Mar. 10th, 2015

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So this was new: being sent digital files of marketing material for my e-book release, when I'm not even sure of the date! The whole thing is new, since I'm used to maybe making an honorary icon for a story, or way back, a kind of movie poster for a much longer work. So let me share!

A bookmark:

bookmark photo SurprisedAtNothing_bookmarkV_DSP.jpg

And the cover:

cover photo SurprisedAtNothingFS.jpg

I'm not planning a book tour, nor is it likely I'll be going to conferences and the like to warrant printing swag, but still. Seems like this is really happening!! :D
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This. The Sinclair Method.
Graphs showing the extinction of learned brain behaviors

Opiod blockers. Available as a generic. Taken only when drinking, an hour before drinking. A drug approved by the FDA in 1994. Non-addictive.
pharmacological extinction

An actual proven chemical to change the way your brain reacts to alcohol. The Sinclair Method is used extensively as an outpatient treatment at the Contral Clinic in Finland. By 2000, they had treated tens of thousands of patients with a claimed success rate around 78%, with 25% reducing their drinking to complete abstinence with little or no craving.

And why isn't it used here in the US? Because of our inherited culture of saying that habits and addictions are moral failures, instead of learned behaviors of chemicals on our brains. Is abstinence truly the only 'success'? How about a life, truly lived? It's 2015, not 1939.

I haven't had this much hope for myself in years.

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