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I've known that Evan was my duprass since early spring of 2012; as of today, our partnership is public and official. We're now betrothed and will get married at some point in the future yet to be determined. While in many ways this doesn't change a thing, it's joyful to be able to call him my partner and fiancé.

Photo op from Mt. Tabor at early dusk after the proposal below!

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Okay! The missing piece of the puzzle in what's been going on this year particularly now appears to have slotted into place: even though I can't tell by the conventional method of periods going wonky/away, in doing a lot of reading and watching a Mayo Clinic DVD about menopause in general, perimenopause what I've been experiencing for at least this past year- maybe even longer, but definitely since the spring. Not having any mood stabilizers that are effective is also a factor, but this one explains so much. Not just some of the crazy thoughts I've had, but also me being hot (which never happens) and at unexpected times, weight gain for no reason and in places I've never carried it before… I'm convinced I've found the remaining piece to work on.

So! For my sisters who've preceded me on this journey, I want to plumb your experiences and knowledge of this time. I recognize it's different for everyone, but I welcome your anecdotes, what helped and didn't, and your wisdom about how this period of time changed you— or didn't. If you'd rather email me off-list, I think you all have my email address. If not, let me know and I'll share it.
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Thanks to those who read and/or commented on my recent post. I'm in a much better place emotionally and physically, focusing rather than on going somewhere else, to much more effectively and aggressively use the local resources I have. This includes finding a private practice psychiatrist whom I don't have to wait 8 weeks to see and doesn't have a limit of number of visits per year, and moving all medication management in that direction. I'm now much more willing to try some mood stabilizers outside of the SSRI spectrum that I don't feel have worked much or at all, and to find someone willing to work with me in terms of the Sinclair method. Support me in it, not just tolerate it or look down on it. Taking action steps like that feel incredibly empowering. And if there are other mood and hormonal issues due to my age, I'll just find out what I can and assume that it's a factor as well in all of this. I know my patterns very well, and while I can't remove all of the stressors and expected emotional ups and downs that come with being my age (and my parents being their ages), I can use all of the resources I have and commit to finding a way not to let the emotional and psychological fluctuations become so polarized and, at times, dangerous.

Adulting is certainly hard sometimes, but I'm incredibly fortunate in having such a tremendously supportive and understanding life partner, friends, family and even colleagues.
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Many ups and downs last week; a highlight being a Mabon, mini-ceremony of just two of us in the park. I've also been able to become further reconciled to the reality that I may only sell a dozen or two total copies of anything I write. It really is absolutely fine. 'The Swan and the Seal' isn't yet available beyond Lulu, but should be at some point fairly soonish. I wrote a bit of new material for Defender of the Way while in Wenatchee, but haven't done much since (though typing in all of the edits took a while). I know it will all work out.

I'd planned to start getting up around 5:30 each day, do my 90 second plank and Pilates 100s and prior to starting work, spending some time at my altar and drawing a card from my Oracle deck to have as a daily focus. That lasted maybe 2 days before things got wonky. Well, I know what it is: I like to sleep in on my days off. But I still want to develop the habit of those pre-coffee mini-workouts and return to regular workouts of 3-4 a week. I know I'll feel better for it. I've also just been overindulging in general in a variety of ways and feel gross a lot of the time. I'll be trying to focus more on proteins and vegetables- something else I know future Kristi will be grateful for. It's just that present Kristi so often wants cheese rice or black beans with lots of sour cream or things similar.

I also have realized that going to Sewanee in November for a less than 72 hour trip just to sing through Godspell isn't a great idea for me right now, especially if I tried going solo. Too many ways that could go really, really wrong, especially having to rent a car and driving up and down the Mountain. I'm disappointed, but there's going to be a huge choir reunion in the spring with the retirement of Dr. Delcamp, who's been organist/choirmaster there for... 37 years. A long time. ;) Makes way more sense to plan that trip in April and maybe also spend a day or two in Nashville to show Evan another of my former haunts.
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For whatever reason, after a particularly lovely weekend with [ profile] evannichols (nothing unusual happened; I just felt even closer and more tender-hearted about him/us), yesterday morning I felt really out of sorts. I later decided that I should be a bit more careful about what I watch when feeling isolated. Watching stories about a Scandinavian cop investigating murders whose father is also beginning to suffer from dementia ("Wallander") is perhaps not the wisest choice. :P The day improved, however, and today I'll get to work earlier than usual and head up to Evan's work and then spend the evening together. I'll also be doing my first video preliminary interview with a company I'd applied to a week or so ago. I don't know that I'll ever be used to automated processes like that, aside from various online testing that I've done. When applying for the downtown company where I got through to the very end of their hiring process, early on I had to call and was asked a series of pre-recorded questions and had a three-minute per-question time limit to answer on the spot. That kind of freaked me out. This video part should be interesting (different company), but I'm having to do it at Evan's as my Mac mini does not have a webcam. These new requirements by companies, or assumptions, anyway, that applicants will have easy access to webcams and microphones is a bit misguided in my view. I suppose it's part of the current way to reduce time and in-house resources in order to winnow down the applicant field. I don't really approve.

Last Saturday [ profile] evannichols, [personal profile] snottygrrl and I saw the new Pixar film 'Brave'. It was okay. Very pretty, and occasionally funny, but I didn't find it emotionally engaging at all. That said, it was full of redheads, which made me very happy. What made me even more pleased was yesterday I was talking with my supervisor and told her I saw the movie and she noted that someone in one of the other departments had referenced me as 'That new person who looks like the girl in Brave.' LOL!! Now granted, I do have red, wavy hair. But I don't have a head of hair like this, though it is exactly the head of hair I've wanted so desperately to have since I was a child. The comparison cheered me, nonetheless.

A total aside: I need more slats for my bed. I only have three, and the mattress sags not inconsequentially, and it's taking a toll on my neck. Something will need to be done about this.

Recent days

Jun. 4th, 2012 06:24 am
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The temp job )

The weekend )

This week is shaping up to be particularly productive and could quite potentially herald a sea change in my life here in Portland. I have a final conversation this morning with a person who could be my supervisor at the company with whom I've been interviewing. They seem keen to bring me on board and I'm keen to put my skill set to work for them— and to stay a while. They are particularly supportive of their employees in the professional development realm, and I would love to be in a position where I can really sink my teeth into the job and plan to stay for several years, moving into another position if that fits. And if I want to! What struck me yesterday afternoon as I was lying in [ profile] evannichols' arms and chatting about things was the fact that nearly everything in my life right now is win/win. I'm so grateful for him, for my friendships, for these work and self-employment possibilities… I did cry a little bit, being so overwhelmed at how phenomenal things are. I feel that I've paid dearly for being where I am now, and don't ever want to go down that dark path again.

I'll definitely keep you all posted as I know more! :)
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Firstly: My dreamlife. Goodness, gracious, the long, convoluted, mind-numbingly detailed dreams that I've been having this weekend. For Friday and Saturday night I had three of those per night. Last night I only had two. But still. In one of them from Saturday I'd misplaced my backpack (in which I keep my vitals these days and have it with me all the time) and some woman brought it to me, gave me a vindictive look, and dumped it out on the floor before running away. When going through it, I realized my wallet was gone, and (still in the dream) had to reprogram my phone to call [ profile] evannichols and tell him that I was going to have to replace all of my cards and cancel my credit cards. I was so incredibly relieved in the morning to be able to go to my backpack and see that, in fact, my wallet was there. Having so many experiences, whether experienced in the common reality of being awake or being asleep, can be really challenging. It's why even though my various therapists have been really intrigued and wanted me to write them down, I refuse to do so. Too many 'realities'.

Secondly: BACON. Yum. Birthday-weekend bacon, at that. Which is a lot like regular bacon, but enjoyed especially much.

Thirdly: One of the things that is so amazing to me about spending time with [ profile] evannichols is that even what would be considered mundane activities have an aura of marvelousness to them. This morning it occurred to me that the word to describe that is evanescence. With a new meaning, of course. ;)

I heard from the recruiter at the company where I've been interviewing, but when I returned his call, he was on holiday until tomorrow and specifically not checking email or voicemail. But I did speak with the person there that he said to contact in an emergency and she said she'd let him know, and I also sent an email anyway. So I hope to hear from him early this week and maybe I'll even have an offer. That would be pretty great.

I'll be heading back to my house this evening, and that always makes me a bit melancholy. But… it's been a really, really wonderful four days with my beloved. I'll focus on that.
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I don't really want to put in bullet points for this post (though I enjoyed putting in flowers earlier), so I'll just write a few things to do with the wonderfulness of recent days. On Friday I had a follow-up/second-and-final interview at the downtown company where I'd love to work. It went very well, and I was asked to stay (if I could) to shadow someone for about fifteen minutes. Good sign. I'll hear from them by the end of this coming week, so I'll have closure one way or another and I'm so glad of that. I may also have an interview at another company for a temp-to-hire position through a placement company; we'll see. When [ profile] evannichols and I arrived at his house Friday afternoon, I spent some time speaking with his sister about all of this because she's recently been offered and accepted a position at this company. When I did finally head inside, I found Evan looking a bit expectantly at me, and then I saw them: a beautiful bouquet of peach/coral roses, and a card. Not to do with my job hunt, but just because he's as smitten with me as I am with him. There might have been a bit of subtle swooning.

This weekend was restful and restorative, and also included some social time meeting [personal profile] snottygrrl to see one of the films that was part of the Studio Ghibli Film Festival held at the Portland Art Museum NW Film Center. The one we saw (My Neighbors the Yamadas) has a director other than Hayao Miyazaki; we're all Miyazaki fans and have seen many of his films on both the big and small screen. Evan and I were particularly interested in seeing at least one of these films that aren't available in a format we can rent, so that was accomplished.

I'm back over at my place now, unpacking and also preparing to repack as I'll be spending a fair amount of time at [ profile] evannichols' this coming week and weekend. He has a birthday coming up on Friday, and it's one of those memorable ones that ends in either '5' or '0'. Follow his blog to know which. ;) There will be a special-ordered (by me, even!) gluten- and dairy-free fabulous cake, and dinner, and lounging, and goodness only knows what else. Maybe online Boggle. It could happen. ;) But for this evening, I'll settle in with a small serving of Fritos and queso, some Being Human, dismantling another beautiful (and free!) sweater, and a few other things before heading to bed and hitting the ground running tomorrow morning. A quick thanks to [ profile] emansil_12 for the wonderful phone call today, and to [ profile] llembas for the letter I received when I came home.


May. 10th, 2012 04:16 pm
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I'm feeling particularly discouraged and displeased with much of the world today. This, despite a fabulous and really upbeat interview on Tuesday, and a reasonable enough interview this morning (though I'm not jazzed about today's and I'd really like to work for the company I spoke with on Tuesday). I think it's because I haven't heard from the Tuesday company and I'd indicated that were I to have a follow-up interview, tomorrow would be the best day. I've heard absolutely nothing, which I find disheartening. This also despite the fact that my other enterprise is going pretty well, though I am learning about how to do the order of things with the yarn, and I'll end up frustrated having done what I did today. I suppose it didn't help that I heard from one of the placement companies where I have my resume and, once again, it was for sales rather than customer service. I'd applied for a screening position, which is how the position would start, but this particular company intends for any incoming hire to get her/his life and health license within three months- and they'll reimburse some of that cost. So, in other words, they want you to be trained in not long to become a qualified life and health insurance salesperson. When asked if I was still interested, I said no, but to please keep me in mind for other things. Being in this state of mind is often a dangerous place for me, but thankfully I haven't been thinking very often about making a poor choice for myself. Instead I 'treated' myself to some Fritos and cheese. Instead of my usual comfort-food bowlful, plus heaps of sour cream, I had exactly 1½ servings and not nearly as much cheese as I usually do. And I have no sour cream, so that was easy. [ profile] evannichols also isn't having a particularly wonderful day, so I'm not about to call and complain to him. Or I wasn't while he was at work. We'll talk tonight. It's for the best that I just sit with myself and get used to experiencing uncomfortable feelings; that's going to be a part of the rest of my life if I continue down a path without my former 'mood stabilizer.' For now, I get to have a low-grade whine here on DW/LJ. At least there's strawberries. And Diet Coke.
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Here be an update )

Oh, and in an unrelated element, I'd received an email from former roommate Julia's phone carrier as though I was going to pay it. I called customer service and was reassured that I'd not hear from them again. Well, I got another email from them referencing her phone account! I just deleted it. Not my problem and certainly not my phone. :P
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Things continue to be rather busy in my world this week, but there were a few more things about this past weekend's Stumptown event that I had wanted to comment on and just haven't until now.

    There were many men in kilts. Utilikilts, I should specify. At least I think they were. They weren't tartans, and Utilikilts is based in Seattle. At one point I nudged [ profile] evannichols and nodded toward a nearby table with boxes of comics to look through and said, "Kilt, jeans, jeans, kilt!" to describe the men standing in a row.

    Shing! She is an adorable webcomic and amateur knitter and highly talented watercolorist and many other things. I bought a few of her postcards and said I'd link to her stuff, so I will. There's also a picture: .
    Her primary site is sawdustpress. She was too precious for words.
    A woman came near the table while [ profile] evannichols was taking some time off from being around people and I drew her into conversation due entirely to her shoes, which looked identical to this:
    Cat shoes. CAT SHOES!!! I told her (and thusly, told myself at the same time) that once I was employed again, a pair of those (though perhaps in a slightly different colorway) was going to be my first gift to myself. She (and they) were awesome. The wearer of said shoes was up from SoCal, one of a few people I met over the two days who teaches courses to do with comics and that medium. That makes my fangirl heart full to bursting.

So now it's Tuesday evening; I had my modeling gig at PCC and am very stiff and sore from the extended pose I had. And it was raining and windy, so no jogging, but I will do some Pilates in the comfort of my own room later on. Tomorrow is lunch with Evan at BHFT and a sleepover, so I probably won't post again for a day or two. ;)
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I'm with [ profile] evannichols serving as official Minion during the two days of Stumptown Comics Fest here in PDX! Since DW doesn't have a scrapbook function (probably my only disappointment with it) there won't be a picture here, but I'll include one in the LJ entry. I won't be around much until Tuesday, in fact, because I'll be taking my driving test at 8:00 a.m. Monday morning (aie!) and then I have an interview for a part-time box office position at a theater company Monday at 5:00 before Evan takes me back to my place. I have two art modeling gigs this week as well on Tuesday and Thursday, so a busy week in general.

So I'm posting and dashing off, but it's great fun to be at my first comic-centric con, especially spending two days with a bona fide webcomic artist! :D
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Before I have a small rant about how part of my day was sucky yesterday (interviews in Tigard, as a preview), I must share an absolutely wonderful moment that happened this morning. Due primarily to yesterday's events, I had an unplanned sleepover with [ profile] evannichols. As we pulled out of the driveway and started up the street, he held my hand, gave me a quick but searching look and asked, quite sincerely, "If you were a robot from the future sent back here to teach me to love again, you'd tell me, wouldn't you?"

I do believe that's the most romantic moment I've ever had.

If I am a robot from the future, I've been really well programmed, because I have no future memories. I'm sure there's a really cool word for that, but it escapes me right this minute. :)

an overview of yesterday )

Today's a new day. ♥
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AUGH! For the second or third time since Saturday, I've spent 20 minutes applying online for various positions at various job sites, only to have their server flake out and/or not save my information and expect me to start over. NOT. I took this most recent one to mean that I was supposed to stop for now, get a snack, and go watch something fun for a little while. That said, as I checked my email again, one of the companies I applied with sent an automated email for me to continue on with the process and participate in some kind of automated 15 minute phone interview. I believe I'll do that later on today or in the early morning. But I want to be fully awake, of course. Another small minor thing was discovering that my yoga pants, sweatpants (and later I discovered my winter slippers) were wet. With cat pee. One of the cats had come into my room while I was getting coffee or something and was there (under the bed, I suspect) closed in while I went off to the DMV. Thankfully the grand-matriarch of the house was doing a load of darks, so I put my pants in so they wouldn't stink. When my room still smelled like cat pee later, I did a more thorough exploration of my closet and realized the slippers also had been hit and needed to be washed. The smell is gone now, however.

On the plus side, I was at the DMV at 7:50 this morning (and still was 8th in line!) and paid my $5 and passed the knowledge test. So I got back home and called to get a driving appointment which will be a week from today. Thankfully [ profile] evannichols has kindly offered up his vehicle for me to use. I shouldn't be nervous about the driving test as it was 25 years ago when I first got my license. :P After my DMV experience I was able to go out running with a spring in my step, also a plus.

Today's highlight, though, was lunch with [ profile] evannichols at BHFT. It was sunny and warm today, so we spent some time out in the parking lot after eating, but we're both pretty sun sensitive. We headed back to our usual post-lunch window locale until it was time for me to return. I really enjoy being able to get on one bus and an hour later be dropped off right outside of his building, but that can't last forever. I'm taking advantage of being between jobs, to be sure!
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Sadly [ profile] evannichols had a bit of a throbbing headache part of Friday and much of Saturday. Aside from that, however, he and I had yet another marvelous weekend together. We actually did get a fair amount of things done while balancing that with the luxury of simply hanging out. Yesterday and today were very warm (up to 78 degrees today!) with blue skies, and we took advantage of that to take a couple of walks. I won't go into much of anything else as we're just sickeningly happy and still in the early stages of this current and yet firmly established manifestation of being together. He said he adores me because I know there's only one 'r' in the word sherbet (it was relevant to the conversation) and that I care how I pronounce it. I adore him because he knows how much I enjoy seeing him in his glasses and he'll wait until after coffee (and even some online Boggle!) to put in his contacts— just to please me. ♥

The job hunt is still going along, and I'd really like to get some closure on the few interviews I've had, but the time always seems longer for the job hunter than those hiring. I submitted several applications yesterday and will get back to it tomorrow, though my first activity of the day will be to go to the DMV again and take the computer test. I'll review the handbook in the morning before heading over and hopefully will be able to take the driving test soon!
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Probably not fair to combine all of those into one post, but so be it. I met up with my cousin Matthew for coffee and tea (tea=him, coffee=me) in the Alberta district, and it was absolutely marvelous. We're both writers, both struggling with some stuff going on in our brains that we own but can't necessarily control, and from similar (well, very similar) stock genetically. We talked about a lot of stuff and I'm hoping that we'll go for a walk around Mt. Tabor next week and that we'll keep up as the weeks go on. He's newer to this part of the country than I am, but it was just delightful to hang out with someone from my extended family who can really understand what I've been through in the past half-decade or so.

So I caught the bus back to my part of town and got off a stop too soon than I'd intended, but it allowed me to wander into Good Neighbor, the Russian market close to me that I'd been wanting to visit after realizing how close it was. I was mildly disappointed in that the staff spoke to me in English (as opposed to the other two guys in the shop). Did I look that Anglo? When I'd spent three weeks in Vladimir, USSR, I could pass for a local. But not here. I did say (in Russian) that I'd studied Russian, and the woman at the counter asked if I understood, and I said a little, and that I'd forgotten most of it. But I did say the Russian equivalent of 'see ya!' as I departed, with eggs, apple cider vinegar, and red potatoes in my bags. I really need to post on Craigslist about tutoring in English if I can get some Russian tutoring in exchange.

So I got home, put away my groceries, changed clothes, and went out running. I have a new route, and it was great, taken more at a run than a jog, as evidenced that I was home within 30 minutes. But lovely, though when I attempted to take a cool-down walk, I was being rained on, so it was a very short walk.

This evening's priorities: dinner (potatoes with some sour cream before it goes bad), knitting, talking with [ profile] evannichols, some ibuprofin and using my heated rice bag on both shoulder and calves, and an early night. I applied for 5 positions this morning, and there will be more tomorrow, so I know I'm keeping up my end of the deal to the universe of seeking out what is appropriate. But I must admit that I'm so excited both to see if I can model at Hipbones studio, and then to head out to BHFT and spend the night with my beloved. Even 48 hours seems like a long time. Yes, I'm becoming a romantic and am oftentimes at a loss. ♥
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It's not even noon and I've been having a fabulous morning! So! behind the cut, the fun morning )

One never knows when one will unexpectedly come across someone who has wise words to share. :)

Tonight, [ profile] evannichols is picking me up at 6:30 for some kind of surprise that involves dressing up a bit but doesn't involve food. So exciting!!
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a little bit of vomiting rainbows )

To my delight I've discovered that there's a SMART Recovery meeting here in the suburb where [ profile] evannichols lives, even within walking distance, were it not raining. He kindly drove me to it yesterday morning, for which I was very grateful. Both as part of our commitment to each other, and my desire for him to have more of an understanding of what struggles I've had, I asked the group about resources for him. It turns out that he can attend the meeting if he wants! No problem. So he'll probably accompany me from time to time, which means so much to me. As part of the agenda at the end of their meetings, each person states a concrete goal for the week. I had three: jog at least three times, spend seven consecutive days really without drinking anything, and spend 15 hours job hunting. I won't be talking about this topic much at all in this medium as it really is between Evan and myself, but at this initial jumping-off point, I thought I would.

And now, back to the absolute joy of coffee, an unexpectedly non-rainy morning, and my beloved.
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the latest from Thev's 2011 Job Hunt™ )

Raymond is Julia's (my roommate) brother who arrived late Monday afternoon from southern California and will leave early tomorrow morning. Julia's mom visited before, and I really enjoyed her company (she's 100% German and a hoot), and I must say that having Raymond around has also been a lot of fun. He tosses off random funny sentences and also happens to be a pretty good cook, so we've been eating quite well during his stay. Any time he and Julia have gone out he's made mention of the beach and not forgetting sunblock: it's been in the 40s and 50s and rained every day here, as is quite expected for Portland this time of year. Then there was the first morning he was here, and he'd programmed my phone number into his phone in case he got lost going to the closest grocery store. So he left, I sat back at my computer, and a few minutes later my phone rang. It was an unfamiliar number, so I answered as I normally would in that situation, "This is [Thev]," and then hear, "Do you miss me yet?" I'd thought perhaps it was a recruiter, but it was Raymond, still in Julia's older Volvo outside of the house, trying to get it to start. :) My BF Jen will be coming Friday evening on the late side and staying through the afternoon on Sunday, which will be great but too short of a trip for my taste. *sniff* But now that she's up across the river in Vancouver, WA, I can go up there on the bus and spend several days visiting her sometime next month. It's all good!

Oh, and my wireless router from Amazon was successfully installed and I was able to have a short, weeknight video chat with my NZ guy. So exciting! He looks just like his pictures. ;) And I'll never tire of that accent…
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Highlights from the past couple of days:
A really thoughtful bus driver yesterday who actually announced each stop before getting to it
A two-part conversation with [ profile] elfscribe5 over two days; we haven't spoken on the phone in a long, long time
Engaging phone conversations with Jen and emansil_08 this morning, plus a card from emansil_08 as well
Having an interview yesterday, even though it turned out to be a group of six of us; we got an overview of the positions and we each gave some of our relevant working background, asked some questions, and were told they'll review our resumes and will [perhaps] call some of us back next week for actual individual interviews (though that just means more bus time for me, but I think I'd groove on their customer service so I do hope they call)
Having a great modeling session today from noon to 3:00— I even got a round of applause at the end! I did work pretty hard, alternating a sitting and standing pose with only two short breaks and one 10 minute one. That said, it meant the professor let me go around 2:35 instead of 3:00 and I already had my time slip for 3 hours of work. However, the business office isn't open on Saturdays so I'm still going to either have to go out there again on the bus (which means more of the cash is eaten away) or, hopefully I can go to the branch of campus that's much closer to me and cash it out there.
Getting out of my modeling today and checking my phone and discovering a voicemail from my potential long-distance paramour. There's something pretty amazing about having a voicemail from someone in New Zealand. Out of curiosity, I called the number back (it's a Skype number and somehow seems to come up as a domestic 10-digit number) and got him! We're going to talk again later tonight, so I'm definitely looking forward to that.
Along those lines, the wireless router I ordered from Amazon showed up this morning instead of some time after Thanksgiving, as I had expected. Once I get it set up I'll be able to video chat with said intriguing individual in NZ. :)
For fun I downloaded a Cirque du Soleil video to my computer and will watch that this evening while knitting until my phone call comes in
Lunch with [ profile] evannichols tomorrow!! Should be wonderful to get caught up and I'm really looking forward to seeing him again.

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