes. You're good at keeping your head in a crisis and reminding people that it takes a shakeup to fix things.

What phase was the moon at on your birthday? Find out at

Haven't posted here in forever; nor on LJ. I futz around on FB, not really posting anything that's deeply personal, but I do love the games. Aiyiyi.

In quick news, finished my first original fic m/m story and have submitted it to Dreamspinner. Am waiting. Will also be reaching out to a friend who's become a literary agent as I would really love to be under her wing as well. The original fic story really needs a sequel, but I'm too stubborn to start on it until and unless I know it's going to be published. In the interim, I've started another original fic story, for a smaller Dreamspinner imprint, and this one will be f/f. It's essentially me in 'Sliding Doors' format; what if? What if I'd fallen for this mythical creature with multicolored hair and tattoos who knits? It's writing itself since it's shameless autobiography without some of my more troubling traits, and the love interest is an amalgam of people I know and yet I hope she'll develop her own unique character as well. I'm really having fun with this one, going to town with just writing it, being as self-indulgent as I want to.

I have a friend who works at Dreamspinner, and I did some gratis proofreading for them, which has given me the confidence to submit works there. Quite to my surprise I found myself attracted to this small imprint, which is so different I'm including the entire description here:
    Itineris Press
    An imprint of Dreamspinner Press providing the best in LGBT faith-based fiction
    Because the journey is as luminous as the destination.

    Itineris stories are:

    ~ contemporary
    ~ immediate
    ~ relationship-based
    ~ diverse in race, religion, and spirituality
    ~ focused on the beauty of unconditional love and LGBT sexuality

    These stories explore the LGBT experience—romance can be a part of the stories, but the absolute focus is the spiritual change and growth that comes with acceptance and unconditional love.

All at once when I read that, I had a vision of this novel(la), of me (but of course not exactly me, but you know what I mean) and what could have happened. I've long struggled with my religion and spirituality, and can explore that fully in this work, which is so liberating. I remember having very heated, emotional discussions and arguments with my conservative boyfriend in college (same one who broke me apart post-divorce, but I can work through that in this work as well) about religion, to going through part of the discernment process about whether or not I'd been called to be a priest myself in my early 30s (Episcopalian), to feeling the spirituality of the Anglican music I was singing but feeling I was a fraud if I took communion, to at last now being at peace as an atheist, but one whose spirit is vast and boundless. Since this imprint writes of diversity in religion and spirituality, I'm hoping that a vague pagan after all of this more typical religious life will be included. And, if not, I'll publish it elsewhere. But there was something about that combination that has just brought this fantastic kaleidoscope of images and burgeoning relationship of a divorced woman who's been attracted to all sorts of people in a variety of body types (ie: pansexual or simply sexual) and finds herself drawn deeply to someone who perhaps is more at peace with herself than the protagonist is at first.

I'm loving starting on this story, I must say. :D I may consider posting sections in chunks as I did with my monk fic, so if people are interested on being on that filter, please let me know!
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[ profile] evannichols and I watched a video via Netflix titled "The Mystery of Eels" found via Nature. I'm delighted to let you know that it's available online here via PBS. While the narrator's voice wasn't ideal in terms of tone, nuance and the like, the narrator is a writer and artist, and as it turns out, this documentary is based on a book he published once this 'finding out more about eels' project became bigger than anticipated. Or it seems that it became larger than he'd anticipated. James Prosek is a naturalist and other things, and what struck me about the documentary was how engaging it was. Evan and I had selected it because 1) it was live streaming and 2) neither of us knew much of anything about eels. But because this guy James has an artistic approach to the topic, and brought in so much in the various locations (New England, New Zealand, Japan), I found myself quite surprisingly moved and it was poignant. Evan was similarly engaged (though with the narrator's not-made-for-narrating-voice, he'd apparently wanted to bail at first) for many of the same reasons. While it is a documentary about eels, it's mostly about people's interactions with them, lifetimes spent studying them, generations of people revering them and them taking on symbolic capture or freedom.

All of that to say: highly recommended. :)

And in very exciting news, I completed my first original fiction story. It's not the first one I started, but it's first one to be finished. YAY!! I know it will need some serious editing; this was definitely a first pass and was started months ago as a fic for the Harry Potter community. I veered away from that pretty quickly, but I'll need to be sure that the flow and pacing and characterizations are consistent since I worked on it off and on (a lot off) for the past 9 months or so. This gives me hope for returning to my monk fic, which was last summer's project, but hey. My printout is in its binder, ready for me to get back to it for a Grand Re-Read to remember all of the characters and probably take it in another direction as I didn't like what was going on where I'd stopped it.
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Since my last post, I realized that I have two stories that could be completed and submitted to this online press. One is the wholly unique monk story, but also an HP story I'd started in the summer for a fest, but didn't get very far in writing. I had most of it in my head, and I've recognized that I can change it up very easily in order to get it out of Rowling's version of magical and into something different. So I've begun revamping the first few thousand words and going in a more relationship-centric manner I'd shied away from when writing it for the fest because at that time, I'd decided to make it completely genfic. Now I can add some eroticism and make the new protagonist and his world unique enough that if there becomes a following, he can have other adventures in sequels. Not to project forward too much, lol.

But it's been great to be writing again, and getting re-engaged in this story line that I'd been excited for since the summer, but lost steam on. I'm writing! It feels great to have the characters come to life for me, rather than me having to poke at them to do something. I'm very, very happy about this development of events. My thanks again to [personal profile] snottygrrl for knowing how desperately unhappy I was in my prior work role and who volunteered me for this press in terms of being an able proofreader. I've done my quota and have let them know of my keen interest to do more in-depth editing, so we'll see about that in the future. :)
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I have about 100 pages to go in The Sparrow by Mary Doria Russell. It's scifi, a genre I've been fond of since age 13, though this particular book I'd put as 82% fiction to 8% science part. There is another planet involved, and her background as an anthropologist shines through. I'm in this super awkward phase of it because I know that many of the characters are going to be dead by the end (that's not a surprise; you know that within the first 10 pages or so) and I can't bear to know what happens… But of course I'm desperate to know what happens! I am in awe of the storytelling, the uncluttered prose, and I haven't inhaled a book like this in a while. Highly recommended, even though I haven't finished it yet. I may post about it more in detail when finished.

I also spent a few hours yesterday re-reading my own original fic novella, taking notes about the characters on index cards as well as writing down how much time was passing in the margins. I had no real sense of how many days had gone by from the beginning to where I've begun writing again. I wasn't even certain of the season! But now I know, and there can be more consistencies. It's such a joy to be flooded with new ideas again. Not just for this story, though that's where my focus is, but I'm going to do some medical research and write a sequel for the recent R/D I wrote, plus I think I'm going to write a sequel to my Rohirric/Dwarvish cultural interaction story recently posted but written last November. I've been a fan of writing about inter-cultural relations in the Ardaverse, especially those to do with Dwarves. Having one of my favorites (Gimli, of course) set up shop in the caves of Helm's Deep means I can have some fun in installments with a post-WR gapfiller that's genfic and I can spend some more time in Rohan. Figuratively. ;)

Two of my longer-term LJ friends had been on my mind but I hadn't heard from in quite some time. To my relief, after sending out emails I've discovered that they're both still around, both dealing with some trauma, but back in touch. Time to get some more international postage stamps as I'll be writing some long letters.

Oh! And I'll be seeing HP7 part 2 tomorrow with my stepdad and a friend from choir. Should be fun! I'm not all that sentimental about it since I came over to HP via fanfiction and that's where my closest attachment lies. But I'll look forward to seeing the more grown up Gryffindor boys and girls.
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Last Friday my parents and I watched "Mao's Last Dancer," an engaging film that tells the true life story of a boy selected from his rural Chinese village to go to Bejing and trained as a dancer. Of course there's more, as he comes to the U.S., and I won't mention more except to say that Chi Cao, the lead, is amazing. If you enjoy watching dancers, especially male ballet dancers, you'll love this. He's incredible. There's a great interview with him here. For whatever reason this has brought back memories of my own life, since until I was about 16½ I really believed that I'd grow up and be a 'ballerina.' I did dance 3-4 days a week until that age, but circumstances changed and I focused more on singing. Not that I would ever have been good enough to be a professional dancer, but I was decent.

After 9 months of lying dormant, I've picked up my original fic again. Some of you are on that filter, so if you see something you've not seen in ages, that's it! It's been long enough that before I continue on (I wrote about 6 pages and posted them, but am pausing), I'm re-reading the story and writing down attributes of the main characters on index cards, as well as the vocab I'd created for the khorite world they're in. My challenge is simply to tell the story without any kind of intended audience in mind. With my fanfic, I knew the audience. This is different, and of course there's a part of my mind thinking, "Hey! This is unique! It could go to press in one form or another someday…", but I'm trying to hush that voice down and just let the characters speak. Always a challenge.

Tonight I'm going for 3 hours of training so that I can co-lead a citizenship class as offered through the local literacy council where I was leading the informal conversation classes. While I've been thinking primarily of doing an Oxford course to be certified to teach English o'seas if I go that route, it's come to my attention that there is an ESL program here at JMU. I think their focus is on domestic teaching, but I think I would be doing myself a disservice not to check it out.

And, one day late, but a very Happy Birthday to my very dear [ profile] cim_halfling. So glad I was able to sing to you and chat this weekend! ♥♥
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First and foremost, a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY, [ profile] evannichols!!!! May you be celebrated in whatever manner you deem the most marvelous for you. :)

I finished the purple gloves for [ profile] dreambastion, pics found here and here. (yes, I was playing around with brushes in photoshop for the second one) They were mailed out yesterday! I've assembled the cardigan (without the sleeves yet) and nearly finished the button band. I also will be knitting another baby bib for one of my adopted brothers.

Thanks to [ profile] celandineb for the glitterati sunglasses! :D

Work on my original fic is going well, and for those who've provided feedback, it's much appreciated. This week I'm focusing on incorporating edits from [ profile] elfscribe5 and [ profile] emansil_08 (THANK YOU!!) for my Hector/Lord John fic, as well as doing a pretty major revision in tone and ambiance for my Wraeththu story to be in the fall compilation. Then it's back to original fic full on. And visiting [ profile] persephone100 again this weekend, right after her birthday!!! So a great week in store, as well as spending a couple of days doing video editing and also learning more Access stuff and meeting with the health center folks.

A merry Tuesday to you all!
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I've not been reporting in about all of my dreams because it would just get exhausting. Several LJ people have shown up in the past week, however, including both [ profile] wolfiekins and [ profile] koshweasley in the same dream. Last night I dreamed I was at some spectacle, but oddly enough given that there was a despondent female trapeze artist, it wasn't a circus. It was a business event, but in a place with super-high ceilings. And for some reason I ended up being asked or forced to join her, and I was pretty nervous because while she was quite skilled, she was also obviously really depressed. But I felt safe, even when we were swinging up really high (on the same swing) and somehow I knew I would be safe even when I fell (gracefully, somehow) and she held my feet and she swung as well. I don't remember how it ended. I had to look up the symbolism for a trapeze, as you might imagine. From two sources, here's what I found:

    To see a trapeze act in your dream, signifies a carefree attitude toward life. You are trying to escape from your daily responsibilities and take some time out to relax. Alternatively, the dream represents your high aspirations and ideals. To dream that you are swinging on a trapeze, indicates a desire or wish for sexual variety or adventure. Alternatively, the dream symbolizes indecisiveness. You are going back and forth on some choice.

    A symbol of a strong desire for freedom - to come as close as a human being possibly can to flying on his own, whether the dreamer is actually on the trapeze or watching someone else perform. If the dreamer successfully performs a routine on a trapeze, the dreamer will experience the freedom he desires, but if he falls and crashes, he'll very likely fail due to his own shortcomings. If he falls and lands in a safety net, he'll succeed in spite of his shortcomings. Other symbols in the dream can reveal how the dreamer can avoid failure.

Hmmm. Another really good week; I've written up my recommendations for the community health center and will probably be able to present them on Monday or Tuesday. I do hope they'll retain me to actually implement the suggestions, and I think they will. I joined a gym (I think I mentioned that?) and have been really enjoying being able to take Pilates again on a regular basis, as well as enjoy the sauna, yoga, cardio classes, and having a healthy way to get out of my head.

I've been receiving a lot of very positive feedback on the original fiction story, both here and with a couple of select folks out in wider realms. So that's pretty great! And it's a weekend, so as of tomorrow I have some people to call and hopefully have long conversations with. I hope that you all have/are having a pleasurable weekend.
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I've decided to do a fairly major downsizing in my LJ, both communities and individuals. My fandom interests have changed somewhat in recent years, and I'm going to go ahead and cut my ties with several entities. If you're an individual on my flist and I cut you and a) you notice b) you care and want to stick around, please just send me a PM and I'll be glad to add you back.

I'm also going to start up a new filter about my original fic. After a few days of mulling things over, I began simply writing on Sunday and as of this morning, basically the whole outline of characters/scenario/plot/limited worldbuilding/religious doctrine (it's integral to the story) has come to me. I'm going to post what I've started out with and feel free to let me know whether or not you'd like to be added to that particular filter. It will be m/m, occasionally explicitly adult, not set in our current world but perhaps in a post-atomic one, and hopefully is original-ish in concept.

For people here for fic, my fanfic will always be unlocked, so please stop by whenever you'd like! I'm probably not writing much of any HP anymore, minimal Tolkien, and some Wraeththu. I'm working on a Hector/Lord John Grey for [ profile] lgbtfest but y'know, as of now I'm really going to put my energies toward this. I'm pretty damn excited, actually. It's nothing like anything I'd been thinking about in my vaguest vague ideas of what to write. *g*

So here's the possible beginning to what I'm just calling 'Ilthanon Original Fic,' for lack of a better title. Oh, and things in brackets are elements with new vocabulary I haven't even begun to conceive of yet. )

Let me know if you want to be on that filter, and no hurt feelings either way. And, of course, initial responses are also welcome!
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I bring two recs in two genres I don't believe I've ever recc'ed before: original fiction, and Mary Renault's The Persian Boy. Both are authors whom I've come to know thanks to my new foray into Wraeththu fandom, and they are accomplished authors in realms outside of Wraeththu fandom. They're also intelligent, droll, charming individuals I am really enjoying getting to know.

[ profile] camile_sinensis I got to know thanks to her Wraeththu fanfiction, posted at [ profile] red_shellac. I absolutely inhaled her stories nearly as quickly as Storm Constantine's novels themselves, and only wish there were more of her stories. I highly recommend any of her fiction there. Today, though, I'm recc'ing (with her consent) a story of hers at her original fiction archive, Stuff in a Cardboard Box. I've only read one story so far, and that's the one I'm reccing, We Move Through Heaven. It's science fiction, a glorious one-shot with achingly beautiful imagery and the kind of uncluttered, yet descriptive prose I aspire to write myself one day. The plot is compelling, the implied backstory/universe is intriguing; it's a short story that packs quite a punch.
a short sample to nudge you over to the story )
I've recently come to know [ profile] elfscribe5 because she is an author's dream: she's left several in-depth, articulate reviews for my recently completed Wraeththu novella, and she's quoted back phrases and images she felt were particularly moving; they are the kinds of reviews you want to share a bottle of wine with, and then cozy up to in bed and cuddle all night long. To my delight I've discovered that not only does [ profile] elfscribe5, like me, have a years-long background in Tolkien fanfiction and JRRT awe, but she's also written The Persian Boy fanfiction. Last night I treated myself to an all-too-hasty reading of her gap-filler, Oromedon's Lessons. I couldn't help myself; I gobbled it all down and will need to re-read it and give it the more reverential, slower savoring it deserves. It is adult and m/m, a true gap-filler and a sensual delight. Her attention to detail, including having done historical research, is something I've seen most often in Ardaverse writers, and I admire her for it.

a sample of gorgeousness )

As always, if you enjoy the fruits of these author's labors of love, please let them know! To reach [ profile] camile_sinensis, you can drop her a note at the end of any story she has posted at her fanfic archive; the Slash Cotillion archive where [ profile] elfscribe5's Persian Boy story is hosted allows you to leave her a message there which will be forwarded.

Happy reading!

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