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It's not quite finished, but I'm getting pretty close! Many of you all aren't on the Book of Face, which is absolutely fine (I mostly play games) but it's become so difficult for me to post pics here in DW/LJ land. But! Ravelry has made it super easy. I uploaded 5 new pictures of this double knitted, reversible vest for my brother, and you can see the pics here! I'm going to have heaps of yarn left over. I think I may need to make one similar for me, though sized appropriately. My brother is tall and has a very broad chest and back. It's been mostly fun to work on, and I've found myself really enjoying double knitting. A couple of months ago [ profile] evannichols and I even sat in bed talking about an excel program he could make up in order to make a double-knitted, reversible vest or top with a different design on each side. It'd be a nightmare to look at in terms of a charted pattern, but with only 2 colors, it could easily be made into a binary chart that he could help make.

Yes, uber geeks. ♥
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I was just over reading LJ and got inspired to post myself. :) Yesterday morning I typed in the most recent few pages of my ofic story that will hopefully, eventually, be submitted to Dreamspinner Press once it's all said and done. I don't enjoy that I write in such fits and starts anymore, and it took typing in a few pages to get re-grounded and rediscover that thankfully there was a flow to it. This Wednesday is a sauna day, and my hope is that I'll be inspired as I usually am while lying quietly in the dry sauna, or sitting up in the steam sauna. I'm also being treated to time in a friend's hot tub after that, so it will be a day of healthy self-indulgence, especially since it starts out with getting to sleep in and then a Mod Physique class.

I'm trying to stay more in touch with friends; last week I wrote several short letters and sent cards and that always buoys my spirits. This week there are people I'm going to try to talk with on the phone— there's something satisfying about writing down these things on a to-do list and being able to check them off, all while enjoying the experience of actually reaching out to people I care about.

The super-complicated double-knitted, reversible vest for my brother is coming along! I've knitted 3" and have discovered, somewhat to my dismay, that while the really cool bat motif on the back is indeed the width I'd wanted, it's only going to be as tall as the armhole. :( Had I realized that, I would have done some motif for the bottom 4", the the bats, and then the remaining 4" so it would be centered. Oh well. I'll improvise. Once I get about halfway done with the bat motif I'll take photos as it really is going to be an eye-catcher. If only it didn't make me then think of other knitting ideas— I'm already swamped with them!! Ah well. I shouldn't be ungrateful for so much creative outpouring, even if it's not in the particular realm I want. ;)
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I'm on the cusp of going on my first actual holiday/vacation type thing in about a year. Evan and I are going to Rockaway Beach, Oregon, tomorrow, staying in a large beachhouse with his parents, sister Arwen & family, and brother Dana & wife & daughter & granddaughter. I'm really looking forward to spending time at the beach, and sleeping, and doing some social things, and having a lot - lot - of downtime. :) There will be internet and phone and such, but I'm determined not to check work email at all and to put that part of my life completely on pause while I'm gone. I suspect it will be easier said than done, but I'll try to make it happen.

I printed up my Wraeththu novellas to bring with me to re-read and edit, and it makes me feel a bit odd that I've committed to doing this. I've never revisited any completed work of mine for a serious edit like this before, and I'm uncertain as to how the process will go, if I'll be appalled or if I'll enjoy reading it, if I'll be overcome by memories of what my life was like when I wrote them, and of the initial major overhaul/edit/rewrite from 2009. Hard to say. Hopefully it won't be traumatic or demoralizing. I'm also bringing my notebook to work on my Charliefic which I haven't written on in a couple of weeks. I suspect I'll get a bunch done on that while on break. This will be a very different situation from Evan and me going away together… although now I realize Evan and I have not actually had a holiday together yet, just the two of us. The trips we've made since we've been a couple have all been with our families— and we like our families, but I've just made a verbal commitment that after this trip and the one in September to go to Wenatchee to spend the better part of a week with my dad and stepmom, we will take our next trips just the two of us. I'm pretty sure that our five days together with his family (absent one sibling and progeny) will be just fine. As he pointed out, they are a family of introverts. But I bring with me from my own family of origin (at least to do with my mother) a sense of dread about doing my own thing and being seen as asocial and trying to isolate myself. I believe that there will be a healthy balance of doing my own very-much-needed-downtime activities (reading, editing, writing, reading, knitting and dicking around on the internet, walking, jogging on the beach, sleeping) and group meals, some organic conversation, and working on puzzles. Some of my worries are because I've only spent short periods of time with these folks (2 days) except for his sister Arwen and family, who I know well from when Evan lived with them. I'm probably worrying unnecessarily, but I articulated all of this to Evan and he (unsurprisingly) was very understanding.

So I'll have my computer and will definitely still be online, and hopefully quite productive while also being a lazy, lazy person. :)
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I've finished or nearly-finished a bunch of things, and am hot onto 2 new projects with a 3rd to start as soon as the yarn arrives! I checked out a book from the library and was so swoony about several of the garments that I just bought a copy used from Powell's. Yes, me and my crazy $5 on a whim purchases. ;)

The book is Loop-d-Loop: More Than 40 Novel Designs for Knitters and while some of the garments are rather odd and the styling is also somewhat bizarre, there are several designs I will be making out of this book. I'm starting with the one-shoulder tunic.

That said, I'm also smitten with this short-row fair isle top:

and this yummy pullover with leaves:

So here are links to all of the goodies I've made or nearly-finished or just started on Ravelry!
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My throat hurts. Again. And I'm a bit congested. I really didn't approve of this! :scowl: At least thus far [ profile] evannichols seems to be dodging it. We're both grateful for that. I'm not great company when I'm sick, not that I complain overmuch, but because I do get sulky and very quiet. Often as productive as normal, but quiet and with a bit of a stormy vortex. Good thing that I work from home.

I'm really hoping to go try out an adult ballet class at Portland Ballet Theater tomorrow; I bought canvas ballet flats and everything so that I wouldn't have an excuse not to at least try a drop-in. I'm getting all worked up, however, because the one listed as Ballet 1 is actually intermediate level. There are two adult ballet workshops, both full, and neither of which I could attend with my work schedule. But those are for super-beginning ballet, and one level up. I danced intensely until I was 16, and then was in a bus accident that injured my back, but I'd healed up enough to take some ballet and modern again in college. In other words, I was pretty skilled, but at this point I've not tried ballet in a class setting since I was around 26. I tried something like this back then in Nashville, and I remember leaving the class in tears, being wretchedly disappointed in that while my mind remembered so much, and my body had the kinetic memory, even back then I'd lost some flexibility. Now I'm 43. But I'm going to go and give it a try, and hopefully it'll go well and I can keep dropping in the Wednesday 9:30-11 classes and work on regaining some suppleness. More to come on that front.

I'm in the final stages of finishing up another repurposed yarn project:

It's an adorable pattern and the first I'd done from this Japanese company. Only one size was given which, thankfully, happens to be my size. I modified the top in that it was supposed to be crocheted, but I don't know how. So I used an openwork knitted pattern instead. There's crocheted edging around the collar, armholes, and bottom, as well as a corsage flower thing in front. Fortunately for me, there is a crocheter in the apartment: [ profile] evannichols knows how and is going to instruct me so I can finish up this lovely cotton top. I also sprinkled beads throughout the body just because I had them and thought it would jazz it up a bit. I'm quite pleased with how it's turning out.
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So I posted my Finduilas' POV fic and it's been quietly received. And that's really okay. I'm thinking I'll re-read the story of Aldarion and Erendis in UT and see about going back into the fic graveyard to dig up my Numenorean story long-ago abandoned, but not forgotten. :)

And I'm wearing armwarmers!! )

More about my newest project, but here's a link to the WIP on Ravelry:

I'm back to my 'regular' schedule, so back to work tomorrow afternoon. But I'm so, so excited by my new specialization and position. :D
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There are so many ways in which I feel more and more grounded these days— in recent days, it's because I came back from Harrisonburg with pretty much all of my belongings. The rug and bin that we shipped arrived yesterday, so it's all here now. In going through it, I came across two lovely and talisman-filled care packages from [ profile] rainwish that hadn't initially made their way here. Now my altar is truly gorgeous, with fabric, more stones, a Lego Gimli (not from Rainwish, but he is my symbol of strength), a polished circle of stone I'd held on to from my college roommate (perhaps even given as a birthday gift while still in school), and a paper crane from a newer friend, [ profile] ohthatjocelyn. There's also a colorful cornucopia Thevina/Kristi-centric collage created by [ profile] emansil_12 on the shelf nearby. I'll take another picture soon. It fills me with such joy to glance over at it, much less spend quiet time there in meditation, or just sitting quietly with my morning coffee, breathing in openness and breathing out anxiety, holding my loved ones in light.

And in other news: The cabled hoodie I'd knitted that never fit properly on me turns out to fit [personal profile] grrlpup like a glove! I'm thrilled that it's with her. There's still enough yarn left (or so I hope, lol) that I'm going to make this vest for myself: The back is equally gorgeous.

Today is my first official day of training as a promoted specialist in Resolutions. This really wasn't the area I'd planned to go to in my time at Airbnb, but the need was there and I believe that once I learn more of the ins and outs of basic protocol, I'll find a very happy home as a 'Resolutionary.' They deal very much in the grey area of disputes and people who are generally unhappy for a variety of reasons. While I do very much enjoy having policies and standards to use as the girders of responding to our users, I think I'll find it quite empowering now to be able to have the tools to grant refunds, take losses, educate and warn (when necessary) with a more authoritative voice so improve our ever-expanding community of users. So… let the training begin!

Still sick

Feb. 6th, 2013 08:13 pm
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Tired of coughing, and being congested, but at least yesterday's head pressure that didn't relent until about 2/3 the way through my 12-9 shift has been absent today. Thinking healing thoughts, and did have a lovely soak in the nearby hot tub again.

And, there's socks! The only reason why [ profile] evannichols isn't drowning in hand-knitted goods from me is, well, a variety of reasons, mostly to do with a wool allergy and not being a sweater person. I did manage to make him a pair of purple wool socks after going on an outing for him to have a 'fiber feel-up' to see what felt good. We actually were able to find a super-soft 100% wool (Cascade Yarns 220 Superwash Sport in case you're interested) and he picked a glorious royal purple.

So here are pictures via Ravelry!
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I'll link to the Raverly page which has more pics and my general dissatisfaction with how it fits in the back, but also from my upper chest upwards. But the sleeves and the yarn are gorgeous!
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Two days off in a row. I'd agreed to switch shifts weeks ago and had an incredibly rare Fri-Sat combo off.
Even though we were supposed to have [personal profile] sanguinity and [personal profile] grrlpup over for dinner and a movie last night, [ profile] evannichols wasn't feeling up to snuff and we've rescheduled for tonight. I'm grateful not only that their schedules weren't so packed that we had to reschedule for next month, but also that we'll hopefully get to have this dinner party at all. I've not hosted a dinner party literally in years.
I went out jogging yesterday! Our weather has not encouraged mid-day activities, but during this upcoming week I'm hoping to do this wee jog (it's a bit over a mile, but not flat like my running over at my prior house) every day.

We'll see. I could get lucky!
Evan had a very rare work from home day yesterday, so in addition to my jog, he and I took a leisurely walk at the nearby park and chatted. His head was a bit fuzzy and he wasn't fully up to speed, but it was our first walk together in our new neighborhood.
Knitting. I'm a few inches away from finishing the hood to my gorgeous rust heathered zip front cardigan. But I'm distinctly lacking in the zipper itself. Hmmmm. But I also knitted Evan a wee giftie, a mini sweater ornament to hang on our tree. Very fun.

And now, to drink coffee and plan our leisurely day; I'll do some of the cooking I didn't do yesterday in anticipation of our rescheduled dinner, and remain in this state of amazementgratitudedelight that I have every day. I'll fully admit that a full 48 hours away from my job is helping greatly in facilitating this. ;) That said, I had rather a "Huh?" moment earlier this week when I found out I'd received a 'spot bonus' (in online giftcard form, but I rallied fairly quickly considering it *wasn't* cash) for my hard work. Considering that twice already in my not-yet-5-month-tenure with them I'd been told I might be let go, this was a welcome change.

Oh, and Happy Solstice!!

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A couple of things:
I am so grateful to [personal profile] sanguinity and [personal profile] grrlpup for their friendship. Evan and I went to their house on Saturday for a not-exactly-Thanksgiving dinner, which was not just scrumptious, but delightful to enjoy their company. As I have Wednesdays off, I'm hoping to meet with Sanguinity each week and go for a walk and/or chat and/or knit. I love that!! Having someone locally to chat with and with whom I have a fair bit in common is really great. I'll look forward to getting to know grrlpup better in the future as well.

I'm back to working on my yummy cardigan. Makes me so happy! And I realized I'd not posted a picture of my sister-in-love's baby in the blanket I made for her. So this is Mazie, Evan's niece.

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This is the last of my reclaimed yarn projects, and in some ways I think I've saved the most gorgeous yarn for last. So it's being made for me, lol.

pics under here )
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I've finished two knitting projects this morning. So of course there are pics!! )

The rest of today will focus on making a crazy amount of buttonholes in my convertible riding pants, making 20 covered buttons, packing for being away from this home for a week, and at long last putting a zipper in my Samus cardigan again so it's a proper cardigan. Plus I have Charlie's Angels "Full Throttle" from the library to entertain me while I hand-sew a zipper into a sweater. Yay. :D
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This element over at Ravelry has made me so happy- they've hired on two new site engineers (yay for site engineers who are also passionate knitters!) and have added new features to the site. Including making project posts public to people outside of Ravelry. This is going to make my posting of pics so much easier.

The first three are reclaimed yarn projects. There is commentary on the Ravelry pages. I was thinking of making an R.I.P to my Etsy shop concept of the reclaimed yarn projects, but I'm going to hold onto my Etsy shop name, concept and banner art. My life has proven to be quite changeable, and there's every chance that I may go back to it. But this first round of projects have all ended up going to my nieces and nephews and step-nieces and nephews. And I'm not too broken up about that. :)

The last is a baby blanket I'm knitting for Evan's sister. It looks rather odd in the picture because I'm knitting it in the round, so you don't really see the size. And the colors are slightly off, but it's *gorgeous*.
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A major element of my life may be going pear-shaped, but it's not worth me obsessing about because there is nothing for me to do about it. I will keep everyone posted.

But while I'm enjoying some unexpected time to knit, I thought I'd update my prior knitting update post. I don't have pics of my WsIP, but the cardigan for me has one completed sleeve now and I've started on the second. After two unsuccessful attempts for my spiral blanket to lie flat, I consulted with my Textile Consultant™ (otherwise known as Evan in this case) and decided to disassemble it and find a different pattern. I quickly settled on something else knit from the center outward, with a picture of it below the cut )

I'm already so much happier with it!! Amazing how going with the flow makes things go smoothly. And while I'm being a bit obtuse about posting public details of what's happening, I will say that I have reached out and been buouyed and supported tremendously, not just by Evan (though he is definitely my anchor) and my inner circle of friends and some family, but also my new colleagues. They know who they are.

And now, back to the joyful indulgence of watching Project Runway and knitting away. :D
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I've been working on a couple of knitting projects, and hadn't really posted about them or shown photos. I did borrow [ profile] evannichols's camera and finally took some pictures, now below the cut:
knitting )

I may or may not have mentioned this, but the Official Mascot for Airbnb is… the mustache. So when Evan received a tentacle mustache as a gift, I knew there would be a photo op. So here we are in the new (to me) vintage dress I bought when [ profile] emansil_12 was here visiting, and Evan in his steampunk garb. Then me with the mustache. Because, well— tentacle mustache!!
more )
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And this old guy cleaning them with a dental tooth scraping tool.

Well, I did, but this post isn't about that. It's more about a few things of note to do with work, the weekend, and other stuff.

~ The Airbnb pop-up location is located in The Pearl District. I'm growing to love it, seeing the fancy restaurants, Whole Foods, and even an Anthropologie store. I didn't know they had actual stores! I've long been an admirer of their clothes, though only once items were about 80% off. :P I go out and about during my two breaks and lunchtime, seeing what's out there and stretching my legs. Quite a pretty area.

~ I ate my first even lemon cucumber! I didn't know such things existed, but they were growing in [ profile] evannichols's sister's garden. Their cucumbers, whether those or more conventional, are growing like crazy. I was encouraged to eat my fill, which makes me so very happy. I love cucumbers!

~ As Evan and I were having coffee and chatting Sunday morning (which I actually had off thanks to a generous new Aircorps friend switching with me for Tuesday), I mentioned that I'd realized that I didn't have the energy or attention or time to really go ahead with my Etsy shop idea. I'm not giving up the idea and concept, because I think it's great, but instead of trying to sell these adorable infant's sweaters made of reclaimed and/or hand-dyed yarn, I will mail them on to my two stepsisters who are having second children. The zip-front vest I'll send to my sister, who has a 2 year old, and she can grow into it. It's not that I spent a lot of money getting the yarn, that was part of the point! But I've come to peace about maybe making myself a couple of things out of the yarn I reclaimed and washed and made into center pull balls. It's all good. I'll take pictures of course before I send the garments along.

~ Apparently I won't know my actual schedule for another several days, but I will have Wednesday off and Evan generously took a half day. I'll be making some of my usual weekend calls Wednesday morning, and I'll look forward to hopefully chatting with a couple of you.

~ Thanks to still being subscribed to redheadedmales, I see that there are two red-haired lovelies on the U.K. Olympic team! Daniel Purvis in gymnastics and Greg Rutherford in track and field. :D :D
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'Vomiting rainbows', while descriptive, is disturbing to a couple of people on my flist. I'm open to suggestions, because that does appear to be a theme here in my life. And I don't want that to change, I might add.

The weekend was truly lovely. [ profile] evannichols had Dude Night Friday, which meant that we had a later start to our weekend, but there was still cake to be enjoyed that night— a delicious Carrot Zucchini/Hummingbird gluten- and dairy-free cake from Petunia's Pies and Pastries. Long story short on this: I'd special ordered a unique cake for Evan's 50th birthday and by human error (not on my part), the icing was incorrect. The cake was scrumptious, but Lisa (the founder and pastry chef) felt really badly when she found out and offered up cupcakes or another cake in the future to make things right. So I took her up on it as part of my own recent celebration. Saturday we went out to sushi with [personal profile] grrlpup and [personal profile] sanguinity, which was also delicious. Sunday featured our usual rituals: coffee and online Boggle and an online Tuesday NYTimes crossword in bed; breakfast and internet, domestic chores, a couple of phone calls, some work on personal projects, and as an added bonus, doing Pilates. We didn't so much follow along as use the DVD as a jumping-off point to do our own Pilates with our own music and the DVD on mute. It worked. The weekend was particularly quiet (his sister, BIL and niece were at the coast) and restful; Saturday I even took a nap! This is highly irregular, but apparently much-needed. Yesterday I also had an hour-plus long phone call with [ profile] emansil_12, which was absolutely wonderful. I'm thrilled to say that she's coming out this way next month and I'll get an entire day to spend with her. :D

This week is my big transition week: I'm still on assignment at the company in Beaverton, but I'm moving up my last day to Wednesday so that I can have a bit of downtime and prep time before jumping headfirst back into full-time work in a new job, in a new work environment for me, and a new field in many ways. I'm terrifically excited!! And also want to make sure I don't start out sleep-deprived and anxious.

And as an aside, I'm so glad that I had a couple of my Etsy sweaters-in-progress to show and tell with [personal profile] grrlpup and [personal profile] sanguinity. [personal profile] sanguinity pointed out something that I knew in my heart to be true with the beginnings of my first sweater with my hand-dyed yarn, which was that with the short variegations and the pattern I'd chosen, it was super busy. She articulated what I knew was the case, so I undid it and am now starting on it as a cuff-to-cuff pullover, which will be different simply because it's cuff-to-cuff, but it will be subtle and showcase the yarn. I'm much more at peace with it now. So, thank you, Sang!! ♥
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I am in the midst of an interviewing frenzy. Beginning today, I have (had) three (and maybe four) confirmed interviews in four workdays. The maybe is for Monday. Today was a group and then one-on-one with Airbnb which could be really, really cool— especially looking longer-term in relation to things with [ profile] evannichols, living together, and maybe even looking to spend some time working overseas. Tomorrow morning is an interview with a downtown church for a half-time development assistant position. Monday- still not sure; it's for a 3-month contract position up in Vancouver, WA, so not the best, but could be interesting. But of all of the leads, probably the least likely to pan out. And today I got a call from a local classical radio station about a membership assistant position I applied for. Interview with them Tuesday morning!! Good thing that I enjoy interviewing. Yes, you read that right. I've done so much of it in recent years that I'm no longer intimidated by it and actually really enjoy going and interviewing the potential company. Lots of amazing possibilities, and I couldn't be happier about feeling so desired by different facets of the working world.

For the holiday yesterday, Evan and I went to [personal profile] sanguinity and [personal profile] grrlpup's house for a scrumptious dinner and entertaining conversation. Prior to that, I had a marvelous, low-key day with [ profile] evannichols and he assisted me in the initial mechanics of doing my own dyeing. Below the cut are pictures of the two two-color colorways I did. They are quite vivid and I'm going to wash them tomorrow to get any remaining dye out of them (they were steam-set and shouldn't bleed, but I just want to be sure) and air dry again before winding them into center-pull balls. I really will post pictures of the finished products once I have them. I got all kinds of affirmations and exclamations of how talented I am about the turquoise vest I'm knitting, so that also made me feel pretty frakking awesome. :)
yarn pics here )

So, um, things continue to be really phenomenal. But it's been a really long day, and I'm going to chill out with some online Boggle and then a documentary and then I'm off to bed. :P
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This entry may get a bit long, so feel free to pick and choose topics or just skim. But I wanted to post an update.
knitting stuff )

job stuff )

life and relationship stuff )

So, yay. It feels pretty amazing to be able to post something like this.

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