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Can't believe I posted nary a word in October. In all of my 12 years of blogging, I'm not sure that's ever happened— aside from a month or two when I was in rehab twice. Still.

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… and it's not even 2 o'clock yet!

~ being emotionally vulnerable and honest and completely at peace around [ profile] evannichols
~ phone call connections with family and friends
~ Portland in autumn. Gorgeous!!
~ a lunchtime walk turning into a spontaneous jog
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So I continue to look for jobs- I didn't get the one at PSU where I actually had an interview. But I'm tenacious and will keep searching, of course. I do have a cushion, but not that much of one. Last night I stayed up until 2-something finishing reading a fun book, Candy Girl: A Year in the Life of an Unlikely Stripper, written by Diablo Cody. She wrote the screenplay for Juno, I believe. I don't think I've seen that, but I should probably put it on my list.

The trees are changing color now, and today was a bright, sunny day. Not the weather I moved here for! :P But the trees on the various hills are beautiful and I'll have plenty of months to be cold and enjoy the cold.

Had several wonderful phone conversations yesterday, one with my sister and three with other friends. I'm really excited because one of my best friends, Jen, is moving from Eugene to Vancouver, WA, which is just across the river from Portland. So my bestie and I can do all kinds of stuff. Well, I really chafe at spending money, unless it's for big trips or the occasional sweater. And food— but I'd gotten used to eating with my parents when I lived there and then I went on foodstamps.But we can do free stuff, and once I'm employed I won't be *quite* so miserly. I'm simply thrifty by nature. That said, I've already bought some cool shoes and jeans. I adore Goodwill. Anyway, one thing we definitely have planned is that she's coming for Thanksgiving and will happily do the cooking. She says her Thanksgiving fare is a real cholesterol-fest. And there will be chocolate pecan pie. *drool*

This is not a particularly interesting post, I'm noting. Oh well. I'd been having internet issues and not online very much, and I'd said I won't be posting as often, probably. As for the internet, I'm now on my third company to get what I want. It's been rather frustrating.
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Just a super-fast fly by post to link to a few pictures I took of one tree in the backyard yesterday. The changing leaves are beginning to really jump out all over the city now and it's paradise for me. Now if only we could keep the grey skies instead of it so resolutely clearing up each day... I'll get my grey, though.

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Long day today- I've put off buying frames and thus getting glasses to deal with my minor astigmatism, but after reading in bed for a while this morning, I've realized that I really should address this. So I'm going to eat something, go back to the lens/frame place where I saw the ophthalmologist, and for the first time in my life, get regular glasses and not reading glasses. Wow. Choir tonight, too, so once I'm out the door I won't be back until after 10:00. But I'm really grooving on having choir back in my life.

A colorful Thursday to you all!

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