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I just wrote in my composition notebook: "What in Merlin's name is Shevchenko going to think about you inviting along some academic squib you don't know from the Lady of the Lake's mercat?"


That is all. :)
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I'm very glad to have returned pretty much in the condition that I departed. This means that my flights were gratefully uneventful and my luggage made it with me and I'm back to my love and my home and my primarily quiet life. :)

As this is a public space I won't say too much about HQ except that having a huge open space may be a good way to promote creativity, but it's AWFUL for trying to do any kind of customer-facing work. It's loud and hard to concentrate and impossible to make outbound phone calls. It simply makes no sense for customer support and I'm very, very glad to be back in my home 'office.' On the other side, it was tremendous and heart-warming and illuminating and disarming to meet so many of my fellow remote employees in one place. I re-bonded with my roommate who I got to know during our pop-up office time last year, and spent a fair bit of time with a few select others. I will say that for someone like me, being fed breakfast, lunch and dinner at HQ for several days was really great. Nobody appears in my kitchen and cooks for me when I'm here during my shifts! ;)

Here's a link to a photo of me in proximity to the Golden Gate Bridge:

I'm hoping some other group shots and dinner photos will get handed around, but who knows. In having a much-needed 1:1 with my team lead in person, I found out that they actually need somebody to do something that greatly interests me, which is database management and being able to retrieve and make sense of data in a meaningful way for our team. My eyes and face must have lit up when we were discussing it, and now I'm going to be teaching myself SQL. [ profile] evannichols has said he'll give me an overview as well. :D

In very exciting news, I'm writing again! Not on the Aldarion Numenorean story, but on a HP Charlie-centric fic. [ profile] evannichols and I tried out setting aside an hour yesterday evening to work on our respective creative pursuits (non-knitting, in my case) and it was great. I'm really happy to be writing rather free-form with this story and seeing where it goes.

Did I mention how happy I am to be back home? In Portland? In bed, with Evan at my side? ♥
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So I went Friday and saw the final HP. I must say that I wasn't as moved by it as I might have been, but for the most part I enjoyed it and it's still hard to think that this is the end of an era. We saw it in 3-D, which was quite fun, especially given the glasses!

Saturday I didn't do much of anything, and today was church and knitting. I've completed the thistle cardigan, though I still need to block it and buy buttons. Maybe this week. But I now have a few pictures of me in it so you can see the nearly completed cardigan. I'm squinting into the sun, but the focus is on the sweater.
pics below )

Tonight I'll type in what I've been writing on my original fic and keep reading Children of God, the sequel to The Sparrow. Tomorrow will be busy in that I need to mow the lawn, then hopefully donate plasma, and then go to a doctor's appointment. Hope that everyone has had a good weekend!
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I have about 100 pages to go in The Sparrow by Mary Doria Russell. It's scifi, a genre I've been fond of since age 13, though this particular book I'd put as 82% fiction to 8% science part. There is another planet involved, and her background as an anthropologist shines through. I'm in this super awkward phase of it because I know that many of the characters are going to be dead by the end (that's not a surprise; you know that within the first 10 pages or so) and I can't bear to know what happens… But of course I'm desperate to know what happens! I am in awe of the storytelling, the uncluttered prose, and I haven't inhaled a book like this in a while. Highly recommended, even though I haven't finished it yet. I may post about it more in detail when finished.

I also spent a few hours yesterday re-reading my own original fic novella, taking notes about the characters on index cards as well as writing down how much time was passing in the margins. I had no real sense of how many days had gone by from the beginning to where I've begun writing again. I wasn't even certain of the season! But now I know, and there can be more consistencies. It's such a joy to be flooded with new ideas again. Not just for this story, though that's where my focus is, but I'm going to do some medical research and write a sequel for the recent R/D I wrote, plus I think I'm going to write a sequel to my Rohirric/Dwarvish cultural interaction story recently posted but written last November. I've been a fan of writing about inter-cultural relations in the Ardaverse, especially those to do with Dwarves. Having one of my favorites (Gimli, of course) set up shop in the caves of Helm's Deep means I can have some fun in installments with a post-WR gapfiller that's genfic and I can spend some more time in Rohan. Figuratively. ;)

Two of my longer-term LJ friends had been on my mind but I hadn't heard from in quite some time. To my relief, after sending out emails I've discovered that they're both still around, both dealing with some trauma, but back in touch. Time to get some more international postage stamps as I'll be writing some long letters.

Oh! And I'll be seeing HP7 part 2 tomorrow with my stepdad and a friend from choir. Should be fun! I'm not all that sentimental about it since I came over to HP via fanfiction and that's where my closest attachment lies. But I'll look forward to seeing the more grown up Gryffindor boys and girls.
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Title: Admittance
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Ron/Draco
Rating: Hard R?
Warnings: Sexual content- hand job. AU.
Word count: 4,210
Beta: My tremendous thanks to Emansil_08
Summary: After a suicide attempt gone awry, what could make Draco's unexpected life any worse? Being forced to share a hospital room with Ron.
A/N: I honestly can't believe it's been six months since I've posted fic of any kind, but that's how this year has been thus far. This was written for the gorgeous [ profile] sexyscholar who took me up on a prompt request several weeks ago. I hope you enjoy this little foray back into a pairing world I have loved so much.

Admittance )
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[ profile] brumeux77 kindly offered up a suggestion for me when I asked for drabble-to-vignette length prompts. He wrote: Could you stand Neville/Remus? Non-compliant I guess, in order to have Remus alive when Neville's of age.

So this is a proper 100 word drabble.

Title: A Time to Sow
Fandom: HP
Pairing: Neville/Remus
Rating: General
A/N: AU, obviously.

The jingling bell over the door made Neville smile, no matter how many times he went into Remus' record shop.

"Just a minute!" Remus called from the back.

A new find bought at auction had had him enthralled. Neville had stopped by, just for a moment, because he needed to see the laugh lines at his lover's mouth. After a quick glance around the empty shop, Remus kissed Neville on the cheek. Neville countered with one on the lips, a wordless declaration of gratitude.

"See you tonight," Remus murmured.

The words were promise seeds; Neville watered them daily with tea.
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Today's been an unexpectedly HP-centric day. Not only did I post a HP fic, which I haven't done in ages, but out of the blue I received two reviews for two different stories (and pairings) from two separate people from my account at [ profile] wolfiekins' archive, Wolf Moon. I haven't received that kind of response to my stuff in a while, especially not HP. Pretty exciting! Perhaps ironically I've been thinking of maybe writing a Wraeththu story, but I think I'll do a poll to get people's opinions. My original fic is what I've been focusing on, though I did check out The Hobbit and will start on that Gimli fic any day now…

I also had a very productive day, which always makes me feel good. How about you all? Tell me about your day!
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Title: You and Me and the Rain Make Three
Team: Ron
Prompt: Forbidden
Length: 3,340 words
Rating: Hard R
Warnings/notes: Blowjob, angst, major character death. This fic isn't totally without hope, but it does address a very real issue for many people. Massive thanks to my two betas, [ profile] brumeux77 and [ profile] liriaen. This was written for [ profile] ficadron and while I totally lost in voting between the two stories, I realized I'd not posted it at my own LJ, so here it is.
Summary: Two things are exceedingly unnatural to Ron: being sober, and finding himself attracted to Draco Malfoy. But maybe he can get used to both, if given a chance…

You and Me and the Rain Make Three )
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I'm a bit late this year and realize this is mostly for my own record-keeping, but for those who might be curious or are here to read in particular fandoms, here is my 2009 summary of fics by fandom. Links are also included; most of them are to posts at my LJ, but there are a few that go elsewhere where you can leave a comment should you be so inclined. ;) The one totally new element was writing in another author's original fiction fandom, The Slave Breakers by [ profile] maculategiraffe. I ended up being quite captivated as you'll see from the no fewer than the eight stories and some drabbles I wrote in that fandom alone. I also wrote a few Tolkien slash stories (I've written nearly all genfics in my Tolkien writing prior to this year), but for the most part they didn't prove to be all that popular.

In addition to the stories listed below, the major story that I worked on, but which is still with Storm Constantine, is my Wraeththu novella "Maelstrom and Mage". I did a major revision on it in 2009, then received Storm's many helpful suggestions and comments and rewrote 7/10 of it. She's had it since the end of October but in publishing, nothing happens quickly. So one story which occupied much of my creative energies is not public yet. Hopefully it will be published by her company, Immanion Press, in this coming year. That's really my one major aspiration for 2010: to see that novella in print.

By fandom, in chronological order within each fandom, here's what I wrote in 2009 )

So there they all are! Not including M+M, I wrote and published around 145K words this past year. If I include the M+M rewrite and revision it's closer to 200K, which has been my norm over the past few years. That said, I will be stepping away from fanfiction, at least that's what I say now. There are some personal things I'll be working on, but doubtless I'll continue to write and post in at least a couple of fandoms from time to time.

To my readers, thank you for your comments and encouragement over the past year.
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I'm a few days late m'dear, and it's short, but I hope you like this wee gift of fic.

Title:How to Succeed in Malfoysian Gift Giving Without Resorting to Dark Magic or Going Prematurely Grey
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Ron/Draco
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 2400
Summary: What do you get Draco Malfoy for his birthday, especially when you're Ron Weasley?
Author's Notes Lack of angst! Massive thanks to [ profile] wolfiekins for looking this over and giving feedback! This is set within my Like Wine Through Water universe (and therefore AU as it was written before DH) with knitting!Draco and surfer!Ron. Sorry this is belated, dear Mo, but I hope you like. :)

Read more... )
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I was also a pinch hitter at [ profile] weasley_fest, and here's the short Ron/Dean vignette I also contributed. The art in the banner is by makani.

Title: Canvas of Desire
Rating hard R
Featured Character or Pairing(s): Ron/Dean
Summary: Sometimes fantasy does become reality.
Word Count: 2,772
Author's notes: Thank you to my betas: [ profile] emansil_08, [ profile] brumeux77 and [ profile] emeraldsedai (who also introduced me to Google Docs!). Also thanks to my recipient, whose request was deliciously vague. But any prompt of 'Ron is sexy' is enough to get my imagination going!

Read more... )
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Yes, the reveal at [ profile] weasley_fest has gone up and this was my primary offering, and George/Neville, at that. A rarepair that I'd not written before, or even considered!
And I was also given a banner! Art is by [ profile] melmoe1

Title: Sow Good Services
Rating R
Featured Character or Pairing(s): Neville/George
Summary: Small seeds of friendship can grow into the most unexpected gardens of affection.
Warnings: Wanking
Word Count: 8,417
Author's/Artist's notes: Exceeding thanks to my betas: [ profile] rickey_a, [ profile] llembas and [ profile] wolfiekins. Thanks also to Wolfie for the use again of Un-Robed!. :) Thanks also to my recipient ([ profile] melmoe1, who seems to have deleted her LJ) who provided me with a new pairing to explore.

Read more... )
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Again as part of my late night trolling last night, I participated in a meme [ profile] brumeux77 had done to do with various 'ships. I'd have loved to combine my fandoms, but doing just HP, here were the listings and my responses. Feel free to reply with your own, whatever fandom you're currently most grooving on or one you miss. ;)

meme below )
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In looking through my flist last night I stumbled across the talents of [ profile] aunty_marion who has made some incredible knitted HP characters and even "mini me"s of them! Pictures can be found here at her Flickr page and also here at her knitting and embroidery website. Wow. Such creativity! On my to do list for today is a trip to the yarn store I like. I have two new projects to start and to get their advice on my coral sweater in progress with the rapidly depleting amount of yarn that I cannot buy more of. ::pulls out hair:: Also I've discovered that while I can take my knitting needles in my carry on luggage, in order for them to most likely get through security, they need to be circulars, under 31 inches, and must be plastic or bamboo. AUGH. Most all of mine are metal. What about double-pointed bamboo? Have any other knitters on my flist flown domestically recently with a project in their carry on? Advice gratefully received on the topic. When I flew British Airways last October, they said all knitting needles were prohibited. The TSA website gave the guidelines for length and type, but I would be especially grateful for any recent anecdotes.

I may try to write a little bit this morning, but I may finish the Five Quarts book instead. I'm letting the Silm fic sit for a few days after writing the epilogue. I may also take a couple of requests for short stories as I'll be between stories here pretty soon unless Storm emails back her edits on M+M in the near future. Then I'll be back to that. As an aside, I participated in this year's [ profile] weasley_fest and am very pleasantly surprised at how well received my primary contribution has been received— it's anonymous until the reveal, and I've received some reviews from people who probably haven't read anything else of mine before. Quite gratifying.

Six days and counting to my trip to Hooterville!! ♥ I'm hoping to see The Movie with my boys. Haven't seen it here yet, but I've been reading everybody's spoilers so I don't get my hopes up. ;)

I also discovered a new word: swain: poetic/literary, a young lover or suitor. Sure to appear in a fic near you in the next few months.

And you all?
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There were lots of great fics written for [ profile] rd_challenge. And to my exceeding shock (especially since it was long), well, I seem to have won the angst category.

Guess I'll post it now, here. It's longish, so it'll probably be a few posts.

Title: A Place Like Tomorrow
Rating: NC-17
Assigned Genre: Angst
Prompt: "I know what it's like to want to die. How it hurts to smile.
How you try to fit in but you can't.
How you hurt yourself on the outside to try to kill the thing on the inside."
- Girl Interrupted
Word Count: 20,740
Pairings (other than R/D): N/A
Summary: Sanity is a very thin tightrope; Ron only discovers this once he's taken several steps.
Author Notes: My immense gratitude to [ profile] callumjames and [ profile] wolfiekins for their betas and insights. Bill's condition in this is AU in that he does change into a wolf at the full moon.

A Place Like Tomorrow, part one )
Continue on to part two

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