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I am in the midst of an interviewing frenzy. Beginning today, I have (had) three (and maybe four) confirmed interviews in four workdays. The maybe is for Monday. Today was a group and then one-on-one with Airbnb which could be really, really cool— especially looking longer-term in relation to things with [ profile] evannichols, living together, and maybe even looking to spend some time working overseas. Tomorrow morning is an interview with a downtown church for a half-time development assistant position. Monday- still not sure; it's for a 3-month contract position up in Vancouver, WA, so not the best, but could be interesting. But of all of the leads, probably the least likely to pan out. And today I got a call from a local classical radio station about a membership assistant position I applied for. Interview with them Tuesday morning!! Good thing that I enjoy interviewing. Yes, you read that right. I've done so much of it in recent years that I'm no longer intimidated by it and actually really enjoy going and interviewing the potential company. Lots of amazing possibilities, and I couldn't be happier about feeling so desired by different facets of the working world.

For the holiday yesterday, Evan and I went to [personal profile] sanguinity and [personal profile] grrlpup's house for a scrumptious dinner and entertaining conversation. Prior to that, I had a marvelous, low-key day with [ profile] evannichols and he assisted me in the initial mechanics of doing my own dyeing. Below the cut are pictures of the two two-color colorways I did. They are quite vivid and I'm going to wash them tomorrow to get any remaining dye out of them (they were steam-set and shouldn't bleed, but I just want to be sure) and air dry again before winding them into center-pull balls. I really will post pictures of the finished products once I have them. I got all kinds of affirmations and exclamations of how talented I am about the turquoise vest I'm knitting, so that also made me feel pretty frakking awesome. :)
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So, um, things continue to be really phenomenal. But it's been a really long day, and I'm going to chill out with some online Boggle and then a documentary and then I'm off to bed. :P
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This entry may get a bit long, so feel free to pick and choose topics or just skim. But I wanted to post an update.
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So, yay. It feels pretty amazing to be able to post something like this.
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For whatever reason, after a particularly lovely weekend with [ profile] evannichols (nothing unusual happened; I just felt even closer and more tender-hearted about him/us), yesterday morning I felt really out of sorts. I later decided that I should be a bit more careful about what I watch when feeling isolated. Watching stories about a Scandinavian cop investigating murders whose father is also beginning to suffer from dementia ("Wallander") is perhaps not the wisest choice. :P The day improved, however, and today I'll get to work earlier than usual and head up to Evan's work and then spend the evening together. I'll also be doing my first video preliminary interview with a company I'd applied to a week or so ago. I don't know that I'll ever be used to automated processes like that, aside from various online testing that I've done. When applying for the downtown company where I got through to the very end of their hiring process, early on I had to call and was asked a series of pre-recorded questions and had a three-minute per-question time limit to answer on the spot. That kind of freaked me out. This video part should be interesting (different company), but I'm having to do it at Evan's as my Mac mini does not have a webcam. These new requirements by companies, or assumptions, anyway, that applicants will have easy access to webcams and microphones is a bit misguided in my view. I suppose it's part of the current way to reduce time and in-house resources in order to winnow down the applicant field. I don't really approve.

Last Saturday [ profile] evannichols, [personal profile] snottygrrl and I saw the new Pixar film 'Brave'. It was okay. Very pretty, and occasionally funny, but I didn't find it emotionally engaging at all. That said, it was full of redheads, which made me very happy. What made me even more pleased was yesterday I was talking with my supervisor and told her I saw the movie and she noted that someone in one of the other departments had referenced me as 'That new person who looks like the girl in Brave.' LOL!! Now granted, I do have red, wavy hair. But I don't have a head of hair like this, though it is exactly the head of hair I've wanted so desperately to have since I was a child. The comparison cheered me, nonetheless.

A total aside: I need more slats for my bed. I only have three, and the mattress sags not inconsequentially, and it's taking a toll on my neck. Something will need to be done about this.
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... well, here it doesn't pour all the time, but there's a good chance you're living in Portland. But I'm writing about the amazing and grateful fact that I have yet another interview for another 1/2 time position! It's for a development assistant position with a downtown church. I had a preliminary chat while walking to my bus yesterday morning, which made for a very non-conducive pre-interview conversational environment (but it was the only time we could talk) as the bus I catch is on a very loud and busy street at a loud and busy intersection. I'll meet with them on July 6th. I'd be thrilled to be able to have two half-time positions, if I could make it work. I don't honestly know how long I'll be on assignment out in Beaverton, though it sounded like at least a two-month gig. Guess I'll see over time. But, yay!

I'm still a bit weirded out about enjoying my early mornings so much. Some of it has to do with the fact that it's pretty much the only time the house here is quiet, but I also realize that I'm able to get a fair amount of things accomplished in the early hours. I've been sleeping quite soundly, and am definitely still in a very vivid dream cycle. Quality sleep goes a long way toward making my general anxiety levels much lower. Having a paycheck in any amount is also helping. ;) I also did some affirmations and visualizations while jogging yesterday. The author of the book I'm reading recommends that one be relaxed and restful while doing those, but I figure that the more often I do affirmations and consciously have positive thoughts about myself and my situation, the more I'll believe them. Which is a very good thing.
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I went jogging yesterday! Three and a half miles, even! Planning to do the same today and through the weekend— until it next rains, even. It felt so good to get some cardio and slow down when I needed to in order to keep it at a jog. Heh. Oh, and the plasma center yesterday was a bust. After three hours I'd still not seen anyone, so I gave up and decided my time could be much better spent than hanging out in their office. Seems ridiculous that the center in Harrisonburg was so much more sophisticated. Maybe another day.

This morning I've been super-productive for whatever reason; maybe a solid night's sleep, though I was deep in the midst of a dream when my alarm went off. I was so on top of things by 7:30 a.m. after doing my laundry and hanging it outside on our impromptu clothesline (ie: the chain link fence in the backyard) that I finally took a couple of pictures of Cooper, the boxer who is so adorable, all cozied up in his favorite chair. The first is with the flash, but the second captures the ambiance better as the curtains are drawn and the room is rather dark.

Cooper, the sweet boxer, in his habitat )

This morning I'm determined to apply to 5-7 positions (four down thus far), do laundry (done), type in the last of the Gimlific I'd been writing on prior to the holidays last year, and some other things before going to catch the bus and meet [ profile] evannichols for lunch. It will continue on to be a productive afternoon as well. I'll try and post my knitting WIP, item one from my Secret Endeavor that has had its starts and stops. I'm especially excited about more dyeing once I have my own mini-set and can do it here, or at Evan's.

Happy Friday!

Recent days

Jun. 4th, 2012 06:24 am
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This week is shaping up to be particularly productive and could quite potentially herald a sea change in my life here in Portland. I have a final conversation this morning with a person who could be my supervisor at the company with whom I've been interviewing. They seem keen to bring me on board and I'm keen to put my skill set to work for them— and to stay a while. They are particularly supportive of their employees in the professional development realm, and I would love to be in a position where I can really sink my teeth into the job and plan to stay for several years, moving into another position if that fits. And if I want to! What struck me yesterday afternoon as I was lying in [ profile] evannichols' arms and chatting about things was the fact that nearly everything in my life right now is win/win. I'm so grateful for him, for my friendships, for these work and self-employment possibilities… I did cry a little bit, being so overwhelmed at how phenomenal things are. I feel that I've paid dearly for being where I am now, and don't ever want to go down that dark path again.

I'll definitely keep you all posted as I know more! :)
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For another good reason— I have a two day temp position downtown! I've registered with several placement companies during both periods of time here in PDX but hadn't had any actual placements until now. Since I'm in the final phase of communication before hopeful employment with this other company, working for two days in what should be a low stress environment is great by me. So, yay!
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Firstly: My dreamlife. Goodness, gracious, the long, convoluted, mind-numbingly detailed dreams that I've been having this weekend. For Friday and Saturday night I had three of those per night. Last night I only had two. But still. In one of them from Saturday I'd misplaced my backpack (in which I keep my vitals these days and have it with me all the time) and some woman brought it to me, gave me a vindictive look, and dumped it out on the floor before running away. When going through it, I realized my wallet was gone, and (still in the dream) had to reprogram my phone to call [ profile] evannichols and tell him that I was going to have to replace all of my cards and cancel my credit cards. I was so incredibly relieved in the morning to be able to go to my backpack and see that, in fact, my wallet was there. Having so many experiences, whether experienced in the common reality of being awake or being asleep, can be really challenging. It's why even though my various therapists have been really intrigued and wanted me to write them down, I refuse to do so. Too many 'realities'.

Secondly: BACON. Yum. Birthday-weekend bacon, at that. Which is a lot like regular bacon, but enjoyed especially much.

Thirdly: One of the things that is so amazing to me about spending time with [ profile] evannichols is that even what would be considered mundane activities have an aura of marvelousness to them. This morning it occurred to me that the word to describe that is evanescence. With a new meaning, of course. ;)

I heard from the recruiter at the company where I've been interviewing, but when I returned his call, he was on holiday until tomorrow and specifically not checking email or voicemail. But I did speak with the person there that he said to contact in an emergency and she said she'd let him know, and I also sent an email anyway. So I hope to hear from him early this week and maybe I'll even have an offer. That would be pretty great.

I'll be heading back to my house this evening, and that always makes me a bit melancholy. But… it's been a really, really wonderful four days with my beloved. I'll focus on that.
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I don't really want to put in bullet points for this post (though I enjoyed putting in flowers earlier), so I'll just write a few things to do with the wonderfulness of recent days. On Friday I had a follow-up/second-and-final interview at the downtown company where I'd love to work. It went very well, and I was asked to stay (if I could) to shadow someone for about fifteen minutes. Good sign. I'll hear from them by the end of this coming week, so I'll have closure one way or another and I'm so glad of that. I may also have an interview at another company for a temp-to-hire position through a placement company; we'll see. When [ profile] evannichols and I arrived at his house Friday afternoon, I spent some time speaking with his sister about all of this because she's recently been offered and accepted a position at this company. When I did finally head inside, I found Evan looking a bit expectantly at me, and then I saw them: a beautiful bouquet of peach/coral roses, and a card. Not to do with my job hunt, but just because he's as smitten with me as I am with him. There might have been a bit of subtle swooning.

This weekend was restful and restorative, and also included some social time meeting [personal profile] snottygrrl to see one of the films that was part of the Studio Ghibli Film Festival held at the Portland Art Museum NW Film Center. The one we saw (My Neighbors the Yamadas) has a director other than Hayao Miyazaki; we're all Miyazaki fans and have seen many of his films on both the big and small screen. Evan and I were particularly interested in seeing at least one of these films that aren't available in a format we can rent, so that was accomplished.

I'm back over at my place now, unpacking and also preparing to repack as I'll be spending a fair amount of time at [ profile] evannichols' this coming week and weekend. He has a birthday coming up on Friday, and it's one of those memorable ones that ends in either '5' or '0'. Follow his blog to know which. ;) There will be a special-ordered (by me, even!) gluten- and dairy-free fabulous cake, and dinner, and lounging, and goodness only knows what else. Maybe online Boggle. It could happen. ;) But for this evening, I'll settle in with a small serving of Fritos and queso, some Being Human, dismantling another beautiful (and free!) sweater, and a few other things before heading to bed and hitting the ground running tomorrow morning. A quick thanks to [ profile] emansil_12 for the wonderful phone call today, and to [ profile] llembas for the letter I received when I came home.
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--it's been a pretty fabulous 24 hours or so! Some highlights:

    A productive morning yesterday, followed by lunch with [ profile] evannichols at BHFT. While hanging out in the lounge, I had a conversation with the recruiter at the company I'd interviewed with last week that I really liked, setting me up for a follow-up interview tomorrow at 11:00. :D :D :D Then [ profile] evannichols was done with work early in order to get to a chiropractor's appointment.
    At said appointment, I was working on dismantling a sweater when a woman with two daughters came in. She asked if I was undoing my own work or a pre-existing item. I affirmed the latter. So we got to talking about a variety of things, including my Endeavor. She loved the idea, and even offered to give me some sweaters that she was going to give to Goodwill anyway! And in some ways, she's part of my ideal market. Such a great feeling to get positive feedback from someone I don't know at all.
    A highly enjoyable evening/sleepover with Evan, including a yummy chicken dish from New Seasons for dinner. He dropped me off this morning at the drop-off bus stop that's convenient for us both, and that was where I commenced dismantling a sweater again by myself until…
    …my attentions were captivated by an articulate, outgoing transgendered young man (introduced to me as such after a few sentences about jobs and such) who just happened to be a redhead with lovely red beard. Turns out that Ray is writing a book about his overwhelmingly positive and supported transition from female to male. Since I have a dear friend on LJ who has also been transitioning in this manner, I had more than a clue as to his process and was being so grateful to the universe, once again, for giving me the strength to get back out to Portland again where I so obviously belong. Ray is writing his book with his mother, who has an online publishing company (I didn't get the name) and is serving as editor. I asked, of course, because I thought this interaction had happened so I could also potentially serve as editor. For a near-total stranger, yes, but the universe is like that. I gave him my name and email and will hopefully receive a first draft to give feedback in a few months. So very cool.
    And for today: going to the close PCC campus business office to get paid for my modeling sessions for this week; an interview at a placement company out in Beaverton; modeling tonight 6-9. So today and tomorrow will both be busy, but then it's a weekend. Woot!

    And in another post to follow: pictures of my dyed yarn!
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Had a very productive morning post-phone call with [ profile] evannichols, then an as-always delightful lunch with him at BHFT. On the way home, instead of coming straight home, I went to my massage therapist friend Joseph's house for some pre-arranged much-needed bodywork, and then… YARN DYEING!! I'd been telling him about my Somewhat Secret Endeavor a couple of weeks ago and he said, "Don't buy dye — I used to do all kinds of tie-dyeing. I have great dyes. Come over and we'll use them!" So I brought over a few short skeins of some neutral-colored yarn from a sweater I'd dismantled, and have now officially done my first yarn dyeing. I can tell I'm already hooked. Well, especially when in somebody else's company and without having to come up with the space and materials myself. But he's game for me to come over with way more yarn and do a bunch more; he's grateful because he's been meaning to get back into that part of his life and just hasn't. So I've been a positive impetus for someone else! And I think the yarns are going to be beautiful and things are really falling into place for this Grand Endeavor. FWIW, I also have yet another interview this coming Thursday, though it's an initial interview for a placement company, not the client company. I have yet to hear anything from the two places I interviewed last week and am trying to remain as upbeat as I can and thinking positive thoughts toward the universe about my future position. Which will happen. I am tenacious and pretty good at selling myself by now.

And in the meantime, there's the Grand Endeavor and lots of creativity and yarn dyeing! And [ profile] evannichols! Having him on my team goes a long, long way. :)
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AUGH! For the second or third time since Saturday, I've spent 20 minutes applying online for various positions at various job sites, only to have their server flake out and/or not save my information and expect me to start over. NOT. I took this most recent one to mean that I was supposed to stop for now, get a snack, and go watch something fun for a little while. That said, as I checked my email again, one of the companies I applied with sent an automated email for me to continue on with the process and participate in some kind of automated 15 minute phone interview. I believe I'll do that later on today or in the early morning. But I want to be fully awake, of course. Another small minor thing was discovering that my yoga pants, sweatpants (and later I discovered my winter slippers) were wet. With cat pee. One of the cats had come into my room while I was getting coffee or something and was there (under the bed, I suspect) closed in while I went off to the DMV. Thankfully the grand-matriarch of the house was doing a load of darks, so I put my pants in so they wouldn't stink. When my room still smelled like cat pee later, I did a more thorough exploration of my closet and realized the slippers also had been hit and needed to be washed. The smell is gone now, however.

On the plus side, I was at the DMV at 7:50 this morning (and still was 8th in line!) and paid my $5 and passed the knowledge test. So I got back home and called to get a driving appointment which will be a week from today. Thankfully [ profile] evannichols has kindly offered up his vehicle for me to use. I shouldn't be nervous about the driving test as it was 25 years ago when I first got my license. :P After my DMV experience I was able to go out running with a spring in my step, also a plus.

Today's highlight, though, was lunch with [ profile] evannichols at BHFT. It was sunny and warm today, so we spent some time out in the parking lot after eating, but we're both pretty sun sensitive. We headed back to our usual post-lunch window locale until it was time for me to return. I really enjoy being able to get on one bus and an hour later be dropped off right outside of his building, but that can't last forever. I'm taking advantage of being between jobs, to be sure!
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It's been right at two weeks since I had a real turnaround about myself, my situation, and steps I began taking to make positive, quantifiable changes. One of those is to exercise regularly, and this morning I upped my distance to over two miles, a decently-lengthed 35-40 minutes of cardio. This pleases me greatly. I'll never become a distance runner or anything like that; this is conditioning and trying to establish revived, healthy habits. I've also been measuring my portions so that I have a much better sense of how much I'm eating, and what. I do eat quite healthfully, but I was a bit stunned at just how much peanut butter I'd been ingesting with my granny smiths, and huge bowls of yogurt with cereal, almonds and craisins. The fact finding has been most illuminating. There's also two consecutive weeks of staying in my right mind (yay!) and job interviews. Very important. I had a screening call about a position at Reed College yesterday that not only was 15 minutes late, but the questions she asked me were so dry, impersonal, and standard banal. I was really surprised, and frankly caught off guard by it. It's rare that I don't establish a rapport with someone almost immediately, but my conversation yesterday was pretty awkward. They're at the very beginning of their search and won't put someone in place until mid-July, and frankly I'd be quite surprised if I make it into a second round.

As part of continuing on, however, I have an in-person interview for a part-time administrative/desk position at a NE community center and I'm looking forward to that. I'll also head to a place called Scrap that [personal profile] snottygrrl told me about, which conveniently is only about three blocks from my interview site. That said, I really shouldn't buy anything as I went CRAZY at my favorite Goodwill yesterday, coming out about $65 poorer, but rich in spring clothes (suitable for the weather and climate here) and shoes in the anticipation of being back in the workforce in the reasonably near future. I didn't bring a whole lot of spring/summer clothes when I initially packed to relocate and it will be a while before I head back to Virginia for a final extraction of all of my belongings.

[ profile] evannichols will be picking me up today after his workday at BHFT and I'll be with him through Monday. Not only is that fabulous, but we'll be spending about a day and a half at the coast at a beach house with friends of his sister's as part of her belated birthday celebrations. This is the Pacific beach, ruggedly beautiful with frigid water, not the Atlantic or Gulf. It's my kind of place. :)

DMV Blues

Apr. 10th, 2012 09:05 am
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Some of you may remember this post about discovering that my OR driver's license was (according to that staff member) still intact and good through 2017. I lost my wallet back in January and have replaced everything except for my Social Security card and DL, because I don't have a car and I've been using my passport as ID. I'd made it a goal to go to the DMV this week and buck up for a replacement DL, so this morning I was at the office bright eyed at 8:05, armed to the teeth with ID and cash for the replacement. Well. Turns out that actually once I got a Virginia ID, my OR license did become null and void, and according to the state of Oregon (and Virginia, somehow) I have no state license or state ID whatsoever. D: So. I get to start over from scratch: $5 for the written test, then once I pass that, $9 to take the DRIVING TEST (which I haven't had to do since I first got my license in 1987), and cough up another $60 for the license itself. Perhaps it goes without saying that now this has become not a priority for this week. Damn. Frankly I'd rather spend the money getting my eyes checked and getting new lenses or whatever I need to do. One day, hopefully, I'll have health insurance again.

On the plus side, not only do I have an in-person interview this Thursday, I was also given a call about a job I'd applied to at Reed College and I have a 30 minute phone interview tomorrow at 3:30! So yay about all that. I'll continue to focus on the positives and take care of the driver's license stuff in good time.
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Yes, I'm making up words. I'll warn again for excessive happiness, but hey: I think I've paid for this. the past few days )

I'm getting very close to finishing my vest! I'm only about a half inch from the specified length, then I'll do all of the bind-off and decorative edging and then all I'll need to do is block it and be done. I've decided to make an adorable baby owl cardigan for both of my stepsisters out of this yarn since I believe they're both pregnant with second children. I'll get more details and confirm that when I talk with my stepdad today, if I get him on the phone.

Also on the positive job front, I applied to a database contractor position and while I highly doubt I'll be brought in, it was great to hear from the recruiter and after we talked, she said she felt comfortable at least submitting my resume into the mix. Then I got a call from one of the Portland community centers where I'd submitted a resume and cover letter, and I have an interview with them next week! Things do seem to happen when I get really serious about looking for a job.

In essence: it's all splendiferous. :)
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Today is a conventionally gorgeous day: blue skies, moderate temperatures. Portlanders are out in droves. I started out the week well in that this morning I did indeed get up and go jogging at 7:00, once it was light. I'm getting up at 5:30 to match my schedule more with [ profile] evannichols' and to actually have a schedule, but it was dark until sunrise at 6:48. After a very productive morning, I went to BHFT to have lunch with [ profile] evannichols, which as always was an absolute delight. As part of our routine, we spend some time looking out at Portland in front of a large bank of windows, and it was clear enough to see Mount St. Helens. "I must be in Portland!" I said in wonder. "Here, with you!" "Yes," he replied. "This is no dream." Sometimes it really does surprise me, having been here, then 18 months back in Virginia, and back here once more. I was able to see both mountains on my bus ride home, and with the sun coming in on my side of the bus, I have now received my first (thankfully low-grade) sunburn. Hopefully there won't be more of those as I'll be in search of sunscreen. Then again, the weather forecast for the next several days is rain and low 50s.

I should be having a brief phone interview today between 2:30 and 3:30, which I'm trusting will happen even though the person who emailed me didn't confirm the time I sent her. Ah, well. I'll hang out here until 3:30 and if she doesn't call, I'll call back before going out into the loveliness to run a couple of errands.
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I don't need to file. I'm under the minimum income amount for the year. There is one slightly grey area to it that I'm not going to go into, but I'm just going to let it go and not file. I do wish I could get back the $81, but Oregon really would include my Virginia income, which is crazy, so I'm not even going to go there.

The end.

Adulthood really does have its moments of being not so fun.

Back to focusing my attentions on the job hunt.
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A couple of weeks ago I was chatting with my NZ potential beau, lamenting my job search and how difficult it was. When I mentioned our very unhappy 10% unemployment rate, in his innately positive way he replied, "Well, that means that 90% are employed." And now I'll be joining that percentage! I will have a long commute, both ways, and the timing of the buses may involve a lot of waiting (my shift hours will be approximately 10-7 which is great for my body clock, but the buses in this area of suburbia don't run as often after 6 p.m.). That said, I can read/write/knit/listen to audiobooks going and coming, so I don't consider it wasted time. The company is young (so I'm not 'competing' with people who have been there for years) and doing well and expanding, so I may well be able to move from inbound customer service perhaps to training or something else over time. It's the first time I've worked a 40 hour week since I was at Rosetta Stone, before I moved to Portland the first time. This will definitely be a change, both the commute (and not driving my own car) and the income. It's not paying what I'm worth, and the benefits aren't what a university would offer, but it's an okay start and there's room for raises. I'm pretty excited to get on board with a young company, and I'm very excited at the thought of paying off my limited credit card debt and saving up for a trip to the South Pacific. :) And investing a pair of insulated, waterproof shoes. It's going to be a long, wet winter and I'll be doing my share of walking outside. My running shoes just don't cut it. :P
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This morning was my third and final (I'm nearly 100% certain) interview for the customer service position out in Tigard. All that for something which will probably pay only $10-11 an hour, which if they do offer it, I'll need to think long and hard about versus making $10 an hour and working from home. The commute given the hours will not be fun and will be quite time-consuming. OTOH, there's far more room for growth and I wouldn't have to rely on my own equipment. There's no firm offer yet so I won't worry about it if or until that happens. The interview with the operations manager went pretty well, especially considering I got up at 5:45 this morning to be able to catch a bus what was supposed to come by at 6:38 but didn't arrive until 6:45— and I had two other connections to make in order to get there in time for an interview at 8:30. It all worked out. So afterwards I walked back out to the main thoroughfare and stopped by the Burger King there to use the bathroom before the sojourn home. I was washing my hands when a woman came in and asked me, "Did you see a pair of glasses?" and we both looked into the empty stall. No glasses. Then I looked at her. They were hanging on the front of her shirt. I pointed them out to her, and she was so grateful and gracious. It made me smile. I've done that before in the past with my reading glasses before I had a chain for them.

My next adventure when Julia gets home is to go to the DMV to switch out my Virginia ID for an Oregon one. It can be incredibly difficult to prove one's residency if one doesn't pay any utilities and all of one's bank statements are online. But this clause makes it doable: A verbal statement from any person residing at the same residence address you listed on your application. The person making the statement must accompany you and present one acceptable proof of residence address. So she's going to take me (conveniently there's a branch very close by) and make said verbal statement and show them her driver's license. After that she's going to rake leaves and I'll put them in the yard waste bins. She asked if I would help and I said I would, especially if it didn't involve actual raking as it, like dusting, is a chore that I absolutely despise.

The last bit of good news is that I've begun writing on my Yuletide fic!! It's already getting a bit more detailed and atmospheric than I'd intended, but I figure I'll go with it and see how it progresses. The Gimli story is coming along, too; I need to do some research (maybe in The Hobbit) to see how far it is from Erebor to Hobbiton and to the Great Smials. Fun stuff! I should probably pick an actual season in which the story is set since the next part will be above ground, as opposed to in the Glittering Caves or underneath the Lonely Mountain.
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So Jen came down on Saturday from Vancouver, WA— this is my dear friend that I stayed with in Eugene my first days back in Oregon. She's just relocated across the river from Portland, so we'll get to see each other on a much more regular basis- and using the bus systems, it costs $4.55 one way. Not bad! :D We did a lot of lounging, much conversation, and I fed her this time after all of the cooking she did for me while I was with her. There was also Scattergories in front of the fire, some quality time spent at Bipartisan Cafe, the closest laid back cafe near me (and where I spent much time doing internet stuff with their free wifi when I first returned), a viewing of "Secret of Kells" on my computer, and she also joined me for Trinity Episcopal Cathedral's service of Lessons and Carols Sunday night. That's the choir I sang in in '09 but I haven't rejoined. Yet. I would wait until after the Advent/Christmas season anyway, but if I do get offered this job in Tigard (and if they pay enough to make the commute worth it), I won't be able to because there's no way on the bus that I can get from there to downtown by 7:30 on a weekday. :( But it was great to go to the service, one that I've been singing since my freshman year of college which is (gulp) 23 years ago. Yeah. My 20th reunion is next fall sometime, and I think I may go. But I digress…

Jen headed home on Monday after lunch and I did my usual stuff for the rest of the day. Today I combined a prescription refill and heading out for another modeling session on one bus ticket and gave myself plenty of time— if the frequent service bus had actually shown up. I ended up 20 minutes late for the art class but thankfully was able to get in touch with the coordinator who gave the professor a heads up. I have one final person to talk with at the Tigard job tomorrow morning at 8:30, which quite unfortunately means catching a bus at 6:30 a.m. to get there in time. YUCK. At least I've been given some bus tickets thanks to participating in this work thing associated with my food stamps. That's a major help.

So here's Jen and me, with Babs looking on with... approval, I suppose. :P )

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