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Many ups and downs last week; a highlight being a Mabon, mini-ceremony of just two of us in the park. I've also been able to become further reconciled to the reality that I may only sell a dozen or two total copies of anything I write. It really is absolutely fine. 'The Swan and the Seal' isn't yet available beyond Lulu, but should be at some point fairly soonish. I wrote a bit of new material for Defender of the Way while in Wenatchee, but haven't done much since (though typing in all of the edits took a while). I know it will all work out.

I'd planned to start getting up around 5:30 each day, do my 90 second plank and Pilates 100s and prior to starting work, spending some time at my altar and drawing a card from my Oracle deck to have as a daily focus. That lasted maybe 2 days before things got wonky. Well, I know what it is: I like to sleep in on my days off. But I still want to develop the habit of those pre-coffee mini-workouts and return to regular workouts of 3-4 a week. I know I'll feel better for it. I've also just been overindulging in general in a variety of ways and feel gross a lot of the time. I'll be trying to focus more on proteins and vegetables- something else I know future Kristi will be grateful for. It's just that present Kristi so often wants cheese rice or black beans with lots of sour cream or things similar.

I also have realized that going to Sewanee in November for a less than 72 hour trip just to sing through Godspell isn't a great idea for me right now, especially if I tried going solo. Too many ways that could go really, really wrong, especially having to rent a car and driving up and down the Mountain. I'm disappointed, but there's going to be a huge choir reunion in the spring with the retirement of Dr. Delcamp, who's been organist/choirmaster there for... 37 years. A long time. ;) Makes way more sense to plan that trip in April and maybe also spend a day or two in Nashville to show Evan another of my former haunts.
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I came across a couple of fun pictures from this year's commencement at my alma mater that I thought I'd share. There's one with two lovely redheaded men who are watching the event, and another who put a Hogwarts crest big and bold on his academic gown. Love that!

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Unbelievable. Today is December 1st. Driving home I saw some Christmas lights; I've not really known what I think of the holidays in recent years. An exceptionally memorable one was spent with [ profile] wolfiekins, [ profile] koshweasley and [ profile] pghpatronus; last year I sang the Christmas Eve service and then slept in. This year I expect will be similarly low-key, given the issues that I have to deal with. I'm not particularly social, though within certain environments I'd be okay. I'd also like to find a Lessons and Carols service and a Christmas Eve service to attend. I do love the music and ceremony, especially when I can just walk in and listen.

I've resurrected a knitting project from 8 years ago, having most recently worked on it in 2005. It's going okay, but I definitely need to find a more comfortable place to set up shop to listen to a book on tape and knit. And I should buy another lamp to put near my bed; Portland has a general lack of light this time of year and the area where my bed is is pretty dark.

Back to it: beta'ing and going through a thoughtful beta I received, then the evil Facebook. I do check it nearly ever day. GAH! Something very cool, though: I got into work and was told that someone had come by earlier to visit me. It turns out that another Sewanee grad, three years behind me, works there! The Opera had a fire drill and as I stood outside, this person looked at me and asked, "Did you go to Sewanee?" "Yes!" I replied. She identified herself, and I confirmed that the Kristi she'd seen on the name badge was indeed me. Very cool. And as they say, it's a small, small world.

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