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Today's been an unexpectedly HP-centric day. Not only did I post a HP fic, which I haven't done in ages, but out of the blue I received two reviews for two different stories (and pairings) from two separate people from my account at [ profile] wolfiekins' archive, Wolf Moon. I haven't received that kind of response to my stuff in a while, especially not HP. Pretty exciting! Perhaps ironically I've been thinking of maybe writing a Wraeththu story, but I think I'll do a poll to get people's opinions. My original fic is what I've been focusing on, though I did check out The Hobbit and will start on that Gimli fic any day now…

I also had a very productive day, which always makes me feel good. How about you all? Tell me about your day!
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I'm back safely; still dealing a little bit with anxiety of being back in the States and it being so hot and humid. :P There are several people I'll want to call over the weekend and get caught up; several of you should also have received postcards. There are a few additional goodies to send to a few others of you. :) I'm in total withdrawal from [ profile] matildabishop and Callum in that I had such wonderful days with them. It's such a treat to get to be with fan friends who have become people with whom I can discuss pretty much anything, and they're simply relaxing, fun company to spend time with. I did like the choir tour part of my trip, but to be candid, the highlights for me were after that, spending time with these two and also seeing Cambridge. I expect that I'll download more pictures from my camera tomorrow and put a link up to the gallery here at LJ.

So glad to be back safely! ♥
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Okay, so no long travelogues from me this trip. I spent several wonderful days with Callum, and the clue about the hippotomai was that he and I went to Longleat and had an African safari by car. There were also secret gardens, ice cream, lions, tigers, giraffes, and other exotica. ;) Two days ago we spent the day in Wales, where I was able to see both in the morning and at dusk one of my very favorite places on the planet, Tintern Abbey. So I have photos but I won't really get to post them until I'm back in the U.S.

Now I'm in Birmingham, and with [ profile] matildabishop until tomorrow, and today we're going to see Wild Target featuring Rupert Grint, a movie which may well never come to the U.S., so what a treat to get to see it with a fellow fan and Rupert fan as well. We may also get ice cream in honour of Rupe's ice cream van.

Wish you were here. ♥
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Yes! Still in England, barely made it through this evening's Evensong due to my voice going out. Have made a lovely friend of the tour guide at the York Brewery. Ate way too much at dinner tonight and I feel vile. I'm still sick, though getting better. The problem is that rather than being really congested but my singing voice was fine (2 days ago) now I'm less congested and my singing voice was shot. Tomorrow is our fourth and final singing event. I'm hoping beyond hope to have full vocal quality again.

So… has some kind soul recently recc'ed my (by default) older Ron/Draco stories? All of a sudden I seem to have a couple of new readers (and reviewers! *gasp*) on Skyehawke, and figured there might be a reason for that, and it wasn't simply that somebody stumbled across the mass amounts of R/D I wrote a while back…

More soon. And I am uploading some pictures; once I get a few more up I'll post a link to the gallery and let you all see what I've taken with my new camera since the other fun lime green one seems to have gone totally missing. :( Now I have an orange camera. :)
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With all seriousness, anyone on my flist who lives in the U.K. who'd like to meet me, here are the dates and times for the services/concerts at which I'll be singing this coming week.

Thursday, June 24th: Lunchtime Concert in Lady Chapel of Ely Cathedral - 1:10 p.m.
Saturday, June 26th: Concert in Durham Cathedral – 10:30 a.m.
Monday, June 28th: Evensong in York Minster - 5:15 p.m.
Tuesday, June 29th: Choral Eucharist in Bradford Cathedral - 7:00 p.m.

I'd love to meet you, so if you do come hear us (Trinity Church choir from Staunton, Virginia), please introduce yourself to me afterwards! I think you all know what I look like; I have an icon of me. I'm taking a laptop so I won't be all that AFK, but we will be kept pretty busy. Wish me well and that I don't freak out about flying. :P
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:D :D :D :D :D ♥

I feel like a rock star. It's the first time we've actually talked, and while it couldn't be a long conversation since it wasn't a weekend, I'm so thrilled to have had a conversation at all. I love fandom friends.

That's all, lol.
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Yes, I'll be leaving the 'burg here in under 3 hours to head up to visit [ profile] persephone100, a long-anticipated and hoped for visit now made exceedingly doable thanks to being back in western Virginia. I don't have a laptop and I'm not packing up my stuff (except my flash drive) so I probably won't post except once or twice while with Seph. But we'll be having a fabulous time!!!

In work news, I had training Monday and Tuesday evening and last night was my first proper 3-hour shift calling folks and doing an opinion survey on how lending institutions act. It's not exactly brainy work, but it is very close by, it's something I'm good at and it's an income of a sort. That's all I'm looking for at this juncture. Enough to pay for visiting my therapist and some spending money— I did order yarn for two projects that should have arrived by my return. I totally shifted my queue of projects all around, so now here's what I'll be making:
this cardigan, though I got all inspired by another knitter who also made a camisole so it's a twinset. That's what I'm going to endeavor to do. Different colors; I'll post when I get the yarn. And then this fabulous cardigan out of some kick-ass gradual and subtle variegated yarn.

But now I've got to run! I'll be packing an umbrella, my notebooks, and diet coke. :D If only the crazy mega-blustery wind would ease up! Sheesh.
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How these three amazing people all have birthdays on the same day (and one of my stepsisters!) is crazyweirdwonderful to me.

[ profile] wolfiekins, [ profile] llembas/Jen and [ profile] risiepookie, it's technically not quite all of your birthdays, but now I'm in the pacific time zone so I'm wishing you happy birthdays anyway.

My thanks to [ profile] llembas for being the first person to beta for me, to teach me how to punctuate dialog, how *not* to overuse adjectives, and for giving me an invitation to join LJ back in the dark ages when you needed one to have an account. You are also the first fandom friend I sought out in person after knowing you online first. I'm so glad we're still friends and that you have an exciting year ahead of you!

To [ profile] risiepookie: I'm so glad that I became a beta for you at TQP and that our relationship blossomed and blossomed and became a living, vibrant friendship. If I could take away all of your health issues, I would do so in a heartbeat. I mourn the fact that we're not able to be in touch as often as we were a while ago, but know that you are so often in my heart and thoughts and I hope to be able to see you in person again in the next year.

And last but not least, dear [ profile] wolfiekins. It was on your birthday when I first got brave enough to call you! I can still remember sitting in the rocking chair in the room in my parent's house where I was living at the time, and how from beta'ing for you and then you for me and then us constantly cross-referencing each other's stories and chatting for hours about our stories became conversations about every topic under the sun and then I invited myself to your house. :D You have been a confidante and understanding friend unlike any other, and I am so grateful for your friendship and support in these recent years.

To all three of you: please know how profoundly you have affected my life and how desolate this world would be for me (and a great many others!!!) were you all not in it. It is a privilege and honor to be friends of each of you and I hope you're celebrated with joyful abandon on the 16th (and for days to come!) in whatever way makes you each the happiest.

Happy Birthday to all of you. I love you each dearly.
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Yes, that's me with the house to myself until around 5:00. Yee-ha!!!!

So! I've realized now why the voice narrating The Colour of Magic sounds so familiar. It's because it's being read by Nigel Planer, otherwise known as Neil from "The Young Ones." LOL. I am loving listening to this book.

I'm also excited because [ profile] elfscribe5 has written a brilliant story set within the Lord John Grey series by Diana Gabaldon, and I can't wait for her to post it. I wish that that particular fandom wasn't even tinier than some of the others I frequent on occasion, but at least there are some writers out there. For anyone interested, there are stories posted here at Yuletide, and I'm one of a dozen or so members of [ profile] outlander_slash, though it's not active. Still, it seems that some people are still active in LJ, and if there are other fans, feel free to join.

Today over in England Callum has joined legally with his longtime love, R. They're off to Italy for a honeymoon after that, and I couldn't be happier for two such thoughtful and welcoming men. Congratulations, my dear!

Time for more coffee…
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In looking through my flist last night I stumbled across the talents of [ profile] aunty_marion who has made some incredible knitted HP characters and even "mini me"s of them! Pictures can be found here at her Flickr page and also here at her knitting and embroidery website. Wow. Such creativity! On my to do list for today is a trip to the yarn store I like. I have two new projects to start and to get their advice on my coral sweater in progress with the rapidly depleting amount of yarn that I cannot buy more of. ::pulls out hair:: Also I've discovered that while I can take my knitting needles in my carry on luggage, in order for them to most likely get through security, they need to be circulars, under 31 inches, and must be plastic or bamboo. AUGH. Most all of mine are metal. What about double-pointed bamboo? Have any other knitters on my flist flown domestically recently with a project in their carry on? Advice gratefully received on the topic. When I flew British Airways last October, they said all knitting needles were prohibited. The TSA website gave the guidelines for length and type, but I would be especially grateful for any recent anecdotes.

I may try to write a little bit this morning, but I may finish the Five Quarts book instead. I'm letting the Silm fic sit for a few days after writing the epilogue. I may also take a couple of requests for short stories as I'll be between stories here pretty soon unless Storm emails back her edits on M+M in the near future. Then I'll be back to that. As an aside, I participated in this year's [ profile] weasley_fest and am very pleasantly surprised at how well received my primary contribution has been received— it's anonymous until the reveal, and I've received some reviews from people who probably haven't read anything else of mine before. Quite gratifying.

Six days and counting to my trip to Hooterville!! ♥ I'm hoping to see The Movie with my boys. Haven't seen it here yet, but I've been reading everybody's spoilers so I don't get my hopes up. ;)

I also discovered a new word: swain: poetic/literary, a young lover or suitor. Sure to appear in a fic near you in the next few months.

And you all?
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I'm doing research into basic Norse mythology, reading stories, reading encyclopedias and short tomes about Scandinavian religion. It's research for a story, just to get a flavor before writing. It's led to some interesting illumination, not to mention an interesting dream last night about me being in Iceland (again; I've visited twice and would happily go again, many times) and T., the guy at the green house with the purple door where I'd hoped to move, but now wasn't the time. I don't have a thing for T., but he is Danish, so perhaps that explains his being there.

Anyway! I knew about Loki, and Thor, knew vaguely of the Valkyries, Ragnarok and Odin. What I didn't realize was just how much Norse mythology is in our modern life (many days of the week are based on people from Norse mythology, and the very name of Hell for the down-below afterlife is named for Hel, a child of Thor and Angrboda) nor exactly how much of it Tolkien used in his works. I've studied The Professor and knew he was highly influenced by it, but in reading stories of the mythologies, he really did pull a lot, even the direct name Narvi, a Second-age Dwarf I've written a fanfiction story about, so the name jumped out to me.

It doesn't stop there! The lovely [ profile] maculategiraffe in whose Slave Breakers original fic universe I've written several stories, her slave caste swear by (and swear in general) using Norse figures. But until this research, I didn't know the World Ash Tree was Yggdrasill, nor that Sif was Thor's wife. What surprised me more was discovering that in the HP world, the werewolf Fenrir's name is directly taken from norse Mythology, as he is the wolf son of Loki and the frost giantess Angrboda. Over in Wraeththu, I knew Galdra and Pell's son Loki was a direct Norse reference. But Tyr on the other hand, Galdra's brutally and disturbingly murdered chesnari, was the son of Odin and wife Frigg. His Anglo-Saxon name was Tiw, and Tiwesdaeg from Old English became Tuesday.

Lesson over, but I was startled to find out just how many authors whose works I know pretty well daub generously with the paints of Norse mythology.

On the docket for today: some writing, lamenting the meandering, focus-less, several thousands words of insecurity that is my AiA fic which needs to come to an end very soon so I can do a major edit and have it be a worthy entry. In fun stuff, around mid-day I'll be going to a cake extravaganza with [ profile] evannichols. Hope you all are having a lovely weekend! Special wishes to those at Azkatraz, most of whom are contentedly AFK and enjoying each other's company in real time.
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I just got off the phone with [ profile] heartofoshun!! There's almost nothing more wonderful than getting to talk writing and fic with someone you so admire and are grateful to. She willingly stepped in to beta M+M as [ profile] elfscribe5 went off to the mesas for the summer, and during our phone conversation she brought up some general ideas that won't take whole new sections to convey but will make it even more taut, add more tension and make it even more compelling.

Thank you for the call!!! :D You've really made my day and week, especially with the negative ambiance swirling around where I live. I'll look forward to incorporating those new elements in the coming weeks.

edit: I neglected to mention that I also got to talk with [ profile] koshweasley this morning. What a fabulous day! The only negative has been another round of raised voices this morning, but I think I posted about that. I only wish I didn't have to work. Oh well. I'm too excited about potential writing to actually concentrate and do it, I'm afraid. Later. And Monday I have off because I'm getting to have dinner with [ profile] cim_halfling, OMG. So I can have a lesiurely day of writing then! :)
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As promised, I now have pictures of the completed knitted baby sweater which is ending up being for my younger brother and his wife. The child (unknown gender) is due in May. I have no idea whether or not s/he will be able to wear it. It's meant to be for a 6 month old, but having never had one, nor been around very wee infants, I'm pretty clueless.

two pictures of the sweater, one of me holding it [and it's a better pic of my new haircut], and one of the inside )

Yoga today was good, then I went to Target and used up a gift card to get a workout top and other stuff. Writing and editing to do today, and try to catch a couple of people on the phone. Right this second I'm enjoying an IM with Callum, always fun, especially now that I've spent time with him in real life! Fandom really has graced me with wonderful souls like you all. Hope you're enjoying your weekend!
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Tis the season )

A serious winter storm is scheduled to hit here, or at least a major Snow Event (like 6-8 inches) probably tomorrow afternoon and Sunday could be really bad. One never knows. I do hope to attend a Lessons & Carols service tomorrow; my holidays wouldn't be complete without one. Actually, it sounds as though there may already be 6 inches on the ground by the time of the service. That wouldn't keep me away, but there's supposed to be frozen rain following the snow, making for a nightmare, especially here.

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I spent much of today with [ profile] dreambastion, a fellow Portlander and friend of a friend who kindly suggested that I come out and visit her and get my mind off of some of the sucky things that had happened since I landed here. We had a great day with lots of conversation, sitting in the pool, getting lunch and taking her dog on a walk. What a delight to get to spend time with a fellow writer and reader, though she's not been writing much in recent years. Still, she knows what it's like to be in fandom and be driven to write. I really appreciated being in her company for several hours today and conveniently, she was located right on the bus line, so I had a very easy time getting to her place and back. I got home around 5 o'clock and sat out on the front porch for a while, writing on the Colurastes/Froia story which I think will soon come to an end and then reading more of The Fall of the Kings. I may well put my lamp over near my mattress and read for a while tonight; I love the book and don't want it to end, but I also want to know what happens! [ profile] elfscribe5, who generously gave me her copy of this second and third book in the Swordspoint series, told me that some people don't like the ending, so I'm a bit worried. I also feel that my writing is a bit flat compared to Ellen Kushner's, but I really need to quit constantly comparing myself to other people, especially published authors.

Tomorrow morning I'm meeting [ profile] evannichols for coffee, a friend of [ profile] snottygrrl's. Then a last quiet day because it's off to day one of my new job on Monday, so hopefully I'll be able to get some sleep!!

Hope you, my lovely flist, are doing well.
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I'm here with [ profile] verdenia and her BF! I got here yesterday afternoon and it was as though I'd switched climates, all by driving an hour away. I spent some wonderful time in their backyard chatting after having a nosh in the kitchen and I had to put on jeans and socks and a cardigan. It's such a dramatic change from my days in the Tucson desert to be in a place where the current range of temperatures is from 55 to 63 degrees. And it's nearly July! Apparently this is called the 'June Gloom.' I've been reminded a lot that Portland gets loads and loads of rain, though I'd been under the impression that it was mostly overcast, which I have no problems with. Eeks.

chatting with the delightful Verdenia and her love )

Today we'll hang out and I'll probably do research about where to stay next as I move on to Oregon, and I may find out what Pride events are going on here today. May need to try and take their public transport (and ride a cable car?!!) and get out for a little while. They're off to a wedding this afternoon/evening so I may well curl up on this totally comfy guest bed and do some serious writing and editing. I need to decide whether I'm staying tomorrow too, or if I'll get on the road. It would be fun to relax another day, but I do need to get onto Portland and get settled, so I'll see how the day goes and what my instincts say. There'll be pictures later, once [ profile] verdenia and her BF are gussied up for the wedding and I've had a shower, lol.

In a somewhat unrelated element, my dear friend and fellow Wraeththu fan [ profile] veloona took some fabulous pictures in Uigenna style with another Wraeththu friend of hers. The pictures and description of their photo shoot are found here at her LJ. For the Wraeththu fans on my flist, do go and give them a look-see!

Hope you all are doing well, especially those I've had the fortune to spend time with along the way. It's been such an amazing journey.
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I've had such a marvleous time with [ profile] elfscribe5.

a leisurely day )

This morning I've been looking at the ads of the folks on the portland craigslist in regards to housing and circled where the various houses are in Portland on my map. Doing practical things like that is a big help to me in not feeling overwhelmed. I must admit that as of tomorrow, I have another two days in a row of serious driving time with the potential for tremendous heat, winds, and traffic. I'm really not looking forward to it, but I'll have a respite at the end.

today's upcoming adventures! )

I think I'm going to step outside and listen to the insects and see the hummingbirds go to the feeder on the porch before taking some pictures of the cacti and the mountains that are readily visible from her backyard. I believe that their height is 10,000 feet or something like that; quite impressive. Last night I saw the big dipper hanging low in the sky, a balmy evening given the daytime temperatures here.

I've also been writing on a rather uncommon Wraeththu story as requested by [ profile] veloona; I think I mentioned it, but it will be about Froia/Colurastes interaction, which, given their rather wide gap in cultural differences, I've been approaching almost as I would the Dwarvish/Elvish interactions I used to love so much in Tolkien. [ profile] elfscribe5 and I have talked about some aspects of this at length, about inherent tensions between characters and/or cultures, and the push-pull of individuals drawn together and apart, often repeatedly, rather than an extended courtship/seduction leading to a happy ending of sorts. Granted, we've both written the latter, and there's something tremendously satisfying in writing that. As this Wraeththu story begins to pour out of me, I'm realizing that given the gift of friendship I've come to treasure with [ profile] veloona, I want to write her something romantic, not an area that I've tended to travel very often in fanfiction. There's a first time for everything, of course. ;)

I'll try to post any pictures taken today this evening; if not, it may be a couple of days since I may well have two back-to-back days of 10 hour drives.
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I seem to be able to grossly underestimate the time it takes for me to get from point A to B these days. :P I'd thought seven hours; instead, it was 9 1/2 before I was safely in [ profile] elfscribe5's driveway. Still, here I am in Tucson, safe and sound. In keeping with my new moniker, Arrives With Storms, I did get rained on at the 79 miles from Tucson mark. Though it wasn't so much being rained on as globs of water being hurled at the car from the sky. Thankfully it didn't last all that long, but I really should have stopped on the other side to take pictures. Once again, the sky in my rear view mirror was black, but the other scenery was quite exotic, at least to my eyes, which haven't been to the southwest in quite some time.

today's visual offerings )

[ profile] elfscribe5 and I are having a great time, chatting about our fics, sharing pics and fic ideas. It's so fun to talk with her since we have several fandoms in common, including Wraeththu, Tolkien and Swordspoint. I know I'll end up quite inspired from our talks. In fact, I was working on a new Wraeththu fic for my dear [ profile] veloona in my head today. I don't know that I'll get anything written down on it tonight as, to be candid, I'm exhausted. I woke up at 5:00 a.m., though I did go back to sleep for an hour or so, but I'd not gotten into bed until 1 a.m. or so. That combined with a full day on the road makes for a very tired Thev. But being able to hang out with another fan and be able to gush to her in real time about how much I love her stories in every fandom I've read is such a treasure. She does keep her RL and fan stuff separate, however, so I won't be posting pics of us together. I'll probably take some pictures of the cacti that are everywhere, though; I'm really in the desert. This is foreign territory. So are 100+ degree temperatures. :P
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Yesterday was such a fabulous day. There's something so wonderful about being with a friend who understands fandom and the balance between being with each other and also keeping up with our online communities. We spent much of the morning talking, drinking coffee and looking at LJ and I did some writing on a HP story I'm hoping to finish in the next couple of days. The early morning and through the morning there were intense thunderstorms, much to her dog, Juno's, great displeasure. She's not a huge fan of loud and close-by thunder, and was quite needy, shaking and looking for lots of scratching and affection and giving us scolding looks when we couldn't make the thunderstorm stop.

After our leisurely morning and showers, she came up with the great idea of going to see Prince Caspian and, if the weather held, going to the zoo. So we did both! It was [ profile] celandineb's third time to see it, my first. I quite enjoyed it, though I was about halfway through when I realized I'd been thinking more about Voyage of the Dawn Treader thanks to seeing Reepicheep. Caspian was delightful eye candy and I'm glad I saw it with her. From there we went to the zoo after applying sunscreen as by this time it was bright and sunny and hot. Many of the animals were gone from their pens or simply hiding so we didn't see as many as some visits she'd had, but it was fun to walk around for a couple of hours, talking fic, primarily her Narnia stories (some delicious Edmund/Caspian slash, including How to Love Each Other being a recent example) and our HP fics.

Last night there was an absolutely scrumptious dinner of chicken saltimbocca; I won't even try describing it but it was so very tasty. As most of you know who know of Cel, she's an amazing cook and gets lots of fresh vegetables from their CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) group including carrots. I had no idea that carrots came in such a wide variety of colors, even purple! But there was a yummy, herb-infused cooked carrot salad with festive and naturally-colored carrots of orange, yellow and purple. She and I and her SO talked and talked and talked, then we had some computer time on the couch until time for bed.

Today I'll be heading over to my college friend [ profile] kymyrra's house until Friday morning when I head off for a full day's drive to Albuquerque. But before then, Cel and I will hang out and chat and go to AAA to get a map or two of Portland so I can have a sense of the neighborhoods and where they are since I've been hearing from people on their craigslist about temporary housing.

Hope you all are doing well!!
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No lj-cut! Beware my joy!

I had a really great day at work today. I feel as though I've come light years in only 4 weeks of doing what I do, and I've received several voicemail accolades from the customers I've helped. This is all good. Primarily tonight I was thrilled that we didn't have calls in queue at 8 o'clock for once, and my last call was something to do with an older version of our product that I was able to successfully resolve with an 18 minute call. The same issue I dealt with two weeks ago when I was still fairly new took me two different remoting sessions into this person's computer and over an hour to fix. It is perhaps somewhat frightening to be able to remote into someone's computer, see their desktop and be able to quip, "Look! You've tidied up your number of items there on the desktop since last time." I do love that he homeschools his kids and has a World of Warcraft image as the desktop picture. Another perk of my job, I suppose.

I bought a new keyboard and mouse. I no longer have to whack my keyboard against my desk in order for the 'i', 'o' and varying other keys to work regularly. I brought home my mouse pad to use with my optical mouse which replaces the roller-ball one, and I'm no longer using the back of a hardback book as a mouse pad.

The breakfast visit this morning with my sister and her family and my parents and one somewhat wildcard adopted brother went well. There will be another event tomorrow, but that's tomorrow. I'll be making a birthday cake for my mother. And mowing. But those two events aren't necessarily related, except in my own psychology.

I finally had a long conversation with [ profile] wolfiekins. I can't stress how much I realize it negatively affects my psyche when I don't actually have voice contact with my closest of friends, those very few with whom I speak in real time on a regular basis. Another friend sent me loads of cards and stationery, a belated Christmas and birthday gift, so I'll be writing even more correspondence. But it was such a relief finally to have a usually-weekly conversation with Wolfie. I'm going up to visit Kosh and him in the next month; I'll just take the time from work. I deserve it.

My internet works! And my keyboard works! Every key! Every time I press them!

I updated my website!

I watched a lot of Australia's Top Model last weekend; I really enjoy such frivolities, though it meant that in my dreams, there were both Australians (and/or people speaking with an Australian accent) and me uninstalling and reinstalling Rosetta Stone on a Mac three times. Oy. I do plan to unplug here in not too long and finish up my Ashmael/Seel Wraeththu story. Nobody asked for this; I have no idea if anyone in that community will like it, but it seemed like a gap-filler that wanted to be written.

I have the phrase "Nobody said it was easy" as my work AIM phrase, one stolen gratuitously from Coldplay, 'The Scientist.' Everything by Coldplay is bittersweet to me as it was being played in my former household with my wasband and my stepkids, back before I really knew who the band was, only I knew that I liked them. It's taken me a few years to properly breathe Coldplay into my system, and it's admittedly taking a bit of mental gymnastics to interpolate Coldplay/married life; Coldplay/reintroduced with fandom friends; Coldplay/'The Scientist' and the lyrics being perfect for my Wraeththu fanfic when my mother is a scientist, my father a dermatologist, my younger sister now a hospice doctor, and just wanting to melt into the voice and lyrics of the singer. I don't know his name; it's not relevant. He's a poet and for now, he and I share the same wavelength.

I grok Coldplay, androgyny, and being able to talk with a Rosetta Stone customer, calling from Germany. He was working on Arabic, and as I pulled up the Arabic script on my end, I commented to him on the phone that I swore some of the characters of their alphabet looked like Tengwar, as in, Tolkien script, Elvish. I don't hide my geekdom. He tried to suggest that JRRT was influenced by Arabic writing, but I was too captivated by the script itself to contradict him and let him know that JRRT was influenced as a child by looking at Welsh train boxcars.

I do rein in my geekdom a smidgen, but mostly it's on my sleeve. It's part of me, and I delight in mentioning my few papers and where I've presented them. Especially here in the Valley, it's not just anyone who's been a professional singer in Nashville, has a miniature version of the Shards of Narsil for a costume I made, knits many of the sweaters that I wear, and walked a 70-year old through setting up the date and time on his first computer so the activation code for his Rosetta Stone would stick. I shudder to think of the techology that will be around when I'm 70, especially if there's not someone like me around to feel that I'd made a difference in the first fifteen minutes of trying to help. I made a difference to him, y'know?


Gotta go. ♥

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