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So now my novella has been out for a couple of weeks. I know I have a lot of fandom friends who'd showed interest and support, but at this juncture, I know of precisely one person who has read the finished version and let me know that she read it. That's my stepmom. I don't know if people are reading it and just don't want to tell me their thoughts, or they're interested but it's not on their list yet, or if people are supportive but not interested in reading it. According to my ticker on Dreamspinner, I'm up to 17 sales. Whether those are the ones directly via Dreamspinner or a total of all outlets, I'm honestly not sure. I should find out. Still— I guess I'm not used to so little feedback, or not in a long time. It's made me less motivated to finish up the sequel, even though I believe it's much stronger. Anyway, the confusion and feelings of disappointment will pass, I'm sure. It is what it is. I'm grateful that I've gone through this process from beginning to end and I've learned a lot.
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I watched another Film Movement movie Friday night, a truly quirky Australian film that somehow I'd missed since it's coming out in 2003 (I do try to keep up somewhat with Aussie films), He Died With a Felafel in his Hand. I really enjoyed it, especially since the first part of it takes place in Brisbane in an old Queenslander, which just reminded me of how much I need to go back and visit! I don't think any review of it I can cobble together would do it justice; the lead character keeps insisting he's a thwarted writer and keeps moving and living with a slew of seemingly random people (I wasn't sure if some were former school or uni friends or what) with a truly eclectic cast of characters. He goes from Brisbane to Melbourne to Sydney, and I was proud of myself to note that the intro scenes for each location start out the same way, but different; variations on a theme. Recommended. And any movie that starts out with "Golden Brown" by the Stranglers (see icon!) is excellent in my book.

I spent most of today at church which is a rarity for me these days. I don't sing regularly in choir anymore since my hours mean that I can't attend any rehearsals, and frankly, I enjoy having my Sundays as down time. Still, I'd been asked to sing a Lenten Evensong, and so I did, but I went in in the morning for a soprano sectional and then regular rehearsal and the service. Between that service and the afternoon rehearsal I had Grand Intentions of getting my oil changed, but the place only had 2 people working, one of whom was the front desk person. So I gave up. I went to TJ Maxx instead, and then rocked out in my car to Xavier the iPod and my knitting. The Evensong went pretty well.

I've had good conversations with some friends this weekend, though one person is going through a particularly excruciating time emotionally and psychologically, and I feel wounded for him. I'm about to write the last complete post for my first ever foray into Wraeththu fanfic which, being me, has become a novella. This last part is going to be rough emotionally, as are the first few from the other character's POV, and I continue to struggle with Ashmael's reasonings/outlook on things, so I may post in [ profile] raythoo about it to see if I can get insights from other folks. I do still struggle in that I can't talk with most of you lovelies about it because my flist is primarily HP and Tolkien fan-based. Nothing wrong with that, but I guess I do feel a little isolated. Oh well. It's all [ profile] callumjames' fault for telling me about the series last summer and then buying the initial trilogy as a house-warming gift. I'm so glad that [ profile] sexyscholar is starting to read Wraeththu so I can squee with her about stuff.

Speaking of Callum, a special congratulatory shout out to you and [ profile] wolfiekins for your wins at bestmates! I'm a bit sad that I didn't make it into the winner's circle this year, but that's how these things go.

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