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I'm still rather in shock about all of this, but I have proof that I've earned my first non-fanfiction/non-fandom royalties. I have no idea how this (somewhat fluffy, especially for me) work will be received, both by people who are intimately familiar with my fanfic, and those who don't know me from Eve's housecat. Hopefully readers will fall for the characters as I did, but I just have no idea. I hope to have the sequel submitted to Dreamspinner within a few weeks, and I'll be very intrigued to see how sales for Surprised at Nothing go, given its genre. Urban fantasy works aren't the highest sales generators at Dreamspinner.

Rather than put in all of the links where you can go get a copy of my e-book, I'm pasting in a link to the post on my authorly blog made specifically for promoting my work at Dreamspinner. Surprised at Nothing is available in e-book form via a variety of websites and locations. Here's the post:

If you do buy it and read it, please let me know your thoughts! I want each successive work that I put out there that's original fiction to be of the caliber of my best fanfic. And if you don't buy it, that's totally okay too. I'm honestly worried that I will disappoint people who know my intense, sometimes bleak, angsty fanfic. But it's my first completed attempt at world building.
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So it wasn't my birthday, but [ profile] evannichols's 51st on Saturday. There was very yummy breakfast-eating at Slappy Cakes, kilt wearing (him, not me), a wander around the beautiful campus of his alma mater, Lewis & Clark College, and then being taken out to birthday sushi by [personal profile] sanguinity and [personal profile] grrlpup. And that was just Saturday!! I worked my usual shifts of 1-10 on Sunday and yesterday, but Evan was around much of yesterday so I could enjoy his company. And then my friend Jen stopped by during my break yesterday on her return trip to Eugene, so that was an additional highlight. Just a really wonderful, delight-filled set of days.

So here's a link to the photos, for those who don't follow me on other social media!

I'll be picking up my copy of Unfinished Tales this week and hope to get kick-started on some writing while on my business trip next week. :)
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This element over at Ravelry has made me so happy- they've hired on two new site engineers (yay for site engineers who are also passionate knitters!) and have added new features to the site. Including making project posts public to people outside of Ravelry. This is going to make my posting of pics so much easier.

The first three are reclaimed yarn projects. There is commentary on the Ravelry pages. I was thinking of making an R.I.P to my Etsy shop concept of the reclaimed yarn projects, but I'm going to hold onto my Etsy shop name, concept and banner art. My life has proven to be quite changeable, and there's every chance that I may go back to it. But this first round of projects have all ended up going to my nieces and nephews and step-nieces and nephews. And I'm not too broken up about that. :)

The last is a baby blanket I'm knitting for Evan's sister. It looks rather odd in the picture because I'm knitting it in the round, so you don't really see the size. And the colors are slightly off, but it's *gorgeous*.
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So I haven't updated until now because my days have been so full and we've had a lot of homework things to do in the evenings. We didn't get our laptops until yesterday, so we've been a little behind in some things. There's loads of things to learn, not just policies and procedures, but all sorts of stuff that we can see as site administrators, when to escalate issues on to particular departments-- and we started answering real people's questions yesterday! Very, very exciting. And tiring. They're also a very social bunch, which is great in many ways, though since I know I'll be working at least one weekend day for the next several months, I'm protective of my non-work time that I can spend with [ profile] evannichols. I'm absolutely in love with Airbnb's corporate culture. Love, love, LOVE. They work really hard, but also have a lot of fun doing what they do. One of our trainers yesterday had on a t-shirt that stated: Get Shit Done. ♥ Of course I'd love for all of you to look over the site, and if you're traveling anytime soon, think about staying with a family or individual rather than a hotel! That is the beauty of the concept and ever-morphing reality of Airbnb. You can get a real sense of the feel of the company by the website. Am I one of the three oldest hires? Why, yes, I am! But I really don't mind. I am a bit envious of some of the young ones and their already-adapted-abilities to chat and send funny pictures and know online verbiage and this and that all at once. For them, doing that and keeping an eye on their fancy phones seems second nature. I've just never been much into chatting, nor the interpolating of moving gifs, and while I'm up on the terminology for the fandoms I've been involved in, other stuff is new. I do think I'm one of the only people there whose phone is really just a phone. :P

Wowza! A really great week. Next week will doubtless be even more intense, though I'll let all of that go over the weekend while I'm with Evan. Or I'll try not to spend more than an hour or so each day doing quizzes and such, because it's my weekend and those are incredibly precious, especially as of now.
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And perhaps a wee bit of text. ;)
it's been a really frakking fabulous few days )

So!! I am so very, very happy and feeling validated and cherished and thrilled about my present and where I'm headed. I am indeed a beloved child of the Universe. ♥
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For another good reason— I have a two day temp position downtown! I've registered with several placement companies during both periods of time here in PDX but hadn't had any actual placements until now. Since I'm in the final phase of communication before hopeful employment with this other company, working for two days in what should be a low stress environment is great by me. So, yay!
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I'm with [ profile] evannichols serving as official Minion during the two days of Stumptown Comics Fest here in PDX! Since DW doesn't have a scrapbook function (probably my only disappointment with it) there won't be a picture here, but I'll include one in the LJ entry. I won't be around much until Tuesday, in fact, because I'll be taking my driving test at 8:00 a.m. Monday morning (aie!) and then I have an interview for a part-time box office position at a theater company Monday at 5:00 before Evan takes me back to my place. I have two art modeling gigs this week as well on Tuesday and Thursday, so a busy week in general.

So I'm posting and dashing off, but it's great fun to be at my first comic-centric con, especially spending two days with a bona fide webcomic artist! :D
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AUGH! For the second or third time since Saturday, I've spent 20 minutes applying online for various positions at various job sites, only to have their server flake out and/or not save my information and expect me to start over. NOT. I took this most recent one to mean that I was supposed to stop for now, get a snack, and go watch something fun for a little while. That said, as I checked my email again, one of the companies I applied with sent an automated email for me to continue on with the process and participate in some kind of automated 15 minute phone interview. I believe I'll do that later on today or in the early morning. But I want to be fully awake, of course. Another small minor thing was discovering that my yoga pants, sweatpants (and later I discovered my winter slippers) were wet. With cat pee. One of the cats had come into my room while I was getting coffee or something and was there (under the bed, I suspect) closed in while I went off to the DMV. Thankfully the grand-matriarch of the house was doing a load of darks, so I put my pants in so they wouldn't stink. When my room still smelled like cat pee later, I did a more thorough exploration of my closet and realized the slippers also had been hit and needed to be washed. The smell is gone now, however.

On the plus side, I was at the DMV at 7:50 this morning (and still was 8th in line!) and paid my $5 and passed the knowledge test. So I got back home and called to get a driving appointment which will be a week from today. Thankfully [ profile] evannichols has kindly offered up his vehicle for me to use. I shouldn't be nervous about the driving test as it was 25 years ago when I first got my license. :P After my DMV experience I was able to go out running with a spring in my step, also a plus.

Today's highlight, though, was lunch with [ profile] evannichols at BHFT. It was sunny and warm today, so we spent some time out in the parking lot after eating, but we're both pretty sun sensitive. We headed back to our usual post-lunch window locale until it was time for me to return. I really enjoy being able to get on one bus and an hour later be dropped off right outside of his building, but that can't last forever. I'm taking advantage of being between jobs, to be sure!
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A couple of weeks ago I was chatting with my NZ potential beau, lamenting my job search and how difficult it was. When I mentioned our very unhappy 10% unemployment rate, in his innately positive way he replied, "Well, that means that 90% are employed." And now I'll be joining that percentage! I will have a long commute, both ways, and the timing of the buses may involve a lot of waiting (my shift hours will be approximately 10-7 which is great for my body clock, but the buses in this area of suburbia don't run as often after 6 p.m.). That said, I can read/write/knit/listen to audiobooks going and coming, so I don't consider it wasted time. The company is young (so I'm not 'competing' with people who have been there for years) and doing well and expanding, so I may well be able to move from inbound customer service perhaps to training or something else over time. It's the first time I've worked a 40 hour week since I was at Rosetta Stone, before I moved to Portland the first time. This will definitely be a change, both the commute (and not driving my own car) and the income. It's not paying what I'm worth, and the benefits aren't what a university would offer, but it's an okay start and there's room for raises. I'm pretty excited to get on board with a young company, and I'm very excited at the thought of paying off my limited credit card debt and saving up for a trip to the South Pacific. :) And investing a pair of insulated, waterproof shoes. It's going to be a long, wet winter and I'll be doing my share of walking outside. My running shoes just don't cut it. :P
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Today is one of those rare days in which it feels as though the universe is showering me with gifts of harmony and everything falling into place. I've been almost on the verge of tears a couple of times today feeling so happy and how amazing my life is in this moment. I'm on the cusp of a sea change and I'm positively buoyant.
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So I interviewed and was hired. o_O Then again, I'm about twice the age of their other front line staff— I mentioned that if hired, I'd add diversity to the staff, lol. So I'll start next Wednesday, but will have the following weekend off which is great because my dear [ profile] persephone100 will be visiting me next weekend!! And now I have an excuse to go to one of my favorite stores, the local Goodwill, in search of some khakis and polo shirts, since I have neither. :P

I'm almost back to working a 'regular' week in terms of hours. That will help in regards to paying off my credit card. And getting my teeth cleaned. And my bicycle fixed. And the speed sensor for my car…

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